March Madness Fever is an unstoppable force at TriVita!

Posted on: March 2, 2010

The March Madness Fever (MMF) is spreading throughout TriVita. I have never seen more excitement in TriVita, both at corporate and throughout the Affiliates in the field. 

If you have not heard, (as the grapevine is a hotline right now from the leaders who attended the event), the Nopalea media bundle is no longer made up of three contacts but has gone to four contacts for the same price of $240. All four will have made a transaction to purchase up to five bottles, and at least one contact will be an Affiliate who wants to earn income, with many packs containing two or three Affiliates. Why do I know that? Because of the status reports we are getting from the new call center on the calls coming from the Nopalea infomercial. ‘Multiply your efforts and divide your costs’ is a driving formula in our business model, and we have been able to make that happen for you as of March 1. There was a time when people would have paid $240 for one Affiliate! 

March Madness Fever definitely showed up in the Presidential breakfast when the idea exploded out of this group, by asking what if we could go to five media contacts in a bundle for everyone who would place a bundle under an Affiliate on their first tier who had enrolled two Share and Earn qualified Affiliates. This would create a growth explosion in one month. So I asked the Presidential group if they were suggesting the company put five media contacts in a bundle, and each Affiliate would look on their first tier and if they saw they had an Affiliate who had enrolled two Share and Earn Affiliates, they could purchase a bundle for $240 and place it under that Get 2 it! qualified Affiliate. 

Well you know hallucinations go with fevers. This was a big request from the Presidential Directors, as we had just worked so hard to get the number to four contacts for $240. So here was my challenge back to this feverish Presidential group – You have one month, (the month of March), for this to happen, and Affiliates can only place on their second tier under a Get 2 it! qualified Affiliate. You, as Presidential leaders, can’t buy a large quantity at this ridiculous price and place where ever you want. The Directors can’t buy a large quantity and place where ever they want either. It has to be everyone participating and purchasing a bundle to place under their first tier Get 2 it! qualified Affiliate, and the bundle of five goes on their second tier. 

Ok, you have just the month of March to make this happen starting March 1st. The only excuse I can offer is we all have the MMF!!! The company will offer five Nopalea contacts to be placed under a Get 2 it! qualified Affiliate on the purchaser’s first tier. 

I think this MMF is contagious, as corporate had just presented the Career Path Accelerator Campaign Saturday afternoon at the leadership event to be effective March 1, 2010. Marcus Ellison and Terry Newsome want us to make an all out push for Directors.  Yes it is the Dash for Director Campaign from March 1 – September 30, and also to champion new Presidential Directors to fly with us for our Presidential invasion into Australia next February. We are taking all our Presidential Directors to build a new business line in Australia. More on that later… Talk about exciting times – TriVita’s Directors’ leadership is on fire with this great opportunity. 

Ok, why Dash for Director? Look at the fabulous benefits – from monthly leadership bonuses, earning 60% Share and Earn enroller bonuses, becoming a Certified Trainer, to special leadership events where you can accelerate your learning and earning opportunity. 

The Career Path Acceleration Campaign pays group bonus VitaPoints on media bundle purchases. One media bundle is worth 240 VitaPoints for career path advancement, and there is a matching 240 VitaPoints to the purchaser of the bundle, making 480 VitaPoints to the purchaser. 

Now for the next six months, not only do your have your product VitaPoints, which you earn commissions and rank advancement, but you will have an additional VitaPoint accelerator to advance your rank. Dash to Director has never been easier and more rewarding.  

I think the reason all of us have this March Madness Fever is because of the wellness results we hear people are experiencing with Nopalea. It has just pushed us to the limits…the stories are amazing, remarkable and just plain astonishing to us all. We have an incredible opportunity to bring a wellness experience to our world with Nopalea. 

I hope all of you get the March Madness Fever as it seems to create the unthinkable and improbable results!!!


3 Responses to "March Madness Fever is an unstoppable force at TriVita!"


Thank you for your encouraging message!

I started my TRIVITA business part-time back in Sep 2002. I have experienced and witnessed the tremendous growth of the company. The great customers-oriented products are launched in a very good pace, the professional service teams are expanding in many ways, the training programs are well designed and so powerful, and the compensation plan is better than ever. As such the customers base is really top quality comparing to some other companies I worked with before.

Share $ Earn, Get 2 it are excellent programs to encourage the new and existing Affliate Members to expand our businesses. First time ever I can purchase CO-OP Media Bundles with actual Affiliate Members in it! MMF is a truly high note. Within few days I got myself Get 2 it qualified twice, then I purchased two bundles that include 10 contacts (8 Affliates and 2 autoships right there). I know the value of the Affiliates and autoship. TRIVITA truly gives away profits to support our Affiliates. My TGV of March has increased also 50% over that of Feb.

I decided to work even harder to get more team members Get 2 it qualified. To encourage them, I will purchase CO-OP Media Bundle to place under them to help them succeed. I am so thrilled for the great opportunity laid down before me. TRIVITA’s success is because of the vision, value and mission that it has been holding from day 1. This differentiates TRIVITA from any other companies. I really appreciate this.

Thank you for providing the great platform for me to learn many essentials of life.


Michael….how can we say thank you for the remarkable Share & Earn and Get2It program. We felt our way of saying thank you would be to keep your vision in mind and share Nopalea with as many people as possible. March has been incredible….we have a new Director, Tom Trexler who worked incredibly hard this month to share the message of wellness and wealth for his life purposes.

The results in March are going to be no less than staggering!!! Thank you Michael to you and all your team for everything you do.

Melo….we so enjoyed meeting you at the Galaxy Of Stars and could see the leadership you would offer to the beautifiul people of Hawaii.

Michael, lives are changing every day….and just wait!!!!

Terry & Gillian

Thank you Michael,

This month will be the biggest yet and I am so excited to watch person after person every single day get a passon for sharing wellness with someone they know. I am watching people that never made any business opportunity in their life work make hundreds of dollars in their first week because of Nopalea and the greatest system for duplicating I have seen.

I had one lady regester and wthin 30 days after talking to just 3 people had made nealy 700 dollars she really needed and she is shy!

My wife just came back frm the Neurologist and after a year of taking Nopalea and other Trivita products, her legions are smaller than our last MRI. Thank God! This product is amazing. The enhanced system is incredible and probably the most wonderful thing is that I will help every single immediate family member exceed their current income with a passive stream within 2 years because you had the faith to (with a single mind) build something great. I dear say that if we knew what was good for us we would like you, with a single mind build to Director and Presidential as fast as possible. I will be finished the first step soon but I am really looking forward to helping you launch in Australia a a Presidential. Thank you for the opportunity to live my passion every day. I can’t wait to take this message to the world…more than anything, I love seeing new people uncover their desire; spark, ignite and glow RED hot with purpose . Now is the time. I for one am behind you with all my heart.

Again…Thank You


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