There’s no stopping Jake as he prepares his dream future with TriVita

Posted on: August 31, 2009

The interview with Jake Buckendorf started off and stayed intense as he said, “Michael, I am sorry to be rushed, but I am pulling into the State Fairgrounds as we have a Nopalea booth here for the next 11 days. I am so excited about getting this product out in front of people. I expect 300 to 500 new customers out of this event over the next 11 days and a large number of Affiliates.”

Jake went on to say that Nopalea tastes so good that everyone wonders how something that tastes that good could be so good for you. He said it is like fishing when the fish takes hook, line and sinker. You could hear the excitement and anticipation in his voice and hear it in the background as people were about ready to have a “Nopalicious” experience!!

Jake is not a blowhard kind of guy. Several months ago he sent me a marketing plan that detailed how he would reach Presidential Director – with a goal of doing it in the shortest time ever achieved up to now. Jake is an accomplished real estate professional with earnings of $500,000 per year – and needless to say, you must be a mover and shaker to do that in residential real estate. Jake told me, “I did my due diligence on TriVita and Nopalea. I am leaving real estate where I have made over a million dollars in the last couple of years, as I want residual income with TriVita so I can have the quality of life I desire. I also want to spend my life  helping others experience greater wellness and wealth for their important life purposes.”

I asked Jake what he saw in his due diligence that got him so fired up about TriVita. He said, “Michael, we have a product exclusive to us that nobody else has. All the juice companies are antioxidants and ours is anti-inflammatory.”  Wow!!! Jake gets it. He was telling me about his neighbor who has a 40-acre blueberry farm; people have tried to sell her juices with claims of being the highest-rated ORAC juice. She said, “Why do I need more than blueberry antioxidants? They are potent!” But when she saw Nopalea and the anti-inflammatory benefits, she said, “Jake, I have never seen a product like Nopalea.”

I hope all you Affiliates understand it as well… have an incredible opportunity.  Jake went on to say, “We have a 70% Share and Earn bonus, plus we are on the ground floor of taking this product to the world. I want to be a Presidential Director and go to every country TriVita opens up in the future.”  He is web-savvy along with his drive and passion, and knows the world is connected!!! Jake said, “I am going to replace my real estate income and then grow from there.” 

I hope you can feel it in the way I captured it; here is a man burning with passion and a vision of taking Nopalea to the world. Jake is now one of our top enrollers in TriVita and he is just getting started.

I asked Jake how he demonstrates the product. He said, “Getting them to taste the product is key and getting them to take the product will deliver the result I am looking for. I so believe in the product and the cooperative relationship I have with the company that I just know it is about getting it to as many people as possible. With TriVita, serving the customer the way it does, with the catalog, VitaJournal and order taking, it allows me to just focus on growing the business.”  He said that if we did not have cooperative marketing he could not achieve the ambitious goals he has for his life and family with TriVita. “Cooperative marketing is priceless to me,” Jake went on to say.

Jake has a dream of having flex time and freedom, as he knows he is building a residual income business that is not transaction-oriented like real estate. He said, “I can’t wait ‘til I buy a motor home and travel anywhere I want, do the things I love to do, and know my business is still growing even though I may be gone for two weeks or even a month at a time. I am a hard-working, driven person, but freedom and flex time is the lifestyle I desire for my future.”  There are a lot of young men and women (and some baby boomers as well) who want flex time and freedom. TriVita is a great opportunity, especially with the launch of the new Nopalea television show. 

We just received our first preview comments back from the media. ABC Family, which now dominates in all five female demographic categories, said this show is outstanding and they think it is going to do great. Having done media for 40 years, my gut tells me we are getting ready for something very special to happen in TriVita.

If you want great success, you have to fire up the furnace of passion like Jake. You have to create a vision of purpose you just cannot live without. Purposeful vision is a powerful motivator. Most people do not lack the skills of enthusiasm and passion and what they will produce… they lack the purpose to fuel their passion and enthusiasm.

You can’t spend five minutes with Jake and not know he has vision and passion for his life. I look forward to the day when Jake walks on stage to receive his award, as I believe he is another Presidential Director and I will have had the pleasure of receiving his road map and watching him get there. If he did not believe it, Jake would be searching for some other opportunity and doing his due diligence to achieve his life purposes – however, he has found that at TriVita.

