Thanks to Nopalea, Melody Carpenter Continues to Experience Wellness and Live Her Life with a Real Sense of Purpose!

Posted on: November 2, 2009

While CEO Michael Ellison is away working on the new Nopalea TV infomercial, I am honored once again to write on his behalf and share the amazing story on Melody Carpenter.

 Terry Newsome, National Sales Director.  

When Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Marcus Ellison, interviewed Melody Carpenter on camera after Michael’s Sonoran Bloom Tour Event in Charlotte, NC, he knew her compelling Nopalea story would make a real difference in the lives of countless others – and for good reason.  During the interview, Melody revealed that her life had been transformed and she had a burning desire to “pay it forward” by sharing her Nopalea story with everyone she meets. Today, Melody continues to experience wellness thanks to Nopalea and is truly grateful to be living a life with real purpose. 

I was fortunate enough to have been in Charlotte for the Tour Event on May 12, 2009 and watched Marcus interview Melody. I was inspired beyond measure. In fact, Melody’s life-changing story was so “moving” that it was featured in the July 2009 VitaJournal. A few weeks ago, Marcus asked me to travel to Charlotte on October 28, 2009 to capture Melody’s updated wellness journey for a feature segment in TriVita’s new Nopalea TV Show. 

I arrived at the Renaissance Hotel in Charlotte with the television production crew to find Melody Carpenter, Affiliate Robin Schappert and Director Tina Gonda overwhelmed with anticipation and excitement. During the interview, Melody shared the details about her family life; “We absolutely love our life here in Denver, North Carolina” explained Melody who lives with her husband Greg and their eleven year old son Caleb. “This is God’s country, and we love all of the outdoor activities we can do as a family,” Melody went on to say. One of Melody’s true passions in life is to enjoy horseback riding with her son Caleb. “For years, my son Caleb and I would spend several days every week enjoying long, peaceful horseback riding together for hours at a time” she explained. “We really enjoyed that quality time together and developed a special bond that cannot be expressed in words.”  That all changed for Melody in 2002 after she had major surgery. “I collapsed three vertebrae in my neck and needed a metal plate and screws to repair the damage,” she recalls. “The doctor told me that it would take over 18 months before I could start riding horses again. I was devastated.” 

For several years, Melody tried physical therapy, medications and everything she could to get “back in the saddle” again riding horses without pain. “I tried everything you could imagine to get rid of the pain, inflammation and headaches… although nothing seemed to work. But then my good friend, Tina Gonda, shared Nopalea with me in March of 2009 and my life began to change” says Melody. “Thanks to Tina and Nopalea, I could feel a huge difference in three weeks, and I was virtually pain-free in just five weeks! I am so grateful for Michael Ellison and TriVita for developing such an amazing life-changing product.” 

Today, Melody Carpenter is living a healthier, more active, pain-free lifestyle and enjoys horseback riding again on a regular basis with her son Caleb. “I can’t even begin to tell you how much it means to me to be able to spend quality time with my son riding horses like we used to without pain,” explains Melody. “TriVita and Nopalea have given me my life back with a real sense of purpose. I am dedicated to helping others experience wellness, and that’s why I am passionate about sharing Nopalea with others.” As a direct result of her wellness experience with Nopalea, Melody is “paying it forward” and building a successful TriVita business. With the leadership example and help of Directors Mark and Tina Gonda and the “Charlotte Team,” Melody’s group list continues to grow every month. “I am absolutely thrilled with the growth of my group here in Charlotte. My parents, my sister and even my sister’s daughter are all with me in TriVita” she explains, “…and our group has grown to over 110 Members and new Affiliates in just the past few months.”  

Melody is quick to tell you that the secret to her recent success is the Share and Earn Program and 3-step Success System. Melody has embraced the “Law of Reciprocity” Michael wrote about in his book and the “pay it forward concept.” In fact, she promotes the Gift of Health and Nopalea Wellness Challenge everywhere she goes. “I try to talk to three to five people every day about Nopalea and The Nopalea Wellness Challenge no matter what. I have already sent out over 60 Gifts of Health, and I love The Nopalea Wellness Challenge because I love talking to people about the difference Nopalea is making in their lives. It also gives me the opportunity to share what Nopalea did for my pain and inflammation. I have now personally enrolled eight new Affiliates to date and that is just the beginning.” 

After the film crew left the Renaissance Hotel, we headed over to the weekly Team Charlotte Luncheon where I had the privilege of sharing a few words with the Team and their guests. The turnout was excellent and I was extremely impressed with all of the Nopalea testimonials that were shared during the luncheon. Everyone was thrilled to hear that we were able to capture Melody’s life-changing story for the Nopalea TV Show and video e-mail system as her story has had a significant impact on many of the attendees – and will continue to make a difference in the lives of countless others! 

