TriVita’s 2009 Galaxy of Stars – Inspiring our Affiliates to Take the Nopalea Wellness Challenge and Get 2 IT!

Posted on: October 5, 2009

 The Galaxy of Stars awards dinner ended with the appropriate climactic presentation of the Presidential Director award to Cody and Marty Ramsey.  Cody shared the story that changed his life forever: He introduced us to Melissa, an energetic 21-year-old who suffered from skin disorders caused by psoriasis. As she took the stage and shared her story, there was not a dry eye in the room.  Cody went on to deliver an incredible message of how sharing Nopalea will be his driving passion going forward.

 After the event, our suite was packed with over 20 people talking about the event, describing it as life-changing, incredible and emotionally overwhelming. There were even suggestions of replacing mint bowls on the tables with tissue boxes, so people could wipe away the tears of joy. Indeed, the event was an incredible experience – emotions ran high as people shared their stories of how Nopalea was helping lower inflammation and producing astonishing wellness experiences. 

Saturday afternoon as I reflected on what had transpired over the past two days, I knew I had moved from hope to belief. I just knew we would see our vision fulfilled.  Our Affiliates had caught the vision of sharing the Nopalea story and desiring others to have their own Nopalea wellness experience. Blaine Oelkers said it well as he was addressing the Affiliates: “We are in the business of helping create wellness experiences for people.”   

The Presidential Directors also spoke with passion and belief about the enhancements to the Share and Earn Program, which include the Nopalea Wellness Challenge and the Get 2 It program. I was excited to hear people saying, “Now I know what to do and have the tools and roadmap to build my business.” 

 We had our first Director breakout session and all our Directors endorsed the one-system approach for our future.  One hundred percent of our leaders accepted the invitation to become certified trainers of the Share and Earn Program. We hope to have 40 trainers in place by the first of the year to create an explosive program for 2010. The Directors also agreed to have a Director-only event at the new Ritz Carlton at Dove Mountain in Arizona.  This is going to be a great leadership event! 

As we were leaving the hotel Sunday morning, we were stopped by our Affiliates sharing their stories and excitement about the event.  This was truly the greatest event by far in our 10 years. The big 40-foot screen with all the video produced by our GDF production crew was amazing; we saw and felt the presentations like never before. If you did not get a chance to attend, talk to someone who did.  They can share in detail the amazing experiences of the event.  

This is the most opportune time ever to build in TriVita with all the new tools and system enhancements available.  The Nopalea television program is going into its last test phase and will be ready to roll out in November. We also announced that prospects will no longer have to purchase a Starter Kit to become Share and Earn qualified.  Now it is a seamless experience: from product experience to a free enrollment in the Affiliate program. Plus, until the Affiliate has made $500, they will not be required to provide their social security number. We are making it simple to share the Nopalea story and enroll Affiliates. These changes will be effective October 12. 

Make this your new mantra: Take the Nopalea Wellness Challenge and Get 2 It! 

A special thank you to Marcus Ellison, Terry Newsome, Ted Hernandez and Vickie White for their outstanding event planning and implementation of the 2009 Galaxy of Stars. It is going to be an exciting 12 months until the next one!


P.S.  Please click here to view the Galaxy of Stars 2009 video.

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14 Responses to "TriVita’s 2009 Galaxy of Stars – Inspiring our Affiliates to Take the Nopalea Wellness Challenge and Get 2 IT!"


The 2009 Galaxy of Stars was absolutely the real deal! I have been to other home business conventions. What I noticed that was totally different about GOS is there was no dangling of the carrot in front of the horse, if you will.

I can usually gauge the effectiveness of a convention by evaluating how I feel about the event AFTER I have left the location, returned home and reflect on what I experienced. To be honest with you, Michael, it’s been two weeks since GOS, and I am still excited!

It amazed my wife, Jennifer, and me how down to earth and approachable you and the TriVita staff were during the breaks between sessions, on the tour and the Wellness Walk. At most of these events the leaders may mingle among the crowd, but it becomes obviously clear that some of them really do not want to be bothered with the downline reps. That was not the case with you, your family and each staff member we encountered.

Speaking of your family, I must share this with you. I have never met your son, Marcus. I’ve heard him on conference calls and seen him on video presentations. But here’s what impressed me about him and his wife…at the close of GOS, everyone was saying their farewells and leaving the auditorium. Marcus and his wife were walking hurriedly ahead of us. As they exited the doors and turned to go in the direction opposite of where we were headed, I mentioned to Jennifer, “There’s Marcus!” So I called his name. Marcus and his wife immediately turned around, came back towards us with broad and inviting smiles. He and I shook hands and he introduced his lovely wife to us (forgive me for not remembering her name).

For those few seconds of dialogue with them, I felt as though Jennifer and I were the only attendees at the conference, and we had Marcus’ undivided attention. That left an indelible impression on me. It comforts me to know that people like yourself, Marcus and Luke are leading this remarkable company.

Jennifer and I have already begun using the tools and ideas we took away from the sessions. By God’s grace, we are determined to share the Nopalea story with multitudes of people. Thank you for providing a company that we can call home.


