Galaxy of Stars Continues to Reverberate with Excitement Among Affiliates

Posted on: October 26, 2009

Here are more excited Affiliates to share with you what they are experiencing since the Galaxy of Stars and using their new tools with the Share and Earn System:

Don Wade

“Michael, to you and everyone who invested so much effort in making the Galaxy of Stars a wonderful event – thank you! I and those from our group who attended have been inspired to move forward with our TriVita business. We are using the Nopalea Wellness Challenge with great success. Those of our group who did attend the Galaxy event have all added several Members and Affiliates to their groups. The best part about the Wellness Challenge is the form. The form provides a structured format to qualify a prospect, get them to commit to participate and a method of follow up that most of us needed.

The new tools and those we anticipate coming to us soon are providing us many ways to reach more people, and do it more effectively. I am deeply thankful for the effort of you and everyone at Tri Vita to produce tools that help us build a business. For me, as you know, the true bottom line is our ability to offer a product that can change a person’s life.”  

Randy and Melo Clarke


Thank you for the privilege of letting me share….
You had mentioned at the Galaxy of the Stars event that ‘something about this bottle is spiritual, and that credit should go to the giver, it was a gift from God.’ Well, I have experienced your statement to be true. 
Since coming back from Arizona, my life, as well as my husband’s, has been moved dramatically. To explain this…I truly believe in the healing effects Nopalea provides, seeing the results first hand with my family and friends have proved it double fold here in Hawaii… We are so honored to be part of this global healing!
The effects of the training and the new tools like the Nopalea Wellness Challenge, the new Tasting Guide as well as the tools that comes with it, has helped us tremendously. Since the Galaxy event, we have signed up 3 new Affiliates and 14 people have accepted our Wellness Challenge. Because of this new tool to challenge them with feedback, both the receiver and us the giver have a sense of accountability; this has given me more confidence to follow up with the results they WILL experience.
The barriers of not having to pay the Affiliate Member cost of $35.00 have also been helpful. One of our new Affiliates that just signed up mentioned that he had been burned from so many companies that had only focused on attaining Members for the business that it was such a turn off to him. He had admitted that he is excited to be in business with a company that is truly dedicated to their product, that the pressure of signing up people is not the priority. He mentioned that ‘Now the
Share and Earn Program is truly a share and earn.’
Michael, we have felt the effects of going to the Galaxy event….if I could sum up with one word that would describe what I experienced, it would be ’INTEGRITY.’ – Integrity within your family, the people in the company and the Nopalea product. I don’t know if I mentioned this to you before but I have been praying as well as shouting out to the universe that I want to be a woman of integrity (one who will keep true and never be ashamed of doing what is right), that everyday of my life, every step that I take, I want to be a positive effect on people’s lives, especially for my family and for my people here in Hawaii. That is why I truly believe that meeting you and Susan was no coincidence. Thanks to you and your family, I now have the tools and the product to help me with my life’s purpose.”
Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank you so much)
A Hui Hou (Till we meet again)

 Robert Tullar

“I have so much positive I could say about the Galaxy of Stars (GOS).  I could write pages about all the new tools the TriVita Leadership is making available. I could also write pages about the growth we will see with the launch of ‘GET2IT.’  I could spend an hour talking about the venue for the GOS, the friendliness of the Westin Staff, the golf, the food and the beauty of the Scottsdale area in general. All of these are worthy subjects, but please allow to me share three other observances that continue to have a huge impact in how I work TriVita into everything I do. First, the warmness of the staff who greeted us on day one and were there for the whole event. The vision that the executive staff at TriVita has shared breathes within each of your staff members. I did not feel a single negative vibe at GOS; this is huge. Second, the miracle of wellness that we witnessed, that alone was worth the trip. Third, the Executive Staff you have assembled (which includes our Presidential Directors), they radiate The 10 Essentials in a manner that bonds and empowers the diversity such a large gathering brings.  

One of the most unique and outstanding features of TriVita is the multitude of tools that have been afforded us. Some of the new tools like ‘GET2IT,’ the Wellness Challenge, the Nopalea Tastings, and the beautiful PowerPoint training tools, coupled with a new line of Sonoran Bloom products soon to be released, provide a foundation for success that independently would take months, if not years, to build.

We have only just begun. Thank you.”

Tom and Lori Obey

We returned to Maine from the Galaxy on Sunday and hosted a training meeting with our local group the next evening. Those Affiliate Members embraced the new enhancements. Many of them are already sharing in a new way with the Wellness Challenge, the loading dose and pay it forward, and it is making a positive difference within our organization. 

It was nearly impossible to express to our Affiliates what we experienced as far as the ‘passion’ that emulated from each and every speaker we heard at the Galaxy this year.  Fortunately, our local Members heard Terry Newsome as he joined us for our 2nd Annual Maine Gala. He did a fabulous job representing the TriVita administrative team and connecting with our ‘Rising Stars.’ It is exciting to have Affiliates bringing in new Affiliates every week. It is difficult to get Maine people out of our state, but we believe we will have a larger group attending the Galaxy with us next year.  

The Nopalea Tasting is an easy way to grow a business. Lori hosted a Tasting at her local Curves with many individuals taking the Wellness Challenge. We believe the webinars are going to be a huge help in training both older & new Affiliates. Thank you TriVita for all you are doing to help us share these products with people who need them. What a wonderful way for us to live our lives….helping others improve their health. We are proud to be associated with TriVita.

I close with this chuckle – when opportunity knocks, open the door…even if you’re in your bathrobe!



