I read these lines and found them so inspiring and descriptive of where we find ourselves today! It is an awesome feeling!

“Envision a better world, and then go out and make it! It starts with the flicker of an idea. Or a flash of instinct. The notion that there is something still missing, a space to fill with meaning. Little by little a minor thought becomes a daydream, a plan, a product, a mission—something to pour your entire being into, with hopeful intention that it will connect with others and speak to them, too! To dare to create something new is an admirable act of bravery.”

Yes, little by little, through brainstorming sessions, bundling of services and by leveraging human ingenuity, we are releasing the idea of a better way to personalize wellness programs and mitigate health risks. TriVita Shield is ready to launch to make our world a better place.

Now is the time for a new paradigm: a wellness care mindset versus a disease management mindset, which sets one’s mind upon the acceptance of disease while managing its symptoms. It is a time for personalized wellness care! A new way of thinking! Accepting and embracing the incredible possibilities for releasing the healing power within that the Creator designed into the human body. When the body systems are supported with proper nutrients and nurturing, greater wellness is the outcome.

One of the features of TriVita Shield is a portal and clinical research data, which applies your genetic, biometrics, lifestyle and family history through a clinically validated assessment. With the support of a Personal Wellness Assistant and a co-created life plan, small daily choices can be compounded over time into an amazing quality of life experience.

The trends for wellness care are emerging. Corporate wellness programs that attempt to engage employees in some type of physical activity and dietary awareness are springing up everywhere. The number of hotels with fitness facilities is now 84%, according to a recent survey. To accommodate their guests’ desire to stay healthy on the road, many hotels are moving beyond small exercise rooms, with some offering basic spa packages. People are trying to live a healthier life to help improve their quality of life, rather than merely existing from day to day.

TriVita Shield will take this trend to a whole new level in support of the Unique You personalized wellness. But it is more than innovative tools, clinical data and assessments to support health and wellness; it will become a movement of people pursuing a greater quality of life with health and wellness, happiness, financial security and a desire for emotional and spiritual renewal.

Rarely does one have a chance to participate in a major universal trend: I invite you to join us as innovators and early adopters of a new trend toward wellness, with our kick-off meeting for TriVita Shield April 1-2.  Register online now or call TriVita Business Services at 800-874-8482 to register by phone.  Be part of the trend and era of personal wellness!!

First, I would like to invite you and anyone you know who has an interest in genetics and genome sequencing to a new era of personalized health and wellness. Join our Livestream on February 18 with geneticist, Dr. Hossein Fakhrai-Rad. This will be an informative and inspiring evening! Check your back office for details.

So, now on with my blog. I was listening to a call where Ryan Walters was describing the attributes and skills of a professional hockey player. (Walter certainly has been at the pinnacle of the game with a Stanley Cup Championship when playing with the Montreal Canadiens.) The following words are my paraphrase of his more detailed and descriptive explanation of being on the ice! He said that what every professional player can do is skate really well; put the “biscuit in the basket” (puck in the net) from most anyplace on the ice; rarely “blow a tire” (just falling off balance); and a lot of other things that occur on the ice. What they all realize is that the only thing that keeps them from always doing it optimally is the interference. The best professional hockey players handle interference extremely well!

Yep, you got it. The only thing that keeps you and me from skillfully and optimally achieving our best is the interference life throws at us. In hockey terms, it seems like we are always “back checking,” never do the big windup “slap shot,” never get a biscuit in the basket and frequently “blow a tire.”  You will never win hockey games or life achievements like that.

So why is wellness like a game we should pursue with such passion? Because it feels better and looks better. Reminds me of the hockey players years ago that feasted on biscuit (puck) sandwiches.  You know, when they smiled you only saw fangs on upper and lowers!!

Now I wish I could continue to share my insights into hockey, but I don’t have many. Ryan Walters is someone you will want to hear and who will inspire you to have a passion for wellness that is not nearly as demanding as hockey, and quite frankly, is more rewarding for so many more people!

We at TriVita are pursuing wellness and sharing ways to achieve it with more enjoyment and rewards than ever before. That is why we are launching TriVita Shield April 1–2 at the TriVita Event Center in Scottsdale. This is an exciting era for those who desire wellness and for those who truly want to be wellness entrepreneurs or (robbing a term from the tech world), wellness evangelists! TriVita Shield features a personalized wellness assessment, life plan coaching, and even examination and diagnosis of conditions at the TriVita Clinic. The assessment tool in TriVita Shield is backed by significant scientific studies and a clinical trial on the assessment itself. It includes genetic testing against 50 lifestyle-related diseases, and is folded into a body system support program. I hope you will join us in our passion and pursuit of wellness with abundant rewards. If you desire to leap forward to the front of the new wellness era, TriVita Shield is one way to do it.