I conclude with this: Every one of us can look back over our lifetime and know we missed out on an opportunity, and that if we would have gotten on board, it would have been a great opportunity filled with fulfillment and financial rewards. I encourage you to do your due diligence and not let this one be another overlooked opportunity, but rather the one that gave you the dream and fulfillment for your life purposes. You are sitting at the end of the rainbow where the pot of gold lies. Your storm is over; look for the sign of the rainbow.


5 Responses to "There’s no stopping Jake as he prepares his dream future with TriVita"

Since Charlotte and I had just finished up with the NW Washington Fair, we wanted to know what Jake and his group was up to. So we drove down to Salem, OR. (Steal ideas) When we arrived, (seven hours later) there was a lady at the booth, as we were talking, a voice came up from behind as I turned around to see who it was I met a young man with a great big smile and eyes with a sparkle as bright as the sun, and I knew this had to be Jake. My first impression: This young man can do whatever he wants (That was my impression of Bryan Wirth several years ago, he also has that twinkle in his eyes).

As we were talking, I thanked him for the way he expressed the difference between Nopalea and the other juices, for some reason I had a hard time trying to explain the differences at our booth. (same words but they did not come out right)

We started to exchange ideas. I showed him pictures of our booth, and we came to the decision that we will try and join forces in the larger fairs next year.

As we were saying thank you and goodbye, Jake said with a BIG SMILE and laughter in his voice “I’ll stay out of Washington” and I replied “and I’ll stay out of Oregon.”

As we were driving back home, I was thinking what a nice young man and how back in the old days in MLM (Amway) we would have both been kicked out because you could not go across lines, and here we were planning on joining forces. TriVita has really changed the way of doing business.

Thanks Bryan for introducing Jake to TriVita
Dave & Charlotte Bradley

Great job Jake. You are building a real business with Sonoran Bloom Nopalea which will pay you for many years to come. Bryan Wirth has been telling Carisa and I about the success you are having. We look forward to seeing your business continue to grow in the coming months and years.

Keep up the good work. You are on your way to Presidential Director!!

Mike & Carisa Riedmiller


I was so inspired by the blog post about Jake the FIRST time I read it that I immediately copied it all and blasted it out to my group and many inspiring email replies have come back.

Thank you for keeping the great blog going and featuring people like Jake who truly sees the vision and will inspire many with his great talent and goals in place to fulfill his life purpose.

If we plan our work and work our plan as Jake is doing daily while taking others with us along the way, there is truly no stopping the achievements that can take place.

I can’t wait to meet Jake and other great TriVita leaders at GOS.

Thank You Michael Ellison for your passion and your heart to find and make ways for anyone who will take hold find sucess while building their wealth and wellness in TriVita.

Tina Gonda

Excellent Blog… one of my favorites! Jake Buckendorf is truly a rising star with TriVita and one of our top enrollers! Bryan Wirth was 100% correct when he first told me how gifted and talented Jake was. However, it was not until Jake flew into TrIvita with a new Affiliate he had enrolled that I realized Jake’s vision and passion to fulfill his life purposes.

I am SO impressed with this respectful young man as he has the leadership skills and the drive to build one of the largest organizations in TriVita. His strong desire to help others experience wellness and to create wealth for their life purposes was captured on film as Jake will be featured on the new Nopalea TV Show!

Congratulations Jake! We are extremely proud to have you as a part of the TriVita family!


Terry Newsome
National Sales Director

Tammi and I were first introduced to Jake through his grandmother, a long time friend of ours. He was 23 years old at that time and already very successful as a Real Estate Agent. When we left that first meeting, we were in total agreement that Jake was destined for greatness in his life. Here was a young man, “wise beyond his years” who had a very clear picture of what he wanted his life to be.

As Michael said, “five minutes with Jake and you know he has vision and passion for his life.” He will openly share his goals and life purposes with absolute BELIEF that he will accomplish them. Michael calls this the Law of Expression(listen to his tape). I believe this is the key to Jake’s success!

With all of Jake’s talent, ambition and enthusiasm for accomplishing great things, his family remains the most important thing in his life. His wife Leslie, and his little girl McKenna, are everything to him. That is what Tammi and I admire and respect most about Jake Buckendorf!

Jake, thank you so much for placing your confidence in joining our team. Tammi and I appreciate all that you do and the way you represent TriVita! You will no doubt reach Presidential Director in the very near future!


Bryan Wirth

p.s. You were awesome in the Infomercial!

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