Seattle…Wonderful Finale to the Nopalea Launch!

Posted on: June 19, 2009

Seattle presented us with an unbelievably beautiful picture as we approached the airport, with the Space Needle anchoring the city skyline and snowcapped Mt. Rainier in the background.  Also unbelievable is that even though April, May and June are some of the rainiest months, we had sunny weather in every city but one that we visited on the tour. We had sunshine inside our tour as well.  We met many wonderful people throughout North America.  I am almost sad our pre-launch tour is finished but Nopalea has been launched and is driving new sales records. 

Thanks to the efforts of Dr. John and Gail Bianco, many Seattle-area health professionals attended the event and signed up as new Affiliate Members. The Nopalea story is being welcomed by many health professionals because they see inflammation running rampant in their patients – and we have a product that is delivering astonishing wellness results. 

My special surprise was to see Melo and Randy Clarke from Hawaii.  Susan and I met Melo at a beachside café and introduced her to the products of TriVita.  She and Randy flew to Seattle to sign up as Affiliate Members and for training: to take the Nopalea story back to Hawaii.  I am so excited about Hawaii and the impact we can have in the islands. 

“Share the Nopalea story,” is my motto for every day!!!!! 

I will be updating my blog each Monday with exciting stories of people who are experiencing wellness and accelerated income from their Nopalea experiences.  Next week I have an incredible story to share. 

My thanks to Matt Sommer for his outstanding efforts as our road manager.  People loved Matt. Vicki White gave it her all; working out the details of the tour to ensure that these events were a huge success. Our flight crew was fabulous.  Both Todd and Don worked hard – even at the events – in support of our efforts. We could not have managed this time frame had we flown commercial airlines.  We put in long, intense hours and back-to-back days sharing the Nopalea story.  

Our new emphasis is train, train, train.  And this Nopalea train is leaving town so be sure to jump on board for the ride: We are taking Nopalea to the world. 

Be sure to get Share and Earn qualified!!!! 

Thanks to everyone for giving me memories and friendships to last a lifetime! 



2 Responses to "Seattle…Wonderful Finale to the Nopalea Launch!"


This is by far the most exciting time for Tammi and me in the eight years we have been with TriVita.

All great companies have a point in their history where the right things come together at the right time and the results are amazing! In a recent phone conversation we had you mentioned that Nopalea was an example of “Preparation meeting with Opportunity” The past ten years that you have invested in TriVita was preparation for the discovery of your “Acres of Diamonds”.

I can’t thank you enough for your unwavering commitment to the mission of TriVita. Over the years, I have seen you time and time again refuse to compromise on your mission for TriVita in the interest of short term gain. I believe that is why God brought you his gift in the desert.. He trusted Michael Ellison as the best Steward to bring this amazing product to the world!

You can rest assured that you will help thousands of people like
Peggy “Burst through their limitations”.

Thank you so much for everything you do. More importantly, thank you for who you are and the impact you have made on my life.

Bryan Wirth


The “TriVita Train” will board many passionate wealth and wellness seekers and passionate people who will continue to carry on the mission of TriVita.

If you have a career that you love and would do it even if you were not paid because it is a lifestyle and not just a way to make a living, it will carry you for the rest of your life with purpose.

I have purpose to share this message and I along with our great group will continue to carry it on, pay it forward and invite others to join us in this journey of sharing wellness.

What do we really have of more value in our life if we don’t have good health to enjoy it!

Go out, everyone and continue to be on your own TriVita Tour daily because Michael Ellison has been on a great mission for you, the company and for all those we care about and beyond.

Don’t Miss Galaxy of Stars, it will be mine and my husband Mark’s first one and I believe it could be a life changer for anyone who attends.

Be Blessed in your health and wellness~~Tina Gonda

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