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We left Maine for Baltimore with one stop in Newark, New Jersey. It was a spectacular day as we flew along side New York City and saw the Statue of Liberty in the harbor, reminding us of the privileges we have in America. I am grateful for the great opportunity to develop products like Nopalea and to be able to share them so that people can experience greater wellness.

Baltimore greeted us with nearly 100 people in the luncheon who were very responsive to the Nopalea story. The stories of people sharing their Nopalea experiences are just astonishing. I know I keep saying this, but today my email, phone and personal contacts are all telling me about their Nopalea wellness benefits.

Get this… a Member named Bob drove 12 hours from Michigan to be here in Baltimore. He took the toast with us in the evening event and when the meeting was over, he stood up and started walking away then realizing all his muscle pain and aching was gone. He stayed to ask me how that is possible. “How could in less than two hours I have that experience?” He was actually with another juice company and said he had been on their product for over five years and never experienced anything like this. I introduced him to Terry, and he signed up as an Affiliate with a case on Autoship. He said, “I can build this. Who is my leadership?”  Wow!  A Nopalea experience packs an impact like we have never seen.

A flight attendant got on a plane in Chicago and flew to Baltimore just to be in the meeting. She had found some TriVita literature on the plane in the seat pocket. She was so excited about TriVita. She kept telling me that this had to be a moment of destiny in her life. This was meant to be. She was trying to figure out how to do a tasting party for 1,000 people in Chicago at a special event!

Sue and Vince Buscemi were our hosts for this event. They did a remarkable job, and the volunteer team was outstanding. Sue was so excited, as one of her most exciting and most influential prospects signed tonight. Sue said, “I will make Presidential Director by next year.” She will definitely accelerate the speed of growth from what I experienced here in Baltimore.

Nopalea is gathering energy of its own. The product is delivering a wellness experience, and that is creating a demand for the product, presenting incredible possibilities for our Affiliates. I look forward to watching the growth of many who signed in Baltimore.



In Bangor, Maine we were met with a fabulous sunny day, as well as a room full of excited Affiliate Members and guests attending the luncheon. This group is very special to me, as many of them were with us on the very first soft-launch of TriVita 10 years ago. There are more original Affiliates from Bangor, Maine than any other city in North America. Doug and Priscilla Smith, Tom and Lori Obey, Martha Bankston and many others were there in the beginning and still are with TriVita spreading the good news of wellness. I wish I could have had an hour just to talk about the journey these past 10 years and how much they have meant to us, but they had invited many guests to come and hear about Nopalea. 

We had such a strong turn out in attendance that we had no product to sell, just the one FREE bottle as our gift to each attendee. That was a first. Apparently if they commit in Maine, they show up! 

I walked through the doors and immediately a gentleman grabbed me and said, “I drove down from Canada to be here. I am thrilled with Nopalea. I had knee surgery and have always experienced pain since then and now it is gone.” Martha Bankston shared with my wife Susan, that she really didn’t start taking Nopalea to feel anything; she just did it because she knew it was good for her. She has had an incredible experience of reduction of aches and pains. She later told me, “I had just accepted these as part of the aging process, I had given up many things I enjoy doing. Now with Nopalea, this summer is going to be fun again doing the things outdoors I love to do.” Talk about incredibly, exciting news to all of us. This is what drives us across North America – seeing people experience wellness! 

I just opened an email from an Affiliate in Atlanta this morning….she said, “My business has tripled since you were here. I will be a Director before Galaxy of Stars!” I believe that same thing will happen to some of the great people we met here in Bangor. 

 The evening meeting was packed with about 200 people who came to hear about Nopalea, and most of them were not at the luncheon which was nearly 100 people. I think that is awesome for Bangor, Maine. Yes it is pronounced with an “or” at the end, not “er.”  My southwest lazy tongue got me in trouble right at the beginning. What a great group. Thank you Tom and Lori Obey for the outstanding effort and the gifts you presented us from the great state of Maine!



Albuquerque was the last city of our second leg of the tour. Interesting that President Obama arrived just before we did, and guess who got the priority of the airwaves over Albuquerque? Obviously he did. We found a short airstrip outside the city and were able to land there. President Obama is on a mission, and not to be disrespectful, but I am on a mission that is equally as important, “To inspire people to experience wellness and create wealth for their life purposes.”  This country must change the way it thinks about wellness! 

