Tonight’s Call!

Posted on: May 4, 2009

Here it is Monday and just a week away before heading to Charlotte, Kansas City and Albuquerque.  It is so gratifying to hear the excitement from those attending the events on our first leg of the tour. But, it is now touching many in the field as well, so that is extremely gratifying as well.  I just spoke with Terry Newsome, and he said his phone is “on fire.”  Terry always refers to people being on fire, so now it is his phone. He is talking to people following up about next steps to take.  This is by far the biggest response we have ever gotten from a product driven effort.  Nopalea is like water on fire when it comes to inflammation.  I am overwhelmed with the testimonies.  I just heard another one walking in to the office which is almost not believable except that I know the credibility of the person.

We are so excited about the results we are seeing.  Brazos and I will have a Monday evening live call featuring Affiliates on the tour who are building with Share and Earn as well as their own wellness experience with Nopalea.  Brazos will explain why this could be happening.  The testimonies are fabulous.  This is just another way of supporting you and helping you build your business. 

Here a couple of new pictures I wanted to show you.  One is just as we are ready to board the plane heading for Orlando, our first city.  The other is a Nopalea toast with our Affiliates and guests at the luncheon.  When people taste the product, they are amazed at how good it tastes.  I could build a business with tasting parties! 

Be sure and get our next blog which will be next Wednesday after the Charlotte meeting.  I can’t wait to report on that meeting.  They are setting records!! 


Matt, Brazos, Cody and I getting ready to take off for Orlando!

Matt, Brazos, Cody and I getting ready to take off for Orlando!

Toasting Nopalea!

Toasting Nopalea!


5 Responses to "Tonight’s Call!"


I had a very busy night tonight. I enjoyed Terry’s Tuesday call. I then spent over 3 hours on the phone with prospects and AM’s on the team. Lot’s happening!!

Carisa and I are looking forward to seeing you and everyone else at the Kansas City event. There is a ton of excitement on my team about the tour and Nopalea.

See you soon!

Mike & Carisa Riedmiller

So many friends are excited about this meeting. Maybe Bank of America can be saved. Just, kidding.

Great to feel the excitiment.

It’s interesting that you mentioned that you could build a business with this product on tastings alone because we are doing just that! We have been having tastings at our home every Thursday evening to ramp up for our local event and we are having incredible results with it. We signed up a new affiliate last night, had another affiliate who had not yet gone on auto order do that as well and met with another young man who is extremely interested and will come back again next week to hear more and possibly bring friends. Between our weekly tastings and sending people to the city tours we have enrolled 8 affiliates in one week’s time.

It is amazing how easy it is to invite people to these tastings and so fun to see the reaction of people when they taste the Nopalea. Everyone prepares themselves to taste it thinking “ok this is going to be bitter bit just remember it’s good for you” but then they taste it and without fail, their eyes pop as they say “Hey! This is actually REALLY good!” I love it!

I encourage you to have tastings in your own home as well. Just remember, consistency is key. Even if the only people who show up are affiliates, use the time to train and answer questions and create a game plan for the next week. If you build it, they will come!


Very exciting call on Monday night! You and Brazos together brought an amazing energy as you shared the experience of the First 3 Cities for Nopalea.

Our local weekly wellness luncheon today was one filled with great energy as we discussed the incredible blessing ahead of us when you arrive in Charlotte, NC for our event.

Today at our luncheon and tonight at a “home event” there were 2 great stories of how Nopalea has already made a difference in areas of pain in the body.

This truly is about “sharing” and when you know that the receiver is more rewarded in so many ways, it is easy to do.

God Bless you as you get ready for your next 3 Cities and see you in Charlotte soon!

Tina Gonda

Thank you! I so enjoy these calls. They provide inspiration and more grist for our marketing efforts. I don’t believe that we would have near the success that we do without them.

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