The Buckeye State Delivers…Affiliates and Passion!

Posted on: August 3, 2009

We went to Columbus, Ohio to join with Rudy in recruiting new TriVita affiliates. We were anticipating meeting some great new people and we were not disappointed. You can be watching for John and Gavin Stubbins to climb the career path in TriVita. These are two dynamo brothers that I am excited to welcome to TriVita.  Steve Powell is another successful entrepreneur who joins us with a desire to help people with his new TriVita business. Paul Hoy, a very connected leader in the greater Columbus area, was moved to tears when Terry told his story of how TriVita has helped him focus on his life purposes and how it was a life game-changer for him, helping him lose nearly 200 pounds. 

Carol Bowman and Debbie Thompson can have a major impact in building together.  David Easterbrooks told me he plans to start having meetings in Columbus. David, I sure hope you will, as Columbus has great possibilities.  

Peter Caparis went all out to help make this event one that everyone would enjoy investing considerable time, effort and money. 

To watch people embrace our mission and to express their desire to be a part of the mission is very fulfilling to me.  Everywhere we go, people are reaching out to be a part of something that is focused on changing people’s wellness and wealth. 

We must change the way we think about wellness in North America. The amount of money that both the U.S. and Canadian governments are projecting for sick care is not sustainable for a quality way of life. The projections are that in 10 years, 3 out of every 6 GDP dollars will go toward sick care. What would your lifestyle be like if 50% of your income was just for sick care? The future is not in the government taking care of us; it is in personal responsibility and embracing a lifestyle that helps achieve wellness. North Americans can totally reverse the trends by changing the way we think about wellness. I want TriVita to be a voice for this change. 

Rudy ended the event speaking about thoughts dictating our actions. It was powerful. In his own unique style, Rudy started talking about the goofy thoughts people embrace. He had the people laughing and knowing that we all get goofy thoughts that slow us down from achieving our life potential. 

There is a Bible verse that says, “as a man thinketh so is he,” and I believe that includes women as well! Think thoughts of being a life game-changer. Think about being passionate about helping others achieve greater wellness and wealth in their lives. 

Being in Columbus you get a firsthand feeling of Buckeye fever and passion. Ohio State University football is over the top and filled with passionate fans. I ordered room service at 6:30 a.m. and the young man who brought me breakfast asked me where I was from. I told him Arizona and the first thing he said was, “I guess you know you are in Buckeye country.  Now in Arizona do you have a major university?”   I said, “Oh, yeah, the eighth largest student enrollment of all universities in the country.”  Knowing Ohio State beat ASU in the Rose Bowl, and that ASU had only gone there twice since 1902 and Ohio State had been there 12 times, the passionate fan was winning the debate.  I was introduced to another person and he was prepared. He extended his hand with a Buckeye hat to give to me, and then for a handshake – after I took the Buckeye hat. Now what kind of reaction am I going to get wearing a Buckeye hat in Arizona?! He really didn’t care; he was a passionate fan of the Ohio State University Buckeyes. I will keep the hat as a constant reminder of how uninhibited passionate people are about sharing their passion with those around them. 

I hope you are getting my reason for telling you all about Buckeye fever…Buckeye football reduced down to the simplest formula is about a bunch of guys pushing each other all over a field to get a ball over a goal line – and bragging about how they beat the other guys. TriVita passion is about helping people find wellness and greater wealth so that they may fulfill their life purposes here on earth.  Come on TriVita fans…we have one of the greatest opportunities life could ever give us.  Let’s be passionate about wellness and wealth. You don’t have to sell, just share your passion for Nopalea! 

Now in all fairness to the game we love in North America, I think it is great for the community and for building wonderful events where fans can cheer on their teams to excel in a very competitive and physically demanding sport.  I love football but it did make me jealous and envious for the passion of the Buckeye fever to be in TriVita.


2 Responses to "The Buckeye State Delivers…Affiliates and Passion!"

Great job to Rudy and everyone else for a very successful meeting in Columbus. Carisa and I enjoyed meeting Rudy, David Easterbrooks, Peter Caparis and others on their team at the Nopalea kick-off event on March 26. It was especially enjoyable to be able to hear Rudy on stage, too. Thanks so much to Michael Ellison, Terry Newsome and everyone else for making the trip to Columbus.

Carisa and I continue to get testimonials via phone and email from our team every week about the amazing things that Nopalea is doing for people. We are building for the Galaxy of Stars which is coming in less than two months.

Thanks for the great update on your blog Michael. We love reading these every week!

Mike & Carisa Riedmiller

We are thankful that Michael, Rudy, Peter, Terry, David, Carol, Kevin, JoAnn, Sheila, Dan and Matt came to Columbus to share Trivita with us. I know that the team I am buiding here will make Michael very proud and we honor him as an honorary Buckeye for life! Yes, we have passion and we will carry that passion over to building health and wellness in people’s minds, hearts and souls.

Now I am thankful that I gave you that hat Michael. For it is a symbol of sharing the passion that burns in me for all that I set my mind to. Once again, thank you for coming here and sharing of your team and your message. We will not let you down!

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