Vancouver Sparkles!

Posted on: June 17, 2009

As we began our descent into Vancouver, it lay glistening like a gem stone sparkling in the afternoon sun. Vancouver, voted as the most livable city in the world is certainly one of the most beautiful. 

We left our plane and took our road and flight team to celebrate our last Canadian tour city event. At the Boathouse Restaurant Matt Sommer, our road manager, sat mesmerized by the views, saying, “This is the city I have instantly fallen in love with.”  When the sun shines, it is most spectacular! 

Now I sit here after the day’s events and personal meetings, realizing that Vancouver probably set the new total attendance records for the tour events. I want to express my appreciation to Garth Borthistle, our General Sales Manager, Barry Borthistle, TriVita’s Co-Founder, and his wife Ruth, now Presidential Directors, and Jillian and Terry Johnston for the effort they gave. Thanks also to the volunteers for making this a great success. 

One thing I am certain of – Nopalea is having a profound wellness effect upon a lot of people. The stories that people share are just astonishing. I will always be eternally grateful for the discovery of Nopalea and the wellness experience it delivers. When medical doctors are willing to endorse and give testimony as to their personal wellness experience with Nopalea, you know something very special is happening.

 Many people expressed their excitement about taking Nopalea to other countries. I think Canada will become another doorway to the world. Canadians have embraced this product with such overwhelming enthusiasm; it is now the leading product in both unit and total sales. That is quite amazing in just 60 days. 

There were a number of very skilled professionals that made huge commitments in helping take Nopalea to the market place. I have big expectations of what these people can do. Be watching for some major growth to happen out of this Vancouver event. 



1 Response to "Vancouver Sparkles!"

What wonderful events in Vancouver. The luncheon with over 215 people and the evening event with over 300 people in attendance.

Thank you so much Michael first of all for what you saw as you flew over the Sonoran Desert and the vision that manifested into reality with the genius of Brazos Minshew and the birth of Nopalea. WOW!!!! If inflammation is the problem Nopalea is the solution as someone so cleverly said.

The results are pouring in. People are excited about the Nopalea product but the sharing potential to help others. We had over 70 people in our organization attending each of the events. They were inspired and motivated by both you Michael and the science behind the Nopalea provided so eloquently by Brazos.

Terry’s G.P.Dr. Glen Anderson was there as well as our Naturopath Dr. Bill Russell.
An interesting thing happened.
After the evening event Terry, Dr. Anderson and Dr. Russell were talking amongst themselves. Dr. Anderson turned to Dr. Russell and commented….let’s get together for lunch next week Bill. I’m very interested in natural health and I don’t think my side has all the answers, and I’d like to learn more and compare what we do.

Complementary medicine.

We would also like to thank Matt for his diligence and hard work, Vicki White and Amy Hollister and all the TriVita staff who were right there to help every step of the way.

It is wonderful to feel part of the TriVita team. We are messengers of health and Nopalea certainly is the Bentley.

Thank you again for the commitment you have made visiting all the cities you have during this past few months.

Terry’s vision is a miracle and Dr. Russell’s vision is also improving. Just imagine how many people can benefit from this unique product Nopalea.

Thank you again.

In health,

Gillian & Terry Johnston

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