I know not everyone wants wellness, but we are not after everybody. We are after the somebodys who care about wellness. Yes, there are just some people who are addicted to their foods and way of life and don’t mind living in pain or causing pain for others. I know they don’t mind submitting themselves to the system when conditions and symptoms become serious. I have known those people. But please realize that is not always a safe zone to retreat to when symptoms arise. It may be better at times to refer to it as a danger zone unless absolutely necessary. Now don’t misunderstand me: we believe in medical intervention as we have the TriVita Clinic. But living with wellness is the most desirable quality of life; managing disease as it arises is not quality living.

According to the Journal of Patient Safety and a 2014 Senate subcommittee hearing, 400,000 people in the USA die from medical error each year. That is over 1,000 people dying from medical error each day. Or divide that into a day and one person dies from a medical error every 90 seconds. Now I would not want to compare this to other horrific stats where the news media and special interest groups get extremely hyped up and warn us how serious the threats are for our personal safety. We would not accept these horrific stats from any other industry in the world, including a war such as Vietnam, where in a 20-year period, 58,000 service men and women lost their lives and we marched in the streets and burned flags to get the attention of the politicians to bring it to an end.

So when people ask me why I am so hyped up about wellness, my answer is that life is precious. God has a purpose for each life, and that purpose is better served with wellness, and a quality of life extended as long as possible. Living with wellness is simply a better way to live and it could be the passion of everyone.

I know it is not exciting to read the above but it is reality. What is exciting, is the new era and new tools we are unveiling at the launch of TriVita Shield. There is an ever expanding—more like, incredible—explosion of knowledge about how we can live with better wellness. The era and idea of disease management as the primary way of living is coming to an end, and a new “you can live with wellness” era is upon us. This will be the greatest quarter century of any of our lives for the advancement of wellness. Join the movement!

Be sure to watch the Livestream February 18 at 6 p.m. MST. This will be a fascinating discussion on genetics and genome sequencing with our featured speaker, Dr. Hossein Fakhrai-Rad, a geneticist and inspiring individual. Learn more about how the personalized wellness and medicine era is here!



Happy New Year!!

Wow, what a year 2016 is going to offer all of us in opportunities. I know some of you may be thinking, “Where have you been, Mr. Ellison?” Good question and fair. I have had myself, along with others, shut in the R&D wellness laboratory working hard to develop the most innovative ways possible for TriVita to help people experience wellness and make the lifestyle changes in their lives to mitigate health risks and optimize wellness.

I refuse to believe that the healthcare model we have embraced in North America is the best for its citizens, when we advertise medications that have a longer list of side effects than benefits, and these advertisements are followed by advertisements from law firms advising that if you have taken that medication and experienced side effects—including even death—you could be entitled to a large sum of money from a class action suit; when 400,000 people a year die from medical errors in the “fix-it” system and many more end up with infections and complications; when many times the best outcomes for lifestyle disease management involve more medication to offset the ill effects of the originally prescribed medication; when the quality of life deteriorates substantially as we grow older, with many ending up with some form of mental disease; and when medical bills are the number one reason for personal bankruptcy!

The era of a fix-it mentality is unfortunately reaping what it has sown when it comes to health: the looming unaffordable misery pathway of fix-it health care, better known on the street as illness care, is revealing how painful that experience is in physical, emotional and financial pain. Yes, I am soapboxing my opinion along with many others who also believe that that mindset is creating the need for human warehouses for those who live in debilitated forms of life due to ignorance and abuse of their body’s need for proper nutrition and nurturing—and that is not for me! And I believe there are a lot of other people who will say “not for me either!” There are opportunities for a better way!!

We have an amazing body and when it’s given the right balance of nutrients and nurturing, it can release the healing power within for whole-person wellness. I am obviously not against medical intervention as we have the TriVita Wellness Center, a licensed medical facility. I am saying there is another way, a better way of living with understanding and amazement of how wonderful the body is when honored and respected.

I am so pleased to announce we have just taken 100 people through a trial process of our new TriVita Shield personal health assessment, backed by a clinical study and with a population base of 70 million people and over 20,000 research documents to support the assessment data. I am also pleased to report that the research is tied to Stanford University, where there is an incubator for disruptive startup companies that offer a better way of doing things for greater quality of life. The research is grounded in those principles.

