Sonoran Bloom Tour Day One

Posted on: April 28, 2009

Michael Ellison CEO/Founder

Michael Ellison CEO/Founder

Monday I left home as if a new era in my life was being launched…I was taking the mission of my life and TriVita to the world city by city.  This was the day when I would have the opportunity of inviting people on a one to one personal encounter to go on a wellness journey with me and to invite others to join us.  The city tour date for departure was finally here.

As I arrived at the office I was surprised at the number of emails and phone calls wishing me bon voyage.  As I left my office to go out the lobby, I was totally surprised by nearly the whole company standing there cheering me on to this new adventure.  What a great sendoff.  The company is really fired up on these city tours like I have never seen it and taking Nopalea to the world.  If our Affiliate Members get fired up like the company, this is going to be an awesome few months.

We arrived at the plane just before noon with Brazos Minshew, Matt Sommer and Cody Ramsey traveling with me.  Matt is our road manager taking care of all the details. He has a big job! He was so nervous riding in a small jet he was ashen white.  Any bump he responded by grabbing the seat in front of him as if it was going to save him. We gave Matt a bad time but we got him in the cockpit with the pilot for few minutes.  By the time the wheels touched down in Orlando, he was ready to fly the plane.

Terry was here to greet us with a warm engaging “welcome to Florida.”   He was so jacked about having 70 people registered for the luncheon.  Steve Barron and Susan Wright, who are Directors worked hard over the past month recruiting and enrolling people.  Mitch Lover, one of our fine Presidential Directors came here from Phoenix to engage with his business line. Cody was so excited about the event, he even put up advertising money for inviting attendees to the event.  It worked well he told me.

What a great first day….I am excited about our first luncheon, which will happen in just a few hours.  I will report tomorrow on the first meetings in Orlando.


42 Responses to "Sonoran Bloom Tour Day One"

I am looking foward to the tour coming to Southern California. I have so many customers and prospects looking for the tour in Cali. I personally network online and I cant wait to IT hits worldwide because I have so many contacts from outside the country that are interested in TriVita products and income opportunity. I LOOK FOWARD TO THAT! Mexico we are coming , I promise heh heh

Thank you for taking the time to maintain this blog. What a fantastic way to keep everyone engaged with your success on the tour! We all wish we could be there to witness the momentum and energy firsthand, as we know this is only the beginning of a new era for TriVita! So exciting! All of the hard work taking place behind the scenes would be meaningless without your commitment on the road to make the vision become a reality. We are grateful for the sacrifice you, Brazos, Matt and our dedicated Affiliate Member volunteers are making to truly inspire people to experience wellness and to create wealth for their life purposes! Thank you for giving us this opportunity to experience the adventures with you! Since I couldn’t be in Orlando to toast everyone’s wellness success on Day 1 of the tour, “Cheers!” Your TriVita family wishes you safe travels and continued success on the road!!

Michael and blogging – who would have “thunk” it 10 years ago. Next thing you know, you’ll be tweeting or is it twittering? 🙂

Seriously, I am SO proud of you and TriVita. We’re praying for you and the tour back at home.

Michael, This is great! Your blog keeps us all “plugged in” to your Tour.

I can’t tell you how grateful we are for your commitment to making Sonoran Bloom Nopalea the most successful launch of a product in TriVita’s ten year history!

I look forward to seeing you on May 12th in Charlotte with the Tina Gonda team!

Prayers are with you for travel safety and huge success at every stop!

Bryan Wirth

Michael and the rest of TriVita. ..

I really do appreciate the blog, it’s a great way for people to stay informed. .. Nopalea is definately working for me and I know it will do the same for others. .. It has already changed so many lives. .. I absolutely agree, this is OUR ACRE OF DIAMONDS. .. I pray for continued success on the tours. ..

God Bless,


Hello Michael,
It was great to meet you, Brazos Minshew, Terry Newsome, Cody Ramsey and
and Mitch lover at the Orlando event. It was fantastic. We love the Nopalea and look forward to the health benefits it will provide. To say we are excited about the
potential this new product brings to the company is certainly an understatement.
We look forward to following throughout the tour on your blog.

May God Bless you and give you save travels throughout the tour.

Jeff , Pam , and Brad Hicks

Callahan , Florida

The city tour is a great idea, looking forward to your coming to my city..


This is a really great way of keeping everyone informed! We look forward to following it!

Aaron and Shara


I am so excited to find your blog(I have never bloged before) and for Sonoran Bloom. All I can say is WOW and cann’t wait til you come to Baltimore!!!

Michael and Brazos.

