John Windscheffel…always taking action!

Posted on: July 20, 2009

There is an American proverb that says: Success is a ladder you cannot climb with your hands in your pockets. 

John Windscheffel is an Affiliate who is climbing the career-path success ladder, and I can assure you he does not have his hands in his pockets. I called John to congratulate him on winning third place in the Nopalea contest and asked him how he was achieving his success. John has made it to Director in a relatively short period of time and didn’t need any prompting to share his goals and plans for achieving Third Star Director one year from now.   

I thought you just might be interested in how John views each day and how he is working toward his goals. As I spoke with John, it didn’t take long to find out we shared many common values, one of them being a strong work ethic. Having been raised in a family who believed – and practiced – that work started at a young age, I could tell John wasn’t standing with his mouth open waiting for roast duck to fly in. (A brilliant Chinese proverb.) 

John knows exactly where he is going and what he has to do to achieve his goals. He begins each day with his personal devotions. In fact, he told me that nothing happens until that is completed. He then organizes his day into two segments: The first segment is dedicated to personally recruiting and enrolling new Affiliates into his business. The second segment is spent helping his team members develop their belief and presentation skills in order to drive their success. As Bryan Wirth says, “The way to overcome fear and build belief is by taking action.” John is convinced that action does indeed diminish fear and builds belief. He also believes that the fear of failure is what holds almost everyone back from taking action. Each day, John focuses on bringing down fear – and he does it by taking planned action.  

John has proven that action is effective – he has enrolled over 50 Affiliates and has committed to enrolling people for the rest of his life. John so believes in TriVita and the possibilities of building a huge worldwide business, that he has dropped all other business opportunities and activities and is working TriVita full time. He is achieving a significant amount of his revenue through the Nopalea Share and Earn Program, which is very rewarding for the business builder. 

Here are some great takeaways to help you with your own business-building:  

  • First, commit to planned action every day. 
  • Develop your belief that if you do so many presentations that you will close some. You can figure out what your closing percentage will be.   
  • Develop your presentation skills and involve your business and corporate leadership to help you enroll. 
  • A point to strongly consider (which John firmly believes): The fear of failure and rejection may be the only thing holding you back from achieving great success. Don’t let it rob you of your dreams and from fulfilling your life purposes. 

I close with a Dutch proverb: He who is outside his door has the hardest part of his journey behind him. Do like John, always be outside your door and take planned action. This also seems to be the words of the wise in proverbs from all over the world.


31 Responses to "John Windscheffel…always taking action!"

Well, what more is there to say? “…he’s so deserving” “…his knowledge is golden” “…a passionate ambassador for TriVita…”. I guess the only thing to say is that it’s all true. It’s always been true (Except the ambassador one, that’s a new title, but I’d say it fits, ha ha!). From what I’ve read, it looks like John Windscheffel’s has a bit of a spotlight on him in TriVita. We all know he’s “…a man who takes action”, and now we’re all watching it unfold and seeing it all play out. With all of his hard work and countless hours building up his team, I think it’s fair to say that John has, with the sweat from his brow, earned what he has accomplished. The best part? It’s only the beginning. John will become a titan for TriVita.

There are few people in the sales world I would honor with the title “genius”. John Windscheffel is one of them. For 25 years he has been steadfast in cultivating his sales skills and once again we can admire the results with his success at Trivita. It’s been my pleasure to work with John for more than 10 years. Anyone who has the luxury to work with John should leap at the opporunity, his knowledge is golden.

Andrew Arroyo


You are such an inspiration to all of us in TriVita! It’s quite obvious that you have a sincere passion to empower others to live a better quality of life. We are grateful to have someone of your character in the TriVita family.

Continued success to you!

Best regards,

Bryan Wirth

My wife was all excited about Trivita’s products from the super B12s to Nopalea. The products she was buying and telling me to take were great; they did what they said they were going to do. She told me a little about Trivita’s business opportunities, but I was skeptical about it.
Soon the checks started to come in from Trivita, and she wasn’t doing anything but trying to help people. I spoke with John Windscheffel about the business end of things. Because of John’s success, encouragement, I decided to take advantage of this wonderful business opportunity. I now have 12 people in my group and John has helped me every step of the way.
I own a café in Mogollon New Mexico,, and I have started to serve shots of Nopalea, as well as I’m starting to experiment to make a refreshing cactus drink using Nopalea.

