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If you haven’t checked your back office to see your sales volume taking a big jump in January, please do so today. We ended the month with not only the biggest Saturday sales in our history, but the biggest month in TriVita’s history as well! There is more excitement both in corporate and the field than ever… with the feeling that something very special is happening. 

Let me express my excitement with a little trivia. In January alone, if you took the amount of Nopalea bottles sold, and laid them down top to bottom touching each other in a single line; it would be 11miles of solid Nopalea bottles. Wouldn’t that be a cool helicopter shot? When we get our new Nopalea truck and trailer, (Tom Obey has his Nopalea PT Cruiser so I need a Nopalea semi truck), we should line the both sides of the road with Nopalea bottles and then with our semi truck painted Nopalea pink with a 40 ft. Nopalea bottle in a pour position painted on the trailer sides, let’s drive for five miles through the Sonoran Desert. Be watching for that video! I am using the Law of Expression!!!! 

I know one thing – there is an explosion of excitement and belief about Nopalea and the wellness and growth it is bringing, and we are just getting started with the media and the Get 2 it! Program. All the excitement with people ordering the product is because of the wellness experiences Nopalea is delivering. Millions of people will be coming to TriVita with the media program. It happened with the B-12, and it is happening again with Nopalea.  

Nopalea is more than a story, more than just a nutritional drink – it is a wellness experience making a dramatic difference in people’s lives. People experiencing pain for decades are seeing the quality of their lives radically improve, along with experiencing relief from breathing problems, skin disorders and many other conditions that take away the “life is wonderful” feeling. 

So if you are an Affiliate who wants to build, you have an incredible product, Wellness Challenge presentation tools, and the Get 2it! Program to enhance your building opportunity. 

If you are in the Director Leadership group, you need to get to the leadership event in Tucson this month. You will receive certified training and your own webinar classroom with a fully loaded curriculum on the Share and Earn System with its Wellness Challenge, and the Get 2 it! and Income Accelerator Programs. THIS WILL BE YOURS TO USE 24/7 FREE OF CHARGE TO TRAIN ALL NEW AFFILIATES ENTERING YOUR BUSINESS LINES. 

Plus, you will be compensated for every training you do along with the opportunity to have all your future events paid for, including registration, rooms, upgrades and food. Get in on the Presidential Director mentoring program following this event and you’ll leave knowing you can explode your business. Talk about your return on capital – try to put the numbers to that return on human and financial capital. 

If you have some financial and human capital to work, I do not know of a greater opportunity where you can build not only significant revenue but a world-class asset. This is a great moment in your lifetime; take advantage of these moments as they don’t happen often. 

Let’s talk about the enroller bonus. There has been some discussion in the field about whether to keep it or give it away. First let me say, lots of study went into the development of this powerful and generous enrollment bonus in the income accelerator. Without appearing offensive, if we thought there was more power in giving it away, we would have designed that in the program as we discussed it with our Presidential Directors. REMEMBER, YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS. We need to create the best marketing tools, systems and compensation structures in the industry for you. We think we are doing that for the long-range builder who wants sustainable growth with multi-generational (legacy) and international expansion capacity in the business plan and model.   

It is a very simple plan but profound in its results. If you get two Affiliates who are Share and Earn qualified, you have demonstrated that you can make a presentation and now can purchase from the Nopalea media contacts, as follow-up is critical. You also qualify to receive a bundle of three media contacts from an Affiliate in your business line – at no cost to you. Whether that is your enroller or whether it is someone from the Director leadership, it adds growth to your business line at no cost to you. Just think of the power of modeling. If that is happening down on your 4-5-6-7 tiers where people are engaged in the Get 2 it! Program, placing and following up with media contacts (qualifying to do so by getting 2 Affiliates), then you are advancing in volume, and up the career path, building revenue and an asset. 

Let me give you an example of the power of the enroller bonus staying with the enroller. One of our Presidential Directors caught the vision of how much he could do if he kept the enroller bonus. He needed to determine if the value from the media contacts he placed was there from them purchasing more products. He purchased 10 bundles which gave him 30 contacts and it cost $2,400, which he then placed. In January he had already received $1,100 from the enrollment bonus in one month. That Presidential Director has very big plans for placing bundles where there are people who are working the business. He understands wealth building. This may be an exception from the purchases in the media bundles so this example is not intended to be an exact financial model. What we do hear consistently from those following up with the media contacts is that there is a lot of demand for the product. We do know Nopalea is making a difference and people love the product….it is now the number one sales volume product in TriVita. Keep your enroller bonus and keep turning it as frequently as you can into more bundles to build your business. 

A key to wealth building is directing your capital to where it can be protected and grown at the greatest rate of growth possible without the risk of loss. By you keeping your enrollment bonus and YOU directing it toward human capital that is following up and seriously growing a business, you will have enhanced the success you desire. Again, keep your enroller bonus and don’t give it away in the compensation plan so others have the discretion to spend it or build with it. You have already given the opportunity for growth by placing three at no cost to the Affiliate who received them. 

This is not an entitlement program; this is a Share and Earn Program where human and financial capital complement each other in driving growth and opportunity for all – thanks to our gift from God, NOPALEA!! 

I look forward to seeing our Directors in Tucson later this month. I promise you it will be the greatest event in our history for equipping you to build your business.


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