Galaxy of Stars Triggering Inspiration!

Posted on: October 19, 2009

“What is hoarded does not produce. What is unplanted does not grow. What remains un-given cannot yield a better benefit.” ~ This is an excerpt from my book Experience Wellness and Wealth Essentials 

The 2009 Galaxy of Stars triggered many inspiring comments from those Affiliates in attendance as they began to implement the Nopalea Wellness Challenge using the new form and tools. They are helping people experience wellness and are an “on fire” group of people that I could not be more excited about in sharing their success with you. Enjoy! 

John Windscheffel

“Going to Galaxy of Stars was one of the greatest investments I’ve ever made. This event was so inspiring that it not only changed the way I do my TriVita business, it has actually changed my life and the way I think. I was so excited when TriVita unveiled its new system with 3 simple steps –  it  gave me  the tools I need  for what I believe will be the biggest growth and personal reward of any venture I’ve ever been a part of. It is so easy to understand and 100% duplicatable. Anyone can do this. It is simply one of a kind! My encouragement to all is to be intentional about building your business. Read your TriVita weekly updates, be on the corporate training calls and use Affiliate Member Services 1-800-TRIVITA. If you commit, 2010 will be your most exciting year yet!  I am looking forward to record growth following this one unified system.  

Let’s GET2IT!” 

Nancy Finlon 

“I came home from the Galaxy of Stars completely galvanized and focused on TriVita and the Wellness Challenge. It is so wonderful to be able to help people.  

I am totally thrilled with the Nopalea Wellness Challenge. I have four people doing it right now. Three of them are actually waiting for their Nopalea Gift of Health. I have to call the fourth lady tomorrow because I actually handed her a bottle of Nopalea and she is doing the Challenge already. Two of these ladies are very interested and will probably enroll. The other two may also enroll because they were very excited to think that Nopalea will get rid of their pain. Your 3 Step System is totally awesome and so easy to do. Everywhere you go, people are complaining of pain of some sort. It’s a natural door opener for us to talk about our product experience and introduce Nopalea. I carry Nopalea with me in a cooler, and I also have our small plastic glasses with the Sonoran Bloom logo on them so I can give casual tastings. I am also setting up tasting parties. I ordered the new tools that you provided for us and downloaded and printed out the handouts. I’m training my group to do the same things, and I made sure that they are all aware of your Tuesday night trainings and the special six week training webinars that are going on right now. I love the Get2it program and can’t wait for it to begin.” 

Jake Buckendorf 

“I am fired up like I have never been before! After getting back from the Galaxy of Stars, my team has exploded. People like Amy McLeod who attended with me have kicked this Nopalea Wellness Challenge into high gear. In fact she is about to hit sixth gear! Watch out! The other two ladies Amy brought were Brenda and Deborah. Both of these gals have been giving out the Gift of Health like crazy! What the Galaxy of Stars has done for me and my other Affiliate Members is without a doubt the best thing that could have happened. The tools that TriVita has rolled out and the Get2it program is allowing us to bring on new Affiliates left and right!

 Since I have been back, I have given out over five Gifts of Health and enrolled just as many. My favorite story was sitting next to a man named Leroy on the plane on the way to Galaxy. He asked why I was traveling and I told him about Nopalea. He confessed all his pains to me and even told me about the $12,000 dual hip replacement his dog just had. I told him I would send him a bottle via Gift of Health. He told me “Kid if this stuff works I will buy more of this than you could imagine” and I kid you not, he had the bottle for two days before he bought a case. I could go on for hours with stories just like this one but who has time to sit and type? I would rather be out helping people and giving out the Gift of Health! 

Up, up and away! 

This company ROCKS Michael! The bases are loaded and you are about to hit a GRAND SLAM!” 

Irv Widmer

“Wow! The convention was great! The new tools are great! The new tools make everything easier, Since convention, I have several taking the Nopalea Wellness Challenge, looking at TriVita for the first time, as well as a few past Affiliates taking a new look. 

I think as we are careful to follow the Nopalea Challenge steps and get them the information, the Questionnaire, why the loading dose, and follow up, it’s a done deal.” 

Raymond Cox

“To try and share my passion is tough because it is so strong it would almost sound like hype!  But hype is enthusiasm without substance. I am pleased to share the 3 Step Share and Earn Program because it is no hype but pure substance. It works…period. When I first met you, Michael, at the launch of Nopalea in Arizona, I said, ‘Marcus and Garth, if people really knew what they had their hands on, you wouldn’t be able to contain them.’  It was then I decided to get excited and stay excited. Fast forward to Galaxy of Stars 2009 –  I was excited going in and on fire coming out. I registered five people the day before Galaxy of Stars and have registered the same amount since. More than a dozen Gifts of Health have been given since and with follow up I expect 30 to 40 new Affiliates this month and more than 100 next. People who would not feel confident sharing the business are regularly sharing a gift from their heart and belief in the product. You have not just created a wellness movement; a reciprocity movement has begun as well with simple and easy to replicate. So am I excited? Have I had success? High love and low expectation frees people to give a gift that just keeps giving. This train has started and is not stopping, and I pray everyone gets onboard.” 

