Changing One Life at a Time – Tom & Lori Obey are Experiencing Reciprocity in Action!

Posted on: September 14, 2009

Tom and Lori Obey are great examples of TriVita leadership who embody the mission of helping people experience wellness and create greater wealth for important life purposes. I wish we had 10,000 couples like the Obeys, as we would impact the world! The smiles on their faces and in their voices always inspire a person to look up and be grateful for what they have and for the opportunity to achieve more. 

They are two of the most upbeat people you will ever meet. When setbacks occur – and they have had their setbacks – they have found the courage to move forward with their mission of helping people. They are going to be at the Galaxy of Stars with eight others from their group. If you have not met them, seek them out as you will be inspired by their genuine passion for helping people and the TriVita mission. 

They are firm believers in the law of reciprocity – which is foundational to a person whose life is committed to serving others. Tom has been in a full-time ministry dedicated to helping people. Tom said, “I use Tim Horton’s restaurant, and everyone knows that if I am meeting on one side of the restaurant I am doing ministry work, and if I am on the other side, I am making a TriVita presentation.” Tom has more fun engaging with people than anyone I know. He has no retirement program from his life of ministry, and that is where TriVita has become significant for him and Lori. 

Tom told me the “Pay It Forward” principle is the greatest thing he has experienced in his TriVita business. As an example, he has a TriVita Affiliate, Terri Conley, whose father, Tony Leonard (also an AM), is a retired pastor now in his 70s with no retirement. He loves the TriVita products but struggled building his business. So Tom and Lori, being the passionate leaders they are, decided to build under Tony. Tom told me with excitement in his voice that Tony received $1,000 due to Share & Earn and his income has increased to over $600 per month since Nopalea was introduced. Tony is excited and has enrolled three Affiliates to further build his organization. 

I am convinced that within every person there is potential, but it is only released when there is BELIEF that they can really build a TriVita business. Who doesn’t want greater wellness and wealth? Most people struggle with the idea of actually having it. You play a significant role in helping people BELIEVE in themselves. Tom and Lori pay it forward in many ways: first, in service to their organization, but also by using the Nopalea Gift of Health and even with the MAP program. 

They host a monthly meeting where Tom presents the business opportunity, along with the products, and answers questions from his group as well as from prospects. Lori is active with weekly meetings; doing Nopalea Tastings and helping women grow their businesses. They told me that these meetings have made a huge difference in their business growth. 

Tom and Lori are not surfing on the back of someone else. They believe success comes from hard work. They started building their organization one person at a time, helping each individual believe in themselves with encouragement and by rewarding efforts. Tom and Lori have ongoing reward and recognition programs, which add excitement to their organization. They are true leaders with their mission of helping people find physical, emotional, spiritual and financial health. 

Their business has seen 50% growth since the launch of Nopalea and Share and Earn, and they believe that even greater things are going to happen. Tom said, “Please don’t change a thing. Just keep improving the tools so we can continue to build!”


1 Response to "Changing One Life at a Time – Tom & Lori Obey are Experiencing Reciprocity in Action!"

Tom and Lori

Congratulations on your success in TriVita and your passion and positive attitude.

Cheers to our wonderful journey and the blessing of being able to take part in TriVita.

Great Blessings for Michael Ellison and his dedication to our health and wealth!

Tina Gonda

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