Carisa Riedmiller – Joining Ranks with Husband Mike to Achieve Family Goals

Posted on: August 24, 2009

In my phone conversation with Carisa Riedmiller, I asked her why she chose to become an Affiliate and join her husband Mike in building the TriVita business together. She said, “Michael, I came to the 2008 Galaxy of Stars with Mike, and we brought our children with us to learn about the company. Galaxy of Stars was so inspiring to all of us because it gave us the big picture of the mission, leadership, the great products and the intense desire of truly helping people experience wellness, while creating wealth for life purposes. We got it!!  When the company changed the policy that a spouse and any family member of legal age could become an Affiliate, I jumped at the chance, because I knew I had friends I could share the products with and help them experience wellness.” She also said that all her children love the products and want to become Affiliates when they reach legal age!!!

This has been a significant breakthrough we have seen this year by changing the policy so that anyone of legal age in a family could become an Affiliate. It has brought families together in building a business with family goals and purpose so that everyone could participate. You read in my blog last week where Tula recruited her husband and together they formed a financial goal that would allow them to fulfill their life dreams and purposes. The Possick family is also working together setting new goals in getting to the Director level. 

Well the Riedmiller family, as Terry Newsome would say, is ‘on fire’ with passion to achieve their dreams and fulfill their life purposes. Carisa said, “The first major goal is for Mike to retire 25 years early.  That will happen when he achieves Presidential Director, and I am out to make that happen by building a third leg. When that happens, we will have time together to travel with our children and do things that most families never get to do.” You could hear the intense desire and passion in her voice to make this a reality. I predict it will happen in 2010, and I will have the joy of presenting the Presidential Director award to Mike at the Galaxy of Stars. I can already envision it!!!

Here is something very cool to me. When we were looking for cities to participate in the Sonoran Bloom Tour, I asked Mike about Lincoln, Nebraska, his home town. I knew Mike had a fast growing business and wanted to support him, but he said, “My Affiliates are scattered all over North America, and I don’t have any local effort that could draw 200-500 people. Today that has changed with Carisa leading the way building a dynamic local group who is on the move. Share and Earn, with Nopalea, is changing the way Affiliates are doing business.

I asked Carisa how she was building her business. It was like a heavenly choir singing in my ears when she spoke about how she was inviting women to talk about wellness at a weekly meeting at a local café. They share their experiences, and she introduces another featured product of TriVita besides Nopalea at each meeting. Carisa said,
“We have so many great products – I want them to know about all of them so they can enjoy their wellness benefits.” She then went on to say, “I keep it light and having fun is a top priority.”

Carisa said, “I use the Gift of Health to introduce Nopalea, which includes the Secret Killer brochure. It has so much good information, and I don’t hype the information as I know people will make the right decision for themselves if they are properly informed.”  Wow!!  This is the way to sell in the 21st Century!

Carisa and Mike started having gatherings in their home twice a month inviting the spouses to join with their wives in an evening with food and Nopalea tastings. They are now enrolling the husbands who are joining their wives as Affiliates to make it a family wellness business. “When both the husband and wife are joined as Affiliates, it makes a tremendous difference,” she said. “Women want support, but doing the business together is powerful and makes a big difference in the confidence level, but still allows each to be focused on their individual business and have personal goals.” She continued, “I want to be successful, and know I am building something because of my efforts, but Mike and I have family goals and that is the greatest motivator of all.”

Carisa really believes supporting new Affiliates is absolutely critical so they don’t feel alone, and if they get discouraged, the team is there to build them up. Carisa, I ABSOLUTELY WHOLE HEARTEDLY AGREE.    

Carisa went on to say, “I don’t even talk about money or the comp plan, as I just know if they get excited about the wellness experience of the products, they will share it with others, and I will be compensated.” That is the reciprocity power that seeks to reward the server of mankind that I wrote about in my book. You watch the upcoming career path awards presentations, as not only will Mike be a Presidential Director, Carisa will someday join him on stage. This is a family who works the business, has purpose and knows that helping people is the way to achieve success in life.

If I were writing a book, rather than a blog, I could write chapter after chapter on this dynamic Riedmiller family who gets it!  Carisa, you are a truly a model TriVita Affiliate.


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It has been great to see that TriVita made it possible to have “household” teams, and the way it can enhance the TriVita business & mission. I believe that this is going to give TriVita another advantage over other “opportunities” that are in the marketplace… For a husband and wife to work together for the common good is fantastic. We all are going to be household names within the TriVita world… Bryan/Tammi, Mike/Carisa, Tina/Mark… THANKS for the opportunity!


I’m so glad I found this site…Keep up the good work.

Carisa is such an inspiration to me. She has been sharing TriVita with my family for over two years. The beauty of Carisa is that she leads with the product and is doing great with it. She is so knowledgeable about all of the TriVita products and is full of answers whenever I have a question. What a blessing it is to be on Mike and Carisa’s team. It is even more of a blessing to call Carisa a friend. She is truly one of a kind! Thanks Michael for sharing this with us.

Carisa, I am so proud of you!!! I have been telling Mike for month’s to have Carissa on our team call’s. Carisa has always been very active in TriVita, even before she had a position of her own in TriVita. I am very proud of her effort’s in Nebraska. The Riedmiller family truly loves TriVita, the company, the product’s and everything to do with TriVita! I can’t say enough about Carisa and her dedication. In fact, I am on the phone with Carisa now. I look foward to seeing all of the Riedmiller’s at the Galaxy of Star’s!


