The Nopalea story continues to amaze me!

Posted on: July 7, 2009

People are experiencing incredible results with the reduction of debilitating symptoms caused by chronic inflammation. This is definitely a product for our era.  

I want to introduce another person who has had a life-changing experience with Nopalea. Valerie B. has suffered for 25 years from the symptoms of fibromyalgia (an inflammatory condition). Here is her story: 

“I have been taking Nopalea for approximately two months now at two ounces per day. I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for about 25 years, which has affected pretty much every muscle in my body, as well as chronic fatigue. I’ve also had low back pain due to an accident, and I have been very limited to any kind of physical work. After taking Nopalea for about a week, I decided to go out and try to do some work in the garden. I usually don’t do very much, but this particular day, I felt pretty good. Well, before I knew it, I had been out there for four hours.  I moved earth and replaced plants. It just felt too good to stop! I ran out of Nopalea once, and boy could I tell a difference. I knew then that the Nopalea was working for me, and I keep it on hand at all times. I really like the Nopalea and have shared its success with my landscaper who takes an anti-inflammatory medication every day when he gets home from work. As well, I’ve shared it with my sister who has rheumatoid arthritis. I hope to get them both on Nopalea soon! Also, I have vertigo. I have just realized that I have not had a dizzy spell since I have started the Nopalea. My husband has noticed it also. He says he can’t call me a dizzy blonde any more!”  

As Brazos Minshew has said so many times, “If inflammation is the problem, then Nopalea may be the solution.” It sure was in the case of Valerie. 

Ok, if we have a product that is this powerful and the demand for the product is ongoing, this sets up a powerful long-term residual business opportunity for you as Affiliates. As Bryan Wirth says, “Don’t pre-qualify; share the Nopalea story with whoever will listen!” 

We are doing the last of the taping this week for the Nopalea television show. This is going to be a great enrolling tool for you. We hope to be on air by the latter part of August. Exciting times!! 

I trust all of you had a great holiday weekend, contributing to your wellness. I spent mine on a high mountain lake in British Columbia; just looking at the picture takes away stress.


3 Responses to "The Nopalea story continues to amaze me!"

Thanks Michael,
for everything you have done to create such an amazing product that is now essential to my wellness journey. I suffered from Fibromyalgia for many years and was searching for a natural product that would bring relief with no negative side effects. After viewing your infomercial several times, I decided to try Nopalea. To my delight, it worked very well in just a few days. Nopalea is a delicious little “miracle in a bottle” that I enjoy everyday and now through your affiliate program, I am sharing my experience with others and enjoying all the wellness and financial benefits TriVita has to offer.
Thanks again,
Diane Lichok


Appreciate your blog entries so much. Nopalea is touching so many lives! Absolutely love the lake picture that you included while on your vacation time. Reminds us of our many lake moments here in Maine.

We were blessed to see Dr. Brazos Minshew once again here while he was on his vacation. Thanks so much for all the work and passion you, Brazos, and countless others on your staff put into this incredible opportunity of TriVita!

Go TriVita!
Kristin Fournier

Trivita’s Noalea has become a health essential. I am looking forward to the Sonoran Bloom broadcast and am gifting many of my customers so they can experience the rejuvenating effects Noalea offers for themselves. It truly is an Oasis Spa in a bottle.

Thank you.

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