Hawaii…Boundless Opportunities continue with Nopalea

Posted on: March 29, 2010

We sat there mesmerized by the story of the journey of the ancient island people as they established their kingdoms throughout the Pacific islands.  With production lights changing the moods, costumes being changed to depict the various kingdoms, fire sticks twirling around bronzed-colored bodies and piercing eyes with warrior-like intensity behind twirling, flashing swords, the Hawaiian performers proudly communicated a passionate story about their heritage. 

We were ending our fabulous day in Paradise (Hawaii) at a luau called the Gathering of the Kings.  The bodies shimmered along with the palm trees all around us, and a beautiful moon overhead shone down on us to let us know this was a truly a night of celebration. The Hawaiian performers were celebrating their heritage, while those of us from TriVita that were gathered there were celebrating the wonderful day we’d had introducing TriVita and the Sonoran Bloom product Nopalea to many new people in Hawaii. 

We all felt a special connection, like we were on the edge of something big happening in TriVita.  Like this was not just pushing west into the islands, but rather, represented our destiny of taking Nopalea to the world.  The ancient Polynesian people had to take long sea journeys looking for clouds which might indicate a mountain or land mass.  Would they have enough endurance, rations and seafaring skills to get to a newly discovered island in their outrigger type canoes?  It just seemed the story we were watching reflected another story: TriVita, as we envisioned expanding to people of different cultures and countries who would embrace the wellness message of TriVita and the fabulous products we have to share. 

As I sat there reflecting upon this fabulous day in Paradise we had just experienced, I knew only a year ago, Susan and I had come to Kona, Hawaii and met one person , Melo Clarke, a food server at a seaside café.  We spoke to her about wellness and she told her story of her family that had been devastated by disease.  We invited her to go on a wellness journey with us and now here we were one year later with hundreds of new friends in Hawaii.  They had come from several islands to the seminar and we could watch the belief rise in their hearts from the beginning of the wellness seminar until they were exuberant and passionately sharing their desire of taking Nopalea throughout the islands.  Questions changed to statements of excitement about the possibilities! 

Randy, a local Hawaiian, shared with us his experience with Nopalea.  He had decided to try it with his mother who suffered with severe joint and muscle pain.  They were skeptical about the wellness benefits but Randy took the free bottle Melo had given him and each day would pour three ounces and give it to his mother. In the third week, Randy heard his mother whistling tunes upstairs in the house; he knew her life was being changed.  No longer was she in the grasp of pain and discomfort.  Randy said his father went on the product as well, seeing the astonishing effects with his wife.  Then his uncle who suffers from gout and swelling in the ankles went on the product to find great relief.  Randy is an Affiliate who believes in Nopalea and is sharing his belief with others.  One couple shared with us that they are on three cases (4-pack) per month autoship as it has made such a difference in their lives! 

Nopalea is an amazing product and it works with people of any race or ethnicity.  It is not bound by cultural differences.  It only has to be taken at the proper amount each day to help the body do what it desires to do:  make a person well! 

But my day was not only about being here in Paradise presenting at the seminar; it was about receiving emails and phone messages from Affiliates all over North America letting me know how excited they are with the Share and Earn program, the Get 2 IT program and how grateful they were for the March Madness bundles of 5. One of our most passionate Affiliates is now up to $6,000 a week – just in the Share and Earn bonus.   Wow, what a day in paradise!  It was happening all over North America and I was simply enjoying a day in paradise.   Perhaps I could just stay here for a month and enjoy what our Affiliates do: the benefits of a residual business which keeps on going even if I take a break away from it and do nothing!  Now that would be a new experience for me. 

Let me share with you some of the statements from fired-up Affiliates.  Ted Lamb called and left me a message saying they had a great training meeting and one of the Affiliates went home and ran into the UPS driver delivering a 4-pack of Nopalea.  The driver asked, “What is this stuff, as I am delivering this all over Prescott, Arizona?  Is this something I should know about?”  I expect to see a new Affiliate that drives a UPS truck!!    

