Portland…Energized and Excited!

Posted on: June 18, 2009

In our world of nutritional science, Portland stands out as a notable city being the birthplace of Nobel Prize winner, Linus Pauling. To think it was only 39 years ago in 1970 that he wrote the book Vitamin C and the Common Cold is still quite astonishing to me. Dr. Libby who brought to TriVita our flagship product Sublingual B-12 was a researcher with Linus Pauling on Vitamin C therapies. Their research was a major breakthrough in nutritional science. 

Today, the major breakthrough of significantly notable news is the Nopalea wellness experience that is helping people lower inflammation and giving them a greater quality of life. Portland was no different than the other recent cities as remarkable stories circulated the room of people experiencing major symptom relief from Nopalea. We have seen in just a little over two months when we introduced the product a groundswell of testimonials as people have now been on the product long enough for it to deliver its benefits. Our Nopalea tour has been like watching a rising ocean tide! 

As David Walker, an Affiliate Member for nine years said at the end of the meeting, “This is getting terribly exciting. Affiliates who have been seemingly backward about the business are now energized and excited about sharing the good news of Nopalea. They have a confidence that the product experience is exceptional, and the product is exclusive to TriVita. This is going to be explosive!” 

Judy Klein, a TriVita Director, said “My check went up substantially just on new Nopalea business last month, and it is surely going up again after this Portland Nopalea event. I could really get accustomed to this exciting growth in a hurry.” Judy also worked hard in helping coordinate many of the volunteers – thank you Judy! 

There are a number of outstanding new Affiliate Members who have recently joined TriVita. I fully expect to see outstanding leadership rise up from this already notable city. Be watching for names like Jake Buckendorf, Dwayne Phelps, Dr. Mark Walker and others who have caught the Nopalea vision. 

Late last night as I turned on my computer to finish out the day’s business and reflect on the Portland event, an email appeared from Ray who attended the Vancouver event. His words were, “Thank you for not only giving my wife’s life back through improved health, but also, thank you for giving me the opportunity of delivering my life’s calling and purpose through TriVita.” Ray said he has been waiting his whole life for TriVita. In just one event, his business opportunity exploded. He is driving down to meet me in Seattle bringing more guests to hear the Nopalea story.  

I believe there are “Rays” in every city waiting for someone to share the opportunity Nopalea offers them and the people of the world. I went to bed last night with such a peace and joy in my heart knowing that the mission of TriVita is truly being manifested in people’s lives like no other time in our history. We are truly on the verge of something very special.



1 Response to "Portland…Energized and Excited!"

It was a pleasure volunteering at the Portland Event and I want to express my appreciation to TriVita, Michael Ellison, and Dr Minshew who gave great presentations that showcased Nopalea and TriVita’s integrity and sincerity to help people to achieve wellness and wealth. Even though I attended the Sonoran Launch in March, I could listen to the story over and over again. What is very exciting to me is that Nopalea works and it is giving me a life that I didn’t expect to have again. With Inflammatory arthritis, I was extremely limited in my daily activities, particularly anything to do with weight or mobility where I needed to use the right wrist that several years ago fused, limiting many everyday activities that we all take for granted. My right elbow curved at weird angle reducing the range of motion in my right arm and wrist. After 2 weeks on the Nopalea, my right elbow straightened alleviating much of the chronic pain and giving back mobility. It’s wonderful to be able to bounce rather than drag out of bed and each day seems to get better and I love telling my story. My Rheumatologist is amazed and said ‘keep doing what you’re doing, it’s working.’ Thank you God for your rich garden that produces what we need, thank you TriVita for the discovery and production of Nopalea.

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