I gave it everything I had in me to speak to a very diverse group of people. Mitch Lover, one of our Presidential Directors was there supporting our efforts. Thanks to Mitch, as this was his fourth city. We left last night around 11pm and headed back home after a very long day of flying in from Kansas City that morning. I’ll have to admit, I was exhausted after six events in three days and traveling 5,000 miles. Brazos turned to me in the plane and said, “I was extremely pleased at the results of this meeting. I think we left an inspired group in a city where we did not have much activity.” It is rewarding to know that Nopalea is having such a dramatic effect on people’s lives. 

One Affiliate shared with me a similar story about his wife, which was similar to my wife Susan’s experience. His wife is now no longer dependent on her scooter, but is walking with far less pain and improving every week. What a thrill to hear such a great testimony. 

Carlos and Anna Maria Herrera are inspired, and said they are going to try and reach Director level by our Galaxy of Stars event in October. My special thanks to them for their hard work and the volunteers who made this event possible. 

The product experiences of Nopalea are beyond my wildest dreams and are creating a huge demand for the product. This is also creating an opportunity for you as Affiliates like never before in TriVita. I encourage you to share the Nopalea story! Get your business line fully qualified in the Share and Earn Program as this is gathering energy of its own. 


We arrived in Kansas City only an hour before the luncheon. That put the pressure on Matt to meet with stage crew, audio engineer, volunteers and for us to do sound checks. However, at 11:30, we were ready to go with a nearly a full house. It was an awesome effort by Diane Hastings and Dewayne Davis.   

Mike and Carisa Reidmiller drove down from Lincoln, Nebraska with two guests. It is always great to see our leadership supporting the efforts. Mike told me that both of his guests joined as new Affiliates, and by that evening, one guest had already sold $700 of product. He has high expectations of their efforts and the excitement they have for the Nopalea product and the Share and Earn Program. Mike is almost at the Presidential Director level, and he is still enrolling. That is what great leaders do – they never stop enrolling! 

We met Members who had enrolled at the launch of TriVita in July 1999 and are now more fired up than ever with Nopalea. One Affiliate Member stood there with tears in her eyes saying, “I have found new vision and hope with your book and the Nopalea product.” Boy, does that fire my jets. I want so desperately for people to have passion and vision for their lives! 

One woman, who came as a guest, would not even taste our product when she came to the event, as she was so suspicious that this just couldn’t be as good as they were saying. Not knowing this, I picked her out and used her as an example of how to enroll someone. I asked her in front of the audience to join with me as an Affiliate to help others experience wellness and gave her a bottle. I told her she was going to get another bottle on her way out. I asked her how she felt about that. She said “Great!”  Amazing what can happen when you don’t qualify your prospect, as she signed up as an Affiliate Member, bought the starter kit and a case of Nopalea. She left telling her friends at the meeting all the people who she wanted to try Nopalea. Her friends came to me afterwards flabbergasted at what had just occurred! 

If you haven’t been to one of these events, try and get there, even if you have to fly to one of them! It is exciting to see people share what is happening with Nopalea. 


Charlotte is on the wellness map of TriVita!  The city is known as the “Queen City” named in honor of Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg who later became queen.

I can tell you this, the women of Charlotte are passionate about the mission of TriVita, and it was evident all day into the late hours. However, the men came to me and said “These women are truly powerful and were in TriVita first, but watch us over the next year. When we come back, it will be true royalty with the kings and queens of Charlotte leading the way!”  

I have never experienced more passion for our mission than in Charlotte. It was so exciting to see our vision being manifested with such an excited group of people. Many new people joined as Affiliate Members. We also met two Members that had seen the Dr. Libby infomercial in 2000 still excited about TriVita! 

I am so glad that my wife Susan and Marcus had the opportunity of joining me on this trip to Charlotte. They had the chance to see firsthand the vision we had ten years ago of people experiencing wellness and passionately sharing the experience with others. 

I think you will see and hear much from the Charlotte TriVita group. The queens of Charlotte lived up to their promise if we would come. They are a special group of new friends to me and our mission. 

We are up and out early tomorrow headed for Kansas City. I know that is going to be a great day. Diane Hastings has worked so hard to invite people for us to meet. Mike and Carissa Reidmiller are driving down to meet us there.  

It will be another great day. 


Marcus interviewing Tina Gonda

Marcus interviewing Tina Gonda

Charlotte Volunteers!

Charlotte Volunteers!

