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The interview with Jake Buckendorf started off and stayed intense as he said, “Michael, I am sorry to be rushed, but I am pulling into the State Fairgrounds as we have a Nopalea booth here for the next 11 days. I am so excited about getting this product out in front of people. I expect 300 to 500 new customers out of this event over the next 11 days and a large number of Affiliates.”

Jake went on to say that Nopalea tastes so good that everyone wonders how something that tastes that good could be so good for you. He said it is like fishing when the fish takes hook, line and sinker. You could hear the excitement and anticipation in his voice and hear it in the background as people were about ready to have a “Nopalicious” experience!!

Jake is not a blowhard kind of guy. Several months ago he sent me a marketing plan that detailed how he would reach Presidential Director – with a goal of doing it in the shortest time ever achieved up to now. Jake is an accomplished real estate professional with earnings of $500,000 per year – and needless to say, you must be a mover and shaker to do that in residential real estate. Jake told me, “I did my due diligence on TriVita and Nopalea. I am leaving real estate where I have made over a million dollars in the last couple of years, as I want residual income with TriVita so I can have the quality of life I desire. I also want to spend my life  helping others experience greater wellness and wealth for their important life purposes.”

I asked Jake what he saw in his due diligence that got him so fired up about TriVita. He said, “Michael, we have a product exclusive to us that nobody else has. All the juice companies are antioxidants and ours is anti-inflammatory.”  Wow!!! Jake gets it. He was telling me about his neighbor who has a 40-acre blueberry farm; people have tried to sell her juices with claims of being the highest-rated ORAC juice. She said, “Why do I need more than blueberry antioxidants? They are potent!” But when she saw Nopalea and the anti-inflammatory benefits, she said, “Jake, I have never seen a product like Nopalea.”

I hope all you Affiliates understand it as well… have an incredible opportunity.  Jake went on to say, “We have a 70% Share and Earn bonus, plus we are on the ground floor of taking this product to the world. I want to be a Presidential Director and go to every country TriVita opens up in the future.”  He is web-savvy along with his drive and passion, and knows the world is connected!!! Jake said, “I am going to replace my real estate income and then grow from there.” 

I hope you can feel it in the way I captured it; here is a man burning with passion and a vision of taking Nopalea to the world. Jake is now one of our top enrollers in TriVita and he is just getting started.

I asked Jake how he demonstrates the product. He said, “Getting them to taste the product is key and getting them to take the product will deliver the result I am looking for. I so believe in the product and the cooperative relationship I have with the company that I just know it is about getting it to as many people as possible. With TriVita, serving the customer the way it does, with the catalog, VitaJournal and order taking, it allows me to just focus on growing the business.”  He said that if we did not have cooperative marketing he could not achieve the ambitious goals he has for his life and family with TriVita. “Cooperative marketing is priceless to me,” Jake went on to say.

Jake has a dream of having flex time and freedom, as he knows he is building a residual income business that is not transaction-oriented like real estate. He said, “I can’t wait ‘til I buy a motor home and travel anywhere I want, do the things I love to do, and know my business is still growing even though I may be gone for two weeks or even a month at a time. I am a hard-working, driven person, but freedom and flex time is the lifestyle I desire for my future.”  There are a lot of young men and women (and some baby boomers as well) who want flex time and freedom. TriVita is a great opportunity, especially with the launch of the new Nopalea television show. 

We just received our first preview comments back from the media. ABC Family, which now dominates in all five female demographic categories, said this show is outstanding and they think it is going to do great. Having done media for 40 years, my gut tells me we are getting ready for something very special to happen in TriVita.

If you want great success, you have to fire up the furnace of passion like Jake. You have to create a vision of purpose you just cannot live without. Purposeful vision is a powerful motivator. Most people do not lack the skills of enthusiasm and passion and what they will produce… they lack the purpose to fuel their passion and enthusiasm.

