Bursting Through Limitations for “Wellness”

Posted on: June 29, 2009

At the Atlanta Nopalea event I met a TriVita Affiliate Member who is an inspiration to me and I want to introduce her to you.  As I worked my way through the room talking with people after the presentation, I walked into the foyer, and sitting in her power cart by the Nopalea kiosk was a woman engaging with people, overwhelmed with excitement about Nopalea.

She introduced herself as Peggy Polonus and we had a few special minutes together talking about her life. She did a couple of 360s in her cart as she positioned herself to do a picture with me as Terry Newsome captured the moment.  I knew I had met a special person and really did not expect to meet her in the near future as I knew that childhood polio had resulted in a limiting physical situation. 

But as I entered the Charlotte Nopalea event, there was Peggy! She had driven the 400 miles to Charlotte and was helping as a volunteer.  Talk about commitment and excitement. Peggy has what I wish I could inject into people or better yet, package it as a gift and give it to people. 

I talked with Peggy by phone just last week.  She reported that her business through Share and Earn was up over 300% since the Atlanta event.  She has set a new goal of getting to Director and being at the Galaxy of Stars event to receive her award. 

She also shared with me that the daily leg pain she experienced from sitting in her power cart was gone. Before taking Nopalea, she would have tingling numbness and extreme pain in her legs. With Nopalea she was sleeping better and her quality of life had improved dramatically.  She never goes out anywhere (and she can really get around in her power cart) without taking her Nopalea product brochures or DVD so she is prepared to talk with people about Nopalea. 

Now here is a key message point that all of us can take from Peggy:  We all have our personal limitations but with belief and determination – packaged with excitement about the benefits of Nopalea – we can overcome them.  Some have limitations of fear but with courage to take action you overcome fear.  Some may not feel confident about presenting the story of Nopalea but there is a leader in your business line that can help you make a presentation.  Whatever limitation you have, remember that you can break through it and build your business with Nopalea.  It is a product that has amazing wellness benefits.  The stories coming in are absolutely incredible. 

Congratulations to Peggy for her accomplishments and sharing the Nopalea wellness and income benefits with others on her way to Director.


3 Responses to "Bursting Through Limitations for “Wellness”"

Dear Peggy,

You are an inspiration indeed. Fear is not in our vocabulary when we have such a gift to help others with Nopalea.

We look forward to meeting you in person at the Galaxy Of Stars in October.

Keep inspiring!

Gillian & Terry Johnston
White Rock, BC

You praise me way too highly. I am just doing what makes sense…living out what I believe in. Just a slight edition: I volunteered in Atlanta, but Charlotte was nicely staffed without me. I was there to soak up the energy. What a great way to get
more enthusiastic.

Peggy is so conscientious; she wanted to make this correction. I thought she was a volunteer but she was just there early for the event.


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