Excitement in Charlotte!

Posted on: May 13, 2009

Charlotte is on the wellness map of TriVita!  The city is known as the “Queen City” named in honor of Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg who later became queen.

I can tell you this, the women of Charlotte are passionate about the mission of TriVita, and it was evident all day into the late hours. However, the men came to me and said “These women are truly powerful and were in TriVita first, but watch us over the next year. When we come back, it will be true royalty with the kings and queens of Charlotte leading the way!”  

I have never experienced more passion for our mission than in Charlotte. It was so exciting to see our vision being manifested with such an excited group of people. Many new people joined as Affiliate Members. We also met two Members that had seen the Dr. Libby infomercial in 2000 still excited about TriVita! 

I am so glad that my wife Susan and Marcus had the opportunity of joining me on this trip to Charlotte. They had the chance to see firsthand the vision we had ten years ago of people experiencing wellness and passionately sharing the experience with others. 

I think you will see and hear much from the Charlotte TriVita group. The queens of Charlotte lived up to their promise if we would come. They are a special group of new friends to me and our mission. 

We are up and out early tomorrow headed for Kansas City. I know that is going to be a great day. Diane Hastings has worked so hard to invite people for us to meet. Mike and Carissa Reidmiller are driving down to meet us there.  

It will be another great day. 


Marcus interviewing Tina Gonda

Marcus interviewing Tina Gonda

Charlotte Volunteers!

Charlotte Volunteers!

5 Responses to "Excitement in Charlotte!"

Michael –

Thank you for coming to Charlotte and putting the personal touch on this mission! We were truly privileged to host you, your beautiful and sweet spirited wife Susan, Marcus, Dr. Minshew, Terry Newsome and our wonderful Event Coordinator Matt!

The way the passion of TriVita oozes out of all of us in the Charlotte Team (men and woman) can change the way people look at a business opportunity from here on out.

Mission of wellness is first and wealth to fullfil our life purposes as we change lives and forever impact our community!

I’m committed to share this mission of TriVita and will continue to stand in unity with all who embrace it! Your legacy and vision for TriVita will be far reaching for sure!

May God continue to bless you and all that you’ve touched –

Patti Weirich
A Charlotte “Queen”

I just got back in Scottsdale from the Sonoran Bloom meeting in Charlotte, NC. Wow, what a great group of people I was able to meet and spend time with. Not only was everyone so friendly and excited about TriVita but the passion of these people was totally contagious! I am convinced that Team Charlotte will create an incredible legacy!

A great way to represent the women of TriVita 🙂


This was truly one of the “highlights” of my life and my CAREER and my husband Mark feels the same exact way!

I, along with my great group couldn’t be more dedicated to the mission of Trivita and it is the ONLY way I teach and train. We must SHARE wellness in our community and beyond.

The gratitude that we all share is ENORMOUS! You, Marcus, Terry and Dr. Minshew DELIVERED and then the honor of getting to share from the stage my heartfelt message about the way I feel when it comes to Trivita was priceless.

If it couldn’t get any better, I watched with great pride as my wonderful partner Linda Greenberg spoke from stage along with the amazing FIRST Presidential Director Bryan Wirth who we are so incredibly thankful that attended the event with his beautiful wife and our partner too Tammi Wirth.

Matt led the way and made volunteering for all a wonderful experience and Vicki, Amy and corporate were incredible helping us get all our registrations in good order. Everyone was amazing for sure and MAVERICK was truly the Star Volunteer and NEVER seemed to stop! OH yes, these KING’S we have in our group will join with the QUEEN’S to build an incredible Trivita business TOGETHER! They are awesome!

This event is just the beginning of wonderful things to happen because we have a new found PURPOSE in our life.

Blessings to you Michael as you continue to touch lives at the city tours!

Tina Gonda

Go Ladies! Will see you all tonight on the Women of TriVita call.

Tula 🙂

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