Here it is Monday and just a week away before heading to Charlotte, Kansas City and Albuquerque.  It is so gratifying to hear the excitement from those attending the events on our first leg of the tour. But, it is now touching many in the field as well, so that is extremely gratifying as well.  I just spoke with Terry Newsome, and he said his phone is “on fire.”  Terry always refers to people being on fire, so now it is his phone. He is talking to people following up about next steps to take.  This is by far the biggest response we have ever gotten from a product driven effort.  Nopalea is like water on fire when it comes to inflammation.  I am overwhelmed with the testimonies.  I just heard another one walking in to the office which is almost not believable except that I know the credibility of the person.

We are so excited about the results we are seeing.  Brazos and I will have a Monday evening live call featuring Affiliates on the tour who are building with Share and Earn as well as their own wellness experience with Nopalea.  Brazos will explain why this could be happening.  The testimonies are fabulous.  This is just another way of supporting you and helping you build your business. 

Here a couple of new pictures I wanted to show you.  One is just as we are ready to board the plane heading for Orlando, our first city.  The other is a Nopalea toast with our Affiliates and guests at the luncheon.  When people taste the product, they are amazed at how good it tastes.  I could build a business with tasting parties! 

Be sure and get our next blog which will be next Wednesday after the Charlotte meeting.  I can’t wait to report on that meeting.  They are setting records!! 


Matt, Brazos, Cody and I getting ready to take off for Orlando!

Matt, Brazos, Cody and I getting ready to take off for Orlando!

Toasting Nopalea!

Toasting Nopalea!


We headed for our plane last night about 9:45 in Atlanta after the event flying back home to Phoenix. We would get home about 3 am. What a beautiful night to fly. Cody Ramsey couldn’t wait to trade places with the co-captain and ride the right chair for part of the trip after we got up to cruise altitude. Pilots like Cody have an emotional connection to those lights and knobs in the cockpit that I cannot explain! While Cody was up front in the cockpit, Brazos and I put our feet up and reclined to reflect on the Atlanta meeting. 

The luncheon again was packed in Atlanta with the Prospects we were hoping to meet. As I shared about wellness and the opportunity of belonging to a community that is rising up to influence our nation to change the way it thinks about wellness, the applause was very energetic and filled with excited Amen’s! We were in the southeast Bible belt, and they were letting us know as they bought into the message and mission of TriVita. 

The testimonies from the few who were already taking Nopalea were amazing. Wait till this product gets into the catalog in June. Our Members are going to go nuts over this product because of what they will feel when inflammation is lowered and they have less toxins! 

Peter Caparis and Kevin MacCarthy worked hard in Atlanta to make this an outstanding event. I was praying that Dan and Sheila Moss would catch the vision for TriVita. They certainly did!  What an outstanding couple joining forces with TriVita. Bishop Joey Price came and joined our Affiliate Program. He has been courted by many other companies, but he just has not felt right about putting his significant influence behind them, but instead joined TriVita. There were other outstanding leaders who joined with TriVita making Atlanta a marketplace that you will hear much about in the future. We went from having very little presence in Atlanta before the event to now having an opportunity for Atlanta to become one of our major Affiliate Member cities. Watch Atlanta over the next 12 months as it is a happening place! I am super excited about what happened in Atlanta. 

I have to tell you how this happened with Bishop Joey Price. It was Tony Bianco in Seattle and Bryan Wirth that called to invite them to come to the TriVita event. They made that happen in just a couple days. They were not able to be there themselves, but were able to take advantage of the event and enrolled a major leader. I am telling you….if you know someone in the city where an event is happening, get them to attend the event even if you are unable to attend. We will make them feel welcome….we had incredible success on this trip attracting all the potential builders in each market. This would have never happened without us going to the marketplace. I may be on the road for life! I hope Marcus Ellison and our Executive Team are ready for the coming avalanche! I have gone fishing for Affiliate Members!! 

I have to admit that 18 days, speaking three times a day and private meetings in between was pretty intense, but I have such wonderful peace that we are on the right track for TriVita. Cody Ramsey has been very successful in TriVita, but he said, “I needed to see the powerful presence of these meetings and the impact on people’s lives. I have only been able to build through the MAP Program, but now I can build a huge business worldwide with Share and Earn and the fabulous product of Nopalea.”   

It has only been a few hours since I got home, and I am already looking at the attendance reports for Charlotte and Kansas City in anticipation of wonderful things to come!! 


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