You can’t spend five minutes with Jake and not know he has vision and passion for his life. I look forward to the day when Jake walks on stage to receive his award, as I believe he is another Presidential Director and I will have had the pleasure of receiving his road map and watching him get there. If he did not believe it, Jake would be searching for some other opportunity and doing his due diligence to achieve his life purposes – however, he has found that at TriVita.

I conclude with this: Every one of us can look back over our lifetime and know we missed out on an opportunity, and that if we would have gotten on board, it would have been a great opportunity filled with fulfillment and financial rewards. I encourage you to do your due diligence and not let this one be another overlooked opportunity, but rather the one that gave you the dream and fulfillment for your life purposes. You are sitting at the end of the rainbow where the pot of gold lies. Your storm is over; look for the sign of the rainbow.


In my phone conversation with Carisa Riedmiller, I asked her why she chose to become an Affiliate and join her husband Mike in building the TriVita business together. She said, “Michael, I came to the 2008 Galaxy of Stars with Mike, and we brought our children with us to learn about the company. Galaxy of Stars was so inspiring to all of us because it gave us the big picture of the mission, leadership, the great products and the intense desire of truly helping people experience wellness, while creating wealth for life purposes. We got it!!  When the company changed the policy that a spouse and any family member of legal age could become an Affiliate, I jumped at the chance, because I knew I had friends I could share the products with and help them experience wellness.” She also said that all her children love the products and want to become Affiliates when they reach legal age!!!

This has been a significant breakthrough we have seen this year by changing the policy so that anyone of legal age in a family could become an Affiliate. It has brought families together in building a business with family goals and purpose so that everyone could participate. You read in my blog last week where Tula recruited her husband and together they formed a financial goal that would allow them to fulfill their life dreams and purposes. The Possick family is also working together setting new goals in getting to the Director level. 

Well the Riedmiller family, as Terry Newsome would say, is ‘on fire’ with passion to achieve their dreams and fulfill their life purposes. Carisa said, “The first major goal is for Mike to retire 25 years early.  That will happen when he achieves Presidential Director, and I am out to make that happen by building a third leg. When that happens, we will have time together to travel with our children and do things that most families never get to do.” You could hear the intense desire and passion in her voice to make this a reality. I predict it will happen in 2010, and I will have the joy of presenting the Presidential Director award to Mike at the Galaxy of Stars. I can already envision it!!!

Here is something very cool to me. When we were looking for cities to participate in the Sonoran Bloom Tour, I asked Mike about Lincoln, Nebraska, his home town. I knew Mike had a fast growing business and wanted to support him, but he said, “My Affiliates are scattered all over North America, and I don’t have any local effort that could draw 200-500 people. Today that has changed with Carisa leading the way building a dynamic local group who is on the move. Share and Earn, with Nopalea, is changing the way Affiliates are doing business.

I asked Carisa how she was building her business. It was like a heavenly choir singing in my ears when she spoke about how she was inviting women to talk about wellness at a weekly meeting at a local café. They share their experiences, and she introduces another featured product of TriVita besides Nopalea at each meeting. Carisa said,
“We have so many great products – I want them to know about all of them so they can enjoy their wellness benefits.” She then went on to say, “I keep it light and having fun is a top priority.”

Carisa said, “I use the Gift of Health to introduce Nopalea, which includes the Secret Killer brochure. It has so much good information, and I don’t hype the information as I know people will make the right decision for themselves if they are properly informed.”  Wow!!  This is the way to sell in the 21st Century!

Carisa and Mike started having gatherings in their home twice a month inviting the spouses to join with their wives in an evening with food and Nopalea tastings. They are now enrolling the husbands who are joining their wives as Affiliates to make it a family wellness business. “When both the husband and wife are joined as Affiliates, it makes a tremendous difference,” she said. “Women want support, but doing the business together is powerful and makes a big difference in the confidence level, but still allows each to be focused on their individual business and have personal goals.” She continued, “I want to be successful, and know I am building something because of my efforts, but Mike and I have family goals and that is the greatest motivator of all.”