Congratulations on a successful Sonoran Bloom Tour Event in Orlando! To see our Affiliate community, our Members and their guests embrace your inspiring wellness presentation was a sight to behold! The response and emotional connection was amazing! It was truly an honor and priviledge to be there!

A special thanks to Marcus, Ted, Vicki, Matt, our corporate staff and all of the Orlando Event volunteers for all of your hard work to make this a first class event!

See you in Tampa!

Terry Newsome

Hi Michael,

Fantastic idea….your blog…..thanks for just one more of your great ideas.

We’re loving the Nopolea and now have a before dinner drink of an ounce of Nopolea in soda water. Delicious.

Terry has had plantar fasciitis for over year. Got orthotics last fall which helped one foot but the other has given him a lot of pain. He started taking the Nopolea, three ounces a day on launch day. He is feeling relief for the first time and look forward to even more improvement over the next few weeks.

Thanks for bring the tour to our homes.

Terry & Gillian

Michael I’m excited for the Seattle meeting. I think it’s great that TriVita has a blog and you’re engaging with the TriVita community. This is fantastic and really gives the human feel behind TriVita in helping us affiliates see your heart and vision for what message you want us to carry out.

– Tony

[…] a link to the comments page in which you can read comments from members of our team and others:

Loved listening to your report in the conference call.great stuff ! Hope we can gain access to that testimonial about Nopalea and the diabetic woman’s experience AS well as allthe others such as the ones on this blog. Please inform myself and all my fellow affiliates where we can see them as well as refer potential candidates . thank you

Hi Michael…. thanks so much for this wonderful idea of putting info out there on a blog. Great way to keep us in touch day by day on the events and response. Nopalea is truly a blessing and it tastes wonderful. Hard not to put a straw in the bottle itself. Greetings to all your team and best wishes for a great tour. Portland is looking forward to it and getting our lists of attendees all primed.

God Bless,

Wow…the first actual road tour date away from TriVita with our very own Michael Ellison leading the way with Project Nopalea Explosion!

We are incredibly thankful to be a part of this exciting adventure with you and are committed to sharing your mission of inspiring others to experience wellness and to create wealth for their life purposes!

Thank you so much for your dedication and leadership and making yet another way for all of us to benefit in the process! Here’s to touching many lives…

We are so excited to meet up with you in Bangor, Maine!
May you experience many blessings along the tour.

Go TriVita & Nopalea! Kristin & Ed Fournier

Michael, I am thinking of you & Dr. Minshew as you have just had your first day on tour! Can’t wait to read how it went! I have over the years used various TriVita Products to help my neck & shoulder. All have done their part, but the Nopalea I believe has given back more range of motion. In other words I can reach higher up my back with my right arm. And I am able to get back into my favorite shoes more comfortably! That’s after 3 weeks, & I’ve just ordered a case!

Hello Michael,

When Maree and I read your opening post and you described the way the staff “sent you off” on your trip to Florida, we were filled with pride that we are part of this fantastic business opportunity.

We thought that it showed that you are interested in the little people and not just sticking to the “hob-nobs”.

Go Phase 5!!!

Bernard & Maree – 3-Star AM

Hi, Michael

Besides all the great income opportunities with TriVita, Sometimes I wonder if my calling was for Sonoran Bloom Nopalea. I was having a sciatic never issue that restricted me from doing a lot of activities that I love, I had to stop working as a Volunteer Firefighter- EMT quit the band I was in and I had a hard time riding my Harley. Three weeks after taking Nopalea I have no pain.
I took my Harley out of storage. “Four wheels move the body, Two wheels move the soul”.

Be Well

“Positive vibration as we consciously create our reality”

Eric Hatfield
Wells, Maine

Looking forward to seeing you in Tampa tomorrow! My family has experienced exceptional result’s with Nopalea and will be taking this product for life!

Thank you for taking Sonoran Bloom on the road. I was at the pre-launch meeting in Arizona in March and am thrilled that affiliates and their guest’s will now get the chance to experience this.

Vicki White is doing a fantastic job of coordinating everything!

Take Care,

Proud Orlando was the first stop. Very impressed with presentation. If I had any doubts the life experiences cleared them. Big-Time! It was a pleasure to meet you, Terry Newsome and Dr. Minshew, it is obvious from the level of class and professionalism today that no less would or should be expected form this tour.
God Bless you and what you do, may you have long life, healthy wealth.


Olga Brooks (Allison’s Mom)

Thank you so much for your vision on Nopalea, I have been using it and it is working to minimize inflammation in my knees after I run. This will truly be a billion dollar product!
God Bless

Blessings to you and to all those that get to hear from you on the city tours.

