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At the Galaxy of Stars there were several moments in which there was not a dry eye in the entire building. One of those moments was when the video played Martina McBride’s song, “Do it Anyway.”  The lyrics start with: “You can spend your whole life buildin’ something from nothin’, one storm can come and blow it all away, build it anyway.”  This has been a very inspiring song to me personally, and again this week my life was filled with gratitude for the opportunity we have to share wellness with the world. Although things don’t always go the way I would like, I get to “do it anyway.”  

Susan and I came to the ranch to spend some time before Thanksgiving.  We have been looking for a property close to the ranch on which we could develop a small lake and create a fishery.  We found this piece of property that seemed so near perfect with views of the majestic, snow-capped mountains and a long draw where we could create a world of our own for times with family and friends. But at the end of the draw, overlooking our dream lake and standing between the lake and the view of the mountains was a three-story log house. You could tell it had been built in the last 10 years as the construction site still had leftover pieces of logs and masonry rock. But the cabin stood there empty. The metal roof was starting to detach, the deck was warping and seemed unstable, and it had a weathered appearance as if it had been built 50 years ago. Susan and I knew there had to be a story behind this log house which overlooked a small pond and had an incredible view of the snow-capped mountains. 

I researched and found the owner and asked him if we could see the inside. As we entered the log house, on the wall was a beautiful painting of a log cabin overlooking a pond. Jim the owner told me, “This was the picture of our dream when we lived in Florida for 16 years. We dreamed we would have a log cabin in Colorado.” 

Downstairs there were two bedrooms that had been his children’s.  Rachel’s room was painted with dolls on the walls and then there was David’s room, with the flat, concrete walls painted to look like the interior of a small log cabin. These rooms reflected the dreams of the children. As we walked on the wooden floors in the main part of the house, they gave a little, and felt unstable. The cabinets seemed poorly built but the masonry work was wonderful, creating a sharp contrast in labor skill. 

After we left and went down the steps – which were too steep and now weather-warped due to improper sealing – we stood with Jim to look on this unusual weathered log house with dreams drawn on the walls.  Jim turned to us and said, “This was our dream.  I gave her everything I could to fulfill the dream.  I wasn’t a carpenter, I was a mason.  But she encouraged me to try, that she would help me and we would build our log cabin together in Colorado.  We never finished the log house as she was diagnosed with cancer and soon passed away and I have since had financial hardship. The bank will soon foreclose on the property.”  

It was an incredibly sad moment to see the deterioration and hear Jim talk about the dream. He said, “We were in love and I wanted to do something special for her.”  The lyrics of the song “Do it Anyway” hit me as I listened to Jim.  I said, “Jim!  Jim!  You did it.  Even though you never finished it, you got to live there with her.  Jim, think of how you would have felt if you had never given her the gift of the best you had to offer to make the dream come true.  What if you would have simply been too afraid to try or you lacked the motivation and courage.”  As I spoke to Jim, I saw a smile come across what had been a very sad face and he said, “Yes, you are right.  I gave her the best I had to offer her and I will always cherish the moments we lived together in the log house.” 

As we enter our Thanksgiving here in the U.S., it is always a time when we offer our expression of gratitude.  I would like to suggest you also think of the wonderful opportunities we have here in North America to dream dreams. As Affiliates, think of the many lives we can affect with our wellness products and especially with Nopalea, which is creating such incredible wellness experiences.  Think of the many ways in which your life can express the dreams you hold inside.  Maybe you have held back from fully engaging in your dreams, being fearful they may not turn out.  I offer you this inspired thought: “Do it anyway.”  You will look back on your life and find comfort and joy for the people you helped while building your dream. 

May each of you have a blessed Christmas Holiday Season filled with hope and joy.


 Last week I wrote on one of the most powerful growth principles and actions you can put in your life…the power of ASKING. 

What did you ASK for today? If you are not asking, you hindering receiving what you desire. If you ASK, you shall receive – this is a Biblical principle as well. It is not just something young children do with great effectiveness. It is the door opener to knowledge, improvement, efficiency, and yes to helping people discover the power of Nopalea and lower inflammation, thereby enhancing their quality of life. And by ASKING, it will increase the number of new Affiliates joining your organization. 