Have a Blessed day
Tom Miller

I have seen the ads on television for B12 for years but never called on them, but in May I finally decided to order. I was at work when they arrived, a coworker seen me putting a B under my tongue and inquired about what I was taking. I gave my coworker some for her and her husband to try and see if they liked it. I soon ordered Sonora bloom unsure if it would work, hoping it would, trying it nonetheless. After a week of taking Nopalea I noticed a difference in the way my pants were fitting, they were no longer tight on my knees. Soon I started to notice that my feet were no longer swollen after standing for 12 hours. I told my family “THIS stuff is incredible!! More people need to know about this.”
Soon there after, I received a telephone call from John Windscheffel. John spoke to me about the program about Sonora bloom and how it has helped him, about the business, and how to become an affiliate member. Because of John success and his inspiring words I became an affiliate member that night. I now have my coworker in my down lineage and I have been giving away 3 day supply of supper B12’s to everybody who wants to try them. I am grateful for John for sharing all the wonderful opportunities this program has to offer.
God Bless
Amy Pedersen

I have personally known John for 8 years now & I consider him not only a high quality professional but most importantly, I consider him a friend! John & I got to know one another by working together in a previous business venture.

I would like to consider myself as an entrepreneur in my own right. I am currently employed in a position as a “wall street” bond broker. I have been working in that field for the last 18 years. I also have created, manufacture & distribute my very own delicious tasting drink mix which is widely distributed in the Long Island area where I live.

I wish I could say I was half the entrepreneur John is. I also have aspirations to posses the outright commitment & focus john has when he takes on the challenges of a new business venture! I have truly never seen or met a man or women who can absolutely see the finish line of a marathon while he’s standing at the starter’s gate!

I knew john was going to be successful with this wonderful company Trivita from the very first day he called me to introduce me to this health and wellness concept! He said, “Murph, I am going to the top in this company & nothing is going to stand in my way!”

I can’t swear but I believe that phone call took place only 8 months ago! Therefore, I was not surprised to see that the Trivita CEO Michael Ellison featured John in his monthly blog.

I immediately sighed up w/ John to which I am a loyal user of the Trivita products till this day!

John will work the phones like no other professional I have seen. However, I would like to point out that while working the phones he is polite, professional & honest on each and every call. He is a tremendous spokes person for The Trivita Concept & they should be honored to have him.

John, you not only have the gift of laser focus as well as intense passion for what you are doing, you are also a spiritual man who puts his family first! This is what I admire about you the most!

I look forward to working with you for along time to come and continue on spreading & sharing the Trivita good word throughout the United States as well as the world!

I have known John Windscheffel for many years. Having been a professional pilot and small business owner, I have a varied background in my experiences with people. I can truly say that John is second-to-none in all categories of what we look for and admire in good-hearted, personally dedicated successful people. Ask him for help and he’s all over you! He will “show you the way” to building a successful and prosperous business with TriVita. John, congratulations and all the best to you and your family! You’ve been an inspiration to me!

Jeff Brown

John Windscheffel, you rock!

You are the best that I have ever come in contact with in this business. You are always there for all of the troops in the organization and you are truly a great inspiration and leader. All one has to do is to pick up the phone and John is always there to help out.

Congratulations John on your success thus far and into the future. Success like yours is not luck, it is simply hard work!

Frank Leon

John…. Congratulations on all your Trivita accomplishments, your philosophy of working with customers and in attracting people to this wonderful company are the inspiration of my own business. I am so thankful to have known you for a number of years and your unfailing effort to support me and my business is truly a blessing. Looking forward to following your walk up the ladder for many years to come.

Congrats to John! He is the real deal and a model that we learn from everyday. For John, his philosophy of being successful is having others benefit and prosper from his guidance, discipline, and inspiration. John “pays it forward” and this is what I love about him!

John, we are so proud and happy for you, you are without a doubt very deserving. Your hard work and dedication to everything you put your mind to will always lead you to success.

We have the pleasure of knowing John through his amazing mom and we feel that John is like a big brother. Thank you for introducing us to Trivita and for being so generous with your time.

Thank you John for being such a humble and wonderful friend, Congratulations and thank you for making us feel like part of the family.


We are so proud and happy for you, you are without a doubt very deserving. Your hard work and dedication to everything you put your mind to will always lead you to success.

We have the pleasure of knowing John through his amazing mom and we feel that John is like a big brother. Thank you for introducing us to Trivita and for being so generous with your time.

Thank you John for being such a humble and wonderful friend, Congratulations and thank you for making us feel like part of the family.

I respect your work ethics of integrity and honesty. I appreciate your support in working with our MAPS and prospects and look forward to meeting you at the Galazy of Stars this fall. I appreciate the time you invest in my Team that makes up part of your winning Team and look forward to working with you for the rest of my life. I also appreciate that you place God as number One in your life and you live out His second command in loving others as yourself.
Ivan Secord

I want to add my congratulations to John Windscheffel!

John practices what he recommends. He does call all of his customers and he does call all of his team members in addition to anyone else who needs his help. He does not wait for his team members to call him, he calls them.

Not only does he call me, but he treats me as if I was the top business builder in his organization. Now, when you understand that I have accomplished nothing in the business yet; that is a very real effort on his part and I am thankful for his help and friendship.

