Who’s on Your “ASK” List Today?

Posted on: November 16, 2009

 Last week I wrote on one of the most powerful growth principles and actions you can put in your life…the power of ASKING. 

What did you ASK for today? If you are not asking, you hindering receiving what you desire. If you ASK, you shall receive – this is a Biblical principle as well. It is not just something young children do with great effectiveness. It is the door opener to knowledge, improvement, efficiency, and yes to helping people discover the power of Nopalea and lower inflammation, thereby enhancing their quality of life. And by ASKING, it will increase the number of new Affiliates joining your organization. 

ASKING is not selling…don’t sell your wares to the world, offer them as opportunities that people may discover and enjoy along with you. Simply ASK them if they would be interested. As you rely on the principle of ASKING, along with it you will experience the power of the principle of reciprocity. 

I received this email of gratitude from Susan Dorety Dwyer for what Nopalea had done for her friend Sandy. I ask you to read these two testimonials and then ask yourself this question: What if Susan would not have ASKED her friend Sandy one more time to try another product?  

You will realize that our joy as an affilaite does not come by convincing people of the benefits of  Nopalea; it comes from the people who accept our invitation of ASKING them if they would be interested in a possible wellness experience they could have with Nopalea.  

“Dear Michael,
I certainly hope this e-mail finds you well and enjoying this amazing fall season.
I have a testimonial for you from my friend and TriVita Affiliate Member Sandy Sheridan. Sandy is a friend of mine who I have witnessed experiencing symptoms from multiple sclerosis that were heartbreaking for me to observe. Sandy received her first bottle of Nopalea in April, and her results have been phenomenal. I am so very grateful.
Just to give you an idea of how horrible her symptoms can be and the cruel unpredictability of them, when we had our TriVita Event here in May, Sandy couldn’t eat the buffet lunch provided to her that day because suddenly, she couldn’t control her swallowing. It broke my heart to be sitting at the table with her at the Ballantyne Resort, listening to you speak about wellness, and Sandy couldn’t even swallow in order to eat the lunch you provided for her to enjoy. It was difficult for me to eat that day because I felt guilty that she couldn’t do the same. It was just awful to see her suffer that way.
However, she has been getting so much better, and is now asymptomatic! In October, she actually ran a booth at an event in Michigan when she was visiting family there, all by herself! She was full of energy and did an amazing job. Her quality of life has changed, and I cannot adequately express my gratefulness because I love her dearly as my friend.
Here is Sandy’s testimonial as dictated to me:
’I have had multiple sclerosis for about 10 years. During this time, I have had joint pain, numbness in my extremities, numbness in my head, trouble swallowing, severe fatigue, and a “foot drop” in one of my feet. Also, my legs can twist from spasms and I cannot get them straightened out at will. All of these symptoms occur unpredictably and last for periods that are also unpredictable.
I started drinking Nopalea in April when a friend thought it might help my symptoms. At that time, it was recommended that I drink 2 ounces per day, so the results did not happen right away. It took about two months for the symptoms to subside slightly, and then by the 3rd month, all symptoms had ceased and now I am totally asymptomatic.
I would definitely recommend Nopalea to anyone who has any type of neurological disorder because I have had results that I didn’t think were possible. I am now a 1 Star Affiliate Member who recommends Nopalea from a wellness standpoint and TriVita as an additional stream of income. I am very grateful that TriVita has changed my quality of life in a way I could have never imagined.’
I believe that her story is living proof that Nopalea works. Anyone who thinks Nopalea is just another drink needs to realize that it is head and shoulders above anything out there. I want the entire world to try Nopalea!
I felt it is important for you to receive news like this. You are helping people, and it shows in those we love.

By simply ASKING people to take the Nopalea Wellness Challenge, you too will find incredible experiences of people who are impacted by Nopalea. They are also your prime candidates for your Affiliate building program. 

Enjoy and be inspired to ASK! 