ASKING is not selling…don’t sell your wares to the world, offer them as opportunities that people may discover and enjoy along with you. Simply ASK them if they would be interested. As you rely on the principle of ASKING, along with it you will experience the power of the principle of reciprocity. 

I received this email of gratitude from Susan Dorety Dwyer for what Nopalea had done for her friend Sandy. I ask you to read these two testimonials and then ask yourself this question: What if Susan would not have ASKED her friend Sandy one more time to try another product?  

You will realize that our joy as an affilaite does not come by convincing people of the benefits of  Nopalea; it comes from the people who accept our invitation of ASKING them if they would be interested in a possible wellness experience they could have with Nopalea.  

“Dear Michael,
I certainly hope this e-mail finds you well and enjoying this amazing fall season.
I have a testimonial for you from my friend and TriVita Affiliate Member Sandy Sheridan. Sandy is a friend of mine who I have witnessed experiencing symptoms from multiple sclerosis that were heartbreaking for me to observe. Sandy received her first bottle of Nopalea in April, and her results have been phenomenal. I am so very grateful.
Just to give you an idea of how horrible her symptoms can be and the cruel unpredictability of them, when we had our TriVita Event here in May, Sandy couldn’t eat the buffet lunch provided to her that day because suddenly, she couldn’t control her swallowing. It broke my heart to be sitting at the table with her at the Ballantyne Resort, listening to you speak about wellness, and Sandy couldn’t even swallow in order to eat the lunch you provided for her to enjoy. It was difficult for me to eat that day because I felt guilty that she couldn’t do the same. It was just awful to see her suffer that way.
However, she has been getting so much better, and is now asymptomatic! In October, she actually ran a booth at an event in Michigan when she was visiting family there, all by herself! She was full of energy and did an amazing job. Her quality of life has changed, and I cannot adequately express my gratefulness because I love her dearly as my friend.
Here is Sandy’s testimonial as dictated to me:
’I have had multiple sclerosis for about 10 years. During this time, I have had joint pain, numbness in my extremities, numbness in my head, trouble swallowing, severe fatigue, and a “foot drop” in one of my feet. Also, my legs can twist from spasms and I cannot get them straightened out at will. All of these symptoms occur unpredictably and last for periods that are also unpredictable.
I started drinking Nopalea in April when a friend thought it might help my symptoms. At that time, it was recommended that I drink 2 ounces per day, so the results did not happen right away. It took about two months for the symptoms to subside slightly, and then by the 3rd month, all symptoms had ceased and now I am totally asymptomatic.
I would definitely recommend Nopalea to anyone who has any type of neurological disorder because I have had results that I didn’t think were possible. I am now a 1 Star Affiliate Member who recommends Nopalea from a wellness standpoint and TriVita as an additional stream of income. I am very grateful that TriVita has changed my quality of life in a way I could have never imagined.’
I believe that her story is living proof that Nopalea works. Anyone who thinks Nopalea is just another drink needs to realize that it is head and shoulders above anything out there. I want the entire world to try Nopalea!
I felt it is important for you to receive news like this. You are helping people, and it shows in those we love.

By simply ASKING people to take the Nopalea Wellness Challenge, you too will find incredible experiences of people who are impacted by Nopalea. They are also your prime candidates for your Affiliate building program. 

Enjoy and be inspired to ASK! 





Growth is a fascinating topic. Put simply – it means to expand or enlarge.

As a TriVita Affiliate Member, growth comes primarily in the form of personal development and organizational and financial expansion. There are many facets of growth I could write about, including personal responsibility; it is one of my favorite subjects because each of us can take responsibility for our attitude and our behavior. While we are affected by the attitudes and behaviors of others, we simply have no control over it – but we do have control over our attitude and behavior at all times. Those are key factors in the growth process. But, that is not what I am writing about today!

