Baltimore Toasts Nopalea

Posted on: May 22, 2009

We left Maine for Baltimore with one stop in Newark, New Jersey. It was a spectacular day as we flew along side New York City and saw the Statue of Liberty in the harbor, reminding us of the privileges we have in America. I am grateful for the great opportunity to develop products like Nopalea and to be able to share them so that people can experience greater wellness.

Baltimore greeted us with nearly 100 people in the luncheon who were very responsive to the Nopalea story. The stories of people sharing their Nopalea experiences are just astonishing. I know I keep saying this, but today my email, phone and personal contacts are all telling me about their Nopalea wellness benefits.

Get this… a Member named Bob drove 12 hours from Michigan to be here in Baltimore. He took the toast with us in the evening event and when the meeting was over, he stood up and started walking away then realizing all his muscle pain and aching was gone. He stayed to ask me how that is possible. “How could in less than two hours I have that experience?” He was actually with another juice company and said he had been on their product for over five years and never experienced anything like this. I introduced him to Terry, and he signed up as an Affiliate with a case on Autoship. He said, “I can build this. Who is my leadership?”  Wow!  A Nopalea experience packs an impact like we have never seen.

A flight attendant got on a plane in Chicago and flew to Baltimore just to be in the meeting. She had found some TriVita literature on the plane in the seat pocket. She was so excited about TriVita. She kept telling me that this had to be a moment of destiny in her life. This was meant to be. She was trying to figure out how to do a tasting party for 1,000 people in Chicago at a special event!

Sue and Vince Buscemi were our hosts for this event. They did a remarkable job, and the volunteer team was outstanding. Sue was so excited, as one of her most exciting and most influential prospects signed tonight. Sue said, “I will make Presidential Director by next year.” She will definitely accelerate the speed of growth from what I experienced here in Baltimore.

Nopalea is gathering energy of its own. The product is delivering a wellness experience, and that is creating a demand for the product, presenting incredible possibilities for our Affiliates. I look forward to watching the growth of many who signed in Baltimore.



3 Responses to "Baltimore Toasts Nopalea"

I attended the morning session @ Baltimore & I took the toast and within a few minutes I started feeling something in my arms and shoulders. Earlier in the session I had to hold my rigth arm with my left hand to reach in the center of the table to pick up some plastic glasses about ten minutes later I was extending my arms outward and upward with ease and no pain! Each day since, I notice things I can do easier and with little or no pain!
Thanks Michael

I had to take a few days, sit back and think of all the ideas that came to mind after and during this event…. I was so impressed with Michael’s speeches. He is definitely someone “who is willing to do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do” that is sharing his heart, his passion and himself with others. It takes great courage to get onstage and talk one-on-one to a crowd of people you do not know. He is amazing. I gleaned courage from him to do what it takes to bring our message to others. I will no longer hesitate to expose myself. Amazing discovery. This alone will have a profound impact on my business growth.
The effort, the “style”, the degree of excellence that TRIVITA goes to, is amazing. I found myself feeling so proud to be associated with this company. The banners were excellent. The gift bags were beautiful. The backdrops; exquisite. The all-in-all presentation were exceptional and so well orchestrated.
Dr. Minshew is always so charming and witty. He is able to talk to us on a level we can understand while imparting real knowledge regarding our health. I could listen to him speak for hours. I love what I learn and am always anxious for more. Dr. Minshew, thank you for all you do for us.
I just got a call from a lady who saw one of our posters on NOPOLEA. She told me she lives in chronic pain and wants relief. What a terrible way to live. How can anyone truly “live” if they are in chronic pain? TriVita is offering so much to so many. NOPOLEA is one nutrient blend that will change lives….and then we can introduce the world to all the other wonderfully healing nutrients TriVita has to offer.
I left the event and the words, “Thank you” kept coming to mind. Thank you TriVita for the opportunity you have provided me with. Thank you to Michael Ellison for his vision and committment and his level of excellence and integrity. Thank you Dr. Minshew for bringing your genius to TriVita and sharing with us. I am so grateful for TriVita!
Then “Thank you” to my family and friends who make the event so graceful by attending to every detail asked of them, for inviting so many to attend and for assisting me in the huge job of hosting. My selected team were beyond exceptional!
Sue Buscemi

I genuinely appreciate all the work and time that TriVita invested in the Baltimore Nopalea event. Michael Ellison, Brazos Minshew, Terry Newsome, Matt Sommer, the Buscemi family, and the volunteers have all done an amazing job unifying us all here in Baltimore. Throughout the event, I heard numerous stories of how TriVita’s products have improved so many lives. In fact, an employee who was working at the event location, registered as an Affiliate Member after tasting Nopalea and hearing all of the wellness success stories.This has inspired me even more to share TriVita with as many people as possible. We now have a new breath of excitement about Nopalea, as well as TriVita’s entire product line.

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