Carisa really believes supporting new Affiliates is absolutely critical so they don’t feel alone, and if they get discouraged, the team is there to build them up. Carisa, I ABSOLUTELY WHOLE HEARTEDLY AGREE.    

Carisa went on to say, “I don’t even talk about money or the comp plan, as I just know if they get excited about the wellness experience of the products, they will share it with others, and I will be compensated.” That is the reciprocity power that seeks to reward the server of mankind that I wrote about in my book. You watch the upcoming career path awards presentations, as not only will Mike be a Presidential Director, Carisa will someday join him on stage. This is a family who works the business, has purpose and knows that helping people is the way to achieve success in life.

If I were writing a book, rather than a blog, I could write chapter after chapter on this dynamic Riedmiller family who gets it!  Carisa, you are a truly a model TriVita Affiliate.


You have to read this story about Tula Savisky. These testimonies just fire off my jets and launch me into another mission orbit. I love hearing how people are having life transformations with TriVita.  

Tula joined TriVita in December 2008, not thinking she was going to make a lot of money, but in hopes that TriVita would be different than her past business experiences. Someone she knew in an online community referred her to TriVita, assuring her she could do the business. 

She told me, “I failed at every network marketing company I’ve been involved with before because the products simply didn’t do what was promised. It seemed like you had to be a seller or taker from someone to get something for yourself. That just is not my personality, but my enroller Tanya Sydney told me TriVita was different. I hoped it would be, and that I could help people while earning some money at the same time.” 

Tula received her first check from TriVita which was $9.  She and her husband, Terry, love to canoe and camp, so she hoped that someday she could buy a new canoe. But then came the Nopalea launch, and she experienced a wellness experience that removed pain, gave her new mobility with renewed energy to do the things that are physically demanding and things she loves to do. In fact, by lowering inflammation in her body, even the psoriasis skin blemishes she’s had for years are clearing up. That is remarkable in itself, as there is little that can be done for this kind of skin disorder. 

She started sharing Nopalea online with some success and began to watch her checks go up. Her belief in the product continued to build as she was receiving amazing stories from people about how their health was improving. You might remember the call Bryan Wirth and I did about how small actions create small successes that help build belief. And when belief becomes the force, all things are possible. Get into action and create small successes as you are just a few steps away from belief where big and mighty things happen.  

Now Tula is not hiding behind a computer because she cannot share with someone in person; she is out in the community everywhere she goes sharing the Nopalea story. Her belief is so powerful and she told me “If you just share and care about people, the compensation will come back to you.”  Sounds like reciprocity to me! She is now moving quickly towards becoming a Director, and in only 7 months, her July compensation was $1,700!  

She said, “Michael, my personal development to overcome fear and doubts has been incredible.  I could not have even talked with you about my goals and my life when I first started with TriVita. I attribute much of that to the life changing effects that Sublingual B-12 had on my mental focus, emotional stability and physical energy. Add to that the fantastic support I have received from my enroller Tanya Sydney, Fred Gondzar, Mike Riedmiller and Cody Ramsey, and I’m a different person.”  She boldly said, “I have my eyes set on being Presidential Director someday.  I know I can do it if I just keep sharing.” 

Here is a dynamic, synergistic and powerful thing that happened to Tula and her husband Terry…when TriVita changed the policy so anyone of legal age in a household could have a position as an Affiliate, she immediately recruited her husband. He had always been supportive, but it was always Tula’s business not ‘their’ business. As soon as Terry enrolled, he immediately made a list of contacts that he wanted in his business. He began sending the Gift of Health, which led to enrolling the builders he wanted to work with him. But here is what is so powerful…Tula and Terry began to dream about what they wanted to do together and A FAMILY PURPOSE DREAM EMERGED! The dream became much bigger than a canoe. They want to go to Baffin Island above the Arctic Circle and work with the Inuit. They want to return to South America where they lived for 9 years and renew friendships. This once timid, NOW bold TriVita Affiliate asked me, “When are you going worldwide, as we have contacts all over the world who we want to get involved in TriVita? We have people in Australia…how soon before TriVita is in Australia?” 