You will be hearing much more in the coming weeks about the launch and expanded benefits of the TriVita Shield program. A truly innovative way to help empower anyone to develop a more personalized and customized approach to health and wellness.

The TriVita Wellness Center/Clinic continues to grow and develop in innovative ways to better examine an individual’s progression of health risks. The Annual Pulse is the big breakthrough with a 2016 launch, where all nine body systems are examined for subtle, emerging and gross conditions. You will be significantly impressed with the depth of the examination program when you come to the Center!

New products have also been a part of our R&D time. You will see a steady stream of new or reformulated products specifically designed to support one of the nine body systems. In December we rolled out the first of many essential oils. What a wonderful addition to the product offerings of TriVita. Quality oils are the secret to the benefits of the essential oils. Susan and I have our diffusers going in our home most of the day and night supporting our wellness. I love the Lavender oil to support calmness and sleep. I even rub it on the bottom of my feet! I am into these oils. We will be having a Livestream event in the next few weeks on the oils! Be watching for it!

Yes, 2016 is here and I have come out of the R&D wellness laboratory to announce to the world our innovative ways to help experience greater wellness and mitigate the unwanted, unnecessary lifestyle-related diseases. We can live an exciting life filled with wellness and have the vitality to do the things we love and are purposed to do.

I have missed all of you and wish you the very best in wellness and wealth in 2016!


P.S.  I look forward to seeing you at the April 1-2 launch event in Scottsdale. It will be an awesome time together. Certification for TriVita Shield presenters, training of the tools, and a great social time under the tent!!



Do you desire to be a good leader of an organization or team? Then you must develop the skill of making love happen!

Even in the toughest challenges and adversity a leader faces, love is a powerful force. As I was researching military leadership over the Memorial Day holiday, I read the remarkable message of Lieutenant Colonel Joe Ricciardi. As he stood before his battalion of 1,000 troops charged with clearing the roads of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) in Afghanistan, his message to them was simple and powerful: “You need to love one another.” Even those tough guys in the face of life-threatening circumstances got it!

Later in his doctoral studies, his dissertation was on the same topic of leadership and love. His research concluded that a team member who feels loved by his boss or leader is significantly more likely to see their leader as a “good leader.” I love what Ricciardi says about love. He defined love as expressing “intimacy, passion and commitment.”

  1. Intimacy as knowing and caring about the personal lives of your team members in an authentic and appropriate way.
  2. Passion as the positive energy you as a leader bring to the team, the enthusiasm with which you tackle the day and communicate with others and the way you live and describe your mission.
  3. Commitment as the dedication to the well-being of others and to the shared task.

If loving one another was the most important message Lt. Col. Ricciardi could give his troops in the face of life-threatening and debilitating circumstances, then how equally important love is for leaders in an era where people are looking for love expressed as genuine, authentic caring.

My conclusions about what makes good leadership are not drawn from my doctoral studies but from my life experience university: Leaders must make love happen with intimacy, passion and commitment!

OK, this may be a little blunt, but when I watch some people live their lives they seem to be confused between sleepwalking and dream stepping! When one of our sons was very young (I won’t give away his identity), we would catch him sleepwalking. Yes, he was moving and God only knows what he was dreaming, but he was asleep. Do you have an entrepreneurial dream that is important to you? Don’t sleepwalk but instead dream step.

After more than 45 years of being an entrepreneur, I have observed several behaviors that are characteristic to entrepreneurial success, whether mine or other outstanding entrepreneurs. I have experienced and observed that you must be engaged in your dream DAILY. Always, and I mean always, take step one… Talk it up. Hear yourself say bold action words about the abundance or rewards your dream will produce for everyone involved. If it doesn’t impact others it is not much of a dream! If you talk about how challenging or how difficult it is, that is talking down not talking up. Talk it up and move from lack to abundance in your talking it up.

Have you noticed that successful entrepreneurs seem to never quit talking about their passions? The subject has to come up, no matter where they are or who they are with or even if anyone believes them. We could name the rich and famous like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. Imagine them not talking about batteries, electric cars, solar savings, moving millions of packages sold to online shoppers, or even personal delivery by drones. Oh yes, and the far-reaching idea of commercial space travel and space living. So the first self-test to achieving your dream is simply to assess if you are talking about it as if it were ready to manifest at any moment. Find somebody to talk it up with. Learn to talk it up. Stand in front of a mirror if necessary and talk to yourself. But never quit talking enthusiastically about the dream and the rewards it will bring for all involved. If you have a dream that offers abundance and rewards, talk it up.

