Tula Savisky Triumphs with Sharing Nopalea

Posted on: August 17, 2009

You have to read this story about Tula Savisky. These testimonies just fire off my jets and launch me into another mission orbit. I love hearing how people are having life transformations with TriVita.  

Tula joined TriVita in December 2008, not thinking she was going to make a lot of money, but in hopes that TriVita would be different than her past business experiences. Someone she knew in an online community referred her to TriVita, assuring her she could do the business. 

She told me, “I failed at every network marketing company I’ve been involved with before because the products simply didn’t do what was promised. It seemed like you had to be a seller or taker from someone to get something for yourself. That just is not my personality, but my enroller Tanya Sydney told me TriVita was different. I hoped it would be, and that I could help people while earning some money at the same time.” 

Tula received her first check from TriVita which was $9.  She and her husband, Terry, love to canoe and camp, so she hoped that someday she could buy a new canoe. But then came the Nopalea launch, and she experienced a wellness experience that removed pain, gave her new mobility with renewed energy to do the things that are physically demanding and things she loves to do. In fact, by lowering inflammation in her body, even the psoriasis skin blemishes she’s had for years are clearing up. That is remarkable in itself, as there is little that can be done for this kind of skin disorder. 

She started sharing Nopalea online with some success and began to watch her checks go up. Her belief in the product continued to build as she was receiving amazing stories from people about how their health was improving. You might remember the call Bryan Wirth and I did about how small actions create small successes that help build belief. And when belief becomes the force, all things are possible. Get into action and create small successes as you are just a few steps away from belief where big and mighty things happen.  

Now Tula is not hiding behind a computer because she cannot share with someone in person; she is out in the community everywhere she goes sharing the Nopalea story. Her belief is so powerful and she told me “If you just share and care about people, the compensation will come back to you.”  Sounds like reciprocity to me! She is now moving quickly towards becoming a Director, and in only 7 months, her July compensation was $1,700!  

She said, “Michael, my personal development to overcome fear and doubts has been incredible.  I could not have even talked with you about my goals and my life when I first started with TriVita. I attribute much of that to the life changing effects that Sublingual B-12 had on my mental focus, emotional stability and physical energy. Add to that the fantastic support I have received from my enroller Tanya Sydney, Fred Gondzar, Mike Riedmiller and Cody Ramsey, and I’m a different person.”  She boldly said, “I have my eyes set on being Presidential Director someday.  I know I can do it if I just keep sharing.” 

Here is a dynamic, synergistic and powerful thing that happened to Tula and her husband Terry…when TriVita changed the policy so anyone of legal age in a household could have a position as an Affiliate, she immediately recruited her husband. He had always been supportive, but it was always Tula’s business not ‘their’ business. As soon as Terry enrolled, he immediately made a list of contacts that he wanted in his business. He began sending the Gift of Health, which led to enrolling the builders he wanted to work with him. But here is what is so powerful…Tula and Terry began to dream about what they wanted to do together and A FAMILY PURPOSE DREAM EMERGED! The dream became much bigger than a canoe. They want to go to Baffin Island above the Arctic Circle and work with the Inuit. They want to return to South America where they lived for 9 years and renew friendships. This once timid, NOW bold TriVita Affiliate asked me, “When are you going worldwide, as we have contacts all over the world who we want to get involved in TriVita? We have people in Australia…how soon before TriVita is in Australia?” 

I could write a book on Tula instead of a blog. What can we learn with this incredible story? 

  1. You never know what lies inside of an individual. With the nurturing and encouragement she received from her support team, she now believes like we do that all things are possible when you believe in the products. As leaders – nurture, encourage and inspire, as you just don’t know the potential of the power of belief.
  2. Get the whole family involved, as it creates family purpose and focus.
  3. Don’t be a taker, but rather a giver, and share with people the power of Nopalea. Tula gives people a bottle and uses the Gift of Health. She believes in the product.
  4. Actions create success… success creates belief in yourself… belief then creates many magnificent possibilities. 

I am proud to share this story with you. This is why there is a TriVita. I see thousands of Affiliates rising up with actions to demonstrate the product and people experiencing a greater quality of life. Affiliate businesses are going to explode as we become audacious and bold in our actions to share an anti-inflammatory product with a highly toxic and inflamed world. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing about Tula.