I could write a book on Tula instead of a blog. What can we learn with this incredible story? 

  1. You never know what lies inside of an individual. With the nurturing and encouragement she received from her support team, she now believes like we do that all things are possible when you believe in the products. As leaders – nurture, encourage and inspire, as you just don’t know the potential of the power of belief.
  2. Get the whole family involved, as it creates family purpose and focus.
  3. Don’t be a taker, but rather a giver, and share with people the power of Nopalea. Tula gives people a bottle and uses the Gift of Health. She believes in the product.
  4. Actions create success… success creates belief in yourself… belief then creates many magnificent possibilities. 

I am proud to share this story with you. This is why there is a TriVita. I see thousands of Affiliates rising up with actions to demonstrate the product and people experiencing a greater quality of life. Affiliate businesses are going to explode as we become audacious and bold in our actions to share an anti-inflammatory product with a highly toxic and inflamed world. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing about Tula.


The stories keep rolling in of people experiencing dramatic results with Nopalea. Susan and I just returned from spending a couple of days with James and Betty Robison. James and I played some golf together and one thing I noticed was that James did not wear the arm brace he had worn for over five years to protect an inflamed tendon. He no longer needs it as Nopalea helped lower the inflammation, and there is no longer any pain. This is awesome. 

As Affiliates, this is a rare opportunity to have a product exclusive to the company you represent that delivers such incredible results. One of the most significant things you can do to build your business activity is encourage people to try this product. If everyone would simply believe in the power of the product and the power of numbers, they would see their business explode. 

You can go to and click on ‘testimonials’ to find out about the power of the product that produces results, along with the science to support the claims being made. 

But let’s talk the power of numbers. This is baseball season, so let’s go to the top earners in baseball, who are paid over $20 million a year, and see their numbers at bat to get an indication as to why they would be paid such incredibly high salaries. Two players come to mind who have those kinds of annual salaries – Alex Rodriquez and Derek Jeter. Please take note – in front of millions of fans, they get put out 7 out of 10 times at bat. They are mega sports stars who are idolized as the greatest of players. Babe Ruth, the home run king of the past, basically had the same results. But if you go into any baseball stadium, the fans and the players know that if you can get a hit 3 out of 10 times at bat, then you are star status at the batter’s box. 

Now why is it that an Affiliate may feel mortified to be turned down 7 out of 10 times in making a presentation of the wonderful benefits of Nopalea when the power of the numbers are there? The comp plan will support significant returns as you build your business and teach others to share the benefits of Nopalea, even while being told “no” 8 out of 10 times. Here’s an example below.  

Let’s say 2 out of 10 people will order the product if given the opportunity to have an entire bottle and experience the “Nopalicious” taste and potency of the product. Since our Gift of Health is priced at $20, giving away a bottle to 10 people would cost $200. Now if each of the two new Nopalea Affiliate Members order the product for the next 90 days, that gives us 6 bottles at $40 totaling $240. You then get 30% from Share and Earn comp, which is a return of $80. However, you teach them about the power of the product and numbers and show them they could get their product free for life and earn part-time income by simply sharing the Nopalea story, along with the Gift of Health to 10 people. So that now creates 4 people who purchase a bottle each month for 3 months, giving a total of 12 bottles purchased at $40 (totaling $480), and you receive 15% or $72. You already have $152 of your $200 back. What if now 3 out of the 4 get 2 people (which are now six people) who use 3 bottles in 90 days? That adds up to 18 bottles at $40 (totaling $720), and now you get 10% which is $72. You have received back all your $200 plus $24 extra, but you have only used three tiers of your comp plan. If that activity continues down through seven tiers over the next 10 years, how much would you make? 

A correct answer is a lot! But my point is not how much you can make, but rather the proof that activity with proper expectations does deliver results that are recognized as being outstanding in the world of averages, and that is with 8 out of 10 people saying no. 

