Todd Fuerstenau…Exemplifying TriVita’s Passion

Posted on: July 27, 2009

Let me introduce you to another top 10 finisher in the Nopalea Explosion Contest – Todd Fuerstenau. Todd is simply building the old fashion way of caring about people and sharing the wonderful benefits of Nopalea and the demand for this product, which is driving the business opportunity. 

When Bryan Wirth first introduced me to Todd he said, “Todd is a person who has wonderful values and truly cares about people.” He is a farmer, spent six years in law enforcement as a police officer and he wants to retire with strong residual income from TriVita. 

George Bernard Shaw said, “Give a man health and a course to steer and he’ll never stop to trouble about whether he is happy or not.”  Todd definitely has a course and purpose in his life to steer his activities and he seems incredibly happy. 

When I called to congratulate Todd for his top 10 finish, I was so impressed with his clarity of purpose. He had his whys established for motivation and direction for his TriVita business.  Spending time with his family was clearly at the top of his list. When Todd spoke about his wife and children, you could tell that here was a man who cherished time with his family. Being a successful TriVita Affiliate would allow him to have that time with his family and do the things he desired in being with them. 

But Todd was quick to say, “What I love about this business is that I get to help people improve the quality of their life through the great products of TriVita.” He said, “When I introduce people to Nopalea. I just know they will have a positive experience and they will have improved quality of life.” Todd was so convincing about his belief I had to ask him how could he speak with such conviction. You know what I think about belief – it is woven throughout my book that belief is a significant contributor in your success. In fact, I don’t think you can achieve great success without belief. Belief in your purpose and the products and opportunity you are presenting are crucial to you as an Affiliate – when you have belief, the world of possibilities opens up to you. There is a verse in the Bible – Mark 9:23 that says “All things are possible to him who believes.”

Todd shared his belief was founded when he started on Nopalea, and within a week he could tell the pain in his legs was nearly gone. Being in farming for so many years had affected his legs with all the jumping off and on equipment, climbing ladders and just long hours on his feet. His brother had developed the same problems with his legs and was still working a job that required 12 hours a day on his feet. So knowing his brother had these problems, and knowing his brother was no easy sell,  Todd gave him a bottle of Nopalea to see if he would experience pain relief. Within a couple weeks, his brother had significant reduction of pain. Todd said, “I knew I had a product I could tell anyone about its benefits with the lowering of inflammation.” Todd’s presentations are made by investing time in people. He requests 30 minutes to make a presentation about the product. Here is what is amazing with Todd’s presentation. He is so convincing with his belief about the product that his customers buy their product and go on Autoship. He is not giving the product away because people want the wellness benefits. However, he said if they decide to become an Affiliate, “I do pay it forward with a free bottle just like our Share and Earn system recommends.” 

Todd is one happy Affiliate. He shared with me that he was in another very well-known nutritional company, and he worked hard for five years, but the products just could not hold the customers.  It was like a revolving door. But with Nopalea, people are having major improvement in their quality of life. Todd doesn’t even tell people what to expect because he doesn’t want to limit or focus their attention on any one thing. He said, “It is amazing the different experiences people are having from taking Nopalea.” 

Todd shared, “Being on the ground floor opportunity of Nopalea with a value-driven company is a dream come true for me. And to have a Presidential leader like Bryan Wirth who gives me time and helps my group develop is the assurance I needed to know I could do it. I can see the vision; I can really build a great business and achieve my dreams and purpose.”  

Todd is also a fulfillment of my dreams and vision for our Affiliates. My dream is that our Affiliates would experience greater wellness and share their wellness experience with others, creating greater wealth for their life purposes. I want that for every one of our Affiliates. It is the greatest quality of life a person can live. 

Todd said, “Wellness for my life is very important as I don’t want to live my retirement days in a wheel chair or debilitated by some disease. I want to spend it healthy and happy enjoying my family and knowing I am helping others experience greater quality of life.”  Having purpose and vision during retirement is one of the most important determinates of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being in our later lives. 

Congratulations to Todd for his outstanding service as a TriVita Affiliate in helping others experience greater quality of life. His reciprocity rewards will be many.


11 Responses to "Todd Fuerstenau…Exemplifying TriVita’s Passion"

What a great attitude to have! Like I have spoke before on a phone conference with Bryan Wirth and Terry Newsome that is the attitude it is going to take to become successful not only in this company but in life. To hear how you are changing people’s life with introducing them to having a wellness experience with Nopalea and in return yourself being compensated there is no greater way of building your business! That in my opinion is the true definition of Reciprocity. I look forward to hearing more about your success as it is people like you that keep everyone else in our company thriving and wanting to grow though acts of wellness just like you have demonstrated.

Up up and way to you Todd

Hi Michael – I admire passionate people like Todd and enjoy stories like his. I’m especially inspired by this story because it seems I have much in common with him in his goals and life purposes.

I also have my purposes clearly established and like Todd I know that Trivita is an essential part of my purpose and my life. Trivita has enriched my life and health in so many ways, and that of my family as well. And now being equipped with the new powerful Nopalea we are helping more people more quickly than ever before!

