Calgary’s Challenge!

Posted on: June 5, 2009

Calgary is like a beacon on a hill drawing people towards the west. The beauty and majesty of the Rockies lay just ahead where the sun sets. Banff with all its allure draws people into a state of awe with almost unparalleled beauty. I love this area! 

I have a desire and commitment to see Calgary rise up and be a beacon for wellness in these foothills of the Rockies. I challenged everyone yesterday to become the fastest growing group from a Nopalea event over the next six months. Toronto holds the lunch event record and Winnipeg the event attendance record, so Calgary might as well have the growth record. It was true western “Calgary stamped” hospitality shown to all of us. Tor Camren did a great job leading the volunteers. We went through every Affiliate enrollment kit that we had designated for Calgary and are sending more from the home office. A very good sign of growth is on its way in Calgary. 

I was really surprised at the number of people who had already been on Nopalea and the number of incredible testimonies from those experiencing major symptom-relief, adding to their quality of life. Carl and Michele Baily are new Affiliate Members. They excitedly shared their vision for how TriVita could help their life purpose. They enjoy doing mission work in Central America, and now their TriVita business will support that effort giving them the flex time to come and go.  

Establishing the “WHY” you want greater wellness and wealth is one of the most powerful things a person can do in their life. It acts like a magnetic force of true north to a compass in keeping you going forward to achieve the desired results for your life purposes.  

Nopalea is now the leading product in Canada in just 40 days. Think about that. We have never seen anything even remotely like this in the past with such incredible testimonies to go along with it. We are getting close to the end of our pre-launch tour. Everywhere we go people ask, “Will you come back and hold training events and help us build with this amazing Share and Earn Program with Nopalea?” Terry is all over this idea. Watch for the EXPERIENCE WELLNESS TRAINING events to be announced in the near future.  

We added another group to the list of those taking Nopalea on this tour. It now is being given to Trotter horses to help them overcome inflammation and give them a racing edge! 

Pets of all kinds like rats, cats, dogs and horses are all benefitting from Nopalea!!!  So can you!


1 Response to "Calgary’s Challenge!"

Wow! The event surpassed all of my expectations. A few general stats – some 80 people at a beautiful sit down luncheon enjoyed by all during presentations made by Michael Ellison, Brazos Minshew and Terry Newsome. And there must have been close to double that in the evening.

Lively, informative and often times humorous presentations kept us all in a state of expectation. We never knew what was coming next.

From a personal point of view this event had 3 unexpected highlights that have increased my enthusiasm for Trivita… if such a thing were possible.

1. I introduced myself to Brazos Minshew before the start of the event and asked him about my daughter’s condition. She suffered a brain injury a few years ago from a life threatening case of meningitis. Zoe has recuperated very well from the injury and is now a capable single mother running her own business. But I’ve always wondered about possible repercussions. Brazos gave my daughter pointed advice on which direction to take to aid in preventing long term effects. It was a bit scary to hear that brain injury victims have a 10 fold increase in the chance of getting alzheimers by the age of 65!! Brazos’ very caring attention to detail while listening to our story and then making suggestions about diet and supplementation was a confirmation of what I had come to see in the man who fills the shoes of TriVita’s Chief Science Officer.

2. Terry Newsome was looking around for anyone who has had positive results from their use of Nopalea and I mentioned that I’d been seeing some fairly amazing results myself. In the end, along with a couple of others, I was invited to the stage to share my story in an interview with Terry.

Although, there is one pesky achilles tendon injury that has not responded as well as I would have liked (yet), I have seen other amazing results. When I started taking Nopalea in late April, I had such inflammation in my sinuses that I had chronic headaches and facial pain and the swelling caused all my upper teeth to ache. I have developing arthritis in my fingers, tendonitis in my left elbow and swelling in my left knee from an old skiing injury. I’ve had whiplash several times from falling off a horse, falling out of a moving vehicle, a boating accident and a rear end collision. I’ve broken my tail bone from a fall on ice in one of our Canadian winters and badly twisted both ankles from falling off a roof. I know … I sound like I’m just one big accident. lol The various parts of my body that were causing me chronic pain fluctuating between just noticeable to acute, is virtually gone.

For example, the pain in my fingers and elbow was such that I was concerned about my ability to carry on with may favorite summer pass time this year – landscaping. I build stone pathways, ponds and create ‘sculptures’ out of stone and driftwood collected from rivers and lake shores in my area. These are all collected and hauled home by yours truly. These are massive pieces, so it can be heavy, physical work, which of course is a wonderful workout, but the pain in my elbow made it difficult even to run a vacuum cleaner this past winter. (Not that I missed doing that much!) And the pain in my fingers was such that in reality I had very little strength in my hands. And how ever was I going to paddle on our annual week long canoe excursion?

After taking Nopalea for 2-3 weeks in daily doses ranging from 2 to 4 ounces, I noticed that the pain in all of the above mentioned areas was gone. I can tell there is still some swelling in my sinuses, but not so much that it creates pain. There is NO pain. And no stuffy breathing difficulties. My fingers and elbow only give me twinges when I push the limits by lifting something extra heavy, but once I put down the weight, the pain is gone. I am pain free!

And finally, my husband has stopped snoring! In fact, it appears he doesn’t even suffer from sleep apnea anymore. He used to sort of snort and gasp for air several times a night. I’ve heard him do that only once in the past month. Only twice have I heard him snore and on both occasions he was probably quite inflamed from a dusty environment he had to work in those days.

So listen… not only are we pain free, we sleep better. I now understand why Brazos continues to reiterate, “If inflammation is the problem, Nopalea is the solution.”

3. I have kept up on Michael’s blog and all the conference calls and noticed the impact that these meetings were having on, not only Affiliates themselves, but also on their guests and couldn’t think of a single reason why I shouldn’t enjoy a piece of that action, too. So I began to encourage my team members to attend an event if at all possible. As a result most of my team have managed to attend at least one event and many of them have seen new signups and Nopalea sales.

Then I began to look outside of my team to my customers and others who might like to come with me. As a result, I had four people attend the luncheon with me. Three of them are now new Affiliates! The fourth would be, but he’s my husband. 🙂 You can see them above in the picture on the left. (Thanks for that, Terry, they were thrilled!)

That evening, one of those new Affiliates brought SEVEN interested family members with her! ALL of them filled out a form requesting more information and are going to try Nopalea. One of her guests became an Affiliate and two others are interested in becoming Affiliates. Did I do anything special?? No. Did she do anything special?? No. All we did was invite them!

Please… if it’s at all possible… bring people to one of the remaining events. You will not be disappointed!!

These new Affiliates have already formed plans on how they are going to build their business. One being a former bartender, was captivated with the idea of tasting parties and creating new refreshments with a decidedly different twist. She’s planning a ‘yard sale’ type of event. Big screen TV outside with the Nopalea DVD playing and inviting all passersby in for a taste of Nopalea. Apparently, in her neighborhood, Saturday morning ‘yard saling’ is a big pass time, and she figures she can take advantage of the fact that these people are out and about specifically to spend money. I wish her well!!

She also had two of her employees already interested in both the product and the Affiliate program. So, although she was unable to attend the evening event herself, while I was there helping one new Affiliate with her 7 guests, (along with others I had brought myself), this new Affiliate was home already building her business!

I’m telling you, there is no stopping the TriVita snowball if you just give it a push in the right direction!!

See you all in Vancouver next week!

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