If you are an entrepreneur with a dream, whether a little dream or a big dream, the second thing you must do is take daily steps of intention. Move toward your dream. Nothing happens until you start! I like the quote Barry Borthistle shared with me: “If you make an appointment, anything can happen. If you don’t make an appointment, for sure nothing will happen!” Making an appointment is taking a step of intention. Forward action steps, even if they are fail forward steps, are the most important things you can do each day to move you toward your entrepreneurial dream. Some are action steps, planning steps, analytical steps or even reflective steps. Watch out for the distractions that rob you of your forward progress as life is full of them, including mobile devices and big screens!

The second self-test is to examine the amount of time you set each day for forward steps which will be proportionate to the scope of your dream and the passion you have in fulfilling it. Michael Jordan didn’t become the greatest basketball player of all time without daily making the same shots over and over in an empty coliseum with no cheering fans!

It may be that the most important thing you can do is take the first step like Barry said and make an appointment. Something will happen; either you will fail and you can learn from the fail forward step that takes you one step closer, or you will succeed which is just one step closer to your success. Either way, it is a step toward your dream of abundance for anyone who engages with your dream. Stepping forward is the idea here!

Here is one of the best tips I have received in making appointments. People are busy these days and voice mail seems like a convenient way to allow calls to collect for a later call back. But I personally don’t want to leave a voice mail asking for an appointment. The tip is this: simply text the person and request a short phone call. “Hey Michael, I would like to talk with you a couple minutes. Do you have some time today?” If they know you, it is courtesy to give some time. If they have no time for you, they are probably not a good lead in the first place. If they have time for the call, ask for an appointment to share something very impactful in your life that they may benefit from. Be sure to mention that you will make it worth their time with a special gift.

The Share and Care Gift Card system just opened up your world to any appointment you would want to make stepping toward your dream!

There was Friday and then came Sunday!

I am writing this on Saturday the day after Friday and yes, the day before Sunday of the Easter weekend. An interesting perspective of life intrigued me and I would like to share it with you. In reflecting on the historical events we now celebrate as Easter, I came to an aha moment: many times, out of the darkest times of our lives come the brightest times. This is not just true of our individual lives but sometimes society as a whole, such as the prosperity that followed World War II. Companies can experience this as well, such as Apple when it was faced with possible bankruptcy a number of years ago. We have all heard the expression “the darkest of night is just before the dawn.” Perhaps this is a principle of the creative and innovative process. For sure the principle of resurrection!

This Easter is being celebrated by hundreds of millions of people around the world. But as history reveals, what we now call Good Friday appeared as the darkest time in the history of Christianity. It was a day when the political leaders of the day determined the spiritual leader that many called the Messiah was to die by the way of the cross. Friday saw His death. His burial was determined to prevent his followers from stealing the body: a huge stone was placed in front of the tomb and soldiers were posted to secure it. It was a dark day with tears and hopelessness for many of His followers. That was Friday. But then came Sunday, the day of resurrection. The brightest and most glorious day filled with hope and joy. The day that nearly two billion people put their hope and faith in celebrating today. It was also this contrasting experience of darkness and radiant light that caused a small group of people to take their experiences, beliefs and passion to the ends of the earth.

My point is not to make this a religious message but to take one of the most celebrated and significant historical events of darkness and brightness to point to the fact that the greatest period of darkness in our lives can usher in the brightest times. Many times the darkest moments can produce the greatest recognition of belief, passion and purpose for our lives. It is like when a person faces death and then the fear of death no longer has any power over them. They are free to make decisions to live life at its fullest expression. I urge you to always remember, after Friday then comes Sunday!!

From a business standpoint, billionaire Elon Musk said: “Every innovative company being true to its mission should experience a near death experience one time.” Could that be the Friday and Sunday principle that forever changes its participants? It can be an experience that causes belief and passion to overcome all obstacles in order to fulfill the mission and vision! While it’s in our nature to seek protection and comfort, what I call “the womb effect,” it is the adversity in life that melds and molds our character to fulfill important purposes in our lives.