Some affiliates have just not yet realized exactly what they have their hands on with Trivita and the new Share & Earn Opportunity. Once they realize how powerful it is nothing will stop them from sharing Nopalea with others. It has been proven now with out a doubt that earnings will naturally flow out of the process of sharing.

Michael, you have identified probably the most important prerequisite to successful business building and enrolling of more affiliates, and that is faith and belief in the product and opportunity, and I would add the company and leadership of management.

Over the years I have seen many companies come and go and Trivita is by far the best ever in every category and in every respect!

Once unshakable belief is firmly established in our heads and hearts we as affiliates will become unstoppable. The old marketing adage is true: “if you’re not bold, you’re not sold”. So to re-state that in a positive way: once we’re completely and deeply sold, we’ll become so bold that nothing will stand in our way to successful business building.

Norf Fiorentino

When I read this post about Todd Fuerstenau , It made me reflect back to when I had
first heard Micheal speak about the heart of Trivita . His subject was will you be a Farmer or a Strip miner….Meaning , will you take the time to truely care for people . Todd
is having great success with his Trivita business because he has a strong belief in people
& in the Trivita model & leadership team . He’s also learned that how you think about yourself in your heart {ones beliefs } , so you are….goes right along with Mark 9:23 & makes us all realise that everybody has a deep longing for a sense of belonging .
Congratulations Todd…….You get it !!

John Bianco

Way to go, Todd!!

Great to hear that you placed in the top ten in the Nopalea Explosion!

I really enjoyed reading your story, and am very excited to see that you are focused on the health and wellness of others, as well as bringing in more income for your family.

Like you, I too don’t want to spend my autumn years in a wheelchair. I want to be out and about enjoying life.

I must say, since taking the Nopalea I actually am feeling younger than even, with more energy and less pain and stiffness!

Keep up the good work, Todd!!

God bless,
Fred Gondzar
2 Star Director

Simply stated in 2 words…Very inspiring. I’m half way writing and dialing my phone to talk with other people!

This is what I love about TriVita is people like Todd going out there and leading with their passion to help other people and from doing that experience the benefits of doing so.

Todd is doing exactly what he should be doing an that is leading with a product and in the process of leading with a product identify people who are looking to earn an income doing the same thing he is doing.

When I read Todd’s story it brought me back to the foundation. Share the product with others out my conviction of what value the product brings to people. I need to get out there more and talk with people.

I tell people, “TriVita is a company that lives by the Golden Rule. We are hear to help people first with incredible products and by doing so we truly believe that we will reap the rewards of doing so.”

– Tony

Congratulations Todd on placing in the top 10 and thank you for sharing an inspirational message to everyone with how Nopalea helped you. Time and time again I too have been hearing from so many people on how Nopalea has helped them. It’s wonderful to be in an Affiliate Member with TriVita and be able to help others create wealth but more important to help them restore their health with TriVita’s products that produce results. With your belief in the products and your commitment to help others lead healthier lives and improve their health, you are at the same time building a fantastic business with TriVita! Congratulations!

This is the 2nd time I have read this and will continue to do so as it is so inspiring to read …it is truly very simple…Share Wellness with Others………thank you.
Nancy Dove

Congratulations to Todd for a Top 10 finish. His passion for health and wellness in which he is trying to health other people is one reason he has done so well, along with a good work ethic. Carisa and I have also found that leading with the product (instead of the business opportunity) can produce some great results. Sonoran Bloom Nopalea is a true blessing which has already helped so many people. I feel 20 years younger after taking it only a few weeks, and now a few months later I feel even better!

If Todd continues on the path he is on, he will continue to touch many lives and be rewarded himself. Keep up the great work, Todd. Carisa and I look forward to meeting you sometime soon!

Mike & Carisa Riedmiller

Todd said, “Wellness for my life is very important as I don’t want to live my retirement days in a wheel chair or debilitated by some disease. I want to spend it healthy and happy enjoying my family and knowing I am helping others experience greater quality of life.” Having purpose and vision during retirement is one of the most important determinates of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being in our later lives.
When I read this part of Michael’s blog Todd, my heart was just filled with joy because it is exactly how I feel and the same message I take out to anyone who will listen and embrace it as we have.

There is no bigger gift today than sharing wellness through Nopalea and the experience one can gain in their health from tasting’s, one to one, vendor events, luncheons, home gatherings/parties, BBQ’s, Spas, sending Gifts of Health long distance and the limited list goes on with ways to share Nopalea.

Congratulations! This blog story from Michael was written from his heart I can tell and so was Bryan’s.

Let’s keep the mission strong!

Tina Gonda

Thank you Todd for sharing this great product and business with me! I’m looking forward to working with you and making this a Success!!!

When I found out that Todd Fuerstenau had placed in the top ten in the Nopalea Explosion, It was such a thrill for me. The first time I spoke with him, I knew he was a winner. Todd told me he was not afraid to work hard and follow a system. He has certainly proven that in the short period of time he has been with TriVita.He is a shining example of the power of the Nopalea share and Earn program. He leads with the health benefits of Nopalea and let’s the business opportunity take care of itself. His strong belief in the product along with his sincere desire to help others experience wellness is the key to his fast start with TriVita.

Todd, Congratulations on your success! Thank you for joining our team. It’s an honor to work with you!

Bryan Wirth

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