5 Responses to "Who’s on Your “ASK” List Today?"


Below is “why” we have to keep asking and encouraging others to ask. This email came to me from someone very dear in my life for many years and when you asked the attendees at the May 12th Nopalea Tour event to join you in sharing wellness, my wonderful friend wanted to do so because she believes in you and what Trivita has to offer as she has also faced health challenges in her past.

**I asked her last year if she would like to try Sublingual B12, she said yes! You gifted her a bottle of Nopalea on May 12th and asked her to join our affiliate program and not long after I got the call and she said, TELL ME MORE so that means she turned around and asked me**
I would say we have not until we ASK! Some will, some won’t, so what….keep asking!! and you shall receive and help others do the same.

READ this email to me:

Hi Tina,

I read Michael’s newest blog as well as last weeks again and I want to tell you that asking works! I now have 3 new prospects just from asking if they would like to have wellness with the challenge! In fact they are now asking others also! My dad loves the Nopalea and is excited it is helping him.

Love ya,


Wonderful Thanksgiving Blessings to all~~Tina Gonda

Michael, I’m so moved regarding this testimony. I have a friend at church who has MS. She has been offered Nopalea by another Affiliate and refused.

I will contact her with the link to read this blog and also there is a testimony in the latest Vita Journal about Nopalea benefitting someone who has MS.

So thanks for the encouragement to ASK. Now I will bring these tesitmonies and perhaps she will accept a Gift of Health and take the Nopalea Wellness Challenge.

Thank you for making it possible to bring suffering people some real help with a delicious, nutritious, and EFFECTIVE product. God surely is behind it.

Thank you again.

Laura Matsuda


I am also brought to tears as I read this story because Sandy is a dear friend of mine and I am so very thankful for Susan because she has been by Sandy’s side looking for any natural solutions to help her feel better.

We have no idea when the quality of life can be taken from us and there has never been anyone to share wellness with Sandy in her life like Susan.

Each time I talk to Sandy Sheridan who has a heart of gold on the phone she can’t stop talking about Nopalea and she even shared how much better she felt off of all the RX medications that had been working against her. She is a different woman today because of TriVita and Nopalea and of course her partnership with Susan.

Susan is a warrior when it comes to sharing wellness and she will not even allow anyone to get left behind if she can help them like she has Sandy.

Susan, Sandy and myself met so that we could stay together as friends, business partners and WELLNESS WARRIORS for TriVita and Nopalea!

I am very thank to you Michael Ellison for always reaching out in kindness to so many and to Susan for continuing to find ways to help Sandy and many others.

Don’t be afraid to ASK because there are so many people out there like Sandy that could use wellness and NOPALEA in their life who has lost quality of life.

Thankful for TriVita!

Tina Gonda


Thanks so much for another great blog post. What a great testimonial from Susan about Sandy’s success with Nopalea. It’s great to continue to hear about all of the people that Nopalea is helping.

Susan is correct in stating that there is nothing else like Nopalea. Nothing else compares!!

Mike and Carisa Riedmiller

Hi Michael,

What an awesome testimonial! It brought tears to my eyes. Just think of all the people who have these horrible diseases and who may be helped by Nopalea.

We all know that Nopalea gets rid of pain and inflammation, but it does SO much more! I’ts hard to even imagine that a person with multiple sclerosis can get back a decent quality of life. I’m so happy for Sandy and want to congratulate her on running a booth at that event. That can be very exhausting. It’s totally amazing that she was able to do it. Running a booth by yourself is a huge accomplishment. If a person hasn’t done it, they really don’t understand how hard it can be.

It really is mind boggling to try to understand the true power of Nopalea. My parents are in their late 80’s and they both swear by it. One of the problems that my Dad has is congestive heart failure, and that’s pretty much all downhill. When he went to the Cardiologist for a checkup recently, he was told that his heart was beating stronger. Of course, he immediately said “that’s because I take Nopalea”

I can’t thank you enough for bringing Nopalea to market and I’m waiting delivery on my Wellavoh. I am so excited about this new daily multi-nutrient and can’t wait to begin taking it.

Nancy Finlon

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