Momentum continues in Toronto!

Posted on: June 3, 2009

We arrived in Toronto Monday evening with the clouds breaking up and a hint of sunshine over the city. What a beautiful place and green in so many ways. Toronto is one of the most environmentally progressive cities in the world. In fact, in 2004 they banned all pesticide use from lawn and parks throughout the municipality. I felt an immediate bonding with a city that wants its people to live a healthier life without pesticide-induced illnesses. 

Torontonians created a new bar for attendance in both the luncheon and the evening event. What a remarkable surge of activity by our Affiliates in the last three weeks. 

The meetings were jammed, and the people were engaged as we shared the Nopalea story. Garth Borthistle, our general manger of TriVita Canada, greeted the people with recognition for their efforts in breaking the attendance records.  Garth has really gotten behind these events, encouraging people to participate.  Thank you Garth for the great effort.  

Monday sales in Canada, even without the events, saw Nopalea sales surge past Sublingual B-12 by over 100%. In just 30 days, Nopalea is by far the number one selling product in Canada! This is just the beginning, and I believe Canada is our gateway to many countries throughout the world. 

Watch the name of Mary Wang. She worked with such intensity throughout the day signing up seven new Affiliates. I am very grateful for this kind of belief and acceptance of our mission. As Bryan Wirth said on the Monday night call, action breaks down fear. Mary has no fear by her actions. Chuck Kemp, long standing Affiliate Member, was very active in recruiting and getting people to attend. Karim Premji and Super Dave were there supporting every effort of the company, helping with event details and encouraging the volunteers throughout the long day. 

Terry Newsome was awesome sharing his story and his belief in the mission of TriVita. Many people were inspired with his wellness journey. They applauded his efforts and journey towards a healthier life. I know this is only the beginning of something very unusual and special happening at TriVita. We are a community of wellness seekers and our seeking to express our beliefs and passion is rising to an all time high. This is our hour and time with an incredible product that will help people experience greater wellness. 

Let’s pursue it with passion and believe we can make a difference in our world.   


Enjoying the rapport in Toronto

Enjoying the rapport in Toronto

Brazos with a captive audience

Brazos with a captive audience

5 Responses to "Momentum continues in Toronto!"

Hello Everyone,

Wow! The evening was fantastic! When I attended the seminar, I had no idea what it was about. I was curious to go and see what I had been invited too. Sorry, I did not know hardly anything about TriVita upon arrival. Little did I know what the evening would unveil.

As the evening progressed and I came to understand this evening was extremely special. The new product, Nopalea, was being introduced in Winnipeg! The more I heard the more convinced I was that I wanted to be in at ground level with Nopalea.
It can benefit so many lives!

Michael Ellison and his colleagues approach was interestingly different from other seminars I have been too. They ARE concerned about other people and their wellness. I know this company is different. I know I want to be part of this opportunity. ”

There was no hesitation on my part to become an affiliate member. My teenage sons are excited as well. Both are very athletic and often have aches and pains. Nopalea will be in our home always now. I look forward to sharing Nopalea with others.

Thank you to, Cindy Polet, who thoughtfully invited me to attend. I so appreciate it!

I look forward to benefiting from Nopalea myself and introducing it to others. Nopalea is nopalicious! Thank you.

Laurel Schreyer

Laurel Schreyer

Way to go Toronto!
We are working hard for the Vancouver event on June 16th and feel so blessed to have
Michael and Brazos and all the team joining us in Vancouver.
It is an exciting time and the numbers are coming in. We have a wonderful product with Nopalea in our hands.

Terry has been taking it since the launch in Phoenix and has felt great relief from the
pain he has had for over a year with the plantar fasciitis in his foot. As an added bonus
he has noticed a marked improvement in his vision. Always wearing glasses for distance he is now finding the prescription too strong and is almost better without glasses at all.
Terry has warn glasses for distance vision for years and we are amazed at the results the Nopalea has given him in this improved vision.
Thank you Michael, Brazos and all the team involved for sharing this life-changing message of wellness.

Gillian & Terry Johnston
White Rock, BC

Hi Everyone – I couldn’t wait to tell you that the Winnipeg event was spectalular and a great success!

The atmosphere was electric and the crowds at both the luncheon and evening events were buzzing with excitment and anticipation. I think we “bested” Toronto in a friendly competition, (even though we helped Toronto by sending 10 guests to their events)! 🙂 LOL

Micheal, Terry and Dr Minshew over delivered as ususal. Lots of affiliates and guests told me that they were very impressed with everything and more than happy that they had attended.

The presentations were great and many people commented that they really enjoyed the taste of the Nopalea. Guests showed high interest in both the Nopalea and the Share and Earn program.

We had a great turn-out at both events. The luncheon was at capacity and I think approximately 175 lunches were served and we had 275 people at the evening event, so I think we are now proud owners of the best attendance record for North America, (if I’m not mistaken).

Forgive me for boasting but this is a great accomplishment since Toronto is about 7 times bigger in population than Winnipeg.

Tina Gonda is right in that the momentum keeps building as we learn and benefit from previous events. We sold out of starter kits and product orders had to be “ship-only” in the evening as we almost ran out of product. All this is great for all of us involved with Trivita. As Micheal said: “We are not participating in any recession”.

The volunteers worked efficiently and hard all day and loved working with Matt and getting prepared by Vicki prior to the meetings. Cheryl and I thank both for Matt and Vicki for doing such a great job for us.

Thanks to Trivita for comming to Winnipeg and for all the help you’ve given us. We know that our business volumes will surge as a result and that many Affiliates will be re-vitalized as a result of presentations they heard, Noplalea they tasted and ease, power and simplicity of the Share and Earn program.

We can’t wait for you to come back to visit and share with us again!


We spoke with our brother Al Blackmore from Toronto this morning just before leaving for the Winnipeg Manitoba event. Al was very impressed with the quality of the TriVita presentation, Michael Ellison, Brazos Minshew, Terry Newsome and all of the information that was provided to everyone regarding health and wellness. He reiterated more than once… what quality people Michael Ellison and his team are.

We arrived at the Winnipeg event with butterflies in our stomach to make sure that everything went as smoothly as all of the past events.

Mat Sommers is one outstanding individual; along with Vicki White. Their instruction was impeccable and our team of volunteers undaunted. We had at least 175 for lunch and close to 300 for our evening event.

Michael Ellison is without a doubt one of the most amazing speakers I have ever heard. His passion for life, his family, his vision and his respect and care for every human on this earth empowers me. I respect this man and his purpose and I will endeavour to do my best to share the TriVita story and the power of it’s wellness products and the outstanding newest addition of Nopalea.

Thank you Michael, for fulfilling a promise of sharing your vision in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this incredible day and evening.

FANTASTIC! How awesome it is to hear that the momentum has GROWN from the start of the very first tour and it is only going to “fuel” moving forward.

We “continue” to sign new AM’s from those in attendance at our Charlotte event and follow-up is key for sure.

Michael Ellison is on the greatest of missions and Nopalea is going to put TriVita all over the map.

Way to go Canada~~keep it going and raise the bar! this is exciting.

Cheers to all~~Tina Gonda

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