Nopalea Delivers Record Sales for TriVita and for You, our Affiliates!

Posted on: February 1, 2010

If you haven’t checked your back office to see your sales volume taking a big jump in January, please do so today. We ended the month with not only the biggest Saturday sales in our history, but the biggest month in TriVita’s history as well! There is more excitement both in corporate and the field than ever… with the feeling that something very special is happening. 

Let me express my excitement with a little trivia. In January alone, if you took the amount of Nopalea bottles sold, and laid them down top to bottom touching each other in a single line; it would be 11miles of solid Nopalea bottles. Wouldn’t that be a cool helicopter shot? When we get our new Nopalea truck and trailer, (Tom Obey has his Nopalea PT Cruiser so I need a Nopalea semi truck), we should line the both sides of the road with Nopalea bottles and then with our semi truck painted Nopalea pink with a 40 ft. Nopalea bottle in a pour position painted on the trailer sides, let’s drive for five miles through the Sonoran Desert. Be watching for that video! I am using the Law of Expression!!!! 

I know one thing – there is an explosion of excitement and belief about Nopalea and the wellness and growth it is bringing, and we are just getting started with the media and the Get 2 it! Program. All the excitement with people ordering the product is because of the wellness experiences Nopalea is delivering. Millions of people will be coming to TriVita with the media program. It happened with the B-12, and it is happening again with Nopalea.  

Nopalea is more than a story, more than just a nutritional drink – it is a wellness experience making a dramatic difference in people’s lives. People experiencing pain for decades are seeing the quality of their lives radically improve, along with experiencing relief from breathing problems, skin disorders and many other conditions that take away the “life is wonderful” feeling. 

So if you are an Affiliate who wants to build, you have an incredible product, Wellness Challenge presentation tools, and the Get 2it! Program to enhance your building opportunity. 

If you are in the Director Leadership group, you need to get to the leadership event in Tucson this month. You will receive certified training and your own webinar classroom with a fully loaded curriculum on the Share and Earn System with its Wellness Challenge, and the Get 2 it! and Income Accelerator Programs. THIS WILL BE YOURS TO USE 24/7 FREE OF CHARGE TO TRAIN ALL NEW AFFILIATES ENTERING YOUR BUSINESS LINES. 

Plus, you will be compensated for every training you do along with the opportunity to have all your future events paid for, including registration, rooms, upgrades and food. Get in on the Presidential Director mentoring program following this event and you’ll leave knowing you can explode your business. Talk about your return on capital – try to put the numbers to that return on human and financial capital. 

If you have some financial and human capital to work, I do not know of a greater opportunity where you can build not only significant revenue but a world-class asset. This is a great moment in your lifetime; take advantage of these moments as they don’t happen often. 

Let’s talk about the enroller bonus. There has been some discussion in the field about whether to keep it or give it away. First let me say, lots of study went into the development of this powerful and generous enrollment bonus in the income accelerator. Without appearing offensive, if we thought there was more power in giving it away, we would have designed that in the program as we discussed it with our Presidential Directors. REMEMBER, YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS. We need to create the best marketing tools, systems and compensation structures in the industry for you. We think we are doing that for the long-range builder who wants sustainable growth with multi-generational (legacy) and international expansion capacity in the business plan and model.   

It is a very simple plan but profound in its results. If you get two Affiliates who are Share and Earn qualified, you have demonstrated that you can make a presentation and now can purchase from the Nopalea media contacts, as follow-up is critical. You also qualify to receive a bundle of three media contacts from an Affiliate in your business line – at no cost to you. Whether that is your enroller or whether it is someone from the Director leadership, it adds growth to your business line at no cost to you. Just think of the power of modeling. If that is happening down on your 4-5-6-7 tiers where people are engaged in the Get 2 it! Program, placing and following up with media contacts (qualifying to do so by getting 2 Affiliates), then you are advancing in volume, and up the career path, building revenue and an asset. 

Let me give you an example of the power of the enroller bonus staying with the enroller. One of our Presidential Directors caught the vision of how much he could do if he kept the enroller bonus. He needed to determine if the value from the media contacts he placed was there from them purchasing more products. He purchased 10 bundles which gave him 30 contacts and it cost $2,400, which he then placed. In January he had already received $1,100 from the enrollment bonus in one month. That Presidential Director has very big plans for placing bundles where there are people who are working the business. He understands wealth building. This may be an exception from the purchases in the media bundles so this example is not intended to be an exact financial model. What we do hear consistently from those following up with the media contacts is that there is a lot of demand for the product. We do know Nopalea is making a difference and people love the product….it is now the number one sales volume product in TriVita. Keep your enroller bonus and keep turning it as frequently as you can into more bundles to build your business. 

