“Asking” a Powerful Growth Dynamic!

Posted on: November 9, 2009

Growth is a fascinating topic. Put simply – it means to expand or enlarge.

As a TriVita Affiliate Member, growth comes primarily in the form of personal development and organizational and financial expansion. There are many facets of growth I could write about, including personal responsibility; it is one of my favorite subjects because each of us can take responsibility for our attitude and our behavior. While we are affected by the attitudes and behaviors of others, we simply have no control over it – but we do have control over our attitude and behavior at all times. Those are key factors in the growth process. But, that is not what I am writing about today!

What I would like to impress on your mind today is one the most powerful things you can do to affect growth in your life. It is something kings and queens have mastered for thousands of years. Presidents, premiers and ambassadors of nations use it every day. But it is so simple a child can master it in his or her growth and development years, yet so many adults ignore its power. I am referring to using the power of one three-letter word… ASK. To start a daily growth program, begin the day with these questions: Am I going to ASK for something today? Who am I going to ASK today? What am I going to ASK for today? So pose the question right now… what did you ASK for today? Who did you ASK for something today? When growth stops, it is generally because we quit ASKING. It is a biblical principal: ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE!!

If you will become a Master Asker (my term), you will be amazed at how many people want to help you find an answer to what you are asking. Learning to ASK the right questions with the right attitude, and behavior will generate incredible results in your life. I have always noticed in my life that when I stop ASKING for what I want and begin accepting what I have, I quit growing. This is not in contradiction to Essential #9 in TriVita’s 10 Essentials of Health and Wellness – Develop Acceptance (of those things you cannot change), nor is it about lacking gratitude for what you have. It is about growing or expanding whatever you need in your life by ASKING.

Let me ask you this question: Did you ASK anyone today if they would like to take the Nopalea Wellness Challenge? You have what I now call God’s juice in the form of Nopalea. I am not being sacrilegious; I simply do not know of any other explanation for the wellness experiences people are having with this product. Rarely in life does a person have the opportunity to share a wellness product that can create such amazing results. As a TriVita Affiliate, you have the opportunity of a lifetime with Nopalea, and there is simply one thing we must do right now: ASK someone if they would like to take the Nopalea Wellness Challenge. Here is another incredible question to ASK yourself: Where would I find the best prospects to ASK? It could be on the first tier of your B-12 MAP contacts.

Let me give you a remarkable example from one of our Affiliates who sent me his incredible testimony. He had heard that a certain person had significant pain issues. He sent a Nopalea Gift of Health along with the Nopalea Wellness Challenge. If I told the name of the person who received the Gift of Health, it would appear as an endorsement because the family is renowned worldwide, so I am withholding it. This is simply a powerful testimony of Nopalea impacting a famous person’s life in a dramatic way. Let me give a couple of quotes from the email.

“I have had horrible pain for years, resorting to the use of cortisone injections. Travel aggravates it, as does exercise. Nothing has helped. I was taking Advil like candy. I couldn’t sleep or would awaken to take more Advil which was hard on the stomach. I could not stand, sit or lie down without major discomfort and pain. “When Nopalea arrived, I let it sit on the counter. I was very skeptical. Finally I thought at least I should try it. Well, it has done wonders. It is amazing….

ASK the question today: Who could I present the Nopalea Wellness Challenge to?

Tip: Let people qualify themselves by asking the four questions. DO NOT JUST GIVE YOUR PRODUCT AWAY. Those who qualify themselves and would like to see if Nopalea will work for them are by far your best prospects. This is working amazingly well. Bryan and Tammi Wirth are on fire with ASKING who would like to take the Wellness Challenge. Listen to his call on Tuesday night!!


6 Responses to "“Asking” a Powerful Growth Dynamic!"


Each week the posts on the blog are of the greatest toward helping everyone in their TriVita mission.

I am so inspired when I read the great comments and especially the ones about Nopalea and the wellness it is giving people in their life.

We must “ASK”………how do you know if you don’t ASK that you could make the difference in someones life?

Thank you Michael for all you have done for so many with your “vision” that you will share wellness and help others build more wealth in their life.