For us at TriVita, Sunday is upon us. The most glorious days of our lives are ahead of us. That which we could not have done in our own way has brought us to a certain belief and passion for our mission of wellness that will sustain and embolden us. The era of wellness—underpinned by devices such as the upcoming Apple watch and wellness wearables—is coming! Wellness is the greatest defense against illness. The world is setting up for the most glorious wellness revolution in history. Are you ready? I can tell you this: lives are being resurrected every day to engage in this opportunity!

We have seen the lack of success in illness care. Today the greatest challenge and opportunity lies in optimizing wellness. We are on the precipice of a whole new era. When wellness is connected to living a life with purpose, we have certainly seen and experienced Friday and then Sunday!! I believe that someday in the future when we look back on the history of TriVita, we shall easily recognize our birth, the soft launch day in July 1999, but we will also recognize our Friday and Sunday!

We are seeing everyday resurrections occurring!! This is the day of massive transformational purpose!

To fulfill the promise of my March blog, here are the seven thieves of wellness in a home:

  1. Toxic and processed food
  2. Toxic household products
  3. Poor physical conditioning
  4. Lack of values
  5. Lack of love expressions
  6. Low self-esteem
  7. Scarcity beliefs with low income

There is so much to share with our world about wellness essentials and how to overcome the seven thieves of wellness. Today is Sunday!!



In my last live stream event I introduced the book, BOLD, written by Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler. It is one of the greatest sources and illustrations of exponential entrepreneurialism, where people-ideas-money come together to create MTP, massive transformational purpose!

I have evangelized the life purpose message for 45 years, pushing myself and hopefully inspiring others to break through the imposed limitations to pursue and fulfill their life of purpose. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth and most of you were not either. We were not born into royalty nor did we have the good fortune of inheriting wealth with purpose and a mentor to go along with it.

But in BOLD, Peter and Steven take purpose to a whole new level of possibilities: to not only fulfill a life of purpose but also to connect to massively transformational purpose. You don’t have to lead the community but you can participate in the community MTP! It is totally possible by how we are connected and with whom we are connected. It is a connected world!

As I read through the book, I came to realize we are on the edge of time when we have the technology to have massive transformational purpose in helping our world experience wellness. As an example, the accelerated speed of knowledge in this arena will soon manifest as self-diagnostic tools for disease conditions. Even at the TriVita Wellness Center we will soon be able to offer an examination with leading and lagging indicators of imbalance, simmering, emerging and gross disease conditions. To the degree one wants to pursue self-directed wellness, the tools and programs in telemedicine will soon make that possible. Significant breakthroughs in the field of immunology are leading to increased understanding of how to work with the body to fight disease. These are truly exciting times.

But even with these incredible technological breakthroughs that are occurring at an exponential rate, we must realize wellness is more than the absence of disease but is experienced through the practice of the 10 Essentials for Health and Wellness. While TriVita has adopted these essentials, they are not ours alone—they are truly universal principles of wellness. To punctuate the idea: wellness cannot be experienced where there is the absence of love, gratitude and forgiveness. We see that in many parts of our world today.

We have so much to share about wellness and I do believe wellness is for every home. As I read BOLD, I realized more than ever that wellness for every home is my massive transformational purpose. To lead this MTP is not even a consideration, but to participate in the community of leaders who believe in its possibility is where I will spend the rest of my life. This is the greatest time ever in the history of mankind to be an entrepreneur and I believe we are connected as never before to share our passion as wellness entrepreneurs.

Today, I want to proclaim what you can do to participate in this MTP! You have heard from me and others what you can’t do concerning product and compensation claims—now let’s hear what you can do! I want as many of you who will to blog about wellness or share in some way your wellness views in both social and digital media. You can share from the topics of each of the 10 Essentials of Wellness. Huge opportunity of subject matter. And next month I will give you the Seven Thieves of Wellness to add to your 10 Essential subjects, which will give you 17 topics on wellness.

We are extending the privilege for you to use these brand names in your wellness evangelism: Gift of Wellness, TriVita,, TriVita Wellness Center, Premier Member, Bioenergetics. Let’s be a part of massive transformational purpose and enjoy the reciprocal benefits that go along with every MTP!

Perhaps the greatest tool TriVita has ever developed is the new Wellness Gift Card program. As I said on the live stream, the Gift of Health we launched in 2002 just became a whole lot better with the Gift of Wellness digital card. And you can go digital with your card! It is coming soon: March 16, 2015!

I invite you to participate in the massive transformational purpose of wellness that is occurring in our world. The next 10 years will be mindboggling!

Also, if you haven’t read BOLD, may I give you the Nike proclamation: please, “Just Do It!”




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