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The rod went back and curved at the perfect arch, loading it for the cast.  As I watched from the back of the boat, I knew I was fishing with someone who knew the art of presentation and had done it many times before.  As the bait hurled through the air towards the stick of brush which indicated underwater structure, and possibly a big bass, the anticipation of the strike was incredibly exciting.  I was fishing with James Robison in South Texas on a small lake loaded with bass.  James told me he had fished for years and because of a tendon injury in his casting arm he had always worn a brace on his forearm to relieve the pain while he was bass fishing – one of his favorite pastimes.

 But he wasn’t wearing a brace this day – and hadn’t worn one any day in the last year. That’s because he had experienced total relief after taking Nopalea. His exuberant spirit projecting across the lake was not just about Nopalea right at that moment but for the cast which was going to land the bait perfectly.  The water exploded with a huge bass making the strike, and with bright red gills flaring, the fight was on.  Yes I know, only if you have ever fished for bass would you get chill bumps from visualizing this scene! 

That day was filled with excitement as we cruised the lake, raising more big fish and talking about the art of presentation and the thrill of discovery. I shared with James how Luke and I had done a fly fishing demonstration at the Tucson leadership event in an effort to illustrate to our TriVita field leaders the importance of presentation and the thrill of discovery when you follow up with a media contact. I wish every Affiliate would just concentrate on those two things; it would significantly enhance their Affiliate experience and advance them on the career path to whichever level they desired!! 

I was really pumped going there to fish with James as the two previous days I had received emails from Affiliates with wonderful stories of Nopalea wellness experiences: their own as well as those of people they shared the Wellness Challenge with. I was living my dream: people experiencing wellness and sharing their wellness experiences with others.  Eleven years of laying the foundations and now it was happening in such a remarkable way!  I also had messages from excited Affiliates who were enjoying the reciprocal rewards of their product presentations and what it was doing for their income and organizational growth!  I truly was having the best few days of my life, overwhelmed with joy from these reports. 

Sue Buscemi sent me an email saying her business was exploding.  Sue has worked so diligently through the years, making sure she helped her media and personal contacts have the best wellness experiences.  Now after 10 long years, Sue is experiencing explosive growth.  Growth has never been her ultimate purpose, as she wanted wellness for others like she had experienced with TriVita products.  Sue wrote, “I cannot tell you the times a customer will say to me, ‘I have been praying for help.  And then I received your call and know my prayers were being answered. Thank you, Sue.’  It brings tears to my eyes and is a gift to my heart to be a part of someone’s life-changing experience.”   Nopalea and its wellness experience benefits are driving her growth just like with our other Affiliates.  But Sue is quick to acknowledge that it is all our products that help people experience wellness.  And I can confirm that the new people coming in as a result of the Nopalea media are also purchasing other TriVita products. 

I received another email from Susie Miller about her wellness experience.  I literally cried with joy to read her first email.  Susie wrote, “I have sought to find the words to express my gratitude for you, TriVita and our God for the gift of Nopalea.  It has brought a miracle into my life.  About seven years ago I was no longer able to pretend that I was healthy and fine as my health began to deteriorate in ways that compromised my quality of life, my work and my ability to be actively involved in the lives of my children and my husband.” 

She went on to say that she could no longer jog or even go for those long walks along the lakeshore with her husband John, whom she adores.  It was a struggle sometimes for her to even get out of bed but today, as her husband John says, “It is nice to have my wife back!”   This is the result of just one month on Nopalea and being willing to take a mega loading phase as her trial introduction with Nopalea.  Susie’s life has been so incredibly impacted, she desired to share the Nopalea Wellness Challenge with anyone who would listen.  Now her whole family has jumped on board with the Affiliate opportunity.  Susie went from Affiliate to Director in one month! 

Another email I received was from Pastor Steve up in Bangor, Maine.  He really did not have a good start as an Affiliate.  In fact, he did not generate any volume in his first six months as an Affiliate.  Then he got the opportunity to work with some media contacts that Tom and Lori Obey placed as Steve finally qualified in the Get 2 It program.  He learned quickly in his presentations to say, “It is not your fault” to those who had not taken the loading phase or had the desired results with Nopalea.  Just with a few caring words Pastor Steve saw and heard his media contacts share their desire to improve their quality of health and make a commitment to do so by buying cases of Nopalea.  Pastor Steve’s art of presentation in his follow-up is to simply communicate, “I care about you and believe you will find a Nopalea wellness experience if you will commit to it.” 

Terry Newsome emailed me last night and said his phone calls are off the charts with Affiliates who are excited about what has happened in the month of April.  Affiliates are seeing huge growth in their organizations.  He said the excitement is so high he may not even be able to sleep this weekend.  I reminded Terry that sleep is an essential for wellness! 

I am sure if you checked your volume for last week and especially just the last day of the month, you are shocked at the volume. We broke our daily record by nearly 40% on April 30.  It was a new record for the day, the week and for the month!  Canada does not have the advantage of advertising as we are still waiting for our advertising number from the Canadian government, but TriVita Canada is up 100% over April of 2009!  Canadian Affiliates are practicing the art of presentation and having the thrill of discovery!  “Wow” and “grateful” are my two words to describe the activity in April. 

We have had more Affiliates achieve Presidential Director in the first four months of 2010 than we have had in the 11 years since founding TriVita!  I can’t wait until we get to the Galaxy of Stars to make the presentations.  In fact, I will have the joy of presenting to my 83-year-old father and mother their presidential award.  They are still recruiting and in fact, a couple months in 2010 they were among the top Affiliates in personally recruiting new Affiliates!  Belief is a powerful thing!  They believe in the mission of TriVita: helping people experience wellness!  And yes, they have had their own Nopalea wellness experiences adding to that belief. 

Register soon for the Galaxy of Stars event as it will be jammed out at the Kierland Westin this year!  You won’t want to miss the most exciting event we have ever had with TriVita. 

Here is my closing thought: If you care, learn to share and enjoy the thrill of discovery!  Just like in fishing, presentation matters and to enjoy the thrill of discovery you must learn the art of presentation.  Everyone can share if they simply care.  You can achieve and succeed as an Affiliate with TriVita!!


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