Most people lack understanding of what are proper expectations of behavior, as we tend to choose the remarkable results we desire without recognizing the actions that were necessary to achieve them. How many practice balls has Tiger Woods hit since he was a three year old being taught by his father? It is millions, with an incredible talent to go along with his tenacious desire to win. 

I encourage each of you to pride yourself in the actions and the numbers that will drive the success you desire.


We went to Columbus, Ohio to join with Rudy in recruiting new TriVita affiliates. We were anticipating meeting some great new people and we were not disappointed. You can be watching for John and Gavin Stubbins to climb the career path in TriVita. These are two dynamo brothers that I am excited to welcome to TriVita.  Steve Powell is another successful entrepreneur who joins us with a desire to help people with his new TriVita business. Paul Hoy, a very connected leader in the greater Columbus area, was moved to tears when Terry told his story of how TriVita has helped him focus on his life purposes and how it was a life game-changer for him, helping him lose nearly 200 pounds. 

Carol Bowman and Debbie Thompson can have a major impact in building together.  David Easterbrooks told me he plans to start having meetings in Columbus. David, I sure hope you will, as Columbus has great possibilities.  

Peter Caparis went all out to help make this event one that everyone would enjoy investing considerable time, effort and money. 

To watch people embrace our mission and to express their desire to be a part of the mission is very fulfilling to me.  Everywhere we go, people are reaching out to be a part of something that is focused on changing people’s wellness and wealth. 

We must change the way we think about wellness in North America. The amount of money that both the U.S. and Canadian governments are projecting for sick care is not sustainable for a quality way of life. The projections are that in 10 years, 3 out of every 6 GDP dollars will go toward sick care. What would your lifestyle be like if 50% of your income was just for sick care? The future is not in the government taking care of us; it is in personal responsibility and embracing a lifestyle that helps achieve wellness. North Americans can totally reverse the trends by changing the way we think about wellness. I want TriVita to be a voice for this change. 

Rudy ended the event speaking about thoughts dictating our actions. It was powerful. In his own unique style, Rudy started talking about the goofy thoughts people embrace. He had the people laughing and knowing that we all get goofy thoughts that slow us down from achieving our life potential. 

There is a Bible verse that says, “as a man thinketh so is he,” and I believe that includes women as well! Think thoughts of being a life game-changer. Think about being passionate about helping others achieve greater wellness and wealth in their lives. 

Being in Columbus you get a firsthand feeling of Buckeye fever and passion. Ohio State University football is over the top and filled with passionate fans. I ordered room service at 6:30 a.m. and the young man who brought me breakfast asked me where I was from. I told him Arizona and the first thing he said was, “I guess you know you are in Buckeye country.  Now in Arizona do you have a major university?”   I said, “Oh, yeah, the eighth largest student enrollment of all universities in the country.”  Knowing Ohio State beat ASU in the Rose Bowl, and that ASU had only gone there twice since 1902 and Ohio State had been there 12 times, the passionate fan was winning the debate.  I was introduced to another person and he was prepared. He extended his hand with a Buckeye hat to give to me, and then for a handshake – after I took the Buckeye hat. Now what kind of reaction am I going to get wearing a Buckeye hat in Arizona?! He really didn’t care; he was a passionate fan of the Ohio State University Buckeyes. I will keep the hat as a constant reminder of how uninhibited passionate people are about sharing their passion with those around them. 

I hope you are getting my reason for telling you all about Buckeye fever…Buckeye football reduced down to the simplest formula is about a bunch of guys pushing each other all over a field to get a ball over a goal line – and bragging about how they beat the other guys. TriVita passion is about helping people find wellness and greater wealth so that they may fulfill their life purposes here on earth.  Come on TriVita fans…we have one of the greatest opportunities life could ever give us.  Let’s be passionate about wellness and wealth. You don’t have to sell, just share your passion for Nopalea! 

Now in all fairness to the game we love in North America, I think it is great for the community and for building wonderful events where fans can cheer on their teams to excel in a very competitive and physically demanding sport.  I love football but it did make me jealous and envious for the passion of the Buckeye fever to be in TriVita.


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