“Get 2 it” Officially Launching in January!

Posted on: December 21, 2009

 In my last blog I mentioned that blog followers get information first, especially when it is the CEO’s blog! 

Well, here is “first-to-know” news: The reservation system for the Nopalea media co-op advertising is going live the Monday after Christmas (Dec. 28). You will have the opportunity to load your reservations at that time. As you know, those who attended the Galaxy of Stars will get their reservations fulfilled first. 

You will actually be able to purchase and place with this incredible new tool beginning January 4, 2010. Get 2 it! will be officially and fully launched! Excitement among our Presidential Director leadership group is at an all-time high. We have worked closely with them to bring these programs forward in 2010 to enhance your building experience. 

There will be a webinar the first week of January which will cover how to use the tool; be watching for an email from Marcus announcing this webinar training. This is a significant upgrade over the B-12 contact reservation system; it was developed to help you target and direct your purchases toward those who have recruited two people as part of the Get 2 it! program. This program is a very powerful way to reward the workers in your organization and drive growth.  

Look at all the wealth essentials that are incorporated into our Share and Earn program. As I wrote in my book, 10 Keys to Wealth, there are many essentials such as modeling, compounding, multiple income streams, systems, structures, reciprocity, desire, belief, goal setting, law of expression (which by the way, are all 10 of the essentials to building wealth)… and these all support the Share and Earn program! The combination of the Nopalea Wellness Challenge Gift of Health, the Affiliate Program and Get 2 it! opportunities, along with the income accelerator, give you an incredibly powerful business driver. 

If you just don’t “get it” then listen to what our leading Affiliate enroller told me. He said that many of the industry builders think this is the most powerful plan and product they have ever seen.  Charles has put in over 1000 new Affiliates since May, so he should know how powerful this opportunity is to the builder. In fact, he was so thrilled that the reservation system is going live and that the Nopalea co-op advertising is now ready to go, that he said he is changing the way he is going to build – as this will promote even faster growth than he has seen since May! That is pretty remarkable for someone who has brought in the all-time high numbers in 2009. 

Bryan Wirth told me he has given up golf for “three-way calls” because of the Get 2 it! program and the fast-track building he is experiencing. He said the week before Christmas had more field activity than at any time during the year in 2008. Everyone knows December is just not a good month for our industry except at TriVita. We are on track for a record-breaking December and for sure a “blow the doors down” record-breaking Affiliate enrollment in December. 

This is your time to Get 2 it! I hope you will enjoy the ride in 2010 and create greater wellness and wealth for your life purposes! I know it is going to be for me, as I am not only ramping up for the company growth, I have new wellness goals, fitness goals and spiritual goals. I will also be building my dream lake and live-stream fishery to enjoy with the many new Affiliates who join with TriVita and will accept my invitation to the ranch! 

May you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas and a very happy Get 2 it! prosperous New Year!   


12 Responses to "“Get 2 it” Officially Launching in January!"

Thanks for the uplifting message and plans for the future … our future too! We’re new at this, although we’ve tried hard with other businesses. Your generous sharing of tools and customers is truly phenomenal. Maybe we’ll be there to join John W and Norma at your fishery!

To your success and OUR $ucce$$ in 2010,
Kathy and John Hansen

Hi Michael,

As one of your newest affiliates under the mentorship of Bryan,Tammi Wirth and Alain Guy, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blogs. What a great way to stay in touch with the field. What can I say…after 20 years in this awesome industry I have finally found a home I can be proud to plant my flag. I’m all in. Gotta grab Bryan and Alain now and GET 2 IT!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! And what a year and new decade it will be!!!

CHRISTMAS BLESSINGS TO THE WHOLE ELLISON FAMILY… as well as to our wonderful National Sales Director,Terry Newsome, and his very talented and able “sidekick”, Lenore Moncion…. and the ENTIRE CORPORATE AND “FIELD” TRIVITA FAMILY!

What a wonderful year it has been…becoming a part of this truly unique group of business professionals…and, folks,… THE GREATEST PART OF IT IS YET TO COME!!!

Thank you, Michael, for your always instructive, uplifting, and encouraging blogs! Our individual efforts are reinforced week after week by your wisdom, through your blog and webinars.

I have never witnessed a company…prior to this one…whose philosophy and system design was so geared to promoting a better life for everyone… through spiritual and physical wellness; and through TriVita’s Corporate promotion of emotional hope by “helping with the heavy lifting” in order that Affiliates may experience honest and true prosperity in their business-building, within a faster-than-usual time frame.