A key to wealth building is directing your capital to where it can be protected and grown at the greatest rate of growth possible without the risk of loss. By you keeping your enrollment bonus and YOU directing it toward human capital that is following up and seriously growing a business, you will have enhanced the success you desire. Again, keep your enroller bonus and don’t give it away in the compensation plan so others have the discretion to spend it or build with it. You have already given the opportunity for growth by placing three at no cost to the Affiliate who received them. 

This is not an entitlement program; this is a Share and Earn Program where human and financial capital complement each other in driving growth and opportunity for all – thanks to our gift from God, NOPALEA!! 

I look forward to seeing our Directors in Tucson later this month. I promise you it will be the greatest event in our history for equipping you to build your business.


12 Responses to "Nopalea Delivers Record Sales for TriVita and for You, our Affiliates!"

Thank You Michael and TriVita

What a LIFE CHANGING Experience this has been. I am so Grateful for TriVita and Nopalea. It is so nice to not have the chronic lower back pain any more!

WOW “The Law of Reciprocity” what a concept. I want to thank John Windsheffel for all the 3 packs. It was really GREAT to be able to give the 3 packs to the people below me.

As Terry Newsome said and I have also heard John say “You’ve got to Slow down to go Fast”

Todd Rutledge

Todd, it is a pleasure to see you work your Trivita business!

Your leading the team with “hot spot activity” because you actually realize what you have.

You have been dedicated to calling prospect’s to tell them about Trivita’s products and opportunity 2 hours a day 5 days a week. Also sending out Gifts of Health, generating referral’s, you have become a master of up-selling 4 packs of Nopalea to your customers and the Affiliate Members you have enrolled. You have been purchasing 3 packs for your team for the “Get2It” program. In other words “WORK” working your business!

Bottom line Todd the reason your so readily being rewarded 3 packs is because you have really earned it. You did your homework, you have invested your time, energy and your resources into building your own Trivita business. You are forward looking, trustworthy and are the exact kind of Affiliate Member Trivita is looking to attract.

Funny thing is, its been a long time since Ive seen anybody with your level of sheer will to succeed and I’m inspired by it! I know you’ve seen your financial world unravel over the last couple of years and instead of sitting on your hands and letting fear rule you, you have decided to do something about it and your Trivita business is giving you a new hope and lease on life!

See ya bro and keep up the excellent work!

For the First Time in 35 Years.
Dear Michael,
My wife, Jeanne and I want to thank you for sharing your “Acres of Diamonds” with us. Today is the first time in 35 years that I was able to give Jeanne, a beautiful bouquet of Red Roses for Valentine’s Day. Thanks to Nopalea.

Here is my story:
I have suffered with asthma and allergies so long I can’t remember the last time that we had any flowers in our house. I was allergic to all flowers, perfume, dogs and even cats. That meant no flowers at home or at the Moline & Associates office, no perfume for Jeanne or our friends and no pets.

When I would have a severe sinus attack my nose would run, I would sneeze and cough and my whole body would get cold. I would have to crawl into bed to warm up to get relief from the attack. I used Vicks inhalers and nasal sprays for years but received only temporary relief. Then about 15 years ago, my doctor suggested Advil Cold and Sinus. Taking one Advil a day gave me daily relief but the serious attacks still occurred. Fifteen years on Advil Cold and Sinus and 20 years on inhalers, it’s been a long, long time.

So what changed? Nopalea!!!

Michael, after our son Greg, passed away at the age of 58, and I closed down Moline & Associates his CPA business, I was blessed to find John Windscheffel and he introduced me to Trivita. Your home based business providing health and wellness experiences for people of all ages. Last year, I started to take Nopalea the delicious tasting all natural wellness drink. After taking Nopalea, for about three weeks I noticed that my nose didn’t run and I hadn’t coughed or sneezed for a week. I wondered could my asthma and allergies be cured. I wasn’t sure. But then another week went by and another and still no runny nose, so I began to believe that I was asthma and allergy free.

But at our stage in life, I’m 85 years, young, I had to be absolutely sure before I would try to bring flowers into our house. So last week, I went up to Pletschers Floral shop for a real test. I asked the employees to let me breathe in the most potent flowers in the shop. I breathed in the scents directly from the flowers. I had no reaction at all. This test proved that I’m free of my allergies. I can now breathe easier and have more energy and I sleep better.

Michael, Jeanne and I can’t thank you enough for sharing Nopalea, the hidden gem you found sleeping in your “Acres of Diamonds.

Now it is time to tell everybody about Trivita’s Nopalea.
Curt Moline

Greetings, Michael!!

“Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced” (John Keats)

I’m making that quote the keystone of my individual Get2It success!