What I would like to impress on your mind today is one the most powerful things you can do to affect growth in your life. It is something kings and queens have mastered for thousands of years. Presidents, premiers and ambassadors of nations use it every day. But it is so simple a child can master it in his or her growth and development years, yet so many adults ignore its power. I am referring to using the power of one three-letter word… ASK. To start a daily growth program, begin the day with these questions: Am I going to ASK for something today? Who am I going to ASK today? What am I going to ASK for today? So pose the question right now… what did you ASK for today? Who did you ASK for something today? When growth stops, it is generally because we quit ASKING. It is a biblical principal: ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE!!

If you will become a Master Asker (my term), you will be amazed at how many people want to help you find an answer to what you are asking. Learning to ASK the right questions with the right attitude, and behavior will generate incredible results in your life. I have always noticed in my life that when I stop ASKING for what I want and begin accepting what I have, I quit growing. This is not in contradiction to Essential #9 in TriVita’s 10 Essentials of Health and Wellness – Develop Acceptance (of those things you cannot change), nor is it about lacking gratitude for what you have. It is about growing or expanding whatever you need in your life by ASKING.

Let me ask you this question: Did you ASK anyone today if they would like to take the Nopalea Wellness Challenge? You have what I now call God’s juice in the form of Nopalea. I am not being sacrilegious; I simply do not know of any other explanation for the wellness experiences people are having with this product. Rarely in life does a person have the opportunity to share a wellness product that can create such amazing results. As a TriVita Affiliate, you have the opportunity of a lifetime with Nopalea, and there is simply one thing we must do right now: ASK someone if they would like to take the Nopalea Wellness Challenge. Here is another incredible question to ASK yourself: Where would I find the best prospects to ASK? It could be on the first tier of your B-12 MAP contacts.

Let me give you a remarkable example from one of our Affiliates who sent me his incredible testimony. He had heard that a certain person had significant pain issues. He sent a Nopalea Gift of Health along with the Nopalea Wellness Challenge. If I told the name of the person who received the Gift of Health, it would appear as an endorsement because the family is renowned worldwide, so I am withholding it. This is simply a powerful testimony of Nopalea impacting a famous person’s life in a dramatic way. Let me give a couple of quotes from the email.

“I have had horrible pain for years, resorting to the use of cortisone injections. Travel aggravates it, as does exercise. Nothing has helped. I was taking Advil like candy. I couldn’t sleep or would awaken to take more Advil which was hard on the stomach. I could not stand, sit or lie down without major discomfort and pain. “When Nopalea arrived, I let it sit on the counter. I was very skeptical. Finally I thought at least I should try it. Well, it has done wonders. It is amazing….

ASK the question today: Who could I present the Nopalea Wellness Challenge to?

Tip: Let people qualify themselves by asking the four questions. DO NOT JUST GIVE YOUR PRODUCT AWAY. Those who qualify themselves and would like to see if Nopalea will work for them are by far your best prospects. This is working amazingly well. Bryan and Tammi Wirth are on fire with ASKING who would like to take the Wellness Challenge. Listen to his call on Tuesday night!!


While CEO Michael Ellison is away working on the new Nopalea TV infomercial, I am honored once again to write on his behalf and share the amazing story on Melody Carpenter.

 Terry Newsome, National Sales Director.  

When Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Marcus Ellison, interviewed Melody Carpenter on camera after Michael’s Sonoran Bloom Tour Event in Charlotte, NC, he knew her compelling Nopalea story would make a real difference in the lives of countless others – and for good reason.  During the interview, Melody revealed that her life had been transformed and she had a burning desire to “pay it forward” by sharing her Nopalea story with everyone she meets. Today, Melody continues to experience wellness thanks to Nopalea and is truly grateful to be living a life with real purpose. 

I was fortunate enough to have been in Charlotte for the Tour Event on May 12, 2009 and watched Marcus interview Melody. I was inspired beyond measure. In fact, Melody’s life-changing story was so “moving” that it was featured in the July 2009 VitaJournal. A few weeks ago, Marcus asked me to travel to Charlotte on October 28, 2009 to capture Melody’s updated wellness journey for a feature segment in TriVita’s new Nopalea TV Show. 

