Presidential Director Cody Ramsey Reveals his New Passion for Helping Others Experience Wellness

Posted on: October 12, 2009

CEO Michael Ellison and his wife Susan are at their ranch in Colorado for a few days of well-deserved rest and relaxation. I am thrilled and extremely grateful to have the privilege of sharing my thoughts with you on Michael’s Blog… Terry Newsome, National Sales Director. 

I was sitting at my desk last Monday morning reflecting on the all of the amazing stories and activities from my “GOS” weekend at the Kierland Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. Ironically, I had just finished reading Michael’s latest blog reflecting the highlights of the 2009 Galaxy of Stars when my cell phone rang. I listened; said “thank you very much,” and then the magnitude of the call hit me like a ton of bricks. I had just been given the awesome privilege of writing Michael’s blog for Monday, October 12, 2009. I was honored beyond measure and absolutely thrilled to say the least. 

 I strongly agree with the scripture Luke 12:48: “To whom much is given, from him much will be required,” so naturally I want to be a good steward of Michael’s trust by selecting a topic that would have the most impact on loyal Affiliates like you who read Michael’s Blog every week. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my thoughts about the tremendous impact the 2009 Galaxy of Stars is having on our Affiliate community, including the details regarding the “transformation” of our newest Presidential Director Cody Ramsey and his new passion for helping others experience wellness with Nopalea. 

Every year, without exception, TriVita’s Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing, Marcus Ellison and his team deliver a first-class Galaxy of Stars event. And just when you thought the Galaxy of Stars theme and format could not get any better, TriVita “stepped up to the plate” and delivered a life-changing, emotionally charged event this year that far exceeded everyone’s expectations. 

From a production standpoint, the event was perfect in every way. Marcus and his brother, Luke Ellison, (President of GDF Productions, Inc.) added a new dimension to this year’s event by featuring a series of high definition video clips throughout the event on a massive 40 foot screen. It was a sight to behold! In fact, Michael Ellison truly inspired all of us when he closed his compelling Friday morning message with the music video “Do it anyway” by Martina McBride.  

However, as powerful as the GOS video presentations were at the event, none of us could have anticipated the powerful impact of the two “live” Nopalea product testimonials on Saturday morning. In fact, we continue to receive hundreds of emails and phone calls expressing their gratitude. Many Affiliates firmly believe that it was the best event in the 10 year history of TriVita. Almost without exception, the top “take-aways” from the 2009 Galaxy of Stars were the inspirational Nopalea product testimonials from Cody Ramsey/Melissa Myers and Don Wade/Kimberly Jansen (more about Don and Kimberly in future blogs).  

As a TriVita “Million Dollar Club” Member, Cody has experienced tremendous financial success with TriVita over the past eight years building primarily with the MAP program as he pursued the “business opportunity” pathway. That strategy changed for Cody a few weeks ago at the most unlikely place. “My favorite fast-food restaurant is Sonic” Cody admitted, “and over the years my wife Marty and I developed a friendship with a young server named Melissa. One day I asked Melissa about the bright red ‘burns’ all over her arms and scalp. She told me that she had suffered from acute psoriasis for many years.” Cody then realized that Melissa had chronic inflammation (of the epidermis) and that Nopalea might be able to help her.  

Cody decided to “pay it forward” by giving Melissa a bottle of Nopalea. “Melissa rolled her eyes at me” Cody remembered, “but she said that she would try Nopalea…”  She went on to say that she had already tried every prescription pill, powder and steroid cream you could imagine and nothing had really worked for her. 

Cody was determined to make a difference in Melissa’s life and strongly recommended that she take the Nopalea Wellness Challenge by consuming a “loading dose” of three to six ounces of Nopalea every day. Cody followed up with Melissa on the third day and even gave her a second bottle of Nopalea after her first week on the product. It was at that point that Melissa’s life would begin to change forever! “I was so excited for her!”  Cody explained “I could see that Nopalea was helping to reduce the inflammation within her body and the psoriasis was rapidly disappearing! Melissa and I were BOTH truly amazed at the results!”  

Cody’s presentation at the event was compelling and after sharing Melissa’s inspiring story, he asked her to join him on stage. Melissa and Cody were full of emotion as they embraced after a standing ovation. For the first time in many years, Melissa was able to wear a sleeveless blouse in public without anxiety and without being embarrassed. Her psoriasis was almost non-existent and had been reduced down to a few small patches near her elbow and forearm. She was overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude. Melissa’s genuine tears of joy had a major impact on all of the lives she touched at the event as she shared the intimate details of her amazing Nopalea story. For me, it was an inspiring moment in time that I will never forget.  For CEO and Founder Michael Ellison, he saw the mission of TriVita and his global vision of taking wellness to the world take a giant step towards becoming a reality. In his closing remarks immediately following Melissa’s life-changing story, Michael shared his gratitude… “For 10 years I have dreamed of helping people like Melissa and Kimberly experience wellness to fulfill their life purposes. Today was a special day for all of us.”   

