Albuquerque was Inspired

Posted on: May 15, 2009

Albuquerque was the last city of our second leg of the tour. Interesting that President Obama arrived just before we did, and guess who got the priority of the airwaves over Albuquerque? Obviously he did. We found a short airstrip outside the city and were able to land there. President Obama is on a mission, and not to be disrespectful, but I am on a mission that is equally as important, “To inspire people to experience wellness and create wealth for their life purposes.”  This country must change the way it thinks about wellness! 

I gave it everything I had in me to speak to a very diverse group of people. Mitch Lover, one of our Presidential Directors was there supporting our efforts. Thanks to Mitch, as this was his fourth city. We left last night around 11pm and headed back home after a very long day of flying in from Kansas City that morning. I’ll have to admit, I was exhausted after six events in three days and traveling 5,000 miles. Brazos turned to me in the plane and said, “I was extremely pleased at the results of this meeting. I think we left an inspired group in a city where we did not have much activity.” It is rewarding to know that Nopalea is having such a dramatic effect on people’s lives. 

One Affiliate shared with me a similar story about his wife, which was similar to my wife Susan’s experience. His wife is now no longer dependent on her scooter, but is walking with far less pain and improving every week. What a thrill to hear such a great testimony. 

Carlos and Anna Maria Herrera are inspired, and said they are going to try and reach Director level by our Galaxy of Stars event in October. My special thanks to them for their hard work and the volunteers who made this event possible. 

The product experiences of Nopalea are beyond my wildest dreams and are creating a huge demand for the product. This is also creating an opportunity for you as Affiliates like never before in TriVita. I encourage you to share the Nopalea story! Get your business line fully qualified in the Share and Earn Program as this is gathering energy of its own. 


5 Responses to "Albuquerque was Inspired"

I think I will try to recommend this post to my friends and family, cuz it’s really helpful.

The testimonials continue to roll in from members of my team who are loving what they see and hear from the Sonoran Bloom live events.

Here’s an email that I received from Madison who attended Albuquerque this past week….

—– Original Message —–
From: Madison Dare
To: Michael Riedmiller
Sent: Friday, May 15, 2009 9:16 AM
Subject: Albuquerque Event

I had the opportunity being at the luncheon in Albuquerque yesterday.

Unfortunately I have to be at work really soon and I will be gone all weekend.

However I wanted to share with SOMBODY, that I have been to more opportunity meetings than I can count and my experience yesterday with the Trivita Team was truly a refreshing step away from the typical hype.

I have never seen such grace and kindness expressed from the owner of any business or enterprise as I have experienced with Mr. Ellison and the staff. It was just outstanding.

Hope you can share this, time will not allow me this opportunity any sooner.

I am leaving to work for 10 hours and leaving right away for a much needed break in the White Mts.

Thank you again for sharing and your fine leadership.


Madison Dare


THANKS AGAIN to Michael Ellison and Dr. Minshew for these live events which are so powerful!!

Hi Michael & Brazos,
We have enjoyed travelling with you these last few days and joining into the excitement of each city you have visited. We can feel the energy in British Columbia and looking forward to June 16th when Arizona comes to Vancouver.
Terry recently went for a visit to our Naturopath Dr. Bill Russell. He was going about the plantar fasciitis he has had for over a year. In the Fall of last year he had orthotics made which helped one foot but the pain persisited in the other. Terry started taking the Nopalea at the launch on March 26th and after five weeks felt the pain easing. As he was going to see Dr. Bill I suggested taking a bottle of Nopalea with him. Dr. Bill tested him with the product and said, yes he needed it and asked how much he was taking. 3 ounces a day. Perfect keep doing it. We often have our products tested with him and find out if they are effective for us or not. He has never asked us to bring in product for the Wellness Centre but an interesting thing happened.

Dr. Bill asked for the bottle and left the examining room. He came back a short time later and said I need 9 bottles. He had gone around the office testing with different people including a Chiropractor, Massage Therapist and members of the staff. We gave him the opened bottle and a new one (pay it forward) and yesterday he put in his order for two cases. YEAH!

Imagine 10 years ago when we joined there was no product and now you’re taking North America by storm! What a story!

You are doing important work Michael & Brazos and we thank you. You inspire!!!
Wishing you both a restful weekend to recharge your batteries.

Terry & Gillian

Thank You, Michael Ellison for your vision, your passion and your servitude to those who are getting familiar with the great product, Nopalea. My wife and I thank you that you would be willing to travel throughout these United States and Canada reaching out to those who are willing to learn about the products, the training and the vision that Trivita has. Between you and Dr. Brazos Minshew, you both have inspired people in this area about what the company is about and what it represents. What stood out in my mind is your comment that if we serve others in a genuine sense this servitude to others would eventually qualify us as leaders, it is a law known as reciprocity. Again thank you for all you do and look forward to seeing you in Scottsdale in October.

Carlos Herrera

As a follow up from my comments yesterday (on the Kansas City tour), Carisa signed up her friend from today’s tasting that she had at our house. That makes FOUR NEW AM’S that we have sponsored in the past four days.

This “Share & Earn” model really works! Jesse from Kansas who attended the KC event just 2 days ago said he feels better now than he has in 5 years, and he’s only been taking the Nopalea for 48 hours.

Thanks again to Michael Ellison, Dr. Minshew and everyone else “behind the scenes” who are making these tour events possbile.

Do whatever you can to get to at least one of these events, and work hard to invite as many people as you can to all of the events across the U.S. and Canada. You will be glad that you did!

Mike Riedmiller

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