March Madness Fever Hits the Leaders Gathered in Tucson

Posted on: March 1, 2010

The leadership event in Tucson had an amazing affect on everyone who attended. It was an awesome sight to see groups gathered around the fire pits late into the first night building relationships and projecting into the future the incredible and exciting possibilities of what is going to happen at TriVita. They gathered the next morning at the crack of dawn to take jeep tours into the Sonoran Desert and pay tribute to the land that has given us the Nopal cactus from where we get the juice for Nopalea. I heard that some even stopped to catch a Bull snake and had a snake handling exercise. 

The decisions and campaigns that came out of this leadership event can best be described as March Madness Fever (MMF), which must have attacked both corporate and Presidential leadership.   

I will post tomorrow the March Madness Fever Campaigns. I had a Presidential Director meeting Sunday morning following the event where Cody Ramsey stopped all of us and said, “I realized last night that in less than a year we have had a complete cultural change within our Affiliates. I am not the same person I was a year ago. The product experiences of Nopalea have changed our beliefs and our behavior.” I left that meeting overwhelmed with joy. The vision we had when we founded TriVita was happening – people experiencing wellness and sharing that experience with others. I drove back to Phoenix to have another meeting late into the night. This morning I have to meet with the Corporate Executive Team to let them know the effects of March Madness Fever so they can get prepared for the MMF growth effect!! It will be crazy at TriVita for a long time from the MMF effect!! 

I will post the Campaigns tomorrow! I promise… you and your Affiliates will want to know about them, as they will accelerate your business in a big way. Email your Affiliates and tell them to go this blog site for the MMF Campaigns that will be posted at 12:00 noon MST on March 2, 2010.   


3 Responses to "March Madness Fever Hits the Leaders Gathered in Tucson"

WOW!!!! All the 10+ years we have been with TriVita came together in three days in Tucson at the Directors Forum. Terry said, “this is the tipping point for TriVita”. We are in for a ride and with the training tools and the new system we are poised to lead and teach this duplicatable system.

Thank you Michael, Susan, Marcus and Luke as well as all the TriVita team that were at the event. Terry Newsome was outstanding in his delivery and we thank him for all the scripts. Ted Hernandez was brilliant in explaining our new webinar system. We just can’t quite believe it. Marcus….well what can we say…he did an outstanding job and Luke….well we enjoyed going on the fishing expedition with him and with you. We picked up some great tips and look forward to doing plenty of fishing.

We enjoyed all the social activities, fireside chats, Western Night and the final night dinner….all this mingled in with the excitement of the 2010 Winter Olympics. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Picked up our headphones this morning and practicing or webinars this afternoon. We can’t wait to get started and help our team get to where they want to be.

Of all the stories we heard…..and they were all so good….we were particularly struck with Paul. He is so humble and just out sharing the message of wellness but look at his business grow! Just share the message.

Congratulations to everyone who attended. There is always such friendship and love amongst everyone, no competition, no bragging about how much money they make, just a real caring for others. What a company TriVita is!!!

Thank you Michael for your vision and perseverance.

Healthy Blessings!

Gillian & Terry

Nice to hear about your trip to Tucson – beautiful high desert country. We’re looking forward to hear what you have in store to expand the corporate reach … to help us help TriVita prosper and thrive.

Kathy Hansen


Thank you so very much!! March Madness Fever is a good thing. I love what I’ve heard about your new programs! It is going to totally explode TriVita. I already emailed all of my AM’s to read your blog today, but I will do it again to be sure they get back here and read your blog tomorrow.

Michael, I can’t convey how happy I am to be a part of this awesome company. It just keeps getting better and better. Thank you for your leadership and thanks to your excellent corporate and presidential teams.

From what I’ve heard of your new twist on the NDS program there will be a lot of us going to the Director level in a short time.

Thanks to TriVita, I am looking at a very good future.

Nancy Finlon

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