In closing, I can tell you with absolute certainty, that the life that was impacted the most during the 2009 Galaxy of Stars was not the life of Melissa Myers or even Michael Ellison… it was the life of Cody Ramey. During my follow-up phone interview with Cody he revealed… “I knew that Nopalea was making a difference in the lives of countless others. I just never realized the impact Nopalea would have on MY LIFE until I saw Melissa’s life-changing wellness experience. Michael Ellison was right – the Law of Reciprocity is a powerful reality. Melissa ‘gave back’ something to me that money can’t buy. Her story has given me a real sense of purpose for my life, and I can honestly say that I have been transformed. I no longer lead with TriVita’s business opportunity; my NEW passion is to help others experience wellness through the power of Nopalea! I have never been more excited about the future!”  

Terry Newsome



Cody & Melissa

16 Responses to "Presidential Director Cody Ramsey Reveals his New Passion for Helping Others Experience Wellness"

Hi Norma,

John and I have a lot in common. Believe me, I know very well that “behind every successful man is a very special woman” Tammi has been that special woman to me for 32 years! I am truly blessed!

Tammi and I look forward to meeting Nancy. It’s awesome having a quality couple like them representing TriVita.

Warm regards,

Bryan Wirth

Terry, what a superb recap of the Galaxy of Stars. Thank you for your part in an amazing conference… when an event has such a captivating program and runs so smoothly, it’s easy to forget the dedication of those who are behind the scenes. We send our thanks to everyone involved! It was wonderful to meet you all.

I don’t have a bunch of experience with business events of this sort, but I’m fairly certain it would be nigh impossible to top that 40 foot screen, the fabulous training, the delicious meals, the warm social environment and the heart wrenching wellness stories that touched the heart of everyone there.

We came away from GOS empowered to reach the goals we’ve set for ourselves and I look forward to seeing you all again… perhaps in February!

Tula 🙂


The experience we all had at this year’s Galaxy of stars was amazing! You have put in to words what we all felt being there!

The unity and a feeling of being part of something bigger than ourselves is hard to describe to those that were not able to attend. So, thank you for your help

We had an opportunity to meet some Affiliates that we’ve never met before.
Tula Savisky, her story still inspires me! John Windscheffel, here is a man that exemplifies what TriVita is all about! But of course, we know where John’s greatness comes from, his mom, Norma!

Terry, thank you for all that you do! Tina Gonda is right! you have to have a twin, because no one person can do all that you do!

This truly was a life changing event!

Bryan & Tammi Wirth

Bryan and Tammi…What an AWESOME compliment!! Thank you so much!

I have to admit that I also truly admire the man that John is. However…I can only take a very small amount of the credit.

We are all familiar with the phrase “Behind every successful man is a very special woman”…WELL…JUST WAIT UNTIL YOU MEET JOHN’S BEAUTIFUL WIFE, NANCY!!!

It takes that kind of supportive wife and partner for a man to be able to expand his horizons; to be able to set and reach his goals; and to just KNOW that she is going to be there supporting him all the way!! That’s Nancy!

John KNOWS that he is a blessed man!!

God bless, Norma

Bryan & Tammi,

Thank you for that fantastic compliment. You and I chatted just a bit in passing a couple of times and your sincere passion for Trivita was something I could literally see in the expression of your eyes.

We agreed we were gonna hit this hard & were more excited & determined about our Trivita business then ever before. I’m one of the new kids on the block: you’ve been here 8 years or so but what I saw in you was FRESH and ON FIRE! Your mind set and belief are genuinely contagious!

I made so many new friends. Mello and her husband from Hawaii. I know they are going to take that island by storm! Raymond Cox and I became instant friends. Tina Gonda and her husband Mark and I hit it off.
People like Terry and Gillian from Canada. These people are all one of kind! There are too many personal experiences and people to list.

The folks I mentioned have no financial benefit from my success yet I can just tell that they would all love to see me succeed; as I them.

God led me to this company for many reasons & bottom line; I haven’t had a passion like this for a business for as long as I can remember. There just isn’t a business like this anywhere.

How grateful I am Bryan to have you as a mentor, friend and business colleague!

PS: I hope you have your Moon Boots on cause your gonna need them!

Love You Bro!!

John Windscheffel

Terry Newsome~~

This is one amazing blog written this week and even though I have read it several times, reflected back on the GOS video, looked at pictures, thought so much about Kimberly and Melissa who touched my heart beyond belief, I just couldn’t get my words quite together of what to say on this blog until after our wonderful leaders call tonight.

There is no amount of words to describe what it is like when you share the opportunity for someone to experience better wellness in their life and they take hold of that and a life changing event begins to happen in their life.

It was so wonderful to meet Cody and Marty Ramsey at Galaxy of Stars and celebrate in their accomplishment of reaching Presidential Director as they are so deserving of this. Cody is an excellent speaker with so much passion.

I am very thankful for TriVita, the 10 Essentials, Michael Ellison and his family, YOU Terry Newsome “and your twin” Bryan and Tammi Wirth, my new TriVita friends who I met at the event and for each and every person who has chosen to embrace wellness either as a Member or Affiliate Member in the Gonda group.

This isn’t like a job to me, it is a divine appointment in my life that I hold close to my heart because Nopalea is a wonderful gift and those who put it inside their body each day is very blessed.

