Sonoran Bloom Tour… Atlanta

Posted on: May 1, 2009

We headed for our plane last night about 9:45 in Atlanta after the event flying back home to Phoenix. We would get home about 3 am. What a beautiful night to fly. Cody Ramsey couldn’t wait to trade places with the co-captain and ride the right chair for part of the trip after we got up to cruise altitude. Pilots like Cody have an emotional connection to those lights and knobs in the cockpit that I cannot explain! While Cody was up front in the cockpit, Brazos and I put our feet up and reclined to reflect on the Atlanta meeting. 

The luncheon again was packed in Atlanta with the Prospects we were hoping to meet. As I shared about wellness and the opportunity of belonging to a community that is rising up to influence our nation to change the way it thinks about wellness, the applause was very energetic and filled with excited Amen’s! We were in the southeast Bible belt, and they were letting us know as they bought into the message and mission of TriVita. 

The testimonies from the few who were already taking Nopalea were amazing. Wait till this product gets into the catalog in June. Our Members are going to go nuts over this product because of what they will feel when inflammation is lowered and they have less toxins! 

Peter Caparis and Kevin MacCarthy worked hard in Atlanta to make this an outstanding event. I was praying that Dan and Sheila Moss would catch the vision for TriVita. They certainly did!  What an outstanding couple joining forces with TriVita. Bishop Joey Price came and joined our Affiliate Program. He has been courted by many other companies, but he just has not felt right about putting his significant influence behind them, but instead joined TriVita. There were other outstanding leaders who joined with TriVita making Atlanta a marketplace that you will hear much about in the future. We went from having very little presence in Atlanta before the event to now having an opportunity for Atlanta to become one of our major Affiliate Member cities. Watch Atlanta over the next 12 months as it is a happening place! I am super excited about what happened in Atlanta. 

I have to tell you how this happened with Bishop Joey Price. It was Tony Bianco in Seattle and Bryan Wirth that called to invite them to come to the TriVita event. They made that happen in just a couple days. They were not able to be there themselves, but were able to take advantage of the event and enrolled a major leader. I am telling you….if you know someone in the city where an event is happening, get them to attend the event even if you are unable to attend. We will make them feel welcome….we had incredible success on this trip attracting all the potential builders in each market. This would have never happened without us going to the marketplace. I may be on the road for life! I hope Marcus Ellison and our Executive Team are ready for the coming avalanche! I have gone fishing for Affiliate Members!! 

I have to admit that 18 days, speaking three times a day and private meetings in between was pretty intense, but I have such wonderful peace that we are on the right track for TriVita. Cody Ramsey has been very successful in TriVita, but he said, “I needed to see the powerful presence of these meetings and the impact on people’s lives. I have only been able to build through the MAP Program, but now I can build a huge business worldwide with Share and Earn and the fabulous product of Nopalea.”   

It has only been a few hours since I got home, and I am already looking at the attendance reports for Charlotte and Kansas City in anticipation of wonderful things to come!! 


8 Responses to "Sonoran Bloom Tour… Atlanta"

Dear Michael, Susan , Marcus, Matt, Terry, Ted and Brazos,
Being a part of your team is like a dream come true, Thank you again for all your support and leadership and just the fact that you make this business fun and well as rewarding for all. Follow your passion . Can’t wait to see you in Kansas City.

just got off the Tuesday night call with Terry and it is awesome to hear the excitement in his voice about the tour. Thank you Micheal for being such a positive force reading your blog has become the highlight of my day !!! Look forward to meeting you. Charlotte its going to be a blast !!

I am very excited about our event in Charlotte. It is so wonderful to see the support you are giving our group here and your determination to put Charlotte on the Trivita map! We have a wonderful Charlotte organization, the ultimate venue for the best event ever, and a community hungry for what Trivita and Sonoran Bloom Nopalea can do to improve their overall health and financial future. At the last minute, I was not able to come to Arizona with the rest of my “sisters in Trivita wellness”, but am so very much looking forward to May 12th to make up for that! It’s going to be a glorious day … and evening. Welcome to Charlotte, Michael … in advance!


I am addicted to your BLOG! That is a great thing because it just thrills me to know that you are on the road and changing lives with your message that NEEDS to be heard.

Tony Bianco, way to go! You are a true professional and I look so forward to meeting you.

Charlotte, NC is more than “ON FIRE” at this point for the arrival of you, Brazos, “TERRY NEWSOME”, Bryan and Tammi Wirth and all the great leaders coming in.

TriVita is the “complete” package for anyone who will embrace it and “Catch” the vision!

God Bless You Michael Ellison, you have touched my life for the BETTER!

Tina Gonda

The Atlanta event was totally first class! Jennifer and I attended both sessions. The lunch was delicious, and the presentations for both sessions were great. Terry Newsome did a masterful job directing the sessions. Dr. Brazos Minchew’s presentation was extraordinarily informative. You would think that someone of his caliber would be boring to the layman. Yet I must admit that he was quite the contrary. Jennifer and I thoroughly enjoyed him.

We both agree that it was Michael Ellison who really opened our understanding of TriVita’s purpose. We sat a mere 20 feet from him at lunch as he spoke. We saw the sincerity, the passion, and the genuine concern for people’s wellness. Not just physical, but emotional and spriitual wellness also.

My only regret is that the sessions were not recorded for later availability. I strongly recommend that if you are within any reasonable distance of these events, get to them. And get your guests in front of these gentlemen. Each of them, along with the other leaders who attended, made themselves available to speak with us one-on-one. After listening to and meeting these TriVita leaders, anyone with a pulse will very likely be moved to take action.

Dear Michael,
I am so happy for you and TriVita to be able to share the message of wellness, which has been your dream and my dream all along. Can’t wait to see you in Kansas City, thank you for being such a good friend to all of us, as well as our leader in TriVita. Lets share it with the world.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for all you are doing to bring such an amazing product and opportunity to the World! Everyone has the power to experience wellness and when you do, it is so easy and joyful to share with others! Looking forward to seeing you soon.


I’m excited I was able to get Bishop Joe Price to the event. Having you as an extension to my efforts is wonderful and really gives people the opportunity to see the true heart and soul of TriVita. I’m very greatful for the incredible leadership in TriVita presenting an amazing opportunity yet remaining so approachable at a time where people are looking for something great.

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