Share and Earns pays off…do the math!

Posted on: August 11, 2009

The stories keep rolling in of people experiencing dramatic results with Nopalea. Susan and I just returned from spending a couple of days with James and Betty Robison. James and I played some golf together and one thing I noticed was that James did not wear the arm brace he had worn for over five years to protect an inflamed tendon. He no longer needs it as Nopalea helped lower the inflammation, and there is no longer any pain. This is awesome. 

As Affiliates, this is a rare opportunity to have a product exclusive to the company you represent that delivers such incredible results. One of the most significant things you can do to build your business activity is encourage people to try this product. If everyone would simply believe in the power of the product and the power of numbers, they would see their business explode. 

You can go to and click on ‘testimonials’ to find out about the power of the product that produces results, along with the science to support the claims being made. 

But let’s talk the power of numbers. This is baseball season, so let’s go to the top earners in baseball, who are paid over $20 million a year, and see their numbers at bat to get an indication as to why they would be paid such incredibly high salaries. Two players come to mind who have those kinds of annual salaries – Alex Rodriquez and Derek Jeter. Please take note – in front of millions of fans, they get put out 7 out of 10 times at bat. They are mega sports stars who are idolized as the greatest of players. Babe Ruth, the home run king of the past, basically had the same results. But if you go into any baseball stadium, the fans and the players know that if you can get a hit 3 out of 10 times at bat, then you are star status at the batter’s box. 

Now why is it that an Affiliate may feel mortified to be turned down 7 out of 10 times in making a presentation of the wonderful benefits of Nopalea when the power of the numbers are there? The comp plan will support significant returns as you build your business and teach others to share the benefits of Nopalea, even while being told “no” 8 out of 10 times. Here’s an example below.  

Let’s say 2 out of 10 people will order the product if given the opportunity to have an entire bottle and experience the “Nopalicious” taste and potency of the product. Since our Gift of Health is priced at $20, giving away a bottle to 10 people would cost $200. Now if each of the two new Nopalea Affiliate Members order the product for the next 90 days, that gives us 6 bottles at $40 totaling $240. You then get 30% from Share and Earn comp, which is a return of $80. However, you teach them about the power of the product and numbers and show them they could get their product free for life and earn part-time income by simply sharing the Nopalea story, along with the Gift of Health to 10 people. So that now creates 4 people who purchase a bottle each month for 3 months, giving a total of 12 bottles purchased at $40 (totaling $480), and you receive 15% or $72. You already have $152 of your $200 back. What if now 3 out of the 4 get 2 people (which are now six people) who use 3 bottles in 90 days? That adds up to 18 bottles at $40 (totaling $720), and now you get 10% which is $72. You have received back all your $200 plus $24 extra, but you have only used three tiers of your comp plan. If that activity continues down through seven tiers over the next 10 years, how much would you make? 

A correct answer is a lot! But my point is not how much you can make, but rather the proof that activity with proper expectations does deliver results that are recognized as being outstanding in the world of averages, and that is with 8 out of 10 people saying no. 

Most people lack understanding of what are proper expectations of behavior, as we tend to choose the remarkable results we desire without recognizing the actions that were necessary to achieve them. How many practice balls has Tiger Woods hit since he was a three year old being taught by his father? It is millions, with an incredible talent to go along with his tenacious desire to win. 

I encourage each of you to pride yourself in the actions and the numbers that will drive the success you desire.


7 Responses to "Share and Earns pays off…do the math!"

Thank you Michael,

I know everyone says it but I really mean it. If we only realized what we have and what we can be if we only acted in faith…we would see continually what people with little faith call miracles.

One amazing lady I work with, Monica, said to me yesterday “this is amazing; (Nopalea and Trivita) everyone I talk to needs something I have. ”

That is the key…everyone around you needs some benefit from something you have. It could be encouragement, hope, health tips, financial stimulation,wisdom or a smile. Just know that one person with a die hard belief and a vision is a majority! You already won if you stepped out of your door focused on helping someone fill a need. Often the difference between success and failure is so insignificant….

I hope that we live the passion we talk about in earnest every day for even just a few months…the effect will ripple for a lifetime. In just a few months I have seen dozens of people share with me miraculous stories that break my heart because of Trivita products and your mission. If every affiliate felt that experience they would never stop paying life forward.