I talked to my grandmother today and she is sharing the Secret Killer brochure naturally because it has helped her asthma and she has not had to use her RX’s or breathing machine and decided to take a loading dose of 3 ounces until two bottles were gone. She said she had more ENERGY and has not had a fall since taking Nopalea. Don’t forget the people in your life who need to feel better and younger than their years. Share Nopalea with everyone!!!!

Be Blessed In Wellness~~

Tina Gonda

Terry, what a great story you told here. You are such a caring, wonderful person yourself! I hope everyone in Trivita has the pleasure of working with you at some point as an affiliate or member of Trivita. You put everyone at ease and work so many hours for us all.

My family, especially my husband, son and I have had tremendous benefits from Nopelea. However, hearing from a person the age of my son’s, Melissa, and what happened to her as a result of Nopalea had me in tears. (I might add I was sitting near Mike Riedmiller who was brought to tears as well). We want our children to experience the best in life, and Cody Ramsey introducing Melissa to a product that could help her so much is fantastic in every way!

Cody and Marty Ramsey are in my upline and I admire them both very much. They are very down to earth, approachable people, so friendly, easy to talk to and always willing to assist other’s. Cody was at the Tampa, FL event where I worked as a volunteer when Michael Ellison, Dr. Minshew and you were touring the country. Cody immediately walked in and asked what he could do to help us set up for the event. Cody spent time with my son as well. In other words, Cody “walks the talk” in every way and I am very pleased to have gotten to know him! I am so pleased that Cody is seeing the powerful impact that the Trivita products have on everyone and has had such a powerful impact on Melissa’s life.

Thank you for your support Mike! See you at the top!


Thank you for a great job writing the blog. Michael chose wisely. The Galaxy of Stars testimonials were so moving. I was trying so hard not to cry. It was so fantastic to see what Nopalea did for Melissa and to hear how Kimberly was able to get rid of most of her phantom pain. Tears are running down my face as I relive those moments
when I saw those women tell their stories.

Cody’s story was totally awesome and you had to be there to hear Michael’s comments. Michael was so very happy that Cody finally “got it”.

We truly can lead with Nopalea and the rest will follow.

Thank you TriVita!

Nancy Finlon

Thank you Nancy… Your support is GREATLY appreciated!

Congratulations to Presidential Director Cody Ramsey and his beautiful wife on their rise to this high level,…and becoming the latest “Million Dollar Club” members as well!
And thanks to them, also, for bringing us the “Miracle of Melissa”…WHAT A FANTASTIC STORY!!!

There were TWO miracle testimonials we heard, in person, at GOS, and each one of them was so heartwarming. Their stories should totally reinforce our already firm belief in TriVita’s mission to promote WELLNESS throughout the world, by providing the quality products to achieve it! Now, ALL OF US have the privilege of helping to carry the WELLNESS MESSAGE as far, and as fast. as we can. So…let’s get going!!

P.S. Thanks also to Terry Newsome who was the “stand-in” for Michael, for this week’s blog. Let’s see…he hosts the corporate weekly call…along with his helpers, Ted and Lenore…; he is the very busy National Sales Director; he did a masterful job of emceeing many, or most, of the GOS sessions; and NOW… he divulges still further talent to this “newbie” with his writing skills. …WAY TO GO, TERRY!!

Thank you Norma! It was a pleasure meeting the mother of my HERO!!!! John made us all very proud at the event!

Take care!


This post was fantastic! It was such a pleasure to be at GOS live and in person to be a witness to all that Trivita is and does.

I saw that sweet girl Melissa tell her story as well as Don Wades pay it forward Gift of health Kimberly Jansen my gosh I had tears streaming down my face, I tried to hold back from flat out crying I was so moved!

To be a part of Trivita at this time in history is a gift for me from God! Ive needed this for a long time coming. Ive never been more pleased or proud to be associated with any company like I’m with Trivita. I cant wait to see what 2010 has in store.

The best thing about GOS was all the wonderful new deeply caring and genuine friend’s I made at this event. People who are not even on my team or group sincerely opened up to give me advise to help me build a better Trivita business.

Again thank you Trivita for the amazing opportunity you have given us all!

Cody it was a pleasure to meet you and you my friend are “The Man”!!!

God Bless you all!

PS: I hope your all strapped in because with Trivita’s new one unified 3 step 100%duplicateable system, literally sky is the limit for all who embrase and follow it.

See Ya At The Top Literally…

John Windscheffel

Hi John,
I have a couple of great pictures of your Mom.
If you send your e-mail address I will forward them to you.
It was a pleasure to meet you at the conference and feel your energy and passion for TriVita.
Gillian & Terry Johnston

Thanks John… for everything you do! You are truly gifted in SO MANY WAYS!


Great post about the Galaxy of Stars event, and Cody and Melissa’s story! My entire team was touched by this and we are so happy for Melissa! It’s awesome when a person has any kind of wellness experience, but especially one like Melissa’s. Thanks to everyone at TriVita for making this year’s Galaxy of Stars the best ever!

Mike & Carisa Riedmiller

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