What am I talking about, you ask?

What I am trying to say is that even though I had heard the Get2It Program carefully and thoroughly explained by the “best of the best”…ie, Michael Ellison; Terry Newsome; Ted, Bryan, John and others….it wasn’t until I, personally, got my first two Affiliates recruited and became eligible for…then later received…my first 3-pak bundle, that the excitement really hit me! I recruited two, and someone stepped up and gave me three!! Who ever heard of such a “crazy” idea??!!

The next thrill I had was when I was able to place Get2It bundles into the businesses of other “hyped” Affiliates in MY downline, AM’s who were also excited about this exercise in reciprocity…recruit two…and someone will give you THREE!! WHAT AN INGENIOUS IDEA…AND THANK YOU MICHAEL (AND OTHERS) WHO CAME UP WITH SUCH A WONDERFUL BUSINESS-BUILDING “GEM”!! It still leaves me a little baffled, but it works!!

Not only is the Get2It idea good for business, but I am finding that it also strengthens the bond of friendship between my TriVita business partners and me.

So, I go back to paraphrase the quote at the beginning of this response to Michael’s excellent blog…”NOTHING EVER BECOMES REAL UNTIL YOU EXPERIENCE IT YOURSELF!”

I am ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED that there is NO OTHER BUSINESS to compare with what we have here in TriVita! And… if you haven’t yet experienced the thrill of being a “doer” of this Get2It program, I highly encourage you to waste no more time in getting plugged in, and getting started !!

Michael, words can never fully express my admiration for the way you have structured the TriVita business with its focus on customer health and wellness…but, also, with such total consideration for all of us in the field. Thank you so very much…it is such a privilege to be a part of this company.

GOD BLESS YOU! You, your family and staff… and the entire TriVita company are in my daily prayers, always.


Norma Windscheffel

Hi Michael,

Thank you for another great post on your blog. Yes, January was a great month for our team. Carisa achieved the level of Director in her 6th month of actively working TriVita part-time (she’s a full time mom). We are finding more people every day that are being blessed by Nopalea.

We have our trip booked to the Tucson Director’s event in a couple of weeks, AND we have our plane tickets booked for the Galaxy of Stars conference in October.

We are seeing and hearing several success stories from people on our team who have gotten Nopalea bundles. They are having a lot of fun in making contacts with people who saw the infomercial and are experiencing wellness. I spoke to a lady yesterday from one of my bundles and she said that she felts the power of Nopalea the very first day!! I talked to another person who said that in less than a week the pain that he has been suffering from is almost gone. He is going to join as an Affiliate Member this week.

Thanks again for all that you are doing along with the entire TriVita staff. See you in a couple of weeks!

Mike Riedmiller


You comments are right on point! January was the greatest month for my business. Just yesterday, I was sharing with a prospect that I have been involved in several home-based businesses. Unfortunately, none were successful…or so I thought. It was only until I joined TriVita that I realized that each of the other businesses were actually preparing me for the success I am now experiencing with TriVita.

I have been blessed with a fantastic team of upline members who help me keep things in proper perspective. Dennis Anderson, Nancy Finlon and the incomparable John Windscheffel provide unlimited training, mentoring, coaching and friendship. I realize that it is not by chance or accident that I am in their downline. It is by “divine design.”

Michael, what you have done and continue to do for us as Affiliate Members is a real blessing! Just when you think it has gotten as good as it gets in TriVita, it gets better. Thank you for being a vessel that God is using to give hope to so many families and individuals.

Keith Gibby

Dear Keith Gibby,

I humbly thank you for your wonderful compliment! You have blessed me today!

I believe you just gave me the highest compliment Ive ever received by any human being ever.

However, I must give all the praise to the one who is the true giver of all good gift’s, vision and talents to mankind. That my friend for me is God for he is the only incomparable one.

Also when you find the right business with the right purpose like Trivita how could I not want to help folks be a bigger and better part of it. Especially when they want it like you and I do.

As far as Michael Ellison goes, we have latched onto and made his vision our own! He is a man I want to follow! No Joke, no one in this world as far as business persons go has ever inspired me the way Michael does. It came when I met him in person and read his book.

I have a long long way to go, but like you Keith I appreciate Trivita and have already committed 100% to the long haul.

I cant wait to see you guys again 2010 G.O.S!

See ya Bro and God Bless you and your beautiful family!

Hi Michael,

Congratulations on a huge January. I’m so glad to see your dreams being realized.

I can’t wait for the video of 11 miles of Nopalea bottles. I’ll bet that Nopalea Pink semi trailer will cause a big stir all by itself.

I AM EXCITED!! I enrolled two Affiliate Members in about 2 1/2 hours on Tuesday. I have also been working with the people in the bundles that I placed in my organization and that is going really well. 4 of my new AM’s are Share and Earn qualified.

