Happy New Year!

Posted on: January 4, 2010

I have never been more excited about entering a new year in my entire life as I am about entering 2010. It is going to be a TEN!

We are starting off with a webinar on January 5 (5 p.m. PST, 8 p.m. EST) featuring the Get 2 it! program. This will be crucial for learning about the reservation system for purchasing Nopalea media contacts. It will also explain the compounding power of Get 2 it! I am very excited about this additional tool in our building efforts. It is definitely one of those practices that is simple to implement yet profound in its results.

Get 2 it! is more than a motivational tool to help you build, it is a principle-based growth tool that will add to your building efforts exponentially. One principle that supports Get 2 it! is this: multiply your efforts and divide your costs. If you can understand this principle, you will never stop your building efforts, as you know it leads to significant revenue and wealth creation. When others join your organization, two things happen: they not only multiply your efforts, but they also divide your initial costs of starting your organization.

Peter Speech is a new Affiliate with TriVita whose business has just exploded in the last 30 days. Yes, that was the month of December. I think Christmas Day was the only day he did not add to his organization. I called him and talked with him and he said, “Michael, the Get 2 it! program is a no-brainer. It is so powerful and easy to explain. But what is making a believer in all of our new Affiliates joining with me, is the fact that Nopalea really delivers a wellness experience.”  I agree whole-heartedly that the product experience is what is creating the opportunity. We have a product few companies ever have the opportunity to bring to market – one that delivers an identifiable product experience that people can see and feel.

I could not be more thrilled to hear about new Affiliates like Peter Speech promoting the Wellness Challenge to enroll new Affiliates. This has been my dream and vision: people experiencing wellness and sharing their wellness experience with others, and being reciprocated with money and what money cannot buy. Money cannot buy the feeling and satisfaction of knowing your life purposes are being fulfilled in a community of like-minded people.

I believe 2010 will be the greatest year for recorded wellness experiences and will see the largest expansion of our Affiliate base in our 10-year history.

I hope and pray you will enjoy this wonderful year of growth with us!


7 Responses to "Happy New Year!"

Hi Michael – Happy New Year to you and yours and the leadership team and all the great people at TriVita. Thank-you for all you’ve done to create the BEST income opportunity in the Health & Wellness industry.

Cheryl and I share your excitement for the growth potential of TriVita for 2010. With the Sonoran Bloom line and the Get-2-It program we are poised to go into extraordinary, exponential growth!

We have had lots of great products and programs in the past but nothing compares to the power of the Nopalea and the Get-2-It program. The leveraging power we now have our hands on will make it much easier for us to reach our goals.

We now have an easy to explain, easy to understand, affordable program with a built-in process of duplication. Once everyone believes in it and applies it as designed we will see explosive growth.

We are absolutely convinced that we will have a break out year. “Presidential Director” here we come! Then, we’ll take TriVita’s mission to a very needy world.

We can’t wait to see all the leaders and executive team soon at Dove Mountain. From what I’ve heard the training will be outstanding. It’s going to be great!


Norf & Cheryl Fiorentino

Hi Peter, I just want to say you have the correct MIND-SET for building your business!
It’s always great to be inspired by folks like yourself who get it…

Michael, thanks for taking the time to do this blog!

Everyone else at Trivita, all thats going on has me losing sleep literally! but Ive never felt more alive!!

Terry Newsome told me once that for him working for Trivita was like he had died and gone to job heaven and I understand what he means as this is what I also feel everyday working as an AM in the field.

Trivita is the Greatest opportunity Ive ever worked with and I feel a part of something beyond great.

It’s all about 2010 for me. I hope all of you will choose to put the pedal to the metal and dont look back only forward!…

Happy New Year Michael and Everyone Who Makes TriVita a Success!!!!

I am very thankful that TriVita gives us the tools and resources so that we can share the message of wellness.

Get 2 It! A way for every Affiliate Member to take part and build growth in their business center.

I am so very proud to be part of TriVita and the pay it foward model.

Wellness and Wealth~~Get 2 It~~For All in 2010!!

Tina Gonda

Happy New Year Michael!

We look forward to 2010 being the biggest in TriVita. Everything is in place for that to happen. Thank you to you and all the TriVita team for creating the tools for success.

We will be flying to Phoenix during the conference call this evening so look forward to catching up with the details when available.

To mutual success!

Terry & Gillian

Hi Michael,

I totally agree with you. I am so excited about what I’m going to do in TriVita in 2010. The new Get2it program is genius. Every time I think I have my head wrapped around it, it evolves to be an even better program. Thank you so much for Nopalea. It is such an awesome product.

I am really looking forward to the Webinar to get all of my questions answered.

Congratulation to Peter Speech! He’s doing a phenomenal job.

I’ve tried to truly comprehend what is going to happen in my business this year and I don’t think I am really grasping the magnitude of it, because it is so huge, way beyond my wildest dreams.

Michael, words just can’t convey the thanks that I want to say to you for making TriVita possible for every one of us. I am certain that in 2010 my life is going to be forever changed. Things are going to be possible that were only distant dreams.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Nancy Finlon

Hi Michael,

The brilliance behind this Get2it! program design is nothing short of AMAZING!!!

Who would like to venture a guess as to TriVita’s growth during the 2010 calendar year or…MORE IMPORTANTLY…to the growth of OUR OWN INDIVIDUAL BUSINESSES during this period, using this new Get2it! plan??!! It will be fun to just project a guess.

Why don’t we EACH make a projection of our own business growth percentage, and just see how close our estimate comes when we tally our percentages at the end of 2010? Let’s not low-ball it! LET’S SET IT HIGH…then REACH for it!! The “exercize” will do us good…not to mention the positive change we are sure to see in our business!!

And,…from the enthusiasm I am hearing from other TriVita Affiliates…I think the number of people attending Galaxy of Stars, 2010, is going E-X-P-L-O-D-E as we realize what a change this new program is going to make is our lives.

Michael, thank you so much for making “success” in this business so attainable for every Affiliate willing to put forth a little effort.


Norma Windscheffel

Hi Michael,

Happy New Year to your family and everyone at TriVita!

Carisa and I are very excited about Get 2 It! We have talking to a lot of people on our team who will be attending the webinar and will be participating. On Saturday while I was doing a team call with Bryan Wirth, Carisa was on the phone with her friend Tami Styskal who is an AM at their meeting in Grant, NE with 10 people who are signing up.

The pay-it-forward part of this is very powerful. We looking forward to helping our team achieve new levels and heights in 2010.

Mike Riedmiller

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