8 Responses to "Tula Savisky Triumphs with Sharing Nopalea"

I loved reading this story ! It makes one realize that everything starts with small steps
that build on one another , ( kind of like precept upon precept….sounds familiar….I like that ) until the result is surprisingly spectacular.

John Bianco

Hi Tula,

Nothing works in life without passion. Your passion for what you believe in is paying off.

I am so glad you have embraced this great vision that is driving TriVita. It is changing lives and yours has become the latest addition to the list.

Many thanks to Michael Ellison for his life-changing vision and contagious passion for wellness.

You will still do great things in TriVita.

Remain blessed.

Goddie Ude

What a great testimony!!

Tula, you have come so far in such a short amount of time.
I am so proud of you.

When you first learned about TriVita, you did some of the deepest due dilligence that could be done. When you completed your study of the company and everything they had to offer, you convinced yourself that they were as good as other Affiliates said they were.

Since that time, you have steadily been growing your TriVita business with a ferver that reminded me of the way I went for it. LOL

Keep up the great work, and again, congratulations for being interviewed by Mr. Ellison!!

God bless,
Fred Gondzar

Thanks everyone, it has been quite a transformation. I have to say, though, that there are just 3 basic reasons for this success…

1. TriVita provides the platform from which success for even the average person can be had. You don’t have to be a marketing guru, an SEO expert or have a ton of money to get started properly. If TriVita were not such a good company, I don’t believe for a minute I would have ever even started, never mind got where I am today.

2. From there, I’ve had fantastic support with my upline. Fred, Tanya and I are in touch almost on a daily basis. Mike and Fred, along with some of the other leaders have provided super training sessions and inspirational success stories. There have been motivational experts invited to speak and give us direction… all over and above what TriVita itself provides us in the way of professional materials either provided free or at cost… just look at that preview of the coming infomercial to get an idea of the quality of the materials we have available! People see this and immediately realize they are not dealing with a fly by night company that wants to make a quick buck off of a passing fad. Nopalea will be around a loooooooooooong time… because it works.

3. And finally, where would I be without my team?? All the members that have put their trust in TriVita and I… ? You cannot achieve any level of success in life all on your own. Not only are we humans not made that way, but when you compound efforts the natural consequences are compounded results.

I have great affection for each and every member of my team and my dream is that WE ALL ACHIEVE THE SAME SUCCESS! I believe that TriVita and our Team’s Leadership going right up to Bryan Wirth provides the vehicle for success beyond what we ever imagined. We are just beginning!

May we all get a new canoe!


Carisa and I have enjoyed seeing the growth in Tula and her business. I remember when she didn’t want to speak on any conference calls, but that has changed and she’s shared some great information with our team. I really enjoyed the call that she spoke on about the Nopalea meetings that she attended in Canada in which she enrolled some new Affiliate Members.

Carisa and I look forward to meeting Tula at the Galaxy of Stars, and to seeing you continued growth in TriVita. And YES, we are also looking forward to the upcoming international expansion in which we can bring the TriVita wellness message to more of the world!

Mike Riedmiller

Tula, your testimonial and story is wonderful. I remember several month’s after you joined Trivita you called me and were a bit nervous about conducting informational call’s on Trivita with our team. Although we are not in the same downline, we both share Fred Gondzar and Mike Riedmiller in our upline and you and I had a couple of great phone call’s after that discussing Trivita and Sonoran Bloom Nopalea.

You have come so far in such a short time! Congratulations on your success. Wow! Now you are out there sharing Nopalea with everyone! I have both my son’s in Trivita too – it’s great having the family involved.

Take Care,

Denise Wilson

Excellent testimonial!! Wishing Tula great success!! Warmest regards, Sue

Tula, Thanks so much for sharing your inspiring testimony with Michael. Your story is so powerful because it clearly demonstrates the power of belief and purpose in overcoming our fears!

I have absolutely no doubts that you will one day become a Presidential Director with TriVita. Just keep doing what you’re doing and you can’t miss!


Bryan Wirth

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