Excitement and Commitment in Bangor!

Posted on: May 20, 2009

In Bangor, Maine we were met with a fabulous sunny day, as well as a room full of excited Affiliate Members and guests attending the luncheon. This group is very special to me, as many of them were with us on the very first soft-launch of TriVita 10 years ago. There are more original Affiliates from Bangor, Maine than any other city in North America. Doug and Priscilla Smith, Tom and Lori Obey, Martha Bankston and many others were there in the beginning and still are with TriVita spreading the good news of wellness. I wish I could have had an hour just to talk about the journey these past 10 years and how much they have meant to us, but they had invited many guests to come and hear about Nopalea. 

We had such a strong turn out in attendance that we had no product to sell, just the one FREE bottle as our gift to each attendee. That was a first. Apparently if they commit in Maine, they show up! 

I walked through the doors and immediately a gentleman grabbed me and said, “I drove down from Canada to be here. I am thrilled with Nopalea. I had knee surgery and have always experienced pain since then and now it is gone.” Martha Bankston shared with my wife Susan, that she really didn’t start taking Nopalea to feel anything; she just did it because she knew it was good for her. She has had an incredible experience of reduction of aches and pains. She later told me, “I had just accepted these as part of the aging process, I had given up many things I enjoy doing. Now with Nopalea, this summer is going to be fun again doing the things outdoors I love to do.” Talk about incredibly, exciting news to all of us. This is what drives us across North America – seeing people experience wellness! 

I just opened an email from an Affiliate in Atlanta this morning….she said, “My business has tripled since you were here. I will be a Director before Galaxy of Stars!” I believe that same thing will happen to some of the great people we met here in Bangor. 

 The evening meeting was packed with about 200 people who came to hear about Nopalea, and most of them were not at the luncheon which was nearly 100 people. I think that is awesome for Bangor, Maine. Yes it is pronounced with an “or” at the end, not “er.”  My southwest lazy tongue got me in trouble right at the beginning. What a great group. Thank you Tom and Lori Obey for the outstanding effort and the gifts you presented us from the great state of Maine!



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This product works. It is great to hear so many people are relating so well to the vision and purpose of TriVita.

Where do I begin…On May 19th my journey to meet Michael started in the little town of Winslow, Maine. I drove from Winslow to Old Orchard Beach which is approx 1 hr and 30 minutes. Dropped my car off at a Toyota Dealership in Saco, Maine. Rented a car for the day up to Bangor which from Saco to Bangor is 2 hrs and 30 mins. Was a little late to the luncheon, but it didn’t stop me from meeting Michael. I was committed to meeting him. Whatever it takes. What a nice guy to talk to about anything. I was very pleased with the outcome. After the luncheon, I drove back to Old Orchard Beach. All in all over five hours of driving but you know, it was well worth it. I would do it again. What motovaites you? God motovaited me on May 19th.

With God’s Blessings,

Eriq Estrellado Manson
Independent Affiliate Member
ID # 13241130

Carisa and I enjoyed the TriVita Director’s call tonight with the updates from the Bangor event. It sounds like Tom and Lori and their team did a great job as always. We had some members of our team at the event and look forward to hearing from them as well. We continue to get amazing testimonials every day from people who love the Sonoran Bloom Nopalea product.

Michael and Brazos deserve some rest after a busy few weeks on the tour.

My team is looking forward to Canada. 2-Star Director Goddie Ude is going to be at one of the events.

What a great day! What a fabulous event! Special thanks to Tom and Lori. Special thanks to each volunteer. Special thanks to Trivita for coming to Bangor! (Banger?) It was especially meaningful to get a sense of Michael and Susan Ellison’s hearts. They truly care about people, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is not hard to understand the mission of TriVita when you meet these wonderful people. Dr. Minshew was absoutely excellent. Gail and I appreciated the scientific explanation of the health benefits of the Nopalea product and how it can help our bodies fight inflammation, restore cellular health, and enjoy a slower aging process. God bless you all as you continue to travel and share wellness.

What an exciting event in Bangor! It was so great to see so many out and seeking wellness! Thanks for the privilege of being able to welcome Michael & Susan Ellison, Brazos Minshew and Matt Sommer! It truly amazes us the efforts (thank you Vicki and corporate team too!) that TriVita will extend themselves in order to make a way for us to experience wellness and success! Thanks for your dedication and passion for all there is here with TriVita! As Michael said, if you desire to help others, it will be reciprocated! Well that desire is true for us as well and we know that when we’re in that place, true fulfillment occurs….wow…hold on because that feeling fuels a fire no one can stop!! We have full confidence in this exciting adventure ahead with our incredible leadership! Thanks for valuing individuals and living out a mission of wellness and excellence!

Memories linger… of Michael & Susan personally meeting our guests and being available after the are genuine and blessed.

…of Matt’s tirelessness, efficientcy and focused professionalism.

…of Lori’s & Susan’s humble and graceful souls.

…of Brazos’ knowledge and energy..he was even noted serving Nopalea to attendees!

…of Michael’s smile, tenderheartedness and conviction of His purpose here on earth!

Many thanks again to all of you! Blessings, Kristin & Ed Fournier

I am so excited knowing Tri-Vita exists! Yesterday I brought my two brothers to the luncheon. They both have decided to become Affiliate Members! My brother Scott and his wife were involved in a major car accident in March. Lana has many broken bones and has just started Physical Therapy. She is still in the hospital. Scott ordered a case of Nopalea in hopes that it will help with Lanas pain. After listening to all Michael had to say about Nopalea, Scott was convinced it would work. We will keep you informed. Thank you for a wonderful time yesterday! Julia Wardwell

Way to go in Maine!
What an awesome excitement to get the reports of the other events and to see how Michaeal and Brazos is spreading such Nopalea “wellness” with their unforgettable message.
We had a PACKED local wellness luncheon today with new faces who were important people in our life that attended the event in Charlotte. They had to GET more of our energy!
The follow-up is critical because just today, I sold 6 bottles of Nopalea by Michael paying it forward and now they can’t be without it. Some of the product is going to referrals who are reaching out and sharing because the message was so clear to aquire wellness with Nopalea.
*JUST share the story, share the blog, the webinar, website, tools and “taste” and your business and others lives will change for the better*

Michael Ellison CARES about you, your family and all those important people in your life and if you just take a portion of his conviction to “share” wellness, you will be FOREVER changed! Don’t take this for granted, it is the biggest gift in your life.

Bryan and Tammi Wirth and myself and my husband Mark said next event: we will get buses and get people loaded up and get them to the event, no excuse, no option! BE THERE!

God Bless TriVita Corporate, Michael, Brazos, Terry, Matt and all the volunteers and their “gifts and talents” to make these tours a great success! It has to be a TEAM effort!

Tina Gonda

It has been over 24 hours and we still can not think about anything else…The TriVita Tour came to Bangor! Michael & Dr. M pack an amazing amount of information in 90 minutes. We feel badly for the folks who did not make this event – it truly is their loss. Now reconnecting with those who came – our work is cut out for us but we are ready to go. We love our TriVita family and feel blessed to lead them. Thank you again for coming! Prayerfully, Tom & Lori

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