By following the 3 Step Share and Earn System and its enhancer of the Nopalea Wellness Challenge, along with its accountability form, it’s amazing to see the difference in the results these Affiliates are experiencing. Systems can be evaluated and enhanced. Random behavior and reactions do not create sustainable duplicating growth and the creation of wealth. By becoming proficient in the steps of the System, you will enhance your opportunity and create better duplication for others to follow the 3 Step System. 

You can create greater wealth and wellness for life purposes. 


P.S.  Be sure to look for more inspirational comments in next week’s blog.

4 Responses to "Galaxy of Stars Triggering Inspiration!"


Everyone on my team loved what they experienced at this year’s Galaxy of Stars event. They are very excited about the 3 Step System and the Nopalea Wellness Challenge. The testimonials from the event were very inspiring and touching.

I have had some great team calls since the event and as much as people enjoyed everything and really liked seeing the company, the comments that I continue to hear over and over is how impressed people were with you and your entire family. They could really sense the integrity that TriVita was founded on and they love the health mission of the company. On my calls, I asked them specifically what impressed them the most about the Galaxy of Stars weekend…. whether it was the event, touring the office, the testimonials, etc…. people coming repeating that they loved the fact that they could meet the Ellisons and talk to them personally.

Carisa and I are very excited about continuing to help our team grow with the wellness mission of Nopalea and TriVita. Thanks to your entire family, Terry Newsome, the executive team and everyone else on the TriVita staff for a great event.

We are looking forward to a continued bright future with TriVita!!

Mike and Carisa Riedmiller

Going to the Galaxy of Stars has been a real Life Changer for me. I have been searching for some kind of purpose for my Life. Now after attending the event I believe I have found it.

The explanation of the Law of Reciprocity has really been a real eye opener. I have given out several Gifts of Health, bottles of Nopalea. I have also used the Law of Reciprocity in all parts of my life. It’s a Great Feeling to be doing all of this Giving. Every thing has been going a lot better for me. I’ve been exercising a lot more lately. I have been feeling Really Good. I’m not sure if it’s from all the giving or from the Napalea I have been drinking. There are so many things going Great that I don’t think I can pin point it to only one thing. All I can say is that attending the Galaxy of Stars was one of the best things I have ever done.


The excitement coming out of this year’s Galaxy of Stars is at an all time high! Our simple 3 step system and the tools to support it, have given everyone a solid track to run on. I believe this system has removed all of the barriers and the fear that holds so many back. We have many great Galaxy of Stars ahead of us. But, as I said earlier, 2009 will go down in history as the one that put TriVita over the top!

Michael, thank you so much for building TriVita around a mission that you are willing to fight for! This is why TriVita is here today, and will be here for our grandkids!

A special thanks to Terry Newsome, Ted Hernandez, Gene Henderson, Vicki White and the entire staff for making this such a phenomenal event!

I had the opportunity to spend some time at this years Galaxy with our Executive Vice President, Marcus Ellison. This was a very special time for me. The first person I met when I flew down to TriVita back in 2001, was Marcus. Since then, he has invested countless hours of his time in helping me build TriVita.

After our very first meeting, I knew Marcus was committed to helping me or anyone who had the desire. I might hold the record for the Affiliate Member who has called him the most. On one occasion a few years ago, he answered the phone an sounded a little out of breath! He was, because he was climbing a hill in pursuit of an Elk he had been tracking all day. Can you believe that? Our Executive Vice President takes my call while he is out hunting! That’s how committed he is to the Affiliate Members in TriVita! Jake Buckendorf, I know you would appreciate this story!

He has worked tirelessly to develop the best tools and systems in the industry. The powerful tools and the 3 step success system that we have today, is the culmination of ten years of his hard work and commitment to empowering all of us to create health and wealth to fullfill our life purposes.

Thank you Marcus, for all that you do, and all that you have done for Tammi and me over the past eight years! Megan, thank you for the sacrifices that you have made. You have given up so much of your husband’s time and supported him for the past ten years. We never take you for granted. We appreciate both of you so much.


Bryan & Tammi Wirth


From the sounds of how excited we all are after attending the Galaxy of Stars, I truly believe the momenutm will propel TriVita forward at a mind boggling pace. I think in 2010 we’ll see TriVita grow to almost unfathomable heights. Thank you Michael, for your vision and your mission of helping people. You are 100% correct when you tell us to concentrate on sharing the Nopalea with the Wellness Challenge and the rest will follow. You’re right. This is definitely God’s gift to TriVita and to all of us in the field.

I am so thrilled to be a part of the TriVita family. Your Staff at Corporate Office are a phenomenal group of people. They did a fantastic job with the Galaxy and with helping you to put the new systems together.

Thank you sounds inadequate, but I don’t know what else to say.

Nancy Finlon

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