Michael, thank you so much for the GET2IT! program. One of the people who came in a bundle has already referred 6 people to me to call for her and get on the Wellness Challenge. I have possibly two or more that want to become Affiliate Members. And that’s just ONE person from the bundles who is doing all of this. And she said she has lots more people to refer. She is blessed to start out with an “instant” business.

You are totally correct. The key is in the follow up and in just talking to people and creating relationships. It is really easy to get names and numbers from people who are happy with Nopalea and want to share wellness with others.

Now that I’ve seen what I can do just by talking to these people who are excited about Nopalea I can begin to see a vision larger than I’ve ever dreamed of. I am looking forward to beginning to fulfill my life’s purposes.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Michael and TriVita.

Nancy Finlon

Wow! Another exciting month! The Savisky Group also reached record breaking sales volume… and in January yet!

Thanks so much to the Ellisons, the corporate staff, the wonderful gang at Affiliate Member Services, our illustrious trainers, Ted Hernandez, Terry Newsome and Lenore Moncion, our upline leaders, Fred Gondzar, Mike Riedmiller, Cody Ramsey and Bryan Wirth… and to all of our team members who are participating in the Nopalea Get2It program.

Each and every one of us can stand up tall and be proud of the company we represent as Affiliate Members of TriVita.

The opportunity to grow with a company whose vision is taking us worldwide with a product that frees people from their pain is the stuff from which dreams are made. First Cooperative Marketing. Next the Nopalea Wellness Challenge. And now Get2It and the Coop Bundles. Where are you taking us next, Michael?

Tula Savisky

Wow! The Gonda Team also had a record breaking month in January and some great results from “The Get 2 It program” Many were dedicated in our group to get qualified which allowed me and my family to support this great program for our future.

My life changed last year when I found TriVita. I had no idea after working half my life in direct sales that I would turn around and build again in a wellness company like this at the perfect time.

The products work, Nopalea changes lives and the company culture is a dream come true…it really is.

I have learned first hand the benefits of leveraging and residual income. I just don’t know another profession or home business that has the power that TriVita offers to do so.

Not only can we network one to one, we can explode ours and our teams business with this Get 2 It! Media Program and it is the people who stay committed and focused who will reap the rewards of a true residual income with TriVita.

There is nothing sweeter than seeing the people you are working with reach their full potential. I have always believed that if you help enough people get what they want, you can have anything you want.

Success follows when people come first and no one to model that better than The Ellison Family and what they have worked very hard to create for us in the field and even at the corporate level. It is one team working on one mission!!

See you in Tucson!

Tina Gonda

Hi Michael,

Welll…absolutely…the biggest month in our 10 years with TriVita. We are excited to see our group growing through the Share & Earn and Get2It Program. January has been the most exciting month ever for everyone in our organization. Your vision is now a reality Michael! Way to go!!! You have worked so hard to get this point but the time is now.

We thank you for having the fortitude to stay with your purpose of wellness and wealth building through life purposes.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you in Tucson along with the other Directors and Presidentials. We can’t wait.

Thanks again Michael! We really appreciate your vision and passion, along with all the TriVita team.

Terry & Gillian

WOW I’m on FIRE!!!

Guys, I had the biggest month in January I have ever had since joining Trivita!! This never has happened for me in the month of January in any past business before coming to Trivita!

Past business went down in volume for me during December and January but with Trivita I hit records!

This is proof that I’m in the right place at the right time!

Ive been with Trivita for 1 year and 3 months now. I’m on track and believe at the very least my Trivita business will go 3 star Director by the end of 2010. This comes from helping others who are focused and desire to work their Trivita business! All this is very rewarding!

I have also booked my hotel and plane ticket for the Directors certified trainers event here in February.

Soon as I get certified I plan on buring up the road using those webinars to immediately teach our new AM’s .

I have never had more fun, hope or positive outlook as I have here today with Trivita.

I hope you all will see what I see and committ 100% to the Trivita. In my opinion there’s nothing to even compare to Trivita.

So many people pick the wrong business for the wrong reason’s. Trivita has all I need and for me is truly a once in a lifetime rarely ever come by business deal. For me it’s like I found an original picasso at a garage sale and realize I just found the score of the century!

Needless to say I couldnt be more happier to be a part of Trivita! I can honestly say I’m already a Trivita lifer!

PS: Calling the NWC bundles for my groups live trainings is really starting to come along. We are starting to do consistent 4 pack upsells as well as getting refferals from the NWC and the B12 customers. This customer calling is actually very easy and is one of the reason’s Im so excited. Everyday our business is growing bigger and bigger!

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