Rene Ferguson…a perfect fit as a TriVita Affiliate!

Posted on: September 28, 2009

Rene Ferguson has a definite passion for wellness as a TriVita Affiliate and truly desires that others would experience greater wellness. Like Harold Widmere, who was featured last week, Rene is from Canada (Kamloops, British Columbia). During the Nopalea tour, it was very inspiring to meet so many of our Canadian Affiliates who were embracing wellness. My hope and prayer is that we can we find thousands more like them! 

Rene told me about a customer she acquired in 2001 through the media co-op advertising who had not ordered in several years. When the Nopalea tour event was in Charlotte, North Carolina, she called this customer who lived in the region, and invited him and his wife to come to the event. She took the opportunity to identify their health challenges and shared how Nopalea could help them. They did not attend the event but did order a case of Nopalea. She said he was so excited about the results that he now has his wife on Nopalea as well. It was the personal contact and belief from Rene that caused this person to try Nopalea. If you have customers who have not ordered in some time, just a personal call sharing your personal endorsement and belief in the benefits of the product could reactivate them. 

Bryan Wirth is finding that just by asking new or existing customers if they know of other people who might benefit from the product, he is getting many opportunities to keep the referral activity going. If they say yes, it is an opportune time to encourage them to become an Affiliate so they receive the financial benefit, as well as further securing a customer in your business. I so believe in the referral method of doing business that I have often said, “Drop me into any city where I do not know a soul and I can refer my way to success.”  People like to be helpful when you truly have something of value to offer! 

A personal product experience is one of the most powerful things that can affect an Affiliate’s belief in the product benefits. Rene doesn’t just have one product experience, but several, as she has used multiple TriVita products to enhance her health. She is not shy or reluctant to talk about the products because she knows how important they have been in her own life. She was very excited to tell me of the dramatic improvement in her vision after using TriVita’s Vision Guard. In fact, the provincial Motor Vehicles Department removed the restricted driving status from her driver’s license! Because of Bone Builder, her doctor – who had earlier diagnosed her with osteopenia – told her she had reversed her bone loss and was actually gaining bone density. Developing belief in the benefits of the product you are representing is critical to your success. 

Rene had a similar experience as Cody Ramsey, our new Presidential Director. He had his first product experience and belief about the effects of Nopalea on inflammation from his aging dog, which had such serious inflammation it could no longer jump up in their vehicle. Cody had to actually build a ramp for the dog to walk up to get into the vehicle, but all that changed with Nopalea. The dog now jumps into the vehicle! 

Rene saw an aging horse dramatically improve from the effects of chronic inflammation in just a couple of weeks. She told me she was at a ranch where the family had a very old horse that was lame and had significant swelling in the jaws, impeding its ability to feed. This generally ends in death with an aging horse and it is very sad to see, especially when it has been with the family for years. Rene was so convincing about the benefits of Nopalea that the family began giving the horse a couple of tablespoons a day, then increased the dosage. Within just a couple of weeks, the horse had a profound reversal of its inflamed conditions and poor health. Rene said there was no placebo effect, and it was amazing to see the results – the horse was gaining weight and actually running around in the pasture. 

Every day she leaves the house, Rene is prepared to meet someone that she might introduce to Nopalea. She carries a supply of The Secret Killer Alert along with a small cooler containing a bottle of Nopalea and shot glasses so she can tell the story as well as demonstrate the product. When preparedness meets opportunity, it is the first step towards success. 

What I have discovered about Affiliates like Rene, who are building their business one person at a time, is that they have a belief about the product and are prepared and willing to tell the Nopalea story whenever possible. They are engaged in follow-up, and they believe they are contributing to people’s wellness – not just selling products. 

Rene left a career with a very large financial company so she could do TriVita full time. Her passion, along with her belief and mission, is that people may experience greater wellness. This makes Rene a perfect fit as a TriVita Affiliate. 

I ended my conversation with Rene and asked if she would be able to attend the Galaxy of Stars. She replied, “I would not even think of not being there. I am a TriVita Affiliate! There is no company like TriVita.”


2 Responses to "Rene Ferguson…a perfect fit as a TriVita Affiliate!"

Hi Michael,

Thank you so much for a wonderful Galaxy of Stars. I love TriVita and the Ellison family. You do so much for all of us in the field. Your new system and tools are phenomenal. The enhancements to the back office are more than I could have hoped for. I am totally committed to sharing Nopalea with as many people as possible. I love it and will not be without it. Nopalea has given me a pain free life and that is something that is priceless. I hate to say for how long…but it’s been almost 40 years that I’ve been in pain every day all day long with fibromyalgia and several other problems. It’s beyond amazing that I can drink a few ounces of Nopalea and have the pain subside. I have many customers who have had really great product experiences also.

Several people in my group also made it to Galaxy of Stars and they were blown away. They’re all ready to go home and really build their TriVita business.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I can’t say that enough.

Nancy Finlon

Way to go Rene! Looking forward to seeing you you at G.O.S.

Gillian & Terry

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