Tina Gonda, sent an email saying, “Michael, you can’t even imagine how much the media bundles have made a difference in our business.”  She said that since the Tucson leadership event at the end of February her business is exploding.  Lori Obey wrote me an email saying, “We are hot in Maine.”  While they have had a wonderful warm winter in Maine, she was not referring to the weather but the temperature of the fire that is burning in the hearts of Affiliates in Maine.  Like Terry Newsome says, they are on fire! They are having incredible results following up with the new media contacts. 

That is just a sampling of the messages I was left with as I experienced one day in Paradise as we shared Nopalea with the Hawaiian people. 

Randy and Melo Clarke worked hard to make this seminar a great success.  I am very grateful for their efforts. One woman, a registered nurse, was so excited about Nopalea and the Affiliate opportunity that she signed up as an Affiliate and bought all 45 bottles of extra product we had shipped for the seminar. I guess that kind of tells the story of a special day in the place where Susan and I have been coming for over 40 years to relax, rejuvenate and dream dreams of how we could advance our life purposes. 

We are coming back to Hawaii next February!! Would you like to come with us and experience wellness in Paradise?


11 Responses to "Hawaii…Boundless Opportunities continue with Nopalea"

Thank you Michael for your passion. It is contagious. We would love to go to Hawaii with
you in February 2011. Sharing the wellness challenge is changing lives almost everyday now. I know you would never take a month off to sit and enjoy all that is going on through the US, but it must be wonderful to know that you and Trivita are making a difference in so many lives. We continue to keep you and all at the company in our prayers.

Tom and Lori

Hi Michael,

I loved your blog, and was “transported” back once again to beautiful Hawaii with it’s warm tropical breezes; beautiful sights, sounds, and tastes of the islands….the romantic music, the smell of plumerias, etc. Words can hardly express how close to “Paradise” Hawaii is! (San Diego is a close second, however.)

Having lived in Hawaii for a few years during the 60’s I fondly remember the taste of the sweet, ripe, juicy pineapples, fresh from the fields; the fresh coconuts right off the trees; the mangoes, papayas, bananas, and…oh yes…the poha (or poa) preserves…how I would love to taste some poha preserves once again! And I am thinking of how perfectly Nopalea fits into the Hawaiian food culture with its gorgeous fuschia color and elegant, rich sweet taste. No wonder someone bought 45 bottles!!

It was a pleasure meeting beautiful Melo at the 2009 GOS, and it sounds as though she and Randy are doing a bang-up job of introducing Nopalea to the Islanders…as well as their efforts that helped to make this meeting such a huge success. Congratulations to them!! (Of course I know that TriVita never does anything half-way either, so congrats to all of you!!)

I may have missed out on this last Hawaii TriVita/Nopalea get-together but…by God’s grace and favor…I will be there for the next one!!

God bless you, Michael and team, for all you do!


Norma Windscheffel

P.S. In all of my day-dreaming about Hawaii, I almost forgot to mention how pleased I am with the quality of the NDS bundles. I believe we are going to see our businesses abound and really prosper with such high-caliber AM’s and Members. So…I would just say to everyone…”If you are eligible to buy bundles…DO IT!!…Buy all you can…as often as you can!!” You’ll be glad you did!


What an awesome event in such a beautiful place for wonderful wellness seekers who are taking charge with this TriVita mission and sharing our wonderful gift of Nopalea.

“Wellness” is needed worldwide………..TriVita will take it there where many people will be changed forever.

It is so great to be able to one to one network along with the power of the media and our great show. I encourage everyone not to miss the chance to be able to call people from the show through the media bundle opportunity that you might not ever meet one to one. So many of the people are very precious and they are looking for wellness and HOPE.

The Ellison’s have given us all a gift in our life and a gift that we can share with others and change lives through better wellness and more wealth for so many purposes.