The next morning, I spoke with Presidential Director Bryan Wirth. As he and I reflected on our past experiences working with Team Charlotte, we were reminded that the recurring theme and the adhesive that bonds this group is their passion to help others experience wellness. Thanks to Melody Carpenter, now all TriVita Affiliates can share her compelling story with others through our new video e-mail system and the Nopalea TV Show; and I can tell you with absolute certainty that no one is more thrilled to be a part of your success than Melody Carpenter and Team Charlotte!








6 Responses to "Thanks to Nopalea, Melody Carpenter Continues to Experience Wellness and Live Her Life with a Real Sense of Purpose!"

Melody…What a health-inspired “rags-to-riches” story you have shared with us! It reads like a true miracle, which I am sure…to you…it is! To learn of the trauma you endured before meeting your “angel”, Tina,…and NOPALEA…it is just too impossible to even imagine!

Keep on keeping on…with Tina, TriVita, and NOPALEA…and just keep spreading the news!!

Norma Windscheffel


You have done it again!!

Although I always look forward to…and enjoy…every one of Michael’s blogs, I must say that his readers couldn’t possibly feel too short-changed when you are called upon to put pen to paper in his absence. Michael couldn’t find a more capable pinch-hitter… and, Terry, you really are blessed with enviable versatility!!

Norma Windscheffel

Carisa and I are so happy that Melody is experiencing better health and wellness due to Nopalea. We are so grateful to be part of a company that truly helps people. Thanks again to the Ellison family for finding this great product!

Mike and Carisa Riedmiller


Michael sure knows how to put the blog in good hands when he is away.

Melody, your story is heartfelt and fantastic a metal plate to hold yourself together is no joke. I know you suffered greatly physically and emotionally from your injury. Im glad your healing well.

You have a good and faithful friend in Tina Gonda! You must be so glad she came into your life.

Melody, so glad your part of Trivita and you have a terrific story to share with people.

God Bless you guys down there in North Carolina!

Your friend and fellow Trivita field rep,

John Windscheffel


What an excellent job you did with Michael’s blog. He certainly left it in very capable hands.

Melody’s story is truly amazing. To see such a stark transformation is phenomenal. It’s great that she can ride again with her son. Nothing is more precious than the bonds that we have with our children. Nothing is more important than maintaining that closeness.

Melody is very fortunate to have Tina Gonda as her Director and she is obviously doing a great job building her business. I wish her continued success in TriVita and in her life.

Nancy Finlon


I just can’t tell you what it means to me to know that Melody has this great story today all because she shared with me last fall what she had been through and the health challenges she was facing. I so remember like yesterday as she shared with me over the phone how bad she felt and her horrible headaches. Melody had the sound of someone that had almost give up because she felt so bad all the time.

I was “new” to TriVita and I shared the Sublingual B12 and suggested other products first and little did I even know nor did Melody that Nopalea was just around the corner and it would help her in such a positive way with her pain giving her a more quality life.

Robin, who is an RN has been an incredible asset to our group and to Melody’s team. They are great friends and moms who put their children’s wellness as a priority first and then find ways and time to grow their TriVita business. They drive about 45 minutes to get to our luncheons and are always early and smiles on their face.

Melody has been one of our “pay it forward” top affiliates because she wants to help others. I have told Melody and others what we send out into the lives of others will come back into our own. Michael Ellison had taught us all the real meaning of Reciprocity. Melody and her team can soar to the top within TriVita because they are unstoppable and care about helping people first with wellness knowing the wealth will build along the way.

What started with a phone call to Bryan Wirth, my most awesome leader and someone who “pays it forward” daily, I was introduced to the unstoppable, most passionate National Sales Director that any company could ever have, Terry Newsome.

Terry Newsome, thank you on behalf of The Gonda family, the field and the corporate staff for all you do.

I saw first hand that Terry is constantly working on the behalf of the field and it was an honor not to forget that you could attend the luncheon where you shared from a most grateful heart what Trivita and The Ellison family means to you.

Melody Carpenters awesome Nopalea Story for the show will reach the lives of so many who too have suffered from pain and the Charlotte group is now spreading all over the US thanks to the awesome tools, 3-way calls, Gifts of Health and follow-up from our great group.

Melody, Thank You for believing in and trusting me to lead you to the wonderful TriVita products and the gift we have to take part in the Affiliate program.

Let’s all continue to go out and bless others by sharing wellness and NOPALEA~~

God Bless TriVita our wonderful company and The Ellison Family!

Tina Gonda

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