Nopalea Contest Winner – Effort and Vision

Posted on: July 13, 2009

I am very excited to introduce Joshua Possick to all of you Affiliates.  He is our contest winner and has the highest weekly Share and Earn check after the first three months.  I am sure you want to know how he is doing it.

I met Joshua and the Possick family for the first time at the Tampa Nopalea tour event.  I had known about the Possick family for years but had never had the opportunity to meet them.  After the luncheon event we had a three-hour meeting to explore the opportunity that Nopalea appeared to offer. I left the meeting with hopes that this family would catch the vision of the potential of Nopalea. 

According to Joshua, it was the event itself, the science behind the product and the Nopalicious taste of the product that fired him up; the post-event meeting put him into high gear. Joshua had been in TriVita since February 2002 but really had never done much.  That has all changed.  His monthly check is nearly doubling each month and he could be at five figures next month. Just think; this has happened since the first of May.  Wow, Joshua is really on fire.

He has signed up over 60 people. I asked him the secret to his growth and if we could share it with you. Here it is: He shares the Nopalea story with anyone who will listen and if he finds interest, especially with people who need the product, he offers to pay it forward with a free bottle on one condition.  They have to commit to sharing their experience by reporting back to him within a short period of time.  He says there are times people are calling in tears telling their amazing story.

He offers the free bottle gift wrapped in a beautiful purple velvet bag.  (Great creative thinking and value-added marketing!)  According to Joshua, follow-up is critical so people will confirm their product experience and be ready to take the next step of sharing Nopalea with someone else.

When I called Joshua to tell him he had won the first place prize and $10,000, he excitedly told me he was going to use it to buy more Nopalea for his pay-it-forward marketing efforts.  He told me he believed this was the best opportunity he had seen in his lifetime to build something very significant and wanted to be a player in the worldwide distribution.

What is astonishing to me is the fact that Joshua is 26 years old.  Can you imagine what his income is going to be in just five years?  People work a lifetime and never come to close to what Joshua is doing with Nopalea in just a few months.

We now have the Nopalea Gift of Health in place.  Here is a tip: Follow the strategy Joshua is using.  Get a commitment from your prospects to use the product and report back – before you just send them a free gift bottle. Remind them that it will reward them significantly because of the taste and the wellness benefits but that it has to be taken diligently each day.  That is why commitment is important in your marketing efforts.  Plus, by having follow-up conversations you can talk to them when they are most excited about their results – and most likely to share those results with other people.

It is possible to do the extraordinary but it takes effort and vision – it is so worth it!!  Joshua Possick thinks so!


5 Responses to "Nopalea Contest Winner – Effort and Vision"

Congratulations to Joshua for a job well done. Carisa and I really enjoyed hearing him on a recent call with Terry Newsome.

Thanks so much for the $1,000 that Carisa and I won in the contest. We were glad to be a part of it and are greatful for everything.

Our team is very excited for Galaxy of Stars coming in October. See you there!!

Mike & Carisa Riedmiller

It was very exciting for Tom & I to have 3 of our Affiliates receive honorable mention with the Sonoran Bloom contest…but the thrill is the results our contacts are having with the amazing Nopalea – day after day the testimonies come in & we are loving it! Again, THANK YOU, Michael & Dr. M. for traveling to Maine on the City Tours and causing our wonderful people to catch your passion. See ya at the Galaxy! Lori

Congratulations, Joshu! And thank you so much for sharing your strategies with us.

TriVita has made our marketing so easy in the first place and you just added some simple, but effective techniques to help us show our friends that we are committed to them.

Tula 🙂

Congratulations Joshua! Your energy is unstoppable and you will carry on this mission in Trivita to share Nopalea.

Michael, thank you for discovering and bringing Nopalea to Trivita.
This product is truly changing lives as we all share the taste and experience.

I am so thankful for a wonderful group of people to partner with as we are driven with purpose to do something each day to share wellness and Nopalea and the mission of Trivita.

Tina Gonda

Wow after reading that story I am more fired up than ever! I am partnered with Tina and a wonderful group of people and I love sharing wellness each and every day!

Congradulations to Joshua and everyone keep on sharing!

Tricia Beauchemin

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