We are called to greatness and to invest our God given talents and gifts for a great purpose. If we do not do it now then who will. As Ghandi said…Let;’s be the change we wish to see in the world.

Treat this amazing opportunity with half the respect you would your job for one year and I believe that we will see a new company every Galaxy.

Thank you Tina, Bryan, Michael, Terry and Gillian and all the leaders that are firing on all cylinders and taking away excuses for mediocrity. Thank you for doing so much. I look forward to doing life with you guys more than you know.

Gotta go…my dreams are calling and need action to fuel them!

C3 Ray

Wow! These numbers really put things into perspective.

I completely support this Gift of Health program. My husband and I have seen great results… and as has been noted, many don’t just buy a bottle, they buy a case. Thirty percent on a case adds up pretty quickly!

In the meantime, I’m so happy to see my friends and neighbors experiencing wellness benefits. Compound that by the realization that it’s quite possible to achieve a handsome income, with a part time effort for merely sharing your personal wellness experience with anyone who will listen… hmmm… it gets better than that where?

Let the numbers speak. They tell the long range story. All we have to do is get with the program. Be sure to follow up… in my experience, people often have results from the bottle we give them. You sure don’t want them sitting there waiting for you to tell them what to do next.

Thanks for the break down in numbers, Michael, I may just have to plagiarize that. 😉

Tula 🙂

Carisa and I continue to see tremendous success from people who are taking Nopalea and also from our team who is building with Nopalea and the Gift of Health. Your example of the numbers and how it can grow is outstanding. Consistent action with the expectation of results if how to produce results with this great product. Our team continues to tell us about the great testimonials that they are having on a daily basis.

Carisa and I sponsored two new people last week and have several more prospects that we are following up with. We are also focused on helping our team do the same.

Thanks for the great blog. Looking forward to the next entry.

Mike & Carisa Riedmiller


After reading your blog and then reading what Bryan Wirth wrote my wonderful Presidential Director who only “teaches” and “gives back” himself and leading by example it gives you such confidence to be partnered with Trivita.

It is time to make a difference and I am so happy to be making a great life and living by being part of Trivita and carrying on Michael’s mission.

We are so very blessed to have a product like Nopalea and a product that we can gift to people for their wellness that can lead to a wealth building “journey” as Michael explains with sharing Nopalea.

We have something to offer with Nopalea that nobody else can give and if you want your life to get better in wealth and wellness, go improve someone else’s life.

Share the “Secret Killer Brochure” with everyone!

Tina Gonda

Michael, You are absolutely right on with this message! Nopalea has provided us all such an amazing opportunity to build our business. Your numbers tell it all. I believe in the power of daily actions taken with belief and expectation that great things will happen.

Interesting that you gave the example of giving away 10 bottles of Nopalea. Today, I paid it forward to a newly enrolled Affiliate member by sending out 10 Gifts of Health to his list of prospects. He was somewhat surprised that I would do this. I asked him to consider doing the same with the first AM he recruited. I then painted the picture of what could happen if everyone would do this! Like you said the numbers are amazing!

The Gift of Health should remove any fear of rejection! I have never had anyone tell me they didn’t want to try this product for FREE.

My experience has been that most of the people who try Nopalea are having some amazing results with their first bottle! Many have ended up placing an order for a case or more. Several have decided to become Affiliate Members! I can’t think of a better way to spend 20.00 dollars to grow your business!

Bryan Wirth

PS In talking with my CPA, this a legitimate business expense. So what does it really cost me to send the GOH ?

Bryan -just one word describes your idea: BRILLIANT!

Jon & Pathrecy

Bryan I really like that idea of giving out 10 bottles for the newly enrolled Affiliate Member. That’s a brilliant idea to kick start their business and invest into them. I bet if everyone did that for their new Affiliate Members, then there would be more of a retention rate.

We just did a Tasting tonight and signed up another Affiliate Member. What’s so awesome is she’s been eating the nopal cactus for years. When she heard we were using it for one of our new products she was excited!

Here’s what I really love about Nopalea… it’s one of the only products out there that where people actually get a product experience when they take it. Simply amazing!

– Tony

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