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I just finished an interview for the July VitaJournal on Optimal Wellness.  My definition of optimal wellness is being in a state in which you have the energy and vitality to do all the things you need and desire to do.  It is living with positive emotions such as love, gratitude, forgiveness and acceptance, and being connected to God and His purposes for your life each and every day. That is Optimal Wellness living and it just doesn’t get any better. 

I have taken a few days here at the ranch with my family to enjoy the great outdoors I love so much, and I am filled with overwhelming gratitude that I have the wellness to enjoy everything I desire to do: from climbing the steepest mountains to spending an eight-hour day on the river in all-out, non-stop fly casting to large trout that feed in the riffles and pools.  To sit with my family on the deck in the evening, listening to the creek as it flows over the falls and through the rocks as it meanders through the ranch, offers a serenity that is hard to describe. The evening meal prayer is not one of ritual or habit but is filled with deep emotions of gratitude and blessing for such a wonderful life of wellness.   

I have not always enjoyed wellness: 14 years ago at the age of 50, I lost my health and had little wellness in my life physically, emotionally or spiritually.  My wellness-seeking journey has brought these gifts to me and one significant gift is the thousands of people who have joined with me in their wellness journey – making up the community of wellness seekers we call TriVita. 

To share wellness information and outstanding TriVita products that deliver wellness experiences – such as Nopalea, which has changed thousands of people’s lives – is one of the greatest experiences of my life. I am so blessed and honored.  The world is full of people who want to experience Optimal Wellness living.  We as TriVita Affiliate Members have an incredible opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life and a difference in our world. And thankfully it is happening every day: TriVita Affiliates are sharing wellness products and their personal wellness experiences. 

It is also happening through the Nopalea television show. Thousands of new wellness seekers are joining TriVita. Be sure to get your reservation in so you can add to your organizational growth by mentoring new media Affiliates. 

I would love to hear from our Affiliate bloggers about what wellness has done for your quality of life and what the TriVita Affiliate opportunity means to you.  I think your blog would be very inspirational to our Affiliate community. If you are like me, it is hard to not write a book, but just a short blog would be great.


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