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Rene Ferguson has a definite passion for wellness as a TriVita Affiliate and truly desires that others would experience greater wellness. Like Harold Widmere, who was featured last week, Rene is from Canada (Kamloops, British Columbia). During the Nopalea tour, it was very inspiring to meet so many of our Canadian Affiliates who were embracing wellness. My hope and prayer is that we can we find thousands more like them! 

Rene told me about a customer she acquired in 2001 through the media co-op advertising who had not ordered in several years. When the Nopalea tour event was in Charlotte, North Carolina, she called this customer who lived in the region, and invited him and his wife to come to the event. She took the opportunity to identify their health challenges and shared how Nopalea could help them. They did not attend the event but did order a case of Nopalea. She said he was so excited about the results that he now has his wife on Nopalea as well. It was the personal contact and belief from Rene that caused this person to try Nopalea. If you have customers who have not ordered in some time, just a personal call sharing your personal endorsement and belief in the benefits of the product could reactivate them. 

Bryan Wirth is finding that just by asking new or existing customers if they know of other people who might benefit from the product, he is getting many opportunities to keep the referral activity going. If they say yes, it is an opportune time to encourage them to become an Affiliate so they receive the financial benefit, as well as further securing a customer in your business. I so believe in the referral method of doing business that I have often said, “Drop me into any city where I do not know a soul and I can refer my way to success.”  People like to be helpful when you truly have something of value to offer! 

A personal product experience is one of the most powerful things that can affect an Affiliate’s belief in the product benefits. Rene doesn’t just have one product experience, but several, as she has used multiple TriVita products to enhance her health. She is not shy or reluctant to talk about the products because she knows how important they have been in her own life. She was very excited to tell me of the dramatic improvement in her vision after using TriVita’s Vision Guard. In fact, the provincial Motor Vehicles Department removed the restricted driving status from her driver’s license! Because of Bone Builder, her doctor – who had earlier diagnosed her with osteopenia – told her she had reversed her bone loss and was actually gaining bone density. Developing belief in the benefits of the product you are representing is critical to your success. 

Rene had a similar experience as Cody Ramsey, our new Presidential Director. He had his first product experience and belief about the effects of Nopalea on inflammation from his aging dog, which had such serious inflammation it could no longer jump up in their vehicle. Cody had to actually build a ramp for the dog to walk up to get into the vehicle, but all that changed with Nopalea. The dog now jumps into the vehicle! 

Rene saw an aging horse dramatically improve from the effects of chronic inflammation in just a couple of weeks. She told me she was at a ranch where the family had a very old horse that was lame and had significant swelling in the jaws, impeding its ability to feed. This generally ends in death with an aging horse and it is very sad to see, especially when it has been with the family for years. Rene was so convincing about the benefits of Nopalea that the family began giving the horse a couple of tablespoons a day, then increased the dosage. Within just a couple of weeks, the horse had a profound reversal of its inflamed conditions and poor health. Rene said there was no placebo effect, and it was amazing to see the results – the horse was gaining weight and actually running around in the pasture. 

Every day she leaves the house, Rene is prepared to meet someone that she might introduce to Nopalea. She carries a supply of The Secret Killer Alert along with a small cooler containing a bottle of Nopalea and shot glasses so she can tell the story as well as demonstrate the product. When preparedness meets opportunity, it is the first step towards success. 

What I have discovered about Affiliates like Rene, who are building their business one person at a time, is that they have a belief about the product and are prepared and willing to tell the Nopalea story whenever possible. They are engaged in follow-up, and they believe they are contributing to people’s wellness – not just selling products. 

Rene left a career with a very large financial company so she could do TriVita full time. Her passion, along with her belief and mission, is that people may experience greater wellness. This makes Rene a perfect fit as a TriVita Affiliate. 

I ended my conversation with Rene and asked if she would be able to attend the Galaxy of Stars. She replied, “I would not even think of not being there. I am a TriVita Affiliate! There is no company like TriVita.”


It takes less than a minute talking with Harold Widmer to know where his heart and passions lie. He is quick to assert that he is retired and feels he can do what he enjoys most – helping people overcome health challenges and experience greater wellness. I have never spoken to any Affiliate who had more passion and excitement in their voice as they shared their stories of people experiencing truly astonishing results from Nopalea. 

He told me flat out his belief about wellness. He said, “Michael, if a person has no health, it doesn’t matter what else they have, as they will not enjoy it.”  He told me of a woman he knows who has three million in cash but lost her health, so she can’t even travel, which is something she has always done. Just recently her friends were going to Europe for an extended time and she had the time and money but could not take the trip because of poor health. Harold said, “In my mind, good health is the most important thing a person must pursue. I mean physical, emotional and spiritual health.” 

“I can’t promote a product I don’t believe in, and I know it will benefit those I am trying to help achieve greater wellness. I began with Nopalea April 21, taking one to two ounces a day for the first four or five weeks, and then dropped down to one ounce a day thereafter for maintenance. I have had major pain in a tooth for nearly five years that is sensitive to hot, cold and even touch. It has been very aggravating to always have pain.  Within three weeks, my pain was gone.” 