By giving us so much FREE advertising, and a myriad of first-class tools, you have undertaken a HUGE part of what it takes to become quickly successful in this business. Truly, ANYONE can do this business if they will simply take advantage of all the help TriVita has to offer them….and by STAYING PLUGGED IN!!

I believe 2010 is going to be a BANNER YEAR for everyone who uses the tools, and who fully embraces the “Get 2 It” Program, and diligently works the Plan!!

So… to borrow a “quote” from Tiny Tim…”God Bless Us, Every One!!!”

In gratitude,

Norma Windscheffel

“You will actually be able to purchase and place with this incredible new tool beginning January 4, 2010. Get 2 it! will be officially and fully launched! Excitement among our Presidential Director leadership group is at an all-time high.”

Michael, I have this sneaking suspicion that it’s not only the Presidential group whose excitement is at an all-time high. lol

We are ready! Terry & Tula

Michael, We have enjoyed each & every blog report – please continue them. We are so very excited to be on your TriVita team – 2010 will be exciting…begining to end!!! Wishing a Merry Christmas & a Happy Healthy New Year to all who read your blogs.

Michael, We are ready for the ride of our lives. My wife and I are very thankful for all that TriVita and the Ellison Family does for us. We also feel so fortunate that you put so much stock in the Presidential Directors and what they need to assist their organizations to be successful. This is the first organization that I’ve been associated with that actually helps the little guy make it. Thank you all so much for everything you do. Happy Holidays to all.

Dennis & Rachel Anderson
North Dakota

Wow, I thank God for “stumbling” onto Trivita through a friend back in July ’09. What a time to start building within its system! The desired results of course are not yet there for me, but the proper mindset to get those results, is; simply by staying in touch with the training, updates, and the wonderful people in this company.


I feel 2009 has been an incredible “ride” for our group building the foundation for what is to happen in 2010 and we “get it” and are so very excited in our group.

There is no reason to slow down or stop during the holidays because sharing wellness can be a “way of life” and a gift as you listen to an open opportunity to share TriVita and especially our wonderful product Nopalea.

Thank you once again Michael for your vision, your partnership and for the gift of being able to take part in TriVita. Knowing how much Bryan Wirth loves golf and yet it is on hold because of his leadership support for his group we know we are in for a ride in 2010 and beyond.

Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family, corporate staff and all of my TriVita friends in the field.

Tina Gonda

Hi Michael,

I am totally excited about the new program. I Can’t wait to get started with the new Nopalea media co-op names.

Wow! John Windscheffel just did a group of calls for one of his Affiliate Members and it was truly inspiring to listen to him. He got a number of referrals and two upsells.

John is teaching us how to do these calls the right way and get results. By doing these calls and getting referrals and then following up with Nopalea Gifts of Health and the Wellness Challenge, and just following TriVita’s system, we can all be very successful.

It’s hard to wrap my mind around the possibilities for 2010. I know for a fact that my life as I know it is going to be a thing of the past. I am going to work very hard on my TriVita business.

My goal is to be a Director in 2010, just as fast as I can get there. I am ready to be an important part of TriVita.

I see what TriVita is, and can be, and I want it. It is my future.

Nancy Finlon

Hi Michael,

Carisa and I are very excited for the launch of Get 2 It! We have been helping members of our team to get “TV Qualified” so they have two AM’s with a bottle of Nopalea on autoship. We have many AM’s that have a lot more than two.

We have seen so many people’s lives change for the better because of the Nopalea Wellness Challenge. Our team is excited to be part of setting up one million wellness challenges in 2010.

Thanks for all that you and your family are doing along with the executive team, staff and Presidential Directors.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Mike Riedmiller


I’m going to be very brief with my comments. Alain Guy (Director) and new AM Peter Speach are keeping keeping me busy 24/7 on 3 way calls. They have brought in close to 30 that are “Get 2 it” qualified (60 total) in the last 10 days! Oh, I’ve got to run another call coming in!

2010 is going to be the most explosive year we have ever experienced! ONE MILLION NOPALEA WELLNESS CHALLENGES!

Bryan Wirth

Yo Michael and Trivita, “BRING IT”!!!!! WE ARE WILLING AND READY!!!! I have my reel and rod ready for that lake your building! I expect to pull some big fatties out of that lake…. Any of you other Trivita Affiliate Members plan on stepping up and joining me there?

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