Kansas City!

Posted on: May 14, 2009

We arrived in Kansas City only an hour before the luncheon. That put the pressure on Matt to meet with stage crew, audio engineer, volunteers and for us to do sound checks. However, at 11:30, we were ready to go with a nearly a full house. It was an awesome effort by Diane Hastings and Dewayne Davis.   

Mike and Carisa Reidmiller drove down from Lincoln, Nebraska with two guests. It is always great to see our leadership supporting the efforts. Mike told me that both of his guests joined as new Affiliates, and by that evening, one guest had already sold $700 of product. He has high expectations of their efforts and the excitement they have for the Nopalea product and the Share and Earn Program. Mike is almost at the Presidential Director level, and he is still enrolling. That is what great leaders do – they never stop enrolling! 

We met Members who had enrolled at the launch of TriVita in July 1999 and are now more fired up than ever with Nopalea. One Affiliate Member stood there with tears in her eyes saying, “I have found new vision and hope with your book and the Nopalea product.” Boy, does that fire my jets. I want so desperately for people to have passion and vision for their lives! 

One woman, who came as a guest, would not even taste our product when she came to the event, as she was so suspicious that this just couldn’t be as good as they were saying. Not knowing this, I picked her out and used her as an example of how to enroll someone. I asked her in front of the audience to join with me as an Affiliate to help others experience wellness and gave her a bottle. I told her she was going to get another bottle on her way out. I asked her how she felt about that. She said “Great!”  Amazing what can happen when you don’t qualify your prospect, as she signed up as an Affiliate Member, bought the starter kit and a case of Nopalea. She left telling her friends at the meeting all the people who she wanted to try Nopalea. Her friends came to me afterwards flabbergasted at what had just occurred! 

If you haven’t been to one of these events, try and get there, even if you have to fly to one of them! It is exciting to see people share what is happening with Nopalea. 


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You and Brazos presentation was outstanding and went over with the group in KC in a big way. You both presented the Share and Earn program in detail and such a way that it wasn’t offensive nor selling.

My Wife and I would like to thank you for all the money, time, and effort you and your team have put into the launch of Nopalea.

We are making sure that those who have signed up with the Share and Earn Nopalea program are or will be qualified to recieve their commissions.

May God Continue to Bless You, Your Family and TriVita

DeWayne and Pat Davis

Way to go Diane!

These blog posts are very inspiring. We enjoy reading about such amazing stories and how local volunteers are making such an impact. Nopalea is in full bloom!

WOW – what a great Sonoran Bloom event in Kansas City this week!

Carisa and I drove from Lincoln, NE to this along with a Sauni, a friend of ours who was looking at TriVita. We also met another friend of ours at the event, Jesse from Kansas. Nate and Rene from Omaha are new Affiliate Members that have recently joined our team, and they also attended.

I was very impressed with the organization and work that Diane Hastings did in heading this up. I was also impressed that Steve Baran flew in from Florida to attend.

Michael Ellison and Dr. Minshew did an outstanding job with the Sonoran Bloom Nopalea story and the science behind the product.

100% of the people that Carisa and I brought to the event signed up today as Affiliate Members today. Welcome to Sauni and Jesse who joined our team. If I would have brought more prospects then more would have signed up. I encourage everyone to invite as many people as you can to these powerful business building events!

The great news is that there are several events remaining. Now is the time to make those phone call and send emails to everyone that you know across the United States and Canada so they can attend one in their area.

Carisa and I are thinking about going to the Denver event on June 30. Our local team is starting to grow fast and a lot of people in the Lincoln/Omaha, Nebraska area know people who live in Denver. So we are starting to think about getting a few car loads of people to drive 7 hours to Denver on June 30. We will also encourage everyone to invite people that they know from Colorado to this event, so we could have 20-50 people in Denver…. this is what we are working for!

When I spoke to Sauni and Jesse today, both of them are loving Sonoran Bloom Nopalea, and both are already talking to people about the product and business. Carisa is having a friend to our house on Friday morning for a tasting of Nopalea at 9:30 on Friday morning. She has another friend that she gave a DVD to today.


You will be glad that you did!

Mike Riedmiller

Bangor, Maine is your next stop…WE ARE READY & WAITING!


Again you, Brazos, & Matt made the day…. My phone has not stopped ringing today with enthusiasm from everyone , Affiliate Members and Customers as well.. I can’t believe this Nopalea Stuff tastes so good.

We are busy planning our next event for Kansas City., to keep this Nopalea surge on the move.

You are so right, don’t ever stop dreaming about what you want for the betterment of others. If we always keep that attitude of sharing with the entire world will be a better and healthier place to be for our next generations in the future.

Michael and Brazos, you touched the hearts of many persons here in Kansas City yesterday, they are ready to share yours and my mission of ” better health for everyone.” Even got a call from one gentleman from Oklahoma City this morning, he could not make it to our event due to the fact he was having a stent put into the two main blood vessels in his heart. His test results showed 4 weeks ago that this procedure was a neccessity. While doing the procedure on Tuesday May 12, the two blood vessels were WIDE OPEN.. he did not need the Stents… He is back home, and excited about sharing his story…. On Nopalea and Vitamin C Crystals…..

Thank you Michael for your faith in me

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