Sonoran Bloom Tour…Tampa

Posted on: April 30, 2009

I arrived downstairs at 7:30 am Wednesday morning to be picked up with Brazos Minshew and Cody Ramsey to fly to Tampa. Terry Newsome, Matt Sommer, and Mitch Lover were already on the road and nearly to Tampa. I called Terry and asked them if they got any sleep as Terry was sending pictures for the Orlando blog at 3:30 in the morning. These guys are working hard. What an incredible job they are doing. Terry told me they didn’t get much sleep, but we are going to have a great luncheon in Tampa.  

The room was packed again, and we gave up our table to the unexpected guests for lunch and had a table set up in the last square foot of space available in the room. Brazos did a great job telling the Nopalea story and helped people come to an “aha” moment that “if we live in a toxic environment where the air is polluted, the water is polluted and the food is grown with pesticides and fertilizers, we are inflamed. This is because the body has to respond with inflammation to any invader that creates an imbalance or is unnatural to the cell.”  People got it! 

It was great for me to meet Kelly Reese, Charles and Karen Possick along with their son, Joshua. These tours are wonderful opportunities for me to meet people that I would never normally meet otherwise. 

Terry and I had a 2:30 pm private meeting with a serious builder who loves Nopalea. It was exciting to hear a major builder from the field say it has to start with the product. The benefits of the product are going to drive this Nopalea explosion. After the meeting I was less than two hours away from sound check and needed some food, as I can’t eat lunch and do presentations at same time. I hadn’t eaten since 6:30 in the morning! This road work really changes one’s routine, but I love being with the people.   

Hearing the wellness stories of people on Nopalea only for a short period of time is firing my jets.  These are not just little feel good stories…these are people whose lives are being dramatically changed. Denise Wilson’s husband suffers from diabetes and from neuropathy so bad that he could hardly walk. He is now up moving and jumping around like he is 25 again. She had people attending tonight just because they saw the near miraculous recovery of Bruce on Nopalea.  

The momentum is building on the tour….I got a report tonight that the Tina Gonda group in Charlotte is, as Terry Newsome says, “on fire!” Can’t wait to get there, as that is the beginning of the next three tour cities. 

We end this leg of the tour Thursday in Atlanta. The luncheon has jumped way beyond our expectations in Atlanta. We have some really outstanding new people and potential new builders there. I have always loved the anticipation of fishing especially for trout. Going from city to city has all kinds of anticipation as to who you are going to meet that could be another Presidential Director. I want more leaders in TriVita. If you know a special person in any of the upcoming cities, sponsor them at the luncheon, even if you can’t be there. 

It is late and I have to be up before dawn!!! 


Tampa's valued volunteers!

Tampa's valued volunteers!

6 Responses to "Sonoran Bloom Tour…Tampa"

I went to the meeting in Tampa. I have been drinking nopalea since that meeting which is about a month. I had a Dr Appointment today and got the results of my lab and I am thrilled to say my sugar count is normal. It had been high previous visits in fact he had mention I should start taking shots…I can’t thank you enough for discovering this product. and by the way I used to take pain pills for my arithits I have only taken 1 pill in the last month. I will never be with out Nopalea.. Thanks again

This is more than a business, it is a world-wide life-changing ministry that has just begun and I am excited to be part of it. To Michael Ellison and the entire travel team, we are praying for you that the Lord will give you supernatural strength, uncommon favours, in-depth insight and the command of His presence in every meeting.


Godwin Ude
2 Star Director

Michael…. I am encouraged by the report from Denise Wilson during the Tampa tour. Her husband has suffered from Diabetes and neuropathy “so bad that he could hardly walk”. Interested to know what dosage he is taking of the Nopalea. I have a cousin in Redding, CA with almost exactly the same thing.

God Bless you as you share this message with all. Yes indeed, this will travel the world and healing will take place.


Tina Gonda, the group and those in Charlotte, NC is “on FIRE” and we await your arrival with much excitement.

It is amazing how this wonderful product…..TriVita’s acres of diamonds Nopalea is changing lives and our group continues to get wellness stories and what an incredable blessing as we pay it forward and share this with people we truly love and care about.

We love you Michael………..Terry, Brazos and everyone who makes a difference in TriVita.

God Bless You! Tina Gonda

Judy, I feel the same way. I have lined up several people to attend two different cities in Canada with me. Wish the whole world could come!!

This 30 City Tour and the updates posted on this blog truly show the dedication and commitment that’s behind TriVita. This is a company we will be able to count on for one long time.

Tula 🙂

Michael – this is the most exciting time I have ever seen in TriVita. The positive feedback we’re seeing to Nopalea is awesome and we can hardly wait for you to be in Portland in June. God Bless You and the mission of TriVita. See you soon.

~ Judy

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