I am very thankful for TriVita and the lifestyle it is providing to me and my family.

Bryan Wirth “asked” me to please consider flying to AZ for the first launch of Nopalea and it changed everything for me and for those founding partners who attended with me.

What if……….Bryan Wirth had not asked? Let’s all ASK because asking brings results and changes lives.

Be Blessed in Wellness with TriVita~~

Tina Gonda


What a fantastic post. So profound, yet so simple to follow.

I have been coming out of my comfort zone and starting to ask more and more people to take the Nopalea Challenge. It is amazing what can happen when people start getting results. I’ve been sharing my Nopalea “stock” with people because it takes too long to get here and they’ve lost interest by that time. I get it into their hands immediately.

I am a walking advertisement for Nopalea. It has helped my fibromyalgia, asthma, arthritis, allergies, GERD, and more. I ran out of Nopalea once and it will never happen again.

I very seldom get more than 4 hours of sleep a night and that is interrupted several times with trips to the bathroom. For the past week or so I have been taking about 4 ounces of Nopalea at night and I’ve been sleeping 6-7 hours. WOW! That is so great!

I can’t imagine how a product can give you more energy and yet help you to sleep. It truly is a gift from God.

Thank you so much for bringing Nopalea to us and to the world, Michael.

Nancy Finlon


Your blog just made me realize that all I have to do is s…t…r…e…t…c…h just a little beyond myself every day and, as is true with actual physical stretching, soon I will be “limbered up” and totally comfortable reaching out to new people who are potential customers/Afffiliates…people just waiting for that right product or business to come along that meets their needs.

I believe I will be able to reach new horizons in my growth as a person, as well as in my TriVita business, just by…asking…seeking…knocking…and KNOWING that those doors of opportunity ARE going to open…FOR ME…and probably for ALL of us who will put this teaching into practice!!

And , Bryan and Tammi, thank you so much for sharing your gems of wisdom with us every Tuesday evening. You truly put your money where your mouth is when it comes to “paying it forward” with the Nopalea Wellness Challenge. I encourage everyone to be on those weekly calls if at all possible.

Thanks Michael, and God bless,

Norma Windscheffel

Hello Norma,

We love reading your comments. You are a wise woman.

Dear Gillian and Terry,

What a very nice compliment…and thank you sooo much!!

We are all just so blessed to be a part of this wonderful company, and to be the beneficiaries of such writing and teaching “GREATS” as Michael Ellison and Terry Newsome, on the blog. I look forward to reading and learning from them every week!

Michael, Great post!

No Doubt Bryan and Tammi Wirth are on their game with being one of the first to seriously go after checking on their recent ordering B12 customers about Nopalea and GOH. I know for certain Bryan and Tammi are 1000% committed and alligned with Trivita’s mission and passion! This is just one of the reasons it is such a pleasure to associate with them cause you simply know where they stand.

Michael, I want to tell you how well I know for sure Nopalea works for me. I have been on Nopalea since it became available.

Originally I did a 4 pack a month for several months. I had complete pain relief by my third week on Nopalea and as my pain became under control I was able to use just 2 bottles a month as maintence and have been doing great.

Keep in mind I spent 20 years back and forth to Doctor’s appointments being prescribed pain and anti-inflammatory medication’s of all kinds for A.S, Fibromyalgia and facet arthritis the result of years of proper prescription med use did permanet damage to my intestines.

Well I ran out of Nopalea for the first time ever since I started taking it months ago. I simply didnt keep track of my personal Nopalea inventory I was out for about 10 days and sure enough my pain , stiffness and fatigue started coming back.

My Nopalea order arrived a few days ago and I restarted a full loading dose of 3 oz in the morn and 3 oz in the eve and guess what? My pain is again feeling under control except quicker this time.

As long as I stay on Nopalea it seems I’m able to manage myself very well. Taking Nopalea gives me a sence that I’m taking a pro-active approach to my own wellness which is a very hopeful feeling.

Thanks again for the great post and making Nopalea a reality for those of us who suffer from chronic pain and inflammation!

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