I guess another way of putting it; is that John makes everyone feel good when he calls them.

Thanks-a-lot – John!

I am very proud to be a business partner with john, he is always there when I need him ,when I call him and leave a message, he always returns my call. he is a mench. there is no body like john.

Words cannot express the excitement I felt when I heard about John winning third place in the Nopalea contest.

Believe me when I tell you, John is not only a great leader, but John actually cares about each and everyone in his team. I know this personally because John has been both of those to me.

You see, I was a Multi-Streamer or you could say, “MLM Junkie” until I started to work with John. John told me to stay FOCUSED on just ONE business and give it my all. When I listened to his great advice, my business started to grow in leaps and bounds. I know that this is and will always be my one and only business.

John has made such a commitment to me to help me build my business. When John schedules a call with you, he is always on time. When I call John, he is always available, and if he is on another call ~ just leave him a message and he will call you back promptly. That is the way you can tell a true Leader. John just does not talk the talk ~ John walks the walk.

In my 25 years of different businesses I have always wanted a business partner like John, but I never had the privilege until I met John.

Being a part of this great company is such a blessing to me and having John as my business partner has made it a double blessing.

I also agree with starting each day with personal devotions. It is most important to me to have a personal relationship with God.

Thank you John for your commitment, your leadership and most important, your true friendship.

God bless you.
Laurie Nicotra

Congratulations John!!

How does John do it?

John has a knack of blending with his prospects. By asking a few questions John knows where the prospect’s thinking is and how to help the prospect decide whether or not to become a TriVita Affiliate.

John is my enroller and, after I joined TriVita, John has been at my side helping me every step of the way…answering my questions… three-way calls to my prospects… and inspiring me with his willingness to help.

I can see how John became a winner in the contest. First, his dedication to TriVita; second, his commitment to hard work; and last, his smooth and easy approach for inviting prospects.

John has inspired me to chart a new course for myself…”to follow his example”.

Thanks, John, for all your help!

Curt Moline

Curt Moline

I am so excited to see John Windscheffel excelling in his TriVita career. I’ve known him for many years and he has always made himself 110% to his downline AMs. He is so generous of his time and expertise. He always returns my calls promptly and has walked me through many bumps in my professional ‘road’. John will always 3-way a call if I am unsure of myself or just need some moral support. I must say he is the hardest worker I know, very focused, knowing what his goals are and going for it 100%. John is the reason I am an AM. I am so excited to see my business growing with John’s expert advice. Congrats, John, on your award. You deserve it!

John is a true leader. I have worked with him for awhile and he is a fantastic help in my business. He has worked with anyone and everyone in my group who shows the initiative to work the TriVita business. I, too have bought MAPS and John has called them with me. He has spent countless hours on the phone with me brainstorming ways to work my TriVita business. I am truly honored to call John my business partner.

Nancy Finlon

I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that John has jumped into TriVita with both feet. It also shouldn’t surprise me that he worked as hard as he did to win 3rd place in the contest; that is my husband. I have been in this place with John before.

He had a sparkle in his eyes the day he told me about TriVita & what he thought it was going to mean for our family. He was so excited about this company from his first look. He told me then that this was a unique business with an awesome opportunity that God had given to him & I can see now that he was right!

It’s only been a few short months, but our lives have been changed for the better and the future looks very bright!

John, I am so proud of you, but not just for your contest performance. I know from years of experience that you will hammer away every month with or without a contest. I also know that everyone in your group who wants help will get it. No one will fail because of your unwillingness to provide exceptional support. John, you have been a dear friend for many years and you are a joy and blessing to work with. I am honored to have enrolled you and our group is richly enhanced because you are a passionate ambassador for TriVita and for our team. I will be cheering for you all the way to the top, because that is precisely where you are going!

Warmest regards,



John has proven himself to be a man of his word. He offered to help conduct a recent conference call for my business partners. The overwhelming response to the call has been very positive. He did a fantastic job! I look forward to working with him in the future.

Congratulations John~~

I always look forward to reading what Michael Ellison writes in his blog and I am never surprised about how he praises the affiliate members and leaders.

I heard you on a call and knew you were a take action kind of professional, you can always tell.

When you embrace the mission of Trivita with a product like Nopalea that you know will change the lives of both wealth and wellness there is no reason not to share.

I love the Go GRANNY! GO!!! We should never ever prejudge who might want to take part of Trivita.

We are doing something far more important than just selling. We are changing lives.

Congratulations again John!

Tina Gonda
TriVita Director

I just want to say that John is everything he says he is…and more! He is “The Real Deal”!! I have never known a harder worker than John…especially when he sees the potential and believes in something…which he does with this TriVita company and their unique business opportunity.

