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Let me introduce you to another top 10 finisher in the Nopalea Explosion Contest – Todd Fuerstenau. Todd is simply building the old fashion way of caring about people and sharing the wonderful benefits of Nopalea and the demand for this product, which is driving the business opportunity. 

When Bryan Wirth first introduced me to Todd he said, “Todd is a person who has wonderful values and truly cares about people.” He is a farmer, spent six years in law enforcement as a police officer and he wants to retire with strong residual income from TriVita. 

George Bernard Shaw said, “Give a man health and a course to steer and he’ll never stop to trouble about whether he is happy or not.”  Todd definitely has a course and purpose in his life to steer his activities and he seems incredibly happy. 

When I called to congratulate Todd for his top 10 finish, I was so impressed with his clarity of purpose. He had his whys established for motivation and direction for his TriVita business.  Spending time with his family was clearly at the top of his list. When Todd spoke about his wife and children, you could tell that here was a man who cherished time with his family. Being a successful TriVita Affiliate would allow him to have that time with his family and do the things he desired in being with them. 

But Todd was quick to say, “What I love about this business is that I get to help people improve the quality of their life through the great products of TriVita.” He said, “When I introduce people to Nopalea. I just know they will have a positive experience and they will have improved quality of life.” Todd was so convincing about his belief I had to ask him how could he speak with such conviction. You know what I think about belief – it is woven throughout my book that belief is a significant contributor in your success. In fact, I don’t think you can achieve great success without belief. Belief in your purpose and the products and opportunity you are presenting are crucial to you as an Affiliate – when you have belief, the world of possibilities opens up to you. There is a verse in the Bible – Mark 9:23 that says “All things are possible to him who believes.”

Todd shared his belief was founded when he started on Nopalea, and within a week he could tell the pain in his legs was nearly gone. Being in farming for so many years had affected his legs with all the jumping off and on equipment, climbing ladders and just long hours on his feet. His brother had developed the same problems with his legs and was still working a job that required 12 hours a day on his feet. So knowing his brother had these problems, and knowing his brother was no easy sell,  Todd gave him a bottle of Nopalea to see if he would experience pain relief. Within a couple weeks, his brother had significant reduction of pain. Todd said, “I knew I had a product I could tell anyone about its benefits with the lowering of inflammation.” Todd’s presentations are made by investing time in people. He requests 30 minutes to make a presentation about the product. Here is what is amazing with Todd’s presentation. He is so convincing with his belief about the product that his customers buy their product and go on Autoship. He is not giving the product away because people want the wellness benefits. However, he said if they decide to become an Affiliate, “I do pay it forward with a free bottle just like our Share and Earn system recommends.” 

Todd is one happy Affiliate. He shared with me that he was in another very well-known nutritional company, and he worked hard for five years, but the products just could not hold the customers.  It was like a revolving door. But with Nopalea, people are having major improvement in their quality of life. Todd doesn’t even tell people what to expect because he doesn’t want to limit or focus their attention on any one thing. He said, “It is amazing the different experiences people are having from taking Nopalea.” 

Todd shared, “Being on the ground floor opportunity of Nopalea with a value-driven company is a dream come true for me. And to have a Presidential leader like Bryan Wirth who gives me time and helps my group develop is the assurance I needed to know I could do it. I can see the vision; I can really build a great business and achieve my dreams and purpose.”  

Todd is also a fulfillment of my dreams and vision for our Affiliates. My dream is that our Affiliates would experience greater wellness and share their wellness experience with others, creating greater wealth for their life purposes. I want that for every one of our Affiliates. It is the greatest quality of life a person can live. 

Todd said, “Wellness for my life is very important as I don’t want to live my retirement days in a wheel chair or debilitated by some disease. I want to spend it healthy and happy enjoying my family and knowing I am helping others experience greater quality of life.”  Having purpose and vision during retirement is one of the most important determinates of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being in our later lives. 

Congratulations to Todd for his outstanding service as a TriVita Affiliate in helping others experience greater quality of life. His reciprocity rewards will be many.


There is an American proverb that says: Success is a ladder you cannot climb with your hands in your pockets. 

John Windscheffel is an Affiliate who is climbing the career-path success ladder, and I can assure you he does not have his hands in his pockets. I called John to congratulate him on winning third place in the Nopalea contest and asked him how he was achieving his success. John has made it to Director in a relatively short period of time and didn’t need any prompting to share his goals and plans for achieving Third Star Director one year from now.   

I thought you just might be interested in how John views each day and how he is working toward his goals. As I spoke with John, it didn’t take long to find out we shared many common values, one of them being a strong work ethic. Having been raised in a family who believed – and practiced – that work started at a young age, I could tell John wasn’t standing with his mouth open waiting for roast duck to fly in. (A brilliant Chinese proverb.) 

John knows exactly where he is going and what he has to do to achieve his goals. He begins each day with his personal devotions. In fact, he told me that nothing happens until that is completed. He then organizes his day into two segments: The first segment is dedicated to personally recruiting and enrolling new Affiliates into his business. The second segment is spent helping his team members develop their belief and presentation skills in order to drive their success. As Bryan Wirth says, “The way to overcome fear and build belief is by taking action.” John is convinced that action does indeed diminish fear and builds belief. He also believes that the fear of failure is what holds almost everyone back from taking action. Each day, John focuses on bringing down fear – and he does it by taking planned action.  