Meeting You and you Lovely wife Jennifer at GOS event was so cool. I had talked to you for years but never knew what you looked like till this event. Thats one reason why going to GOS is so important. After this event we became more like family and that means alot to me. I look forward to watching you and Jennifer take Trivita by storm as you both share with your local community the new system with 3 simple steps and partnering with the new co-op. I believe hands down you go Director by the next 2010 GOS.

PS: I love the GOS 2009 video I think my favorite seen is seeing the BIG HUG you and Jennifer give to one another that was very special for me to see that!

It has been a very long time since I have felt the kind of excitement and trust in a company that I feel with TriVita… and, Michael, I know it is because of the kind of leader YOU are, and the standards YOU have set for your company. It believe it attracts a like-minded caliber of people who want to become Affiliates and/or employees of TriVita.

TriVita has the most easy, efficient, and “stream-lined” system I have ever seen! It is so “user-friendly”. And I, along with many others I met at GOS, have gone down this road before, only to discover that the business we signed on to “morphed” into something different, leaving us confused, and the system inefficient. Thank you that TriVita is a “one-easy-system” company.

GOS was such a wonderful event, and it couldn’t have been more well-planned than it was! You have a fantastically talented executive and support staff who know how to make everyone…even us first-timers…feel like we are “part of the family”.

God bless you for designing and maintaining such a high-quality organization! I am so proud to be a part of it!

The Galaxy of Stars was totally awesome!! Thank you Michael for the wonderful new system. Everyone did a fantastic job of putting the Galaxy together and presenting everything to us. I am thrilled to have everyone using one easy to use system. Thank you for removing the roadblocks that come up when AM’s sign up.

I have my supplies ordered to start my Nopalea tastings. It’s hard to believe what a phenomenal product it is.

I am so excited about the new vitamins. I can’t wait to start taking them.

The testimonials during the training were unbelievably moving. I want you to know that I went through a lot of tissues.

Thank you, Michael for being the person that you are and helping millions of people.

What a fantastic 2009 GOS’s. “Team Gonda” is so motivated to move on up in the TriVita organization this upcoming year thanks and will do so thanks to the introduction of the Nopalea Wellness Challenge. We are also excited about the new vitamins and the package re-design. With the introduction of the new marketing programs, systems, and tools, TriVita is going to explode. And we plan on being a big part the company’s success this year. I also must say that both Tina & I think so much of Susan, Marcus, and Luke. You have two fantastic son’s there. Both are really top notch, both personally and professionally.

Thanks again for all the support we receive from the entire TriVita organization.

Mark Gonda

The Galaxy of Stars was worth every mile and minute it took to get there. Meeting so many committed individuals who share a vision of health and vitality, as well as wealth and capacity, is encouraging and empowering.

Moreover, hearing of the wonderful results that Kimberly and Melissa had was so stunning! As a person with a disability, I can appreciate Melissa’s concerns she had about being different from others and not having much hope UNTIL Nopalea. Seeing her sleeveless on stage and in the video brought tears to my eyes. As for Kimberly,
there’s no way we can fathom the difference Nopalea has had on her persistent phantom pains. We can only do one thing: Thank God for this marvelous gift.

Yet, I would like to do one more thing, and that is to say “Thank you, Michael” for
sharing this opportunity with me and others. May God bless you and your entire family for what they do for us.

Peggy Polonus
Athens, GA

Dear Michael,
Wow!!! What a fabulous Galaxy Of Stars. The best ever in the 10 years since we started with TriVita. We started with TriVita 10 years ago when there wasn’t even a product but we could feel your vision and wanted to be part of it and have a bigger purpose in our lives.

The event was exceptional and we would like to thank you, the executive team and all the staff at TriVita for their hard work and diligence. We know what it takes to put on an event of this caliber and have it come off without a hitch. Well done! It was great reuniting with other Affiliate Members and heard over and over again how TriVita is different and how it feels like a family with a common purpose.

We would also like to thank all the Ellison family. You are truly the best example of TriVita’s vision, mission and purpose.

We have come away with renewed enthusiasm having Nopalea, The Nopalea Wellness Challenge, the Get2IT program and the 3 Step Share & Earn.
We feel as though it is a new day for TriVita and the beginning of something very special.

We are pleased to have Garth as our Canadian Sales Manager and look forward to working with him in that capacity.

It is exciting times for TriVita. Michael you have never let go or changed your vision and purpose and we are grateful for you and your inspiration.

Thanks again Michael for a remarkable event. We look forward to February 2010.


Gillian & Terry Johnston

Gillian and Terry,

Thank you so much for spending time with my team and me on that pleasant patio just outside the hotel. I’m so glad that I spotted your beaming faces. Having Luke Ellison join us at your invitation was a bonus. It just goes to show what a warm welcomiing family we have at TriVita.

Peggy Polonus

This was my second Galaxy of Star’s and as wonderful as it was last year, 2009 was even better and the most important event Trivita has held, celebrating both our 10 year anniversary and the roll out of Sonoran Bloom Nopalea.

The meetings, dinner’s, reception’s, tour’s and walk’s were exceptional and very well-organized. Thank you so much for all the hard work done by the Trivita staff. Everything was greatly appreciated by us all!