This is absolutely wonderful what you shared about Carisa.

As moms we don’t ever want to sacrifice our children, and the home business model gives us all the resources without sacrifice to grow an extra stream of income and also be the best role of wife and mother.

The first time I met Carisa and Mike, they had an energy that I certainly wanted to be around. I know Carisa will reach out and change so many women’s lives and then in turn change families and couples lives.

I can hardly wait to get to Galaxy of Stars, my first one with my husband Mark, and be around all the great energy and great people who have paved the way thus far in TriVita.

If you love what you do, it isn’t like having a job at all and like Carisa, I think if you go out and unselfishly share wellness and the TriVita Essentials, you will be so blessed as you bless others.

Thank you Michael for TriVita and this amazing opportunity!

Tina Gonda

I love your story, Carissa! Very encouraging… it really shows what a little enthusiasm can do. As TriVita Affiliates we have every reason to be enthusiastic and courageous. People need to hear about TriVita products and the associated income opportunity. A generous spirit will quite naturally share the good things in their life. Well… we are generous. And we have something good to share.

Congratulations on your growing success!


Congratulations Carisa! I read your testimony on Michael’s blog and just couldn’t help myself….I had to smile. Marty and I are so happy and proud for both you and Mike in how you have taken to the TriVita mission. I totally agree with Michael when he says “you get it.” But what made me smile when I read your story was that I seem to remember about two years ago when Mike and I began doing the conference calls to share TriVita with others, you would listen in just to hear what was being said but flatly refused to ever let anyone know you were on the call….much less speak. Now look at you: A TriVita leader making a difference in the lives of others by simply sharing your vision of wellness with them.

Bravo! Keep it up, as that is what we are all about. May you continue to enjoy the blessings realized while in the service of others.
See you in a few weeks at the Galaxy of Stars.

Carisa, what an inspiring message for so many, and it is fantastic to have you and Mike as leaders in TriVita and in my upline, spreading the message of the wellness experience that people can have with TriVita’s products. I too see Mike becoming Presidential Director in the very near future and it’s so great with the team you’re building what the two of you will achieve and how many people you’ll be able to help in health and in achieving their life purpose by being compensated for helping others with the power of reciprocity.

I want to thank Michael Ellison for writing such a wonderful blog about my lovely wife Carisa. She so enjoyed speaking to you on the phone.

Carisa loves TriVita as a company and all of the great products, especially Nopalea and Adaptogen. Our entire family is experiencing better health and wellness because of them. Our children LOVE the taste of Nopalea!!

I have seen Carisa do a lot of great things with TriVita in a short period of time by promoting the products and the wellness experience. She also loves working with our local and national team. This really has been a team effort as we have a lot of Affiliate Members in our group that live in Nebraska that have also been doing some great things, too. Carisa and our good friend Tami Styskal are working hard and having a lot of fun, along with a lot of other people here in Lincoln and Omaha.

Plus we get a lot of support from not only the TriVita home office, but also National Sales Director Terry Newsome who is always available for us 24/7, and Bryan and Tammi Wirth, and Cody and Marty Ramsey. We have a fabulous upline. And we have a great team that spans across the U.S. and Canada. Fred Gondzar has started his own “Black Hills” local team in South Dakota and he has a large group. Kathy Smith and her team are also doing a lot of great things.

Carisa and I are really blessed to be working with so many great people from the Ellisons, everyone at TriVita, our upline, and everyone on our team. It really is a TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) effort.

Thank you to everyone for your kind words, phone calls and emails since this blog post has come out.

Carisa and I are looking forward to the Galaxy of Stars coming very soon (be sure to get registered at if you haven’t yet). We also look forward to the launch of the new infomercial on September 8th, new products coming out later this year, and international expansion in 2010 and beyond.

This is such an exciting time to be involved with this great company. All of us are truly blessed.

Mike Riedmiller

Carisa, I am so proud of you!!!

The team of “Mike and Carisa” is a powerful thing, and it is such a pleasure to know that you both are at the head of our group.

Onward and upward!!

God bless,
Fred Gondzar

Thank you Michael for sharing Carisa’s story with everyone. It is your great leadership that inspires all of us to break through our self-imposed limitations and strive to reach our potential. I certainly appreciate all that you have done!

It has been my pleasure to watch Carisa absolutely grow into one of TriVita’s shining stars!! When we first met at last year’s Galaxy of Stars, it seemed like we had known each other forever. I knew after talking with her that she was a little unsure of her role in TriVita beyond her contribution to supporting Mike in TriVita.

Well, I think it is pretty apparent to everyone around her…..she has found her role and is becoming an amazing leader. I am so proud of her. She is another great representative for TriVita.

Carisa….your enthusiasm for the Share and Earn model and your love of the product is so contagious. I can’t wait to watch you go up on stage in the very near future accepting your Directors award! I know that Mike and your kids are so proud of you. See you soon at the Galaxy of Stars.

This goes to show how many great things can happen by leading with the product. The Gift of Health is a great way to do that. Get the product in their hands, educate, and follow up. What a great blog, and I commend the way Mike and Carisa have made their business grow.

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