Sonoran Bloom Tour…Orlando’s Excitement

Posted on: April 29, 2009

As the wheels of our plane touched down in Orlando, I had an immediate flash back to 11 years ago before we founded TriVita. I remember talking to a business associate about a desire I had to found a company that would have a mission of bringing wellness to the world. A company where people would be passionate about wellness and would share the products and wellness information with others. That was the first person outside my family that I shared this idea with.  Now 11 years later, what an incredible joy to see thousands of people, medical professionals, employees, Affiliate Members and Members involved with TriVita and sharing wellness.   

The noon luncheon in Orlando was filled with people who were eager to learn more about Nopalea and the Share and Earn program. I don’t think the room could have been more electrified with emotion. It was a great experience. I offered a taste of Nopalea in the form of a toast to their wellness success, as well as their increased income. We had them all raise the glass in one hand and the bottle of Nopalea in the other. Wait till you see that picture.   

We had several very experienced builders who were invited by Mitch Lover, one of our Presidential Directors. He worked hard at getting key builders to this event who otherwise may have never come to Scottsdale to check out the company. I am thrilled that all of the builders made a decision to join TriVita. The power of one to one is amazing. You will hear much more about these people in the future. Great lesson for all of us…get your prospects to the luncheon, as it is a wonderful way to introduce them to TriVita. 

The evening had its great joy for me as many people shared their experience and belief in the products. One couple stood out to me just glowing with enthusiasm and belief as I presented the Nopalea story. Afterwards they came forward to introduce themselves and said, “We have been Members for nine years, almost from the beginning.” “We love the products, but we have never become Affiliates.” “We are joining, and can’t wait to get started.” Wow! Many weren’t just mildly enthusiastic – but almost wildly enthusiastic about TriVita!   

It is nearly midnight…I presented in two meetings, and I am so at peace that this is right for TriVita and for me. I had to meet these people in their home city. I needed them, and they needed us to confirm what they saw and felt in our publications. We are making lifetime friends. I am going to bed to rise early to go to Tampa…I know we have another outstanding day in just a few hours.   

MichaelNopalea Toast

Michael - OrlandoDr. Minshew 

3 Responses to "Sonoran Bloom Tour…Orlando’s Excitement"

I am on the team led by Denise Wilson and am so excited about this incredible tour.
Michael Ellison and the team are really helping the folks in the field.
We are anxiously looking forward to the Bangor, Me and Boston Ma meetings.

This new blog is incredible and I couldn’t wait to see what you had written.

We are all excited and momentum is extremely high in TriVita and the message that you will take out their for all.

Your sincere heartfelt message comes across always~~Tina Gonda

Wow, again. The excitment comes through this Blog! So much to be thankful for. Your passion and focus is contagious!

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