I have already talked to many in my team about the enhancements to make leading with the Sonoran Bloom Nopalea product even easier than it already was. I was updating my facebook with a few pictures from the weekend that Carissa sent me and found myself repeatedly watching and listening to the Trivita 2009 Galaxy of Star’s video. I love the footage and could listen to our Rising Star’s song all day long!

I can’t wait to see everyone again at next year’s Galaxy of Star’s!

The 2009 Galaxy of Stars will go down in history as the most import event this company has ever had!

Michael’s opening speech set the stage for the most awesome event Tammi and I have ever attended! It culminated with a video from Martina McBride that left everyone in tears!

Tammi and I felt something that goes beyond our ability to describe. Those of you that attended no what I’m talking about. There was a sense of unity and purpose amongst everyone that was truly amazing.

One of the highlights for Tammi and me, was seeing Cody and Marty Ramsey take the stage as Presidential Directors. They are such great friends and to think that is was TriVita that brought us together! That is such a blessing with this business, you establish Lifelong friends that share common values.

Cody Ramsey delivered a message that inspired everyone! He is the next Tony Robbins! but a little shorter! Had to get that in Cody!

The real stars of the show were Melissa and Kimberly! Their life changing results with Nopalea were absolutely amazing! They showed such courage to share their stories!

This is truly our time with Trivita! As Micheal said, Nopalea is a gift from God that will help hundreds of thousands of people around the world live a greater quality of life!

In the words of Terry Newsome, let’s all climb the mountain!

Bryan and Tammi Wirth


I want to say “Thank You for Trivita and for your Vision” to help people discover wellness in their life. I had more blessings showered upon me in a few days than a lot of people will ever receive in a lifetime. I am incredibly grateful for this past weekend at Galaxy of Stars. Everyone felt like a STAR at any level they had accomplished thus far.

The Get2It plan and focus on The Nopalea Wellness Challenge and pristine tools makes this opportunity available for anyone who has the desires in their heart to share wellness and build the wealth available.

It was a first Galaxy of Stars for myself and Mark and my wonderful group who could attend and many cheerleaders at home sending out great support that they too would be reaching for higher levels of success within Trivita. Galaxy of Stars 2009 was an incredible experience and gift in all our lives.

All of the dedicated corporate staff, your wonderful Ellison family, Terry Newsome, The Presidential Directors who have paved the way and all the affiliates from Canada and the US who joined TriVita. Some of my new friends within TriVita joined you when you did not even have a product, just a vision as you do today for Nopalea. They are glad they joined you then, we are all glad to join and support your vision NOW!

WOW, it is incredible to be at the right place, at the right time with the right products and the right COMPANY~~TriVita.

Now~~Let’s Get2It!

You are a blessing to The Gonda Family and our great group!
Tina Gonda

The GOS was THE most exciting business event I’ve ever attended. Thank you Michael, your family and your executive team for sharing your vision and having the heart to implement whatever it takes to make that vision become a reality.

The event was practical – we are now ready to ROLL forward with a system that will make our aspirations become reality.

The event was emotional – the wellness stories related by the very people who experienced the life-changing effects of Nopalea tore at your heart… at first with pain for what they have suffered… and then with joy when they spoke at the difference Nopalea has made in their lives.

The event was inspirational – I can’t express this adequately, but many, many other Affiliates I spoke with will never view their TriVita business the same again. If you were not there this year… do plan to attend next year. If it requires sacrifices and saving… start now… you will not regret it!

The entire event ran along so smoothly that you could easily forget what was going on behind the scenes. Thank you so much to the tech people, the organizers, all TriVita staff who were on hand for helping make this year’s Galaxy of Stars such a historic event.

And I personally wish to thank all the fantastic folks in my upline who so warmly accepted my husband and I into their circle. What a pleasure to put faces and smiles to the people I have only spoken with by phone, email or Skype before! Bryan and Tammi Wirth, Cody and Marty Ramsey, Mike Riedmiller, Fred Gondzar and their lovely wives…

Tula 🙂

Michael, I just wanted to thank you, and your staff, so much for the great time that we had at the GOS this year. I have spoken to most of my team, that were there, about the experience that they had. It has been a motivating experience for all of us. We all want to thank your entire family for the privilage of meeting you and the generousity you all have displayed. And we all want to thank you for this life changing opportunity that you have given to us. Many of us would never have been able to reach this high without your vision.
Your passion along with your admission that the credit goes to our Lord has really moved us.
God bless you and your family, Dennis Anderson North Dakota


Carisa and I had a lot of fun and learned so much at this year’s Galaxy of Stars. Our entire team is very excited about everything that was announced. We look forward to helping our team promote Nopalea and spread the wellness message. We want to help as many people as possible to take the Nopalea Challenge!!

Congratulations again to our sponsors, Cody and Marty Ramsey for achieving Presidential Director. We were honored to be able to see them receive their trophies. And great testimonials from people who truly received the wellness benefits.

We look forward to the 2010 Galaxy of Stars already!!!!

Mike and Carisa Riedmiller

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