TriVita has touched my life and all those that have embraced this with me. The momentum in Charlotte, NC is filled with excitement which has been passed to those outside the community who are also in our great group. We will be ready for May 12th for sure!

We look so forward to having you and Brazos Minshew present this new product
Sonoran Bloom Nopalea and share the simple 3 Step Share and Earn. People’s lives will be forever changed through health and wealth as you have paved the way for all of us to continue to pay it forward. I am so thankful for you and for TriVita and Nopalea.

Cheers to leading people into Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health! Tina Gonda

Michael, I love the blog! What a great idea to keep us updated as you tour the cities letting everyone know about Nopalea! I’ll be eagerly following along and look forward to meeting you! Thank you for TriVita and providing a place where everyone can experience wellness and wealth!

All my best,

Thanks for adding this blog – its a great communication and team building tool.

Cheryl and I are extremely excited as the momentum builds day by day, city by city.

We are working the phone to make sure all our contacts take advantage of these great opportunities to hear from Michael Ellison and Dr Minshew about our new product(s) and Share and Earn income accelerator compensation.

Thank you Michael and Dr Minshew and all Trivita staff for all you do to help us expand our businesses. We are blessed to be a part of Trivita and want to bless others as well.

Go team go…

Norf & Cheryl

It’s a new world for TriVita and we’re delighted to be able to read about the events. We’ll see you mid-June in Portland and/or Seattle. Thanks for helping us create clarity and purpose as we beef-up the passion to pursue our goals of wealth and wellness for ourselves and others. Bob and Lois.

Great blog! thanks for all you do. We are so happy that you have given us a business that we can build and accomplish our dreams!

Frank From Fresno

Whoa! Just listening to the call from Orlando so had to come immediately see the new Blog!

I’m so excited that we will be able to keep up on all the details as you make this inspiring tour around North America!

Tula 🙂

PS: Great to hear your testimonial, Jerry.

Welcome to Web2! The testimonials and passion for Sonoran Bloom and TriVita’s mission is truly exciting! Thrilled to be on board.

This is Awesome! Great way to communicate. Can’t wait for your arrival in Charlotte. We are fired up here in NC! God Bless! Have safe travel.

this blog is going to be awesome !! can’t wait to meet you and your entire team in CHARLOTTE !! Incredibly humbled by your vision just thrilled to be apart of it !!!

Michael , I am so proud of you to follow your dreams of living to see your Passion, for our Products of TriVita and our Members fight the war against disease and lead them all to Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health, (sound familiar) I am so happy for you, and enthusiastic about this company moving forward across the world to share better health with everyone, and let our company be the forerunner in changing the economic future of many, many families. I am behind you all the way. This tour will be a wonderful success for all involved. Thank you for taking you precious time to share it with all of us.

Dear Michael:

We watch with great interest and excitement, this new chapter in TriVita’s history.

Our deepest thanks for giving us a company we are so very proud to be associated with – and wellness products that are changing lives.

Here’s to your health, prosperity and happiness.

To your success!

Sincerely / Peter A.

Peter Arnold, CLU, CFC / Founder
Business Achievers Academy / Canada


Thank you so much from all of the Affiliates out here in the field.

This is an historic day as you take Nopalea to the world.

Your passion in action is very inspiring and as we come together to bring the secrets of the Sonoran Desert to the world we will help millions discover new levels of wellness.

Safe travels to you and your Tour Team!

All the best,

Carisa and I love your new blog. Our team will have fun following your city-by-city tour report and all of the exciting updates. We look forward to seeing you in Kansas City on May 13.

Go Nopalea!!!

We heard how great the luncheon went and the large number of people who have responded. We are encouraging our friends in Charlotte to attend. This is a fantastic product, and a business opportunity whose time is now.

Yeah – we are so excited that the tours have begun…hope to have attender at each city. Can’t wait for Bangor!! Praying for safety & success…….

Thats a great story. Tell Matt to hold on tight! hehe enjoy

Wow, Michael……I found your blog while clicking around on the site!
I think it is a great idea to keep us all updated like this.
I look forward to your postings about how the tour is going!!
God bless,

Thanks for sending me the text message on the luncheon today in Orlando…sounds like it was a total success…your are in the right place! We are very excited here at the home office and look forward to hearing all about the tour! Don’t forget to send us pictures so we can share with the rest of the Trivita family.

This blog is a fantastic idea! It is a great way for the CARE Consultants to be informed and involved with the Sonoran Bloom Tours! Thank you!

Michael, I love your blog…this is so exciting! I am just thrilled for you and I know your tour is going to be a huge success. I wish you the best. Deni

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