Our family and group is very thankful For TriVita and Michael Ellison and his passion, time, talent and energy to travel to so many places to lead these wellness seminars to help so many affiliates and those in need of wellness. As Bryan Wirth said…….How many CEO’s would do what Michael Ellison has done? He is people driven before profit, no question about it yet TriVita is having explosive months. Wouldn’t you say that The Law Of Reciprocity Works if you take hold of it such as Michael Ellison has.

Healthy Blessings~~

Tina Gonda

Wow! I loved this inspiring story and will definitely share it with everyone at our next tasting party next week.
Thank you so much Michael for sharing with us as it will definitely encourage others to share the Wellness challenge.
Hope we can have our next conference in Hawaii next year!

Hi Michael,

Wow, Nopalea is truly helping people in all walks of life. It is so inspiring to hear the many ways that Nopalea is helping people. It seems like every day we hear of new and different ways that Nopalea is improving lives everywhere. I am so happy to be a part of TriVita. It is so wonderful to be able to earn an income for your life’s purposes while you are truly helping lots of people.

Thank you, Michael for everything you do for the field. I feel so blessed to be associated with a company like TriVita.

Keep up the good work. I love TriVita and it just keeps getting better.

Nancy Finlon

What a magnificant discription of a Nopalea Anniversary party…Maine to Hawaii – sounds wonderful to us. Share – share – share…

Thanks, so much for the exciting letter of fun and excitement of sharing our wonderful Nopolea!! Hawii is so fortunate to have you there!! Thanks for all you do for TriVita!! I’m looking forward to hearing Barrys conference call tonite!! Sincerely, Wally and Ida Anderson

The Experience Wellness Seminar in Hawaii was truly a great success! Melo and I want to give a BIG ALOHA to Michael Ellison, for providing a wonderful Event in sharing Nopalea, the Health and Wellness vision, and his continued support! Terry Newsome our National Sales Director and Matt Sommer Event Coordinator, provided direction, and inspiration in helping everything to run smoothly! All of our volunteers worked hard, enjoyed a delicious luncheon with Michael, Susan, Marcus, and Luke Ellison, and
were just buzzing with excitement as we brainstormed ideas for continued growth here in Hawaii! As Melo so passionately said, “In Hawaiian, the word Imua, means to move forward and we are definetly doing that here in Hawaii!” But as we reflect with all of our TriVita Ohana,(family) we are all on the same journey no matter where we live! From all of us here in Hawaii, we wish you Health & Wellness and Endless Blessings! MAHALO!

Aloha Michael,

I just got off the phone with Randy. He and Melo are so excited about their future with TriVita. They believe this was the launching pad that will take their business to the next level. In fact, they are already in action putting together a group for a conference call this Wednesday night. I’m excited to hear from all of their AM’s that attended the event.

Thank you for how much you and the entire Ellison family do to support all of us in the field. I wonder how much better other companies in Corporate America might be doing if their CEO’s were as committed as you are?

Also, special thanks to Terry Newsome,Brazos Minshew,Matt and all of the staff for their contributions to this great event.

We will all continue to “Get 2 it”

Bryan Wirth

Hi Michael,

Carisa and I would love to join you and other Affiliates in Hawaii in 2011!!

We have been calling people from our bundles that are experiencing great results from Nopalea. I just spoke to a lady from Texas that told me 80% of her breathing problems and leg pain is gone after only two bottles.

I talked to another person from Missouri that had a reduction in her back pain after one bottle and she is ready to start referring people.

I got a call from Tami who is an AM on our local team that also is getting good results from the bundles.

Carisa and I are glad that your event in Hawaii went well. Thanks for all that you and your family are doing!

Mike Riedmiller

Wow what an inspirational note to all of us. If that doesn’t start some fires burning nothing will.

Now are we having a conference in Hawaii next year or just vacationing?

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