7 Responses to "Galaxy of Stars Continues to Reverberate with Excitement Among Affiliates"


It is amazing at the wonderful talent and people who want to make a difference within Trivita.

When I first met Robert Tullar “awesome motivational speaker” as a guest at our luncheon through Linda Greenberg, there was no doubt I knew he would be exactly what you would want in an affiliate member within Trivita. He makes a difference in the lives of so many and embraces wellness as a passion in his life. Robert has an amazing wife Sheila and a wonderful family that he cares so much about.

Robert speaks at our luncheons and changes lives incorporating great stories about TriVita and often says, I hope my story helped someone join our team. Robert says that knowing they would not benefit him directly.

It is about everyone within TriVita being one team and while at Galaxy of Stars everyone was one team.

When I met John Windscheffel “who thought I was taller”…..which was great fun for me to hear, I knew he was someone who would and is changing a lot of lives within TriVita and he had some awesome AM’s in attendance from his group. John is a very go-give and passionate leader in Trivita. It did not take me but a few minutes to figure that out.

The list could go on and on of great people that I met, however I do want to point out I met Tom and Lori, Randy and Melo, Don Wade and Raymond Cox and his beautiful wife just to to say they are incredibly awesome people would be an understatement and I know the others you wrote about are as well even though there was not enough time to meet everyone.

Terry Newsome always calls us the Trivita family and that is exactly what it feels like and when all your family embraces wellness, it is the best of the best of “relatives”…….let’s keep this passion burning and reach millions of people who will want to take part in Trivita.

We have the best tools to use in this industry and all we have to do is take our pick, share and move forward with “The Nopalea Wellness Challenge” and add that to the TV show around the corner and look out 2010. We are all in the right place at the right time.

Oh WOW, When I watched Kimberly and Melissa’s Nopalea story on the Video Email it reminded me of how brave they were to get up in front of hundreds of people at GOS and share with all of us which brought out heartfelt tears from everyone. Now they will be able to capture the hearts of many, many more by TV. Thanks to Don and Cody for sharing Nopalea with these wonderful ladies. You changed their lives and they changed yours as well and all of ours.

Get excited and on fire about this great opportunity to share wellness and build wealth for your life purposes.

Cheers~~Tina Gonda

We so enjoy this blog, Michael! Thank you for sharing such inspiring comments. They often repeat what my husband and I say to each other as we discuss the various tools that were released at GOS and ways we personally can implement them.

And I’m so happy to say THEY WORK!

Terry & Tula 🙂


It is such an inspiration to see Affiliates prospering with such a simple but profound system. I can’t thank you and your staff enough for what you do for those of us in the field. We have so many new tools to work with.

I agree with Don Wade’s bottom line, and nobody else has a product that is so powerful and awesome as Nopalea.

Randy and Melo are exactly right about your integrity. The thing that stands out the most when I attend your Galaxy’s and other gatherings is that you, your family and your entire staff have such integrity and a strong desire to help people.

Robert Tullar is right on the mark regarding your staff. I have never had anything but professional behavior and pleasant communications with your staff. They all truly embody your mission of helping other people.

Doing a Nopalea tasting at Curves is an excellent idea from Lori Obey.

I love your closing line, that’s pretty cool way to think of opportunity. We sometimes think we’re not ready at the moment.

Nancy Finlon

Michael, these were all great posts! Thank you for doing this blog I see people are really starting to open up and get involved!

Melo summed it up for me in one word INTEGRITY! Thats what Trivita really represents. Ill be the first to tell you I wouldnt be here if it were any less. Lifes to short to be wasting time on self centered, self serving, dime a dozen businesses! For me Trivita is the only business in the industry worthy of my time and effort, I’m so glad to be here!

Thank you Robert as well as Tom and Lori for sharing your thoughts this really is an amazing company.

Also Don Wade it was such a pleasure to meet you. I was the guy in the room with you when Terry Newsome interviewed Kimberly as you saw we were all in tears and 100% choked up.

I believe we can create the single greatest company in the entire industry. If we all embrace the TRIVITA SYSTEM.

I want to see you all succeed beyond your wildest dreams! I look forward to seeing you all again and especially watching your life prosper in many many ways!

God Bless You!

Your committed fellow Trivita AM.

John Windscheffel


I thought you might like an update on Kimberly’s progress. She has now been taking Nopalea all of September and October. In that time, before Nopalea, she would have taken 80 to 100 Percocet for break through pain. Actually, she has taken only 4, and the cause is related to mechanical devices she uses.

Her pain management doctor is so pleased that he has Kimberly on a Methadone reduction plan to see how far that can be reduced. Pretty incredable since her drug intake has only increased for the past 13 years. We pray for continued improvement. Kimberly’s story is still a work in progress, yet we have seen something no one ever thought was possible.

Don Wade


What an incredible update. As youve heard people like Marcus and Michael Ellison say wellness is a journey. So for Kimberly as well as myself it is truly a work in progress.

Don, Kimberly and Mellisa both really touched my heart! Those ladies are the real deal and as Terry Newsome would say they are my HERO!

What you taught us all Don as well as Cody Ramsey was if we will choose to come out of the comfort zone, become a good inquirer by using Trivita’s one system for the field and sharing the gift of health, we can actually change a life!

Keep Flying High Buddy cause your going places with Trivita!

God Bless!

Your Friend and fellow committed Trivita AM,

John Windscheffel

Thanks Michael for another great blog post with comments from more AM’s. We already have people on our team who are telling us that they are looking forward to the Galaxy of Stars in 2010. This really is a MUST ATTEND EVENT for everyone involved in TriVita!

Mike and Carisa Riedmiller

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