I arrived at the Renaissance Hotel in Charlotte with the television production crew to find Melody Carpenter, Affiliate Robin Schappert and Director Tina Gonda overwhelmed with anticipation and excitement. During the interview, Melody shared the details about her family life; “We absolutely love our life here in Denver, North Carolina” explained Melody who lives with her husband Greg and their eleven year old son Caleb. “This is God’s country, and we love all of the outdoor activities we can do as a family,” Melody went on to say. One of Melody’s true passions in life is to enjoy horseback riding with her son Caleb. “For years, my son Caleb and I would spend several days every week enjoying long, peaceful horseback riding together for hours at a time” she explained. “We really enjoyed that quality time together and developed a special bond that cannot be expressed in words.”  That all changed for Melody in 2002 after she had major surgery. “I collapsed three vertebrae in my neck and needed a metal plate and screws to repair the damage,” she recalls. “The doctor told me that it would take over 18 months before I could start riding horses again. I was devastated.” 

For several years, Melody tried physical therapy, medications and everything she could to get “back in the saddle” again riding horses without pain. “I tried everything you could imagine to get rid of the pain, inflammation and headaches… although nothing seemed to work. But then my good friend, Tina Gonda, shared Nopalea with me in March of 2009 and my life began to change” says Melody. “Thanks to Tina and Nopalea, I could feel a huge difference in three weeks, and I was virtually pain-free in just five weeks! I am so grateful for Michael Ellison and TriVita for developing such an amazing life-changing product.” 

Today, Melody Carpenter is living a healthier, more active, pain-free lifestyle and enjoys horseback riding again on a regular basis with her son Caleb. “I can’t even begin to tell you how much it means to me to be able to spend quality time with my son riding horses like we used to without pain,” explains Melody. “TriVita and Nopalea have given me my life back with a real sense of purpose. I am dedicated to helping others experience wellness, and that’s why I am passionate about sharing Nopalea with others.” As a direct result of her wellness experience with Nopalea, Melody is “paying it forward” and building a successful TriVita business. With the leadership example and help of Directors Mark and Tina Gonda and the “Charlotte Team,” Melody’s group list continues to grow every month. “I am absolutely thrilled with the growth of my group here in Charlotte. My parents, my sister and even my sister’s daughter are all with me in TriVita” she explains, “…and our group has grown to over 110 Members and new Affiliates in just the past few months.”  

Melody is quick to tell you that the secret to her recent success is the Share and Earn Program and 3-step Success System. Melody has embraced the “Law of Reciprocity” Michael wrote about in his book and the “pay it forward concept.” In fact, she promotes the Gift of Health and Nopalea Wellness Challenge everywhere she goes. “I try to talk to three to five people every day about Nopalea and The Nopalea Wellness Challenge no matter what. I have already sent out over 60 Gifts of Health, and I love The Nopalea Wellness Challenge because I love talking to people about the difference Nopalea is making in their lives. It also gives me the opportunity to share what Nopalea did for my pain and inflammation. I have now personally enrolled eight new Affiliates to date and that is just the beginning.” 

After the film crew left the Renaissance Hotel, we headed over to the weekly Team Charlotte Luncheon where I had the privilege of sharing a few words with the Team and their guests. The turnout was excellent and I was extremely impressed with all of the Nopalea testimonials that were shared during the luncheon. Everyone was thrilled to hear that we were able to capture Melody’s life-changing story for the Nopalea TV Show and video e-mail system as her story has had a significant impact on many of the attendees – and will continue to make a difference in the lives of countless others! 

The next morning, I spoke with Presidential Director Bryan Wirth. As he and I reflected on our past experiences working with Team Charlotte, we were reminded that the recurring theme and the adhesive that bonds this group is their passion to help others experience wellness. Thanks to Melody Carpenter, now all TriVita Affiliates can share her compelling story with others through our new video e-mail system and the Nopalea TV Show; and I can tell you with absolute certainty that no one is more thrilled to be a part of your success than Melody Carpenter and Team Charlotte!








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