Nopalea Infomercial Success…Time to “Get 2 it!”

Posted on: December 7, 2009

I have some great, exciting, fabulous news for those of you who follow my blog! You are the first to hear the news after the Presidential Directors meeting last Friday. The television show tested extremely well, and produced the results we desired with everyone coming in through the Nopalea Wellness Challenge. What was so impressive is that a third of the responders upgraded to be Share and Earn qualified Affiliates. Never have we had this kind of response in our 10 year history! 

Get 2 it! should be your theme as we will begin fulfilling the reservations right after Christmas for those who attended the Galaxy of Stars which was our promise for attending the event. 

Next year will be an explosive growth year, so don’t wait! Get your Affiliates Share and Earn qualified and help them get their two Affiliates in place so they may receive three media contacts. I shared this with the Presidential Directors last week and I can promise you, I received exciting emails after the meeting. They have anticipated this announcement for three months during our testing phase. 

There has never been a more opportune time to build in TriVita as we have Nopalea delivering incredible wellness experiences, a Nopalea Wellness Challenge follow-up system with great tools, and now Get 2 it! is going live. I would encourage you to take advantage of the holidays in networking your contacts about the wonderful opportunity to experience greater wellness and wealth with TriVita. 

Yes, you can share this news with your Affiliates….Tell them blog followers always get the news first!!


16 Responses to "Nopalea Infomercial Success…Time to “Get 2 it!”"


Thanks for the “HOPE” that I have not had for a long time. I am really looking forward to what 2010 has in store.

What a world of difference it is when you have a product and a company that you truly BELIEVE in.

I am really looking forward to the Get 2 It program. It is wonderful to have a company that is really all about the “Law of Reciprocity”!!

I have read your book 10 Keys to Create Wealth/Wellness To Fulfill Your Life’s Purposes. I highly recommend that anyone that has not read this book to read it. It is a real “Life Changer”.

Thanks Again
Todd Rutledge

What a Motivator!!! 🙂 Thank you for this opportunity.


It’s great news and great timing. The holidays are actually the time that we have the most “connection” to people we know. This happens through holiday parties, holiday letters and holiday gifts. It’s the perfect time to let people know about Nopalea AND offer the Wellness Challenge!

It’s time for a pain free holiday season! Now is the time to share with those you know so that you and them are ready for the TV show contacts starting in just a few weeks!

Thank you for all the work you and the Executive team have put into making this a reality. With a million wellness challenges over the next 12 months you have decided to not only Think BIG but also GO BIG! Now we have the opportunity to do the same…

Think BIG then Go BIG!
All the best – happy holidays to everyone,
Blaine Oelkers


I have been with Trivita only a short while and already it has made a huge difference in my life. I have shown Nopalea to many people whose lives have been changed when they tried it. It is wonderful your vision of Trivita of how you can help people with their health and wellness and create financial security at the same time. I am so thankful that when I was looking for something that would give me the time and freedom to spend with my family I found Trivita. With the help and support of Bryan Wirth I have started my journey with Trivita and a successful business. These are truly exciting times and I look forward to a 2010 growing my business with the Get-2-It program.

Thanks again Michael for giving me the opportunity and the tools to be successful in growing my business.

Todd Fuerstenau

Dear Michael,

My wife Laura and I started with Trivita on July 1st/09, having been approached from the business side of it first…..I am nearing 56 years of age and little did I know at first, what Nopalea would affect in my life! Eleven years ago I was diagnosed with cronic Menieres Syndrome so severe that I thought all normal life for me was over. At the point of drinking my first bottle just a few months ago I was still struggling with the balance, vertico and nausea issues that this condition brings with it. Also, largely from the fact that my body muscles constantly had to overcompensate for that lack of proper balance, cronic pains had developed in my knees, back and even in my upper body.

After two weeks of drinking this heaven sent tonic the relief from pain and even stiffness was so sudden and real that morning, that I did not believe it at first! Today this relief is even more real and my other awful symtoms are a non-issue to me for the first time in eleven years! (By the way, while reading about your journey I often felt a strong commonality in my soul with your search for health)…..

Thanks to Nopalea my wife has her husband back again feeling younger and ready to keep getting 2 It and getting 2 It again.

Thanks to your presence and example, and the flow of your first virtue of reciprocity I am committed with joy to the 3 step system and Trivita’s mission.

And thanks to refreshing and sincere leadership communications from Bryan, Cody and, for me especially, John Windscheffel, I feel like the little bit of structure that I need to reach my goals is there for me and anybody that wants it!