I retired from my nursing career at age 73, in 2004, although I continue to keep my credentials current…”just in case”. Now,… I had been a TriVita customer for several years, but it wasn’t until John joined TriVita that I learned there was a “business opportunity”. Don’t I wish I had known that years earlier!! Nevertheless, I got a call from John telling me I just HAD to look at joining this wonderful company called TriVita. He was totally shocked to learn I had been a customer for the past 5 or 6 years and didn’t even know there was such a thing as a “business opportunity”!! How many of US are failing to let OUR customers know about this terrific business opportunity option? How many of us even contact our customers AT ALL…I just wonder…and I wonder what would happen IF WE DID??!!

John got me enrolled as a Business Affiliate, and I am pleased to say that he has been right there to help me build my own business, in order to augment my retirement income, since late 2008, and it is growing steadily every month! What is so great about being in business with TriVita is that there are no limits to what you can do…AT ANY AGE!!

So…to all you senior “couch potatoes” out there, just let me say this: “LIFE IS NOT OVER!!! With a company like TriVita; a Team Leader/Mentor like John Windscheffel; and just a little action on your part…you can become very successful in a SECOND career, and FEEL ALIVE again…whatever your age! I know because…you see… I’m John’s proud mom!!


This is wonderful…John really really deserves this. I admire him and his willingness to go where few are willing. He is a real leader and a mentor. He has real gutts and is willing to put himself where most won’t. Like the rest of us he may dislike rejection, but he embraces and deals with it head on one person at a time. This is what makes him different from the rest. I need to learn from him, it is like doing anything the first time, you just have to do it and it gets easier and easier. I am really thankful for all his help and now it is our turn to give him a chance to get to three star director by putting people in front of him.

God Bless,

Bob Casper


Thank you for posting the details of your interview with John Windscheffel. Please allow me to share how helpful John has personally been to me and my organization.

John and I are in Kelly Reese’s downline. I had heard Kelly on several ocassions talk about him. He invited us (his downline) to contact John and seek whatever advise or help that would be beneficial to us in growing our businesses.

After hearing how fired up John was I thought that there is no way this guy would want to help me because 1) he didn’t know me from Adam’s house cat; 2) I was only a small fish in the pond of activity and success; and 3) I am way down on his 6th level.

Well, I finally dismissed the “pride and ego” and called him. I got his voicemail, so I left a message. To my surprise John immediately called me! He was nothing like I expected. He showed himself to be a warm and friendly person who loves God, loves his wife and children and loves TriVita.

John made a commitment to me that if I purchased MAP customers he would call each one of them with me on the line and teach me how to do so myself. I took him up on the offer. He called each of my MAP customers and spoke with most of them. I was amazed at how easy, fun and rewarding this simple step can be.

I invited John to help me as I conducted my very first conference call with my team. John’s presentation on that call was masterful and very motivating. He painted such a clear picture to each of us about what we had right in front of us.

John has such a special way of connecting with people. Based on the feedback I have received, he connected very well with everyone on the call. Although most of the people in my organization are beyond his 7th level, it does not matter to John. He has made himself available to each person in my group. He gave them his direct telephone number and email address and asked the team to use him to help build their businesses.

I am proud to be able to call John my business partner and my friend. I am even more proud to be able to call him a brother in faith.

Wow! I’m so happy John achieved 3rd place in the Share and Earn contest.

Notice the word “achieved”! John did it 1 phone call at a time building trust

and a good relational foundation with each person who joined “The Trivita Team”.

I’ve know and worked with both John and Kelly before and knew the integrity level

of those two and when I got a call from John about working together in Trivita I was grateful

to Kelly for linking us up.

John rolled up his sleeves and said let’s make this thing work. He called customers while I

listened and learned. With John’s help and leadership I’m one step from 4* AM and

won’t stop there. Thanks John for your help and encouragement.

Be On-Purpose,

Ron Hart

I wholeheartedly agree with Michael, John knows where he’s going and his work ethic in Trivita is taking him there! John is the hardest working Trivita Affiliate I know, he really is an example for all of us to imitate. Congratulations John on your achievement in the contest!

Pathrecy Bautsch

Waytogo John – it’s great to be getting personal training from you, even tho we’re way down the line. That’s true leadership, taking action to help others succeed. We’ve been in plenty of businesses where it was all rah-rah-rah until we signed up, and then we felt like orphans. PLANNED ACTION – I’ve taken note and plan to follow this leader to succe$$. John the Mentor is sharing his wealth of knowledge. That will help us and him too!

It’s great to be associated with such a fantastic company with leaders who step up by stepping down the line to lead us by the hand … by the heart because he cares.

Kathy and John Hansen

Michael, John really does walk the talk. As a relative new affiliate John has called me to answer my questions and make 3-way calls with me. He is also a great “encourager” and his enthusiasm for TriVita is catching. I feel so blessed to be on his Team. Bob Hilsmeier/13300048

John Windsheffel has been a huge help in my business. He delivers what he promises.

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