Harold also told me that he has had another major experience that he can’t even believe possible and said he is going to wait 9 to 12 months before he declares the testimony, but he is very excited about what has happened to him. “I got so fired up, I began contacting people that I know who have health issues that are inflammatory-related,” Harold went on to say. One person he knows has suffered from the symptoms of lupus. Harold made it clear he was not diagnosing or treating disease but that he was recommending Nopalea to reduce inflammation, and this person is now nearly pain-free after two months on Nopalea. He shared about an 80-year-old man in the Edmonton, Alberta area who loved to ice skate but had to give it up due to inflammatory arthritis. Harold suggested he try Nopalea and now the man is skating at the Edmonton Mall skating rink every day. Harold had so many incredible stories to share that he got more and more excited as he talked. 

Because he is doing so well with the Share and Earn Program, I asked him about his method of sharing. He said, “Michael, I love The Secret Killer health alert. What I do is take a 3 x3 yellow sticky and put it right over the picture of the bottle on the inside cover.  I write a simple message, ‘…a bit of info on TriVita’s amazing new product. Results are truly marvelous!  60-day, 100% money-back-guarantee. Your lifetime membership number is xxxxxxxx.’ People forget they have a lifetime membership if they haven’t ordered in the last couple of years.” He told me that he recently reactivated a person whose last purchase was in 2001. He signs his name on the sticky note and puts a smiley face after it. He said it was really working well for him. The 12-minute Nopalea email clip that Brazos did with the Canadian Affiliates is also working extremely well. 

I asked him how he was doing building his business and he said, “That isn’t important to me; I am retired and I get to do what I love to do, which is help people experience greater health with TriVita products.”  Well, his checks keep going up, and I expect Harold will continue to do what he loves to do, and a lot of people will be very grateful for his sincere desire and passion for them to experience greater health. Harold is a remarkable person with a true passion and gift to give to others! 

There are some conversations that could go on indefinitely, like the one I had with Harold, as we both are so passionate about health. You see, I lost my health, and I knew immediately what Harold was saying when he started the conversation by saying, if you don’t have your health, it really doesn’t matter what else you have, as you will not enjoy it. That is exactly what happened to me. I was no longer able to function as a husband, father or business leader. My body and emotions were wrapped up in the pain to where I could not do much of anything. Maybe that is why, no matter how challenging life may be, if I have my health I know I am in the game. To me, that is really more important than even winning the game. 

You might try Harold’s yellow sticky note approach to encourage people to read The Silent Killer health alert. It is just another way to share the Nopalea story. Nopalea is truly a gift from God. I know of no other product that is comparable in the results it delivers by lowering inflammation. You have the opportunity to take it to your world without hesitation or concern about the benefits it will deliver!





Tom and Lori Obey are great examples of TriVita leadership who embody the mission of helping people experience wellness and create greater wealth for important life purposes. I wish we had 10,000 couples like the Obeys, as we would impact the world! The smiles on their faces and in their voices always inspire a person to look up and be grateful for what they have and for the opportunity to achieve more. 

They are two of the most upbeat people you will ever meet. When setbacks occur – and they have had their setbacks – they have found the courage to move forward with their mission of helping people. They are going to be at the Galaxy of Stars with eight others from their group. If you have not met them, seek them out as you will be inspired by their genuine passion for helping people and the TriVita mission. 

They are firm believers in the law of reciprocity – which is foundational to a person whose life is committed to serving others. Tom has been in a full-time ministry dedicated to helping people. Tom said, “I use Tim Horton’s restaurant, and everyone knows that if I am meeting on one side of the restaurant I am doing ministry work, and if I am on the other side, I am making a TriVita presentation.” Tom has more fun engaging with people than anyone I know. He has no retirement program from his life of ministry, and that is where TriVita has become significant for him and Lori. 

Tom told me the “Pay It Forward” principle is the greatest thing he has experienced in his TriVita business. As an example, he has a TriVita Affiliate, Terri Conley, whose father, Tony Leonard (also an AM), is a retired pastor now in his 70s with no retirement. He loves the TriVita products but struggled building his business. So Tom and Lori, being the passionate leaders they are, decided to build under Tony. Tom told me with excitement in his voice that Tony received $1,000 due to Share & Earn and his income has increased to over $600 per month since Nopalea was introduced. Tony is excited and has enrolled three Affiliates to further build his organization. 

I am convinced that within every person there is potential, but it is only released when there is BELIEF that they can really build a TriVita business. Who doesn’t want greater wellness and wealth? Most people struggle with the idea of actually having it. You play a significant role in helping people BELIEVE in themselves. Tom and Lori pay it forward in many ways: first, in service to their organization, but also by using the Nopalea Gift of Health and even with the MAP program. 

They host a monthly meeting where Tom presents the business opportunity, along with the products, and answers questions from his group as well as from prospects. Lori is active with weekly meetings; doing Nopalea Tastings and helping women grow their businesses. They told me that these meetings have made a huge difference in their business growth. 

Tom and Lori are not surfing on the back of someone else. They believe success comes from hard work. They started building their organization one person at a time, helping each individual believe in themselves with encouragement and by rewarding efforts. Tom and Lori have ongoing reward and recognition programs, which add excitement to their organization. They are true leaders with their mission of helping people find physical, emotional, spiritual and financial health. 

Their business has seen 50% growth since the launch of Nopalea and Share and Earn, and they believe that even greater things are going to happen. Tom said, “Please don’t change a thing. Just keep improving the tools so we can continue to build!”


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