John has proven that action is effective – he has enrolled over 50 Affiliates and has committed to enrolling people for the rest of his life. John so believes in TriVita and the possibilities of building a huge worldwide business, that he has dropped all other business opportunities and activities and is working TriVita full time. He is achieving a significant amount of his revenue through the Nopalea Share and Earn Program, which is very rewarding for the business builder. 

Here are some great takeaways to help you with your own business-building:  

  • First, commit to planned action every day. 
  • Develop your belief that if you do so many presentations that you will close some. You can figure out what your closing percentage will be.   
  • Develop your presentation skills and involve your business and corporate leadership to help you enroll. 
  • A point to strongly consider (which John firmly believes): The fear of failure and rejection may be the only thing holding you back from achieving great success. Don’t let it rob you of your dreams and from fulfilling your life purposes. 

I close with a Dutch proverb: He who is outside his door has the hardest part of his journey behind him. Do like John, always be outside your door and take planned action. This also seems to be the words of the wise in proverbs from all over the world.


I am very excited to introduce Joshua Possick to all of you Affiliates.  He is our contest winner and has the highest weekly Share and Earn check after the first three months.  I am sure you want to know how he is doing it.

I met Joshua and the Possick family for the first time at the Tampa Nopalea tour event.  I had known about the Possick family for years but had never had the opportunity to meet them.  After the luncheon event we had a three-hour meeting to explore the opportunity that Nopalea appeared to offer. I left the meeting with hopes that this family would catch the vision of the potential of Nopalea. 

According to Joshua, it was the event itself, the science behind the product and the Nopalicious taste of the product that fired him up; the post-event meeting put him into high gear. Joshua had been in TriVita since February 2002 but really had never done much.  That has all changed.  His monthly check is nearly doubling each month and he could be at five figures next month. Just think; this has happened since the first of May.  Wow, Joshua is really on fire.

He has signed up over 60 people. I asked him the secret to his growth and if we could share it with you. Here it is: He shares the Nopalea story with anyone who will listen and if he finds interest, especially with people who need the product, he offers to pay it forward with a free bottle on one condition.  They have to commit to sharing their experience by reporting back to him within a short period of time.  He says there are times people are calling in tears telling their amazing story.

He offers the free bottle gift wrapped in a beautiful purple velvet bag.  (Great creative thinking and value-added marketing!)  According to Joshua, follow-up is critical so people will confirm their product experience and be ready to take the next step of sharing Nopalea with someone else.

When I called Joshua to tell him he had won the first place prize and $10,000, he excitedly told me he was going to use it to buy more Nopalea for his pay-it-forward marketing efforts.  He told me he believed this was the best opportunity he had seen in his lifetime to build something very significant and wanted to be a player in the worldwide distribution.

What is astonishing to me is the fact that Joshua is 26 years old.  Can you imagine what his income is going to be in just five years?  People work a lifetime and never come to close to what Joshua is doing with Nopalea in just a few months.

We now have the Nopalea Gift of Health in place.  Here is a tip: Follow the strategy Joshua is using.  Get a commitment from your prospects to use the product and report back – before you just send them a free gift bottle. Remind them that it will reward them significantly because of the taste and the wellness benefits but that it has to be taken diligently each day.  That is why commitment is important in your marketing efforts.  Plus, by having follow-up conversations you can talk to them when they are most excited about their results – and most likely to share those results with other people.

It is possible to do the extraordinary but it takes effort and vision – it is so worth it!!  Joshua Possick thinks so!


People are experiencing incredible results with the reduction of debilitating symptoms caused by chronic inflammation. This is definitely a product for our era.  

I want to introduce another person who has had a life-changing experience with Nopalea. Valerie B. has suffered for 25 years from the symptoms of fibromyalgia (an inflammatory condition). Here is her story: 

“I have been taking Nopalea for approximately two months now at two ounces per day. I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for about 25 years, which has affected pretty much every muscle in my body, as well as chronic fatigue. I’ve also had low back pain due to an accident, and I have been very limited to any kind of physical work. After taking Nopalea for about a week, I decided to go out and try to do some work in the garden. I usually don’t do very much, but this particular day, I felt pretty good. Well, before I knew it, I had been out there for four hours.  I moved earth and replaced plants. It just felt too good to stop! I ran out of Nopalea once, and boy could I tell a difference. I knew then that the Nopalea was working for me, and I keep it on hand at all times. I really like the Nopalea and have shared its success with my landscaper who takes an anti-inflammatory medication every day when he gets home from work. As well, I’ve shared it with my sister who has rheumatoid arthritis. I hope to get them both on Nopalea soon! Also, I have vertigo. I have just realized that I have not had a dizzy spell since I have started the Nopalea. My husband has noticed it also. He says he can’t call me a dizzy blonde any more!”  

As Brazos Minshew has said so many times, “If inflammation is the problem, then Nopalea may be the solution.” It sure was in the case of Valerie. 

Ok, if we have a product that is this powerful and the demand for the product is ongoing, this sets up a powerful long-term residual business opportunity for you as Affiliates. As Bryan Wirth says, “Don’t pre-qualify; share the Nopalea story with whoever will listen!” 

We are doing the last of the taping this week for the Nopalea television show. This is going to be a great enrolling tool for you. We hope to be on air by the latter part of August. Exciting times!! 

I trust all of you had a great holiday weekend, contributing to your wellness. I spent mine on a high mountain lake in British Columbia; just looking at the picture takes away stress.


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