I appreciate your blogging very much!

Blessings to you and yours this Holiday season.

What a thrilling report, Michael! Nopalea is already changing people’s lives and I hear from folks nearly daily on what it’s doing for them. But to know that the business could also be instrumental in bringing life plans to fruition makes it all even better. And I must say that I agree with Norma… everything about TriVita is a class act. I am so grateful to be working with a company that I feel proud to share.

Tula 🙂

What an exciting time to be an Affiliate Member with TriVita!

Yo Keith, Good to see that you are following Michael’s Blog! The insight he is casting is truly visionary. He is one of the most passionate, diligent and focused people you will ever cross paths with but I think you already know that as you witnessed GOS first hand.

Keith, our live phone training on calling b12 customers we did yesterday what I believe Bryan Wirth calls acres of Diamonds is just that acres of literal diamonds.

We had many of our Affiliate Members who were able to be there and desired to learn on the call listening live.

We were working with Jeanne Gardner one of my personally enrolled AM’s. It was incredible! We got names and numbers from her b12 customers and immediately called them live and as a result we sent out 8 GOH all live just from that one call session with anyone who wished to learn listening live.

What we are doing Keith is ramping up for what Marcus Ellison calls the X Factor. The X factor is the secret to mind blowing success here at Trivita. Simply put, it is the willingness to whole heartily follow Trivitas new 3 step field system and supplement with the new CO-OP from the new Nopalea Wellness Challenge customers from the newly launching Nopalea TV Commercial.

The X Factor however will be to take your business very seriously and learn how to follow up with the new customer go over the NWC challenge form, get names and numbers from the customers so you can contact those new referrals yourself and send a GOH. In other word’s a potentially limitless super qualified live lead source.

Can anybody even begin to tell me there is a lead system or lead source that can touch that? The answer is NO you cannot!

PS: No need for anybody to be left out! Here is how to learn:
#1 Attend all Corporate Trivita live trainings!
#2 Study your business by reviewing your Trivita websites!
#3 Read your weekly Trivita email updates!
#4 Use 1-800-trivita which is affiliate member services!

This is how you learn and this is how you plug in!

For those of you who plug in, get involved and work the system, I believe you will all see miracles in 2010. lives will change personally and financially! Remember as Bryan Wirth says anybody and he means it anybody can do this business just follow Trivita system!


What a great time to be a TriVita Affiliate and to spread the news about Nopalea!

What a privilege it was for our Charlotte team and me to be part of such a beautiful and professional production to explain such a great product. We have so much of which to be very proud! I see nothing but good things happening for everyone who seeks wellness in 2010.

As I watched the infomercial, I tried to view it from the perspective of a person learning about Nopalea for the first time. When it reached the end, I wondered who would NOT want to call the number at the bottom of the screen?

Thank you, Michael, for bringing your vision into a reality for so many.

Susan Dwyer

WOW! Michael and all of TriVita Corporate and Media Production,

The show is fantastic and what excitement in the air about our future in TriVita.

We will change lives in both Wellness and Wealth during a time that everyone is a candidate to receive by taking part.

I just received a call from an Affiliate Member in our group that had Nopalea stories from “The Nopalea Wellness Challenge” that will make you get silent. The product is priceless and is changing lives.

It will be a blessing when all the television viewers call in who possibly would have never heard about TriVita and Nopalea if this great company was not the experts in putting products on TV in addition to our individual sharing.

I just can’t wait to see all the new affiliate members who will be able to grow faster in The Get 2 It program and become successful and make dreams in their heart and mind come alive.

This will be one of the best Holiday Seasons because we have so much to be thankful for in TriVita. Our Wellness and our new Nopalea TV show and the chance of a lifetime to be personally partnered with Michael Ellison.

As John says, stay plugged-in to TriVita, be consistant and Get 2 It!!

Tina Gonda

Hi Michael,

What an inspiration you are!!

The Infomercial is so very impressive and I am blown away by the response you just reported of people interested in becoming Affiliates!! I believe TriVita is going to experience EXPLOSIVE GROWTH very shortly, as the Infomercial and other TriVita advertising materials cover the country and, soon, the globe!!! And, let me just point out that ALL of TriVita’s advertising materials are FIRST CLASS ALL THE WAY!!! They speak to the quality of the entire TriVita company and their product line! Thank you, Michael, for providing “class” all the way throughout your company.

I want to also mention that, as a “pedigreed senior” (LOL) TriVita is the type of company that ANYONE OF ANY AGE can do…so don’t overlook your older friends and family members as potential Affiliates, as well as customers. Many of us “oldies” don’t “think” OLD!! We want to be right up there running with the rest of the pack…so don’t forget that, ya’ hear???

I am blessed every day that I awaken to work my TriVita business. It is just a privilege to be associated with a company of TriVita’s caliber!

Merry Christmas and increased blessings for ALL OF OUR TRIVITA “FAMILY” in 2010!


Norma Windscheffel

Hi Michael,

Carisa and I are very excited for a big 2010 for everyone involved with TriVita. We are working hard this month and continue to talk to a lot of people who are excited to try the Nopalea Wellness Challenge. We just sponsored our 5th new AM in the past 2 weeks.

We have seen the new infomercial and it looks great. Thanks again for having Carisa and I be part of the filming.

See you in Tucson!

Mike and Carisa Riedmiller


Nike build an amazing business worlwide, the leader in the athletic shoe and apparel industry.They are known for their battle cry, ” Just do It”

Like Nike’s “Just do It” TriVita will go around the world and will become branded with “Get 2 it” Tammi and I have never been more excited than right now. 2010 is going to be the most explosive year of growth in TriVita’s ten year history! That’s my prediction!

Bryan Wirth


I’m 41 years old I have had success, I have had failure, and as GOD is my witness in my entire working career I have not had this much excitement or hope about my personal or financial future as I have here today with Trivita.

I will also tell you getting to know you personaly, as well as our Trivita National Sales Director Mr.Terry Newsome and my Presidential Directors Mr. Bryan Wirth and Mr. Cody Ramsey who have all come alongside me to mentor me has touched me to my very core.

I believe God literally directed me to not only join Trivita but to take his blessing and go ALL THE WAY here at Trivita!

I’m expecting nothing short of miracles in 2010 with and for Trivita!

I’m on a cloud of beilief and opptomism for my Trivita business, so much so I like to kick this off by telling everone that I believe so big in whats about to happen, that I have already secured just for starter’s $10,000 dollars to immediatly purchase from the new Co-Op Nopalea Wellness Challenge and I will be giving it all away.

I have to also say we saw this coming month’s ago and led 38 people to attend the GOS. Out of that just for immediate starters we have $100,000 dollars ready to roll out into the new CO-OP from just our folks who went to GOS with me, These folks have 2 and our now TV qualified for the new program.

I had to share this I hope it’s not inappropriate that I did, however this is what happens when you have a plan and work your plan. You see I treat Trivita like a business and the reward of this is about to hit us upside the head!

Folks the buzz is on, Trivita is about to become one of the most famous and recognized companies in the industry I beg you get involved take it serious!!

All you need to do is plug in How:

#1 Read your Trivita weekly update email that is emailed to you every Friday

#2 Be on all the Trivita Corporate trainings

#3 Use Trivitas exclusive Trivita Affliate Member Services they work for you drop them a call anytime 1-800-TRIVITA

#4 Go Through and study all your Trivita websites and learn your business.

DO NOT MISS THIS RIDE, the train is pulling into the station now, so “ALL ABOURD” !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets all come along side Trivita and ” LETS ROCK THE WORLD TOGETHER”!!

God Bless, Merry CHRISTmas and Much Love From,

Just one short year in business Director John Windscheffel and “THE TRIVITA TEAM”

This is SO EXCITING!! Thank you, Michael. I am mining my acres of diamonds and sending out Gifts of Health. I absolutely cannot wait to be able to do TriVita full time and build a fantastic business. I am on my way with the help of John Windscheffel.

I want to have the time freedom to be with my grand children while they are growing
up. I have 3 tiny boys and they need us NOW. The get2it program will explode my TriVita business so that I can have the freedom to help out with the well being of our little boys. And I have so many things that I want to do to help families in our area. We have a large number of families that don’t always have food on the table or clothes to wear. It makes me very thankful for TriVita.

My “day job” takes almost all of my time, but I’ve managed to slowly and steadily build my TriVita business and attend several of your functions and meet all of you and your staff. ( I love to be around your family and TriVita staff because you are all so positive)

TriVita is truly a gift from God, and I intend to be a good steward of that gift.

Nancy Finlon

That’s wonderful news hearing that 33% of the viewers calling in are not only requesting a bottle of Nopalea, but are also enrolling as Affiliate Members and putting a bottle on autoship. That’s one powerful infomercial. I look forwarding to